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7-25 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Although everything company it's added it's we're alive at mercy plywood and a couple of years ago I hobbled and with a broken ankle and but it's totally healed. And we are mercy flight -- a big event coming up today when -- tell you all about it how you can help mercy flight. But you know I guess I was wrong about one thing I felt like at the mercy flight the most beautiful thing I'm gonna -- is that helicopter out on the -- And because. Lauren fix is there hello on this Chicago. Always good to see you I keep track -- you electronically. You're all over the place -- on the media more than Judge Judy how I wish I. Number and that we're going to be talking about some things that have been in the news recently won a video one of the things that I wanted to mention is that when I went through your website you had a demonstration on their height that you don't want -- TV shows something that might be apropos. Of someone coming to their car and forgetting that they're shy opens in there and it's a beastly hot. And they've got to get that car open in a hurry. And maybe a bystander sees it or whatever and you gave a demonstration. Just smashing in the windows well first of all. Whose window because Nash and with the stagehands who is as salvage yard in Queens and slashing -- that it is and I know that they sell these little tools that you they look like little hammers or something I recommend that more than a crowbar and that. Nor the glass are those aside when those tired because it hard to do because that you use you just I mean he destroyed it. Well first up this. Our windshields and sometimes we're the last and the car is safety glass and has plastic between two showed -- -- -- spread so -- you can hit it won't shattered a million pieces but it was overhead their car broken into. And you see all the little pieces of glass that's tempered glass and all aside classmate of that -- you're gonna break it if you have to break you know which I would recommend doing. Unless it's an emergency call -- on what you can't find your honor. Is an animal or person here who who can't breathe. You know you wanna you -- the quarters usually the lower right corner near the door handle that you want is a front window because the kids -- -- back the legislation it's like Alaska. Yeah be pretty clean -- glass. I was impressed I thought when I -- you do that you have a future as a -- Could not like us. And bite you. That was realists because I -- shot at doing good. Safety glasses on which which is recommended yes now -- that their idea to do that wasn't your idea to do that because it is something that could be used obviously in an emergency situation -- -- -- glass -- rate to a since the spring -- punch. And they know how to we want to be dramatic its television. So I had one chance to make one swing and hand me a crowbar and I'm like well then go back tonight. And Clarence. So far. I swing the idea was it like I it was very impressive I can tell you that. Now. A GM has been revenues far more than they want to be in the moves recently married -- up there. Doing a miracle on a regular basis. Tell -- a -- is this going to damage him long term or is this going to be a short term thing that people will forget. Because what would design that hearing thinking. -- people don't put extra stuff on their hearing this ought to be able to do it. Obviously a miscalculation and what what what about GM and AM. Where you are going main major hearing or maybe usually have like he's -- -- -- change to but. Most cars these days with the one that I own are just push but you put the key -- in Iraq right. And that's probably what I think GM's gonna go to in order to bypass submissions which probably originally start with -- -- Giorgio who was fired. He got a lot and I -- -- -- that was just his worst -- the -- -- but instead of saying he would listen let's get some people together figure that out. For some reason the witness finals were design is that you know like engineering only talks engineering we do not talk to legal we've -- -- the marketing sales PR usage your area. He went ahead and bypass the system. But now we have the GM not we have the GM salute everything that we've all heard about and the fact that they were just trying to not do what was right and -- it was a privilege or not. I did it live but at the practice people -- so that's domino effect the first person that's -- And what really kills me in the -- and you -- less -- a car was off that the air bags don't deploy and he -- now aren't thinking that's what engineering -- I want McCarthy put the a lot of someone hits in your picks are gonna -- -- has all the cars are the only guys. -- -- a first year engineering student know that. And and that says to me that he wasn't doing his job they let him get away with -- so -- a lot more people blaming him he's just the fool that. Down the consumer level I have not heard many people are regular people talk about this issue it's a big nose issue certainly big automotive issue with the big safety issue. And they seem to be selling enough cars but if you think this is one of those that's