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7-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. That issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can -- Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do it here. Tom hourly and -- must be within 200 feet of the school. Or cheese and -- life. It's local proof that this guy it's Tom hourly ask another question. Try to get this -- this isn't the real caesar's palace. Wouldn't. -- a live here. Now so on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- what -- meant some -- -- things feel confident. -- members close to -- yeah. Yeah how we've been talking about New York State's corrupt governor and his administration. Andrew -- Well I mean. Did assure lol you guys in New York an honest guy he was and how important ethics word at Andrew all ball. -- ethics are about as common for and all ball is monogamy is an ego. But that's another story altogether probably three people got the joke but that's okay. Ever -- starts this commission called the Moreland commission. It was supposed to root out corruption in New York State but there's a problem. The -- commission served a subpoena on a media Bob media buying company call biding time. Well. Not all happen to deal with that company. In the last gubernatorial election. Andrew Cuomo's top aide -- guy -- Schwartz. He gets wind of it. He calls one of the guys and a Moreland commissioned and says back off pull it back. And lo and behold this subpoena is withdrawn. Folks. This is a criminal act the governor says. Well it's my commission I started it and I can oversee it. What else would you expect. From this Moshe Levy wannabe who don't share. This is the same guys who jammed at NY -- up our noses. In a Reich -- fire like way after the shooting in Connecticut. I have absolutely no use for Andrew Cuomo. He is just another power hungry. Constitution. Screwing. Criminal. Dressed in a suit. In Albany that we call governor. And I am repulsed by the fact that in all likelihood and probability barring the unexpected. He is going to be reelected and handily. In November and he's got the ball falls to put on TV ads that say you just can't trust rob asked the Reno. Folks I'm not a fan of Republican establishment in New York State -- Washington I think we've established. But. Such a disingenuous ad coming from Andrew Cuomo's campaign -- Cuomo is an arch criminal is absolutely. Laughable. Maybe I'd be happier by stop paying attention but I can't it's not in my nature. And joining us right now is local assemblyman Dave DiPietro Dave thanks very much Jeff for your time on short notice really appreciated. So what are we to do. When a commission that is supposed to explore corruption is shut down by the governor who started it when the commission starts getting too close to the guy who started. Won't come. Let's go bankruptcy. Based commission was what was and when the governor came out and -- show. -- -- -- Upper Albany. And there were approximately eight or nine senators who were being investigated the funny part once it's not funny. After all he had at that time probably working assembly people and deleted. And I think thirteen -- -- most of them were -- Democrat. Effective or another I think eighteen or nineteen but -- In what happened count wise just like one shot the advertising companies while they were in the some of these people. And some of these senators they were leaking them but got the corruption because some of the guys in just thirty million dollars or caucus because everybody. In Oklahoma. What happened logic would get a little bit too tight. And that I was told -- that's why he's just seizure orders that all people it's a little -- -- this summer although its -- to have been shot because all the people. War then. -- outlook button all over the state I didn't see all the names remember him. But like Greg all the Republican was -- George there -- a lot of change easier than it started going back to the governor got a little hot. In you can then you can just conducted. And don't commission -- later. But we are look -- I don't mean to express such a naive thought and I only do so for the sake of irony were supposed to be the land of liberty and justice. For all. And Andrew pool ball shutting down the commission because it was a getting too close to his own shenanigans. And be. Was -- too many Democrats to me constitutes a criminal act. And tell me what the feds are doing and how much we can trust the feds because the feds -- to control of another criminal and Barack Obama and his criminal attorney general Eric Holder. Time and -- the same question because when. When they started in the Moreland -- silently left -- goes not might not be right now but -- original -- commission what was. Shank the -- today. Exempted three people from investigation and that was the governor himself. Sheldon Silver attorney general election -- and they were oh you're not allowed to investigate those three which I