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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Mercy Flight Big Help - Dr. Anthony Billitiier

Mercy Flight Big Help - Dr. Anthony Billitiier

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're looking at the air ambulance service mercy flight the nonprofits and operating in Western New York for more than thirty years now on. Someone who knows very well the benefits and a work that they folks have mercy flight do is joining us on the WB and lifeline. Former Erie county health commissioner doctor Anthony Pelletier. He is. School of health professions dean now a deal -- college. And also practices medicine -- trauma medicine at Erie county medical center doctor Pelletier and we're glad you could join us this morning. So my thanks rip me -- yet -- tell us about your first hand experience with mercy flight. Well they actually been one of mercy plate medical directors and I think about 1992. And perceived slight take care patients obviously and they do it when paramedics and nurses. And there's positions that oversee that process and I'm one of the war. Positions currently in -- had a bunch over the years and it's a great group of individuals who really care about people. A helicopter and getting someone from place -- to -- speak quickly. Has got to be a huge operation lot of money. Contrast the kind of things that they have to do. She's just an overall ground ambulance and whether it ends up being worth that what the what the time factor is and the cost. Well it did say that to be questioned the there's a lot of analogies they looked accuracy patience and they both do to kind of transport one is. 911 calls. And so those are calls where people you know that are that are injured are in on the field. And the others. Kind of transports are in -- facility where patients are taken from one hospital to another. The difference though is that mercy flight at least after some patient can offer a higher level of care. Are we have some equipment that other ground ambulances don't have. And we also fly with our end to compliment the team and so between a paramedic and -- -- they have. Sort of a great. -- of expertise. -- the other. Challenge for mercy played is that they have to operate aircraft and that leads to all sources. Issues and challenges and costs they have to meet FAA regulations and so port. And I think another big differences the weather the weather. It doesn't affect ground ambulances much as it looked at helicopters and when the weather you today and over the weekend yeah. It noted that there may be thunderstorms well. Unfortunately at -- with that receive lightening up people applied where's ground ambulances. You know may be able to transport it. Of course the helicopters and transport much more quickly in the ground ambulances and so that's. Another advantage and it's we can offer sick patients. Doctor village here in in your years that now with mercy flight there's got to be one call that stands out. For you. Well there's actually. Many many calls today is that stand out I think the one that. Come to mind most during the -- facility transport as opposed to that. The 911 cause they tend to be more involved in the sense that they -- had some medical care without -- institutions and but it may have medications going in and have their procedures done and so forth and so. They tend to be more involved for us. And actually we have. Often longer contact with the patient because they're up and coming from longer distances and so I think those in general -- the more memorable calls and and I think the more rewarding for us because we tend to. That are able to do more interventions and have more time to intervene in and do things that benefit the patient. And it almost goes without saying that you would say that this is certainly save lives now. Yeah I absolutely. You know everybody doesn't need helicopter transport fortunately but for those who do. They need it and so that's why we need to. And continue the operations were really fortunate here that. We have an air service that covers. -- only counted if need be in effect goes well beyond that. It overlaps with the -- services there's helicopter. Circles if you look across the state. And they -- and so they won wanted this deal more. That if there's. A motor vehicle crash with multiple victims bill and mutually each other. Active military thank you for joining us and thank you for all the good work you do. Well thank you -- I appreciate the time today. -- that says doctor Anthony Pelletier. One of mercy flights medical directors. He is also -- school of health professions -- -- able college and works and -- MC as well former Erie county health commissioner.

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