a big deal but the average social meal on the street doesn't really think that much about it. I think that would keep and this may be of a PR move that might be Smart PR move. But when you start every day it seems to be at least couple that with which is good for me for TV -- sure all the time and a lot of -- content. But we're all talking about it. It's in the news it's it's -- -- on the radio everywhere you go and I still walking to people about wegmans and also hate -- -- -- to get it done. Garcia all really I really don't wanna tell you gonna reach the kids at -- as president a 100000 miles well if you talk -- it my kids. They don't watch TV unless I told to turn it on. And he dealt with a newspaper they haven't -- that you aren't so we did it limit you force your children to watch you all television they wanted to punish severely other biological. That might have -- are usually people that have been a good job. And then. They don't listen to the radio that we do the -- at the end your idea that there are those where they want to listen to news that they wanna see some hits on YouTube it's on Jon Stewart maybe -- don't watch Jon Stewart -- Like it's -- how do you reach those people used Twitter use social media and I always appeal please pay it forward you see someone who you work with a with a total stranger to say excuse me your cars being recalled. And the little -- It go to the dealer -- in explain it's unsafe a couple seconds of your -- could see. Like oh absolutely and are also if you really think about it. It seemed like they -- that same piece of engineering for a lot of different cars yes they do -- you're still using it as you can see that you can't -- -- on stops I was gonna -- not only to be a dealer and you've got a beautiful car on the lot and somebody comes and wants that and you can't sell it until this thing has been resolved it it's got to be horrifying but. Sales are up why yeah I'll do it used to be trainer for the dealers selling you cars came out. We would know all about the competition we learn about our inside out upside down when you came in the goals we -- payment for service collision. Maybe just to look around that we treated to a sale so good -- to me all the time yes it does -- you call for every plant that means they were pretty well. Thanks to all of our I think a lot of them like ours and for service IIII. Grooves the lot and as I'm looking at -- -- this is nice that's sort of this -- compulsory -- Are the last two cars -- -- was because my other car was in for routine service right. And just that they do the app itself and that's really -- -- I -- office equipment out of neglect you wanna pick up those products and you know what apple bite that validate that if you wanna Turbo it would -- authority to take a threat if you and I. Well -- more -- what Lauren fix the car coach and answer some questions that might be of interest to you if you -- get going back to college you -- thinking you know what. I wish you get a car because they're gonna need some some wheels and there was a big article and in fact our morning show concentrated on at a few days ago about what the -- of war and want to avoid if you're looking for a car for your -- -- we're live at mercy flight on news radio 930 -- We -- live at mercy flight number flight is in the former location of the flying tigers I knew I loved the flying -- cholesterol was here. And -- so if you like come over and join us there's there's refreshments including a beautiful paper from Olson's. We have you know -- specially made for today so check out all kinds of goodies nice people and you could see that helicopter up close and personal. Lauren fix is Willis -- -- go to we're talking about some months of hard news. First of all regards. Command much because my father who was an over the road driver did not wanna teach me to drive so he said. I'd rather pay for you I have driving lessons with someone else because we're to a similar it wouldn't work out. So do you recommend having some somebody besides you or your husband teaching the kids to drive -- that a better deal or should you do it yourself well. I think -- asked my kids. They'll tell you my daughter's healthy you know it is that your city now. He's 22 on my son Elizabeth if he is pointing and they'll both value. I'm pretty it happens no here. Afraid he Allan what is out there listening -- half a father probably laughing because I'm pretty intense and when they screw up they they almost both -- -- signs and got it oncoming -- have a part in both of at least go carts. So they knew how to control car which it is good and bad. But there's still rules of the road you when you would not have any I -- I don't have I do have some bad habit I guess it like to admit it but we are bad habits and driving and you pass along to your Q I. Concerned about your teaching simply because of them being serious now because you race cars since -- was small. And because of that US you -- so beyond the fundamentals. The basics of driving. That maybe things that you do you don't even think twice about it I should be taught to the kids whereas a dedicated. Instructor would start there and work from. Well you know it's funny both my kids took out