think in my mind. But it looks -- -- tried and I've tried to explain to people that the attorney general Eric Schneider -- is to the left of Barack Obama hell he's to the left of lot of -- -- for that matter. So so glad that the more commission on the white didn't go after the top doctors in other states. One way up to them -- still -- on board now. But again. When -- start -- -- I -- the governor cave to after the policy currencies slipped shut it down and won't do that we just a little. -- you walk us through. OK so all all was supposed to -- exempt. From investigation of his corruption. Which is understanding goes back a real long time. For Andrew Cuomo that well before he was even in politics. Mom -- a sudden I'm sorry I just had a frog in my throat. Being. -- the attorney general of New York right now is Eric snyderman and see the king of New York. And I do not understand this -- power Sheldon Silver none of those people could be investigated by the -- commission. Originally that was what we saw you know -- -- ended up that way I look today at last what I don't know because we're not true because any of that information but originally. That's that was the big joke of the capital. I thought the Portland commission was closed I thought it was a done. We are pretty and you. The bad part about it. Is the -- create it in a cloak of secrecy. And then went to -- They just don't need to know about corruption of the Albany the most dysfunctional state country. Well there's a -- also there. Or for some people may be a revelation for me it is not and I'm trying to tell people that they have a -- they have a governor who is a criminal. And what he did if Richard Nixon. Had done this all hell would have broken loose if a Republican governor. In most of Thursday's -- on this. All hell would have broken loose we have Andrew Cuomo shutting down a commission. Because the commission investigating corruption in government served a subpoena. On an ad buying firm called buying time. And Cuomo's bloody Schwartz called one of the guys on the corruption commission the Moreland commission at -- withdraw the subpoena and it got withdrawn it seems to me. That a lot of cases that could be considered obstruction of justice. It could be considered conspiracy. It certainly is immoral and absolutely. Unethical and I'm not talking personal ethics or morals are talking public trust. -- -- -- -- -- It's you know what you'd you'd do just what you do you shake it on what I am concerned about is people are the federal investigator. Well I mean he's targeted a few weeks seeing. -- but but where there it was 2321 on that list Democrat over Republican. Yet is attacked he's gone after the Republican machine Asia are using. Are great ball you've seen Tom what this. Okay go to three Republican senators on display when they hammer gonna come on come down on all these other people. They have been bitten who's name well that would first and what we're pretty. Were involved. Is that you know is that I don't know how to -- so certainly up to that -- -- -- politics if you got -- just leave with those that Democrats are what -- Well these southern district attorney four New York guy you mentioned earlier pre Behar. He would be their equivalent to our bill local -- -- call him. I want to know a little bit more about him. And -- debut what they some phone calls from people because you work I mean you're -- you know how Albany works you know as you said it drips with sleazy. Lose heat policy corruption. Your time to take calls and stuff for a great citizen. All right that they DiPietro is a member of the young new York state assembly and we're gonna continue and if you've got a question or comment. Call let me know your interest at 8030930. Start 93180616. WBBM and let's check in with traffic right now and Alan Harris is clean as a whistle. Yet because this country cares about -- go to fort Erie for Chinese food and I give a rat's ass about Guatemalan and el salvadorans in about Hondurans coming into the United States because. The game plan is to destroy this country anyway. I'm sorry was that out loud yes and I mean every word -- say it. AccuWeather a cool light you'll see lots of stars tonight but the red one that's not a star it's a planet it's called Mars the overnight low fifty. For tomorrow sunny in my 77 right now holding its 69 degrees at news radio 930. WB and so at this point because governor ball ball. Shut down the -- commission. -- everything is being investigated by the southern district of New York's equivalent to build local his name is -- Behar. And what can you tell us about this guy and his political agenda because I thought justice was supposed to be blind and are -- when we had heroes in the justice system like Burton to Kircus who actually put his life on the line investigating -- breaking up murder incorporated. I'm how would tell me what do you know about this Behar guy and his bias sees. I don't know biases that I believe renegade