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7-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm -- I protest it was because of guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Hourly and I don't know I mean what. -- People don't come to its life. These local. It's Tom hourly. -- away -- -- white women and the news radio. Hey we've got ourselves that two for. Bad memory. We are hit -- thank you very much Jeff for making me a part of by your life and I'm glad that you are part of mine and such as it is. I Joseph beaver I'm thrilled that he's part of my life. John Sherman I am absolutely ecstatic that not only is he part of my life but that were neighbors. And it's just an honor to work with him each and every day. Because the man is a chick magnet as is Joseph beamer. And their very essence rubs off on me and that magnetism. It's like a balloon you rub against your sweater in the wintertime some of it comes off on me thanks guys I appreciate. So -- ten minutes after six and in all seriousness we're talking about something of grave concern to me and that news. Public corruption and again folks I always need and want to delineate. Between. All of our human shortcomings and failures and missteps in our personal lives. And conscious. Decisions. To. Miss use the public trust. And I don't care whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. I will come after you -- both barrels blazing that's a metaphor by the way. If you are abusive of the public trust. And I happen to believe that governor Andrew Cuomo is an arch criminal. I believe that what he did in shutting down the moral and commission which was supposed to investigate corruption. Was an act of absolute Mussolini. Like dictatorial. Power and exercise thereof. And did a tremendous disservice to those of us who like to believe that isn't it is is in a that this is in fact. The land of equal justice for us all. And they DiPietro is one of my guess is a member for our area of the new York state assembly and mark Sasha. Is also witnessed and mark go given a chance to answer that question that this will be -- this will be asking number two the federal prosecutor. Do you think he is going to hold off on investigating Democrats and Cuomo until after the election. In all I think it will investigate. -- election however I think -- are likely that -- world. We turn an indictment or make any permanent staff before election because I've been an error. You know it stay here you know we shouldn't be ruled by prosecutors. But prosecutors should be. Should be blind to whether it all -- and Democrats what else. Initially -- it's about. Doing paying that back elections in light or that they that we -- today which is. You know in late July. And what I know about conducting one of these investigations. I. Believe that he will actively and aggressively and bat. But I think it's highly unlikely that -- -- -- return. And answer before the election. Yes that was going to be my -- question next question because the word investigate. It was the wrong word indict. Or have -- would make the public aware of the corruption. Is it is a different there is really be beaten the the crux of the question Dave have you another question for mark. Mark -- your question for day. Well. Not really. I guess but it's called and I want it if you perspective from somebody that. You know albeit. Before the -- and dementia and. I. I think it was quite possibly have climbed a wave that he manipulated and obstructed justice with regard to the investigation. You know I have very all let you know that. I mean it wouldn't be any. Change. Changes here and I think that I would and I commend you for giving it important. And I would also like to reiterate if it were a Republican I would be equally vociferous. -- And I and I if you listen to be long enough you'll find that. I MA deeply principled person when it comes to issues of public trust I believe it to be sacrosanct. And I imagine that -- and I hope that. I hope that something good comes out of this what I am here yeah. I guess. -- about you know having seen from me and I think are always very good because it brings in is all but failed to act. All the actual -- intra and manipulation. That prosecutors. Engaging. In order to avoid these kinds of crap from these aren't they yeah. -- don't want crapping their political rant is that political supporters and quite frankly. So the -- economic well. Very interesting mark thank you so much I I'm happy called and it really appreciated and by the way just to verify something mark said about prosecutors. And the power they have. Have to influence things and whom they choose to go after and whom they choose to not go after I referenced earlier a book. The book is called murder incorporated and it was written by Burton to workers who is the was the key guy. Behind the investigation. That broke open the murder incorporated. Gang in the New York City area. -- Beck went OK and at the end of the book if you keep reading the book. After the real book is over Enders the afterward to the book. He took great exception. Two other prosecutors. Failing to go after the ringleaders. Of murder incorporated all got they executed. Pittsburg bill Straus and happy might -- And actually Lewis left people Coulter the only ranking syndicate guy ever to be executed in this country but the people they did not go after was as telling as the people they did go after. The book again is murder incorporated. Burton circus the author he's long dead. TU RK US. It's one of those I opening books and bed a major. Influence I think and that in my life. -- about which