I want to -- they've branded companies in town in the big the biggest one. Driving school at the schools. Am Bolten came home every day with -- he would do I do know now what where they talk about today and the one -- my son comes home -- says. Yeah they said they were three fluids and a car as it wants. And that's why I went crazy so the next day when it was -- -- -- we have a conversation -- nine fluids that are currently that I optional ten and the teacher looked at me like I was slow labor Utley what do you talk about I had Elisa -- if you -- the nine fluids what are you teaching my kids at a drive what do you tell -- they have a flat -- Call AAA what's good for to play you want your daughter sitting at the side of the road at net of toys that night your talk. My daughter's head out a flat tire a campus before when she was in college. And I and she called me and I said well -- back in fifteen minutes here fifteen minutes it came to play as she did she that was -- that was -- before you get a car and I I I bought and good safe cars. I think here's the deal you have to got to change oil keeps the wiper blades to me to flat tire and everything emergency can explain and show me how to use it if you can't jump but dead battery. That you can't drive a car that's been doing Germany so I can't keep them that I have reversed and the ultimate minute -- is helped. My has been decent car restoration my daughter is -- -- is 66 mustang so that -- This is -- particular we know the basics and you'll get. It's definitely capable of practical and the best thing is if you can afford it. Go to with the public at school here than I was and I couldn't recruit both -- and -- it. By the time 2040 hours was over and they go back at the Wendy's -- -- They were on base. Like I could profit for the passengers I was so impressed with a went to school the first at all sympathetic or go away the fun out. Definitely I think I shot photos from -- distance but I've sat in the back of a classroom and they off my round and hopefully get things there they wouldn't get in the world went through. Her memory you know the department. Could it be driving -- four wheel drive in rear wheel drive. All with the can you got. I think is that that city. Our agenda -- aren't going to be prepared recover. Told me this -- first started driving -- I don't care what your verdict if it's a Ferrari at the time I had little fiesta work. Things that you should not do what. -- three foot are used -- you better not have one of them has bottle and very much right you know it is nice and orchard where I was at a car dealers couple weeks ago and I'm looking at a car. And I am I'm at the front nearly a pillar and I said through a salesman that so this is -- model who's known all this. -- the regular model. As to why does that have read calpers is that they would put red -- on the -- smiled and -- around. And it was the -- -- yet but some don't sometimes are doing now that my putting him under his solemn -- certainly if their outlook slightly looks good right it's -- -- Back the yellow caliber as the red galleries and corporate doing it of course it's a beautifully LeBron you're what the F -- that so you tell him. He however current a lot of what what we come back now this is important cars for kids. And here's here's the deal as people are thinking you know my kids going off the school or starting their first job or whatever. And -- well we should get him into a car that we feel comfortable about and here is I love this because it shows the hypocrisy of the government. When the government is talking there saying. -- small fuel efficient that's the way to go green green green when -- -- people are talking they think get the biggest and you can go -- -- find weight equals you know there's. There's and so there's a difference of apparent. We we did any of feature on and on our early morning news few days ago. Also a USA today thing and this may be obvious -- some of these things are we talking about maybe obvious. To anybody but some of them you made out of considered. Lauren fix -- give us your opinion of your mind on news radio 930 or we come back we live at mercy flight you wanna join. We're flying tigers location and job -- by helicopter and there's all kinds of refreshments good things here. On news -- 930 we are WB yeah. Realize that up mercy flight had the flying tigers location note for those of you know I've been here before come and join us there's all kinds of refreshments today is a big open house side day and it's also that big of fundraising day. If you would like to win a pair of tickets to see James Taylor we do have a pair right now your way call 6449875. A cholera at random. We'll win the tickets he will be here Tuesday July 29 -- the first Niagara center. A value was a 120 dollars courtesy of new beaver productions. General contest rules applies James Taylor call now and you'll be in for a good concert. Lauren fix is here the car coach and we wanted to ask her. Be a question about his kids go back to school or whatever maybe they just got their -- person I want ask her about a phenomenon. Because she lives in there in rarefied air when it comes through this all kids are gonna be like her kids. IC