okay when he took on this she got I know itself but all they talked about you got a lot of heat. In a Lotta -- -- -- -- -- -- -- civilian. Let it -- -- it'll all get out. And he said screw you about going after this and I give a lot of credit that he overstepped himself little bit. Probably took on the cause now I as a part as far as political. I don't know where you -- total at the bottom -- that way but I know. Well he's a Democrat he went to Columbia Law School Harvard and Columbia University so I can surmise a few things based on. OK you have mutual. Might explain why the book but investigations are little biased one way right now. Standby because so we have a lot more data and up by the -- what commitments or give something you gotta do between now and six. No I'm actually it just got home from my Cleveland district. -- got excellent because. -- a lot of mail them a little bit as so old they will be back with -- about ten minutes if you wanna grab a sandwich or something. Were talking with -- DiPietro. And I want your questions and comments on what I happen to think is the political story of the year in New York State and it's gonna be buried. By your local newspaper and frankly. I have to tell you something I give credit to the New York Times. Because the New York Times is doing something I never thought it would do it 24 team. It is looking in the Andrew Cuomo and it is not pulling punches on a Democrat I'm amazed. By that and I have to applaud the New York Times for. I believe Rush Limbaugh would call this. What an unprecedented act of a journalism a random act of journalism -- place right now the New York Times and I applaud the times for -- you can hold your breath and wait until the local newspapers are goes after global today's big editorial. Is let's see the plan state should come clean about how people pay for the Tappan Zee Bridge. Hey Buffalo News you'll wonder why your circulation is down. 525 news radio and home news radio 930 WB yep and -- part of it is personal and I have to admit that. 534. -- ready in my thirty WB and so just imagine something if you will. Governor won't actually you don't have to imagine it because it's reality. Governor Cuomo last July appoints a commission to investigate corruption in New York government. But they commission goes wrote it kind of goes runaway. It starts looking -- the Democrats and lo and behold it starts looking into advertising buying company called. That's not really real. Optimist that the name of the company buying time and it turns out that quote -- did this with this company and went Cuomo's aid. He has my number two man I call him number two. Laura Schwartz found out he has though balls to call this guy on the corruption commission the -- commission. And order him to withdraw the subpoena against the company. Folks. I don't even know. How to tell you how unethical that is. How old conspiratorial. That is how criminal it is. Eliot Spitzer left office. Because he engaged in consensual. Paid yet illegal. Sexual contact with women who do that -- And I think it ought to be legalized anyway. But Eliot Spitzer is big mistake was trying to pretend he was this big mr. clean you know Heidi you know I could cast the first -- kind of guy when it turns out guess what he -- human failings and frailties as many of -- do especially myself. But where I draw the line. In news public corruption. Our my private life -- African train but were I draw the line is when you were entrusted with public. Trust and you have power to influence other people's lives through laws. And your influence with legislation. And you violate -- breach that public trust. That is sacrosanct committee were all. Fallible human beings including myself. But when you. Screw with the public trust. You're gonna have an issue and a doctor what letter is after your name. And that's exactly what Andrew Cuomo has done and what's really. Galling. That's a great word for it is galling. Is to see the Andrew Cuomo ads on TV saying. -- just can't trust rob -- Reno asked to Reno by the way happens to be the guy running against Andrew Cuomo. And a -- DiPietro is what is now -- news radio 930 WB EM. And earlier today. I made reference to the fact that I believe we need a special prosecutor with subpoena powers to basically investigate the ball. Well we do have such a guy his name is part richt. -- -- -- -- -- he is an Indian American is in the Indian subcontinent American. Educated man he's a little younger than I am and he what the Harvard he went to Columbia he's a Democrat. And the question is will he do the right thing or is he going to be the -- boy for the Democrat hierarchy in New York State. That is the million dollar question because I wanna tell you that I believe that what Cuomo did it in shutting down the Portland commission because it started getting close to his corruption. Is on ethical. And I think an impeachable offense and I believe something if you vote for this guy you are an absolute