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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Focus On Mercy Flight: Pilot Daran Fields

Focus On Mercy Flight: Pilot Daran Fields

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WBM -- -- let's talk more about mercy flight. Pilot Daren fields is with us this morning Daryn thanks for joining us. Oh no problem thank you why do you do what you do. Halladay didn't service for the community and little different to what my previous job was that's pretty much similar bill. What was your previous job. I used to play action -- in the army. And so we all. A group of people out. Do some really neat things to other people. Which -- I would hope they're pretty equally tough of course -- army I was in Afghanistan and Iraq cheers Mormon urban environment so we had to deal looked a little bit more of the like friendly policies that go along with aviation. -- -- do or how bad that and in your role at at mercy flight -- over the years you've had did. Maybe Atlanta's a pretty tight places. I guess that's true -- and actually when the tighter places to land is on top of buffalo general when we deliver patient to the art. I would imagine didn't occur to me tell you said it but an open -- -- farmland is probably a lot bigger than a little spot on top of the building. It's a lot bigger. It's a 21 seven operation over there so who's on duty at any given time. Any human can work like curry around they pilot that's qualified to fly -- days and nights it would de BG goggles for the night operations and then we'll have. A paramedic and a nurse that supplement to -- well. How high do you fly and how fast obviously. When people think of air ambulance can certainly go quicker than on the ground how fast you move. -- -- would be -- aircraft that we use here at the buffalo maybe he can fly about a 13840. Miles an hour. OK now when you get a call. How quickly is your team ready to go out and get in and get up in the air. Well now when we're all working together and we we worked pretty well we can be off the air seven minutes after we get notified she's to be on the go. And typically then you go to something near the scene you don't actually Atlanta scenes but but you set up and landing strip nearby. I didn't intend to. The severity in the case sometimes we actually do land hundreds of feet are a couple hundred feet from the actual accident. There we're talking. And how emotional this job can be and when you work for mercy flights you know within the lives you save and he on the other side you know and the lives that you can't say but do you -- a pilot get caught up in the emotion to as much as the medics. The pilot tightly trying not to think about how -- were actually call in or who -- Holland. Simply for the fact they couldn't. Didn't make influence on your decision you and you may make a bad decision and risk everybody on the air crew not just the outpatient so. I try not to be concerned with actually who were all in just the fact that we need to get from point eight point me and fastest possible. After the fact though I can imagine you have individual. Incidents that were either more challenging. Or more memorable than some of the other shares her story for us. I don't wanna the poorer. I guess I don't know talent not challenging but one or more in just think like we do. Is it looked like from here to Gerald. And logo and pick -- Children at the outlying hospitals and transfer them back into -- for. The more. Qualified care that they received in noted it's probably the better flight -- you know your help and innocent child to get better medical care. -- -- as a pilot for mercy flight. What is your schedule like. My handle is -- -- problem 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening and -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- night at midnight to 7 in the morning. And is it pretty much like the fire station of all your your right there. Eating and living pretty much at the -- -- -- -- right. Yes yes yes they -- quarters for -- here you. Glad to check Internet for weather and -- they have on training that we need as well as they have they. Very interesting to watch TV you relax in that crew usually get together and we stick together throughout the day. And because you folks are in the midst of your fundraising drive as we wrap up here give you a chance to make the pitch. Why should people care watch and they don't. Today at this -- unique. Service provided for immediate care. And without a service like this. They get -- people coming around saying even Springfield would be almost an hour fly or an hour travel on the ground we can do and fifteen minutes. So at 45 minutes can mean the difference between surviving and living. All right Darren thanks for your time this morning instinct stuff. Do you parent feels a pilot with mercy flight.

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