like takes more phone calls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we don't think injustice for all it's not just this brawl it's just this proposal we choose to give justice to. Indeed there at I should also point out to you talk about public corruption. Big guy who basically. Ratted out his friends because he thought he was gonna be read it out. With a guy named Gabe relish he was one of murder incorporated. Hit men. And murder incorporated by the way was a bunch of guys they were trained killers and it wasn't like you can just walk in the midnight roses candy shop and say my husband's a jerk a -- -- killed. They were basically hired killers that would be sent around the country on syndicate business they fly in or trade him and they'd get out. And realist basically. Blew the lid off of murder incorporated and while he was under police guard. At coney island's half moon hotel. The new York city police either kill him or allowed him to be killed. By being thrown from a window and the rumor was it cost syndicate 200000. Bucks. In 1940s. Money to. Two make sure that relished was the canary that could saying but could not fly. Let's go to stand in Rochester. WB -- -- Stand welcome to the program I don't you feel about corruption. Well you know it's an awful thing because. Going back while. When the conservatives control both houses of government. Are -- impeached President Clinton. Can Republicans. -- it's -- no. It's got aggravated and from any wrongdoing finishing his term in today's political icon. I firmly believe that politicians. -- -- the political bloc is running every should take it pretty well do look at lot. I actually nothing -- happened before the election. It's a way that thing works there's nothing we can do. Well all right Dave. The cynic in me which sometimes looms very large is very much inclined to agree with stand and I think with how you believe. That in terms of some uber revelation about the arch criminal named Andrew Cuomo coming before the election. You weekend -- is in one hand and wish in the other and -- which fills up first. If so this north skeptic -- -- agreed to a if this status. All the political power on the Republican side you know what there's we don't have as much of the power. Structure here. It is nothing like it is on the other side -- -- I'd be sure I'd be shocked if if it's something came out next before the election -- reward. Not not they would I don't think sugar. And actually what I want to hear what. Skeptical. Don't want to talk June later on here instead thank you very much for the phone call it'll -- you get anything else for us all. -- go ahead then. That's -- came up with the word republic branch. I'm -- -- you right now if Cuomo was a conservative. Republicans and Democrats. He'd be gone long gone but because he did that in the fold the conservatives are minority party fishing normal week. I think right now I would feel immediately. I tell you right now. -- it. What is its. Client number nine. -- well. Frankly our stand thank you very much for the call because -- follow up with what you said with big DiPietro because I think statement several months ago and of course people you know. All -- he's he's he's crazy and what he's talking about. But I will stand by what I said then and I wanna -- -- DiPietro is a reaction now. But let's see if traffic is a wild and crazy guy. Or if it's leading a monastic and steamy is like giving you very little in the way of obstacles -- terrorists. And others also would now they'd go to the delay at the US Mexican border for el Salvadoran and Guatemalan and on -- it is now a 52. Delay to cross illegally into the United States -- at the Canadian border we -- this master Victorian game of by security theater -- designed to make you feel better and that's all it is. AccuWeather cool tonight. Lots of stars in the sky. And the overnight low about fifty tomorrow sunny in my 77 were holding on to 69. At news radio 930 WB -- hold on tightly. Now we're gonna continue to -- DiPietro. And I wanna play a quote. Speaking of the double standard. And this is the way I applaud the New York Times for what Rush Limbaugh would probably call a random act of journalism because -- go after Cuomo. With their gloves off. And usually they only do it to Republicans. And I'll be shocked if our local rag follow suit with the New York Times because -- they want access to Cuomo. To small town newspaper they want access and by the way Cuomo when he goes -- the newspaper. He rides the elevator alone surrounded by a state trooper guards nobody even gets close to him like he's that big of a -- can deal seriously. But here's what -- almost had a few months ago. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. Up -- assault weapon. -- tight GA he is that who they are because it is actually they are and if they are the extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. They DiPietro I believe that if they Republican had said that about. Regressive causes. The Republican aid would be forced to resign beat the media drum -- would be relentless and ceaseless until such resignation. And see the teary -- Republican would appear before the media in an active public contrition and apology. For his obviously. -- informed statements and hate speech and then checked himself into a hospital course. And then spend more time with his family. But Andrew Cuomo basically. Called 45%. Of the State's residents unwelcome. And nobody except your humble host. Regularly has called him out on his hate speech which I find again -- You are so correct -- we currently hear that my stomach turn this guy. It -- me what form with the state and the city and well just maybe it couldn't hurt I thought should immediately. Immediately. Because he actually believes that. And that is welcomed governed. And the hate in your heart. Okay he's not politically correct what you said -- hate speech. Republican senate. I had anything like that. I would have been you're exactly right brandished as. I mean you name political term I would then -- I would look at the walk away immediately. And the irony is his body that is just -- well mine weighted -- allowed. There today and not after reaching out and not have to live up to that statement. -- -- -- And the irony is we get the same attitude from president Barack Obama. And I wanna tell you David I am so proud of the fact that I in my little. Roll is a second rate talk show host in a small market have done more to bring people together. Irrespective of sexual orientation. Race ethnicity under the banner of American conservatory and -- I've done more to bring people together and to stop this stupid division in America. And the president of the United States. Who's supposed to be the great and divine healer effective may be time to bring out the monks -- But I need to break we'll continue with the DiPietro you got a question or comment you be sure to get it in for us at 803 on I 38030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WBM. I've got a pair of tickets for James Taylor this coming Tuesday first Niagara center courtesy of beaver productions and caller 126449875. One or -- Offices. Is the deeds. Majority Easter. Small Easter the last one on the guitar that's all the solo news anybody can play. -- -- -- It is 634 newsreel I'm thirty WB yet we're joined by assemblyman Dave DiPietro here and I kind of wrap -- this up. Because I am I'm outraged. When politicians and I don't care what letter they have after their name. And by the way if if you don't -- sincerity on that. Am not that anybody sent an email saying a doctor sincerity on that but every time I play that. Quote from Jeb Bush talking about how illegal immigration is an act of love. I think that demonstrates. That I do not carry water for the Republican establishment. Nor will I ever. IE do not obviously carry water for the Democrat establishment. And what I love about conservative terrorism. Is that it is a movement of inclusion. And it is a movement winner surprisingly. Conservatives. Libertarians. And traditional. Liberals can actually find common ground and I talked about the death penalty. Being one example of where we can actually find common ground -- with our liberal friends and I really really have been trying to hammer hole. The point. That. There is a big difference. Between a liberal. And a regressive. Now they call themselves progressives. And I'd call it re grass. Because it goes back to a Stalinist. Era -- totalitarian. State government monitors your every move. One of the people who thinks Edwards Snowden is a hero I think two words describe him hero and balls. Eric got some blowback on that. Relate to except. For those of you wonder why he's still in Russia. How long you think you would -- lasted in Washington. I'm gonna play how long he'd have been whacked in a New York minute that's how. He would have been dealt with the end in Washington so anyway. NY -- let's say such a thing. Because you honestly believe that our founding fathers would -- The government. To have the kind of on the feathered power. The MS today. And other intelligence operations. And America in 24 team and I'm going to tell you the answer is demonstrably. Know. They were adamant that government is the servant of the people not the master of the people. And what would Benjamin Franklin do what would Thomas Jefferson do what would George Washington have done what would James met -- -- in Madison what would James Madison have set. About the NSA gathering data. An innocent Americans not to mention even the IRS scandals. They would have been aghast at what they would say from the grave is see this is why we enshrined. Natural rights. In two. The bill of rights the first ten amendments to the constitution. Because we know. Over our historical studies that the tendency of government is to always become bigger. And screw with its people more and more our founding fathers were tremendous historians they knew. There stuff and and I don't think our collection of greater minds has ever been assembled than those mines which got together in independence hall for the declaration of independence and then to work out our constitution. Now to my black Brothers and sisters. Whose ancestors may or may not have come here in chains obviously. A loads. And inexcusable. Blight on our history which was XP aided by a very bloody for years. Civil war. The great doctor Martin Luther king and what he did in the 1960s. Was. Folks that just took incalculable. For each talked about that before. You know what would he say about it I know what Doctor King would say about it he would be aghast. And why would it be aghast because. He had the I was gonna say he had a high hard one for. Martin Luther King but he actually at one for like Olsen but -- old story was that out loud but anyway but Martin Luther King was harassed. He was. Surveil. He was monitored every step of the way and he met. -- Adversarial. Combat. With intelligence. With class. And with grace. And that is why. I can honestly tell you. Dr. Martin Luther King is one of my heroes in my champion of personal heroes. Andrew Cuomo is not in my pantheon of personal heroes of -- DiPietro is as -- as we're talking about the situation with. Thought Andrew