survey after survey image -- -- -- I'm saying how people as they turn the page where they can get there there learners permit women driving have less and less interest the way it's been described to me -- We used to use it it's freedom we can get out on the open road and see everything. A lot of kids now think freedom is sitting in front of a computer and doing this. -- and and being on line. So fewer and fewer people and that if another first in our interest in in driving or getting their license when they're sixteen you know whatever the age might be. It's different generation really is why do you think do you think it's the example I just gave or is something else why -- I think it depends I mean my daughter went to school with kids who definitely the college while it depends where you live now we're going to -- -- anybody. You know if I want to prove that you beat me through your car payment to the park and in what I -- it's like 350 a month I'm like that's -- the -- payment at her. I think that's ridiculous so I mean that's why doesn't make sense however. It depends on the person. Most I think everyone that my son went to school with -- life and it turns sixty or tried to police right on -- sitting at my daughter few a few didn't. But I guess it depends as to when where they take these surveys in New York DC or Chicago where -- and Estrich in LA. You know -- -- nobody walks and -- -- -- let me tell yet nobody walks in LA you -- walk I think -- look like you're walking down the CIA -- you -- that was a rite of passage. I I got my you know license in the morning but there was sixteen in my car in the afternoon I -- do you have coming at fifteen but apparently the basic my permit the big turn sixteen and my parents did not teach me how to drive although. They've probably been good teachers of the we're not yelling. I took declare her stars which is no longer with us. Flare or the driving Claire -- it was like Clarence Campbell at -- oh OK -- federal home in -- I got my driver's license in the mail ten days later. So I and then I start racing that car. I made it's sort -- for those who think like we do it's it's unimaginable but a lot of people and I'm sad it's sad to see that to be honest with you now but those of you -- have. Can figure that it got their license. And they they're gonna need some wheels. What do you what do you do first of all I strongly recommend that they earned. Part or most of the money to buy it just don't -- in my car hit it again yeah the end of my clueless and curious to the -- -- that -- in this -- this -- -- though I don't wanna give you car it's one of the recall cars. Or something that's gonna fall partly -- -- it broke its reliability. Its safety its fuel connoisseur and it's going to be about -- it's got to be about a lot of things but I think first thing has to be safety and so I'm I'm one of these tips. And of the very first thing is vehicles with high horsepower -- that makes sense and don't get to get a VCR when -- -- -- -- -- so how do you how do you measure that because even the -- engines now like the eco boost engines -- those kind of engines. At that point is that given their their onslaught -- not -- -- how do you know what kind of -- again well obviously -- not -- in the -- speed and although it's -- at all. I know parents bought their kids mustang convertibles and the U queen -- or why would you buy your kids first car mustang GT can well -- car beyond awesome vehicle. But really if you are not handle that vehicle and it's I would occur either way -- guys -- yourself you know we we usually see rear wheel drive cars without. Winter tires or -- -- magnets. You can tell when the first no visual feel must thing in the -- out what exactly -- gonna come narrower or -- -- drive -- car really not designed so it's a minister smile engine right basically it will dry front wheel drive are all wheel drive either one would be better so engine would be the first thing next thing this is the hypocrisy I love this. Step number two is. It says it a bigger heavier vehicle that offers better protection Democrats that's his exact opposite what the government tells you aren't so they -- you alone EB cardinals green variances and stuff out of. This isn't a bad -- good size however. -- -- -- -- -- I do not recommend that as a first car because we -- -- this new drivers make is of all ages make decisions at a slower process than we do we. Ten DB and now all of us tend to be more aware what traffic's doing and what they don't teach you in school is hiding or that guy who's coming he was going look at wheels don't look at -- right exactly the wheels are turned he's picking up. He's making a turn at the wheels -- straight they're going straight. And Beck is never taught in drivers that that's the first thing I -- also at an intersection that -- keep it real straight. Driver that -- and teaches us that racing does you know performance schools do you keep your -- frigate and intersection until you're -- -- -- that you turn the -- -- -- -- at -- -- already -- -- someone hits -- you're going across traffic. In other cars buses I was look at their tires because sometimes it's hard to tell whether the buses moving away from occur overnight