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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Focus On Mercy Flight: Doug Baker; Pt II

Focus On Mercy Flight: Doug Baker; Pt II

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mercy flight founder and president of baker is with us in studio this morning -- were focusing on the air ambulance service. You know we just heard from our chief Tarantino are some people that you started with way back still with -- Many yeah we've Internet MS -- about that about -- how you run this. Pilots that's nice thank you but you have many are many of the people who would that were originally with a -- yeah there there today. This is including office staff and Malia right down until then my idea actor director -- -- -- -- -- it's a -- because he's been with -- 44 years. So alive and -- -- with the -- with the probably about 3637. Years. And there's many many others dispatchers have been many who have been there 1520 years and so it's -- it's it's all it's a tremendously. Close to our organization. It's it's almost a family type every alias I mean there's the -- were all very lucky. Now you're at the airport now you'll flying tigers restaurant where did you start and and was it a much smaller operation and -- we move we've moved about a ten times over the years because we're making too much noise and we are bothering people. And here in the and the conditions and conditions were good and our last step was if you remember we are at the four and if that's the state park across from the Ford plant. And there we were we were leasing a building from the state. That the state condemned so and so he has that we have to leave we had to make him a number of moves over that. During during that time and -- and then when. I was not altogether because that'd been abandoned free years it was -- water. You name and it. Sister Sheila came and took one look at it -- and we got the idea that she's world crazies during Ronald walked out. But it that's how we wound up flying tigers and became part of the report them.

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