Cuomo and the moral and commission and if you don't know if you're just joining the show your governor last year body -- Announced the formation of a commission to root out corruption in government in New York State it was called the more Olympic commission here's the problem. -- -- Interfered with its work. His number two I caught him number two a guy -- Schwartz once he found out that the Moreland commission. Had issued a subpoena to -- media buying company with which Cuomo had done business. Schwartz had the balls to call. People on the Moreland commission one -- -- and say you pulled this subpoena back and to each game he did and now. The corruption in New York is being investigated by this Indian American and -- in the and I mean sub continental India. Who is now basically taking over where the -- commission left off. We have Dolores in Hamburg. Who wants to talk with assemblyman Dave DiPietro was -- where is right now. Ended Delores welcome to the show you've got a question or comment. Well I'd be able litany. Of one point relative few in terms of color sex whenever anybody does. And that accident we are human beings. And you. You have to look at the character and integrity of people the first thing and when they. I would like to know thank you mister DiPietro for being on the show was -- There're so many other things my recommendation from my question and possibly recommendations. I -- out of order koehlke. I think we start doing it at the address. Resolutions. Call for a referendum on some of this stuff. And maybe we can change things that are happening in this state. And there's so many things. Illegal. Aliens the morally commission. -- infrastructure. Usurping. State's right to. Implement globalization. Voter fraud -- And these are all questions that I have and saying. We have elected people mr. DP -- helpless. There we go about doing. -- while what a great question. It -- -- she's asking you. You are now you're now the man who needs to have the answer not just a bitch about what's happening and this is work sometimes I fall short not just to complain. But to offer us suggestions. When are we the people to do. First golf yep -- Sheldon Silver he's been the most corrupt. Obstacle in -- state to 24 years he rules or an iron first. Not one delegate put up on the or -- -- -- -- with the Democrats still hasn't been a Republican William and statewide bill and wait for years. -- allow it. We -- -- been part of that we've had for sweeping reform bills on election law. On -- six on the moral and commission you name it and I'm cleaning up our welfare system. It's their delegates 69 because children -- -- not allow them to Cold War struggle until you get -- Sheldon Silver -- she got great things. So don't -- legislatively. They don't hero they don't know where bought. As citizens. I wish were more like you because until you get -- stressed the squeaky -- degrees until we get less people who will march on Albany or at the local level put. Put pressure on higher -- Certain to change. This -- strategic option of what we do what government we're not gonna see any change in government and the way it works in the -- is the most corrupt government. In the country by our. And what we're trying to do what you're trying to do I applaud I try to do -- on my own little -- So look fresher actually remember and it's I can tell you -- -- -- met with unbelievable. Push there. A lot of people on both sides when they get that push -- they've already in the line. And they do what they told. Unfortunately I don't I try to stand out I try to -- -- prefer a different reason. I'm not up there for a job in the patronage -- there to do a job because I'm small business person who encroached. In the I applaud you but until you get more people don't. OK bush people are going to be led. The way -- of this state leads them. So. You know the idea comes to mind about hey what if there's a huge public rally in Albany. And having been to the first major. Anti NY safe rally when we did have ten maybe 121000 people there nothing changed. Right because alike because people go there it's fired up on an issue like this back. And -- -- just once in thirty days. And burned out because they don't have oh boy. And it's true actually signal trouble -- -- child between people of the world which is not to people control the entire government. And complete change that until we can effectively make that change. It's always been that way you know this about party the Democrats control no doubt about it. Put the blame there OK I am part -- a couple of don't admit that I don't we will enable them principles but the ones that put the people. You know in the politics and the people acting challenge over the -- -- -- -- everybody else and they elected all of it and they -- and -- and and and in what we advocate okay what she better not want to know is that this this console are all the work. That the people here in this state don't representation. Of the leading here in trials because they're gone -- -- Well on call also doesn't want them welcome and by the way I always like to remind people on the illegal invasion of America by an on armed artery. Bet it. It was the Republican governor George Pataki who initiated the state. Rate of -- wish him for illegal invaders into our state when the Democrat governor it was George attacked. And so what. Well I don't applaud doors because if she can stay outspoken. We need to educate more people about what is going on in the state in the as we do that maybe we conviction and wrote that that's this November is. Unbelievably important unbelievably important. They