right so yeah that's very important those decisions kids -- makes a small cars. Are probably the best choice but that can go the other direction my biggest barrier to get some more bad electorate through for me for women -- -- might I just thought that yesterday of pictures tonight. Haven T you know here's our cards a good thing about this -- cars is I know it pass or crash test everytime I see somebody get out of one I expect for clowns befall Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would like to buy a Smart -- just like address of the clown and and get out of it just do you fulfill everybody's dream I'm sure everything -- can help -- I mean there may I Mercedes and they're good cars but great they're great goofy looking integrating Europe in the US and a fellow it is that time on -- because think about -- here -- -- can't hit a few -- it's going to be a good day. Smart -- -- why your little red -- might pop right arm bridge that was -- you keep popping. I don't know if -- -- A we'll be back with more tips as to what to get your -- -- what to look at when your kid is thinking about a car on those radio I'm thirty went live at mercy flight we're live at mercy flight. -- Mumbai and -- say hello mercy flight of course there's a lot of great work and will be talking with some of the folks at mercy -- a little bit later on the show if you would like to give online go to mercy flights dot org that's the way to go. If you wanna see a picture of Lauren fix it myself go to our FaceBook page with Tony tells me is now posted so we're talking about when children. Get -- our car the first car after driving. After getting their license now to get their first card. And you wanna kind of -- a -- that what you should look -- mart and I've covered a stay away from cars with huge engines obviously. You -- go but -- kind of middle of the road as far as weight is concerned every are key us all alert out for him that may or fusion that once you mentioned are good because they're making that's also new segment in the market is that. You'll see and came up painted funky colors or like you're talking about all of our key assault let them pick the color really matter if you guys really nice. And also it says in this article by Larry Copeland from USA today electronic stability control things like that there's a lot of electronics on cars which keep you from being stupid. But I and how do you Novo. A what some more car because an ambush you have. The shape unless you were no cars how do you know which ones have electronic stability control and things like that. Well you know that's the thing is you you can read the windows sticker you know if congress right if you don't know is that management to my homework which I recommend before you go there's a lot of great website you can use true cart dot com Edmunds dot com Kelley blue book that com. If you're part of the military of -- its member of the military get huge discounts through US TA dot com if you're a member. My -- and we just hit it -- that he actually did cars in each category I was actually surprised some of the winners. This is all based on real numbers 120000 dollars atop cars for teens in in certain categories. You we que up like a leader at Toyota Prius and I got off are you can't -- can't with the class swing it. Look at look at the reason I of those cars it's good it's a good size currents of midsize cars got great safety features back carefully changed departure. You know it's not that expensive there -- under 20000 with not a lot of options. And then you start thinking well yeah it gets great fuel content to let me -- option for you specifically but it might be a good option for kid who's gotta pay his own gasoline well first. Of all you know and it's about starting automobiles one does not think and here's some examples USA today gives. -- -- and how to -- a fine car but it's not -- -- or are you are they recommend the -- six not to expect the first car I got that took out there BMI as physics at the -- -- my old Buick regal GS Obama -- you can get a Mazda 64 under point with no option but it's a good car like the Mazda three is a good first cut the Buick regal GS is a great car coming at me he'll put Catholic king. Yup I bet you from -- and I I was just a request though lately have to look at new cars and I've seen a lot of new rule of fairly -- -- regularly priced car that I would consider good cars ago last a long time right so this. What is the premise she's got three kids. Job she populous access is -- smiling. If she came to me so I need three cars with three kids in college what do like -- -- as we can get a really good deal so we started doing her homework thinking about it she wanted. But to keep the souls. -- wanted to VW Jetta which I love. So I called air over north back I don't work for them -- -- gonna tell you what he took a really good aquarium yesterday and yeah I wish I could it jointly I was actually radio and international reactions -- that make it. But. The necklace they bought three cars and I will you congressmen and your handsome now now what -- they -- not and not look -- -- they -- literally stripped the base model cars. Because they want their kids to have something ahead. Good