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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Focus On Mercy Flight: Doug Baker; Pt I

Focus On Mercy Flight: Doug Baker; Pt I

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In studio with us his mercy flight founder Doug baker were talking about the region's air ambulance service. Turns out not only were they one of the first in the nation there one of the only ones in the nation that are nonprofit. They -- in the midst of their fundraising drive and -- Islam -- to talk about the map that's where I wanted to start I didn't realize that until I just learned about you folks. Most of these services. Are basically companies and you guys are now. The when we originally started 32 years ago about 99%. Of the programs were nonprofit. Such as we are today. And over the years has transformed them into its. It's big businesses big corporate businesses Wall Street business so that 99%. Of the operations in the country now are for profit but not you guys know. We're still what we were 32 years ago and that's who we hope to be forever you get no government assistance we get no government assistance. All the only sport we were actually -- -- from the community. And we could not survive without that support how how big is your budget and this is about a fifteen million dollar budget. It's it's unbelievable you know people don't realize what what's involved and then finish and I -- they shouldn't you know being in terms of mechanics dispatchers. Office staff pilots paramedics nurses at the you know it's. It's it's it's a big operation when you consider right operating 24 hours a day seven days a week from only hands but flow in Batavia. And insisted that it's just a big operation now and that's an example of growth he's at 24 hours today just -- years back it was only twelve -- out that that couple years it was a leopard. -- is lonely first senator that I know we year we started to work and twelve hours a day with one aircraft. Which was -- size of or market compared to a Volkswagen and today were flying. Three aircraft 24 hours today and the two aircraft in reserve. And the aircraft are obviously much larger their BK 117 senate -- four point nine and and there are for the size of a station wagons compared to a beatle so and and it's necessary and his state of the -- and it's it's necessary for taking care people. When minutes manner. I think that's what everybody takes from what we -- we hear about mercy flight and it really is true isn't it. There really is I mean you know you can't. He can't imagine the emotions. That we all go through. When you get a save and the emotions that they go through when they don't care saved. But when the minutes matter we do. And -- pretty special in part I'm sure that's why you do it -- talk about what your initial idea was like get involved in this one that you found this. Well I originally. Were we were transported by ground high risk infants and hatteras mothers. And down along the southern tier and Pennsylvania State line and took a long time to get him back to buffalo especially in the winter. So I thought. You know thinking that I knew little bit about helicopters from being in the military which I didn't know Italy but I thought I did. That was my first thought that's why -- started. It blossomed into what it is today because. Of so many people in -- as doctor bill here's an example. Many. Medical directors I can't keep you know there's just too many people mentioned -- The people who made it's something special -- means something special community. Can never be -- because it's just too when Leo. How many calls today you think you. We get about fifteen hunger requests a year. We turned down about a third. Whether I mean it's buffalo mass market change on. It it it it there's no pattern have been granting the pattern for 32 years there's no pattern. You can have twelve flights and ordinary flights and one day and go to base and -- beautiful sunshine days and have no flights and on there's no. Rhyme or reason it Kelly regardless you still have to hand it stance and there're -- there point -- days seven days a week. And I was just doing some quick math here you using that number. It comes out to -- Like to. Know it's it. We will get about 5015100. Requests a year and a do about on a guy next to zero via and the way in about 12100 transports. But there's no pattern again you know like detail last week and one day we did. Twelve flights the next they would to zero. In so there's just -- no reason.

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