idiot and you have no ethics or morals when it comes to positions of public trust I don't care what you do as a consensual adult behind closed doors none of my business okay. I think drugs ought to be legalized I think prostitution ought to be legalized a conservatory. But when you start scroll with the public trust. That to me is a big F -- deal if I may paraphrase our vice president Joseph Biden talking about health care. -- -- Does he have. I don't know how much you know about this. But does he have the wherewithal the funding and the ability. To do what has to be done which used to equally and without bias guarantee justice for. All corrupt politicians in Albany. Yeah. Here's my theory. It's feasible if he'd been corrupted they say that Democrat came out what worked in came after least people. If -- sure so what he's doing you will see very shortly -- The governor. Or force over portion of them and order -- ha -- one of those. Bought it could be you know -- -- -- just -- Kerio dot miners possibly -- delve into because people in the back. Until after the election. And then after the election we will lose the senate in this state goes I'd say all our guests. Fifteen billion dollars. In -- in the early days. What we're told Democrat controlled state. This a little while and then all of a sudden I got here coupled Democrats -- out but I don't damage will be done he's holding. My theory of multiple after the election. We're having changes of the but it does change -- don't come out and save face oh yeah by the way up got a couple other people here we go after. You know that's true. I think the opensocial cruel to you could start you know these people left and right right now we're not seeing that that's because. -- -- But politics. It is blood sport the Democrats know that the Republicans in this is one of the reasons they've all due respect I have no respect whatsoever for the Republican establishment they don't understand the politics there is blood sport. Why are they screaming. In Astoria no ads about this issue. And just steal Cuomo's line you can't trust Andrew Cuomo. This whole Republican Party in the state it -- need to match changeover and you'll achieve debt. After November unfortunately that may be too late. And that record nobody cared that go much to do a few months ago. -- -- that the top. -- -- it -- ironic in this town. -- ask -- -- senator either Democrat senator. Often they had to land -- part of -- I didn't shoot an independent democratic conference that helps the Republicans winning control. Well when a woman up there wanted to run against and who's very well known well in that area like ensure county court she was told -- skills that not to run. That they wouldn't wonder they -- gonna put a million dollar fine olasky. Now what's -- for a couple months after they kicked Republicans out of the Republican districts. Just say the Democrat novel and you go in Turkey going back with the democratic conference. They took away or whatever -- almost. To me that's treason. Strong words I hope they don't put -- out of office like eight miles from the capitol building is all but he's very hilly city to walk to be a hell of a worker at every David's little. All right let's go to sometimes I can be dangerous. And sometimes it has consequences. And you deal with -- otherwise you have no business being in the public guy as you well know. Let's go to mark in Lancaster on news radio 930 WB -- marks -- hello to -- DiPietro. Our whole state all -- -- I am I staying fairly well. Prepared to talk about. That more commission in public corruption issues speak. I will good prosecutor. -- years ago who -- think about violations. Of the election law. And as a result -- my position. I after the I would the last person that society for the appalling conditions. Where you're mark Sasha the guy who talked about -- the Erie county DA's situation. OK okay it. If you look at the last person that I about. Before that Portland commission and basically guy Ellen. Would that they -- that I believe that it was surely. And they say that there and so it brought me a look at the minute. God didn't have a single question -- make basically call them well -- The whole -- was -- -- rate from the beginning. Will use seven specifically for people who don't remember and honestly with the new cycle being as it is I had to re look this up. But you alleged that the Erie county DA pranks and either. Fired you after you went public and said hey -- that should've gone after Steve pigeon. And UN at a UN -- -- get whacked and -- laughter case. That he's actually is. Trying to stop acting but. I really have a relevant to this whole thing with the moral it. I -- what's cool but I just you know you're you're calling -- and I think that your background it's important to note that that you are somebody who has actually. Gone public. And in your mind and and I don't know who's right who's wrong but you know you you're trying to get justice and try