reliability I definitely see vehicles. And the -- has kept a 100000 mile warranty a big plus big advocates get to pick the colors they picked our role that it help they're gonna make the -- -- to help make the payments on the car. So -- at least for them because after that she says they weren't Airpwn. The fact -- All three cars I asked all the kids separately if they love their vehicles and they were happy with the service so. It has to be everything it's a business relationship -- whatever do you buy it from there be used or new. And the key is who you pick the million web sites out there that are great. Find what works for you and then let them pick the color they can pick the target ministerial layer of cool wheels -- -- perfect. I'm Roger mentioned safety because that's the fourth item was that here and a lot of the safety is is. Passive you don't see it right there -- you know. There are things built in air bags built in their areas you don't even know I've had cars and I've already traded him and I just notice there's an airbag -- right. And it's in Boston in the air -- -- our house would jump safety restraint system but. One thing that you can do is start looking at different safety features that are out there and some -- the most -- ones are lane change departure that's already attacked him back camera. I would just as I have a friend. Who backed into a million things -- the small car might how to do that I really hit ace you know what there's no backup camera sit. Yeah turn around Leo yeah I was -- never see -- a swivel broke the -- is acknowledging your body so much and sometimes there are blind spots so. And that's -- after. You -- yeah well hopefully it all I admit it. You obviously -- have to -- no you know yeah you know water white -- -- if they if they don't even have the camera they often have these sensors big break we'll be right so there's a lot of goods -- really help your right and those medical process fragile X been now active cruise control. I mean a -- Traffic is -- your backing out of a parking spyware as a kid. Someone Becton and he as I was backing up I was already mostly out of spot and they hit me they never saw you because cross traffic alert would have told them. There's something. Sideways coming it and the -- -- cruise control is great to start approaching a cart too quickly if it'll back you want. -- drop and then occasionally equal distance you know some of these things were. Only in the most. Esoteric cars like Mercedes or whatever and now they've kind of fun that way and tonight in the new cars. You can get an -- Ford Fiesta Bowl the key thing is. What you're gonna -- car you can skimp on the radio -- -- -- -- you don't need satellite you can listen to CB beach that's good you know I know I love what else you listen to -- I was in myself when I'm driving I do my own show. I'd keep occupants of the car amused while -- that it -- Hold them hostage hits and I like I have no one in my cars are right now as an escape. It has more electronic stuff on I've been a little bit of emotion that truck I do like that -- out and win any cross traffic even in the back is anywhere near you will be alarm goes up so I mean if they're good good cool things right -- -- -- have a new driver if you can't have them later. So don't skimp on safety. Forget all the extra goodies. Just to the safety if -- had all the cool stuff later and that's you know so you don't get a sack or whatever it is really make a difference -- on the windows -- I want -- -- a couple of quick questions before we India before we go if you're looking for a used car in general -- not just for your kid. What are some absolute key things to look -- tires I would assume we're having our -- and things like burglary and at what's the right vehicle for now and then the next thing is if you're buying a used car alive individual. A sentiment that's one option and another still around after all he's probably our. The buffalo new. This -- you find that Craigslist whatever Buffalo News I was like seven cars and time now used to be used to be the -- -- -- can -- -- anymore but several of those online even if it's off of eBay sure haven't. They -- -- certified technician check it out yeah it's gonna cost 20250. Dollars you know it's it's worth I can't tell you only times I've talked to people. Actually my my -- were found an amazing deal on a car in Colorado. It was a Mercedes and she took the price objective seems really low as would you take it to an anti tech and she did and the first thing is it -- Cover off the fuse box and it was cold moisture inside or -- you got yourself a flood damage and our point guard and that means that the C he does not work. I -- calling it passive safety for the network gone so well why those cars got him -- always -- always good to -- oh my girlfriend and very good or congratulations you're all over the to a bank and you are the go to person for most of these networks no matter -- we're very proud of you -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- part of -- -- -- affects the car coach we -- mercy flight if you wanna -- how how by going to mercy -- dot -- will be back after them.

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