amen amen or what I love to -- Cuomo thrown out and has asked before November all that would be. Honest to goodness I would probably literally take off my clothes and run naked around corporate -- that's how excited -- would be. And it also need legal representation and I'd be calling retrenchment on. All right -- don't look Delores thank you so much for the phone call very much appreciated and thanks for being area regular regular listener. Connecticut and yes time has started to become a factor but yes. I'm gonna say something real quickly. If every citizen in every community. Goes because your board -- resolution and they. Each one because they all know each other crash New York State despite what -- tried to do to our local government they can do -- resolutions. Let them begin to put together a referendum. Could get rid of these people we don't have to -- -- be -- -- hang out and say don't count. Let's take action. -- say I'm glad you called and you know Dave the only problem I can think -- is with the exception of maybe three counties. Every single legislature. In New York State has gone on record against analyze safe and it hasn't done Dick. I was gonna bring up some. Okay and what your government controlled not by. That there legislative branch and not a democracy but by. Two in the by individuals that's what happens. Yet when he's never ever seen this state get. So so combative with the water at Albany is pushed that you have almost every single only representing. 92%. Of the all of the well the way they asked in 80%. Or -- of the masses. And in Albany turns a deaf ear to it justice and social issue. Trust -- what they -- national those who knew how to dust control. Until whatever was that they were looking for Aston. We're -- the way the media in this government turned to that fear at all it's it's. Wells that stand by as a lot of wrap this up a mock -- time to take any more phone calls coming got to wrap it up with big DiPietro on the WB EM. Don't go anywhere it's by hourly and that they DiPietro has been my guest and I cannot believe how quickly the time is -- go on bike and by the way guys thank you for your interest in this topic. I'm really thrilled that you guys still -- -- they keep it speaks a lot about you. Now time is very rapidly becoming a factor as I have told you they DiPietro from my final question for you is there's. Com for those of us I have to count myself in this group who obviously detest and load Andrew Cuomo. Because he is criminal -- as corrupt as the day is long on June 21. Our choice is essentially an establishment. Republican and we saw that under -- George Pataki like figures. We don't exactly get tectonic change. We don't like Cuomo announced -- myself and probably most -- -- -- him in a regular basis. We don't like Cuomo but we're very skeptical of the Republican establishment what are we to do. Well look quicker although trump didn't support it sure. We look at -- ourselves and them with the problem -- -- questions here is well I don't know about history you know I'm gonna have to vote for the governor well you know what. -- that I felt. If you like the governor. You like everything he's done with this -- almost to get out. And every position if you want to camp and tell me I like the governor a little book one just because you don't know that this trio that -- like pick up the well go on a computer and -- and -- read everything you want an all. So that's I think I find that while most ignorant statement social. All I don't know that it won't but don't do your homework because all that tells measured way easy. And you don't care and -- everything that happens you don't care it's not -- he knew. When you're one of the ones that want got mine school where we. Well let me just give -- room for those of us who are lazy but who also remember the George Pataki administration and the fact that we didn't exactly get the earth shattering change in a conservative direction. What is your advice. My advice is is it's as what I if you like Cuomo. Okay and you want four more years of our times -- one vote and then. Thought if you want any effective change or halt the baloney that's going on in this day and a migration of people lot this year and give a new person -- So we also try to might not like it but I tell you what he gets someone else a try. Sort of baby basically it's a baby step to stop the bleeding it's a tourniquet it is not stitches. And well just give a whole budget tax breaks or CBS. Had to keep cold beer in New York City. Talk about incest. Dave I am out of time I cannot begin to thank you enough for sharing your expertise and a behind the scenes -- knowledge with us and people can listen to our entire interview and sandy beaches whole show at WB and that -- Dave thank you very much enjoy the rest of -- evening -- -- now ruined. All right. Dave thank you loved very much should they DiPietro kind enough to join us on WB yet the by the way guys. Well I don't do politics every day if I had to -- politics every day I would leave the job. But I think this is such an important story we need to get into public corruption. And I guess will have to watch the calendar to see how long it is for the local rag catches on. I got more coverage on the front page in this storied. I find that. Except after I can find it hilarious anyway outpaced the Joseph beaver and that thanks to John Sherman. Good fellas both that I don't mean that Joseph -- way. You'll hear a lot of Michael Caputo coming up during my time slot. Obviously means something's wrong with -- no yourself. --

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