to. -- The public what actually goes on behind closed doors and frankly in Peru and -- anybody who followed the -- Posey and eject cases knows. Bad Dennis the way you know put his ass on the line. And if it was not for delay though this system would just as soon have kept those two. In prison because it didn't want to look bad with a false conviction. But as far as the -- commission. Tell us what it was like to testify before them and they give us more about how they reacted to what you had this. Well first of law is that the reality is that. They were opposing the idea that we did out of the law that we needed more loss and and and you'd hear about it. Absolutely correctly it's not about more -- is about airplane. The but -- where with and the conviction. That actually enforce the law that we asked. And the reality since I was a prosecutor -- point two years. I'm probably the only prosecutor in a question Yorkers actually. You get. Politicians that they actually convicted that option not news. It is eager. And the reality. That are willing to do it. Because -- future political years. Our our our little right and act it it probably -- -- republic it's a bit. They -- It. Public auction apple it's probably the worst travel that we get your -- It's kind of a big deal to me because look I and again and I wanna make it clear I'll be the first one to tell your debt. I am not perfect I do not claim to be perfect I have human failings and shortcomings like anybody else but -- use are dealing with the public trust and you are an elected official. Who can control other people's lives and you cannot be trusted with the public trust that. Is a big. And new deal to me. -- want him things that you're absolutely or act about it. Almost -- well a lot they're -- if only EPA. He acts as though -- But you know we have in Bahrain. To use -- position improperly. It yet and future position for your own personal gain or whether it's financial or anything else. And and quite frankly you know you talk about our. You know I -- our personal for all I can say did I got it -- -- Astro. Yet convicted indicted. Dozens of are. -- there all right well I think I don't know you know. I don't hate you registered Democrat. But I gotta tell you that are. Really I know the last two should -- indictments -- Republicans. But whatever you say about the yeah she sure is the only person that could turn things. And you know I'm sure -- perpich. But he's done more than anybody else that -- probably a hundred years. And that. Dave have you hold on a minute mark -- Dave have you any question or comment for mark -- calling into the show. Yeah mark who quit if it if you know. Our. You can do more calm or you think we're gonna Google. Sixty day on wall right now. What do indictments. -- I write to avoid it but acting elections. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark can you start over all of our guys but mark did you start your answer over because I don't know what happened we just did not hear the first part of the answer. But you know what when you can start over but I've got to break now this is so fascinating even I've lost track of the time I think I pulled away anger. Sorry -- I had to break him just a little bit. My last debate before they give some time off. -- -- BA major solid today and his reporters for me to cancel 548 at WB Ian. AccuWeather clear star studded. Tonight mostly sunny and nice tomorrow 77 right now it's 69 at news radio 930 WB. The end. So the question by the way we're they DiPietro member of the assembly is my guest and that we're gonna keep him on for a bit longer repairs are. -- must not have much of life eateries decided to join me for awhile and a mark Sasha is called in and Dave's question to mark was. Mark do you believe. That the current federal investigator who's looking into Albany corruption. Is gonna sit on things until after the election are we gonna learn the truth. About the corrupt scum bag that is Andrew Cuomo in time for the voters to wake up. Bottom -- personable. You've hit all at another point. Everybody should read that article that article and I still am that you -- a -- read outweighed the article used. -- -- -- In the dirt -- I will play the right thing because in my personal opinion that and it'll. Until -- Not spent enough and you link it in light of all these indictment. But I'll tell you this article it is is open house and -- I think the reality -- is that public option is not prosecuted properly. Now because there's a lack a lot because there's a lack the will. Okay. But but will -- -- I think this specific is embarking on gonna have to break again and keep you guys and hold and that. It will -- -- specific is are we gonna have to wait until after the election you know we used to hear about how great -- and digital hold on guys guys in their -- I need to break news reunited thirty WB and we'll continue this after the news at six.

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