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7-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- -- repeats Tom hourly. It's live it's locals that mark. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being injured Tom hourly. -- news radio 930 double. And relatives of hourly under is ready and I'm very WBE. And so we've been talking. Talking a boot I like to try to keep your international sometimes for our Canadian listeners. Com. I do it infringement my French relations -- one. Anyway high. Its hourly it's Thursday end you're going to be hearing a lot of Michael Caputo in my place over the course of the next few days it is this summer season. Tis the summer season. That's all I will say and by the way we'll have some pleasant listening surprises for you as well. Very very soon. I really shouldn't say any name's David -- are but I would never say any name and give anything away at the television. I would never say that but you know. Up whoever mentioned how awesome I think David Bellamy is he is like. -- other three guys. Most of my friends are women. And I mean France I don't mean in a beat France. Not a lot of guy friend Jimmy Joseph and John are. Twenties were different generations. Don't want -- -- honored right in my little. It's helpful Michael cook food. Rus Thompson great guy knows his stuff. David -- via. -- -- -- Paul can agree that these are all people in myself well. That I consider to be friends. And that's a good a -- -- -- good feeling and David Sylvia and I have a special bunt. Because we've been through certain things to go. And. And David has seen -- do some things that. Have very much impressed him. And he'll never talk about David you'll never talk about those things on the WB and anyway why. All I'd like to tell you but I just can't anyway. And I were talking about corruption and we're talk about what's worse what's going on what they -- schools and I do wish the superintendent the best with his health situation are. No jokes about it. It's not a joking a -- no militias to -- about it it's his personal business and that's why I'm not going -- other than to say that. At a party said that a few times but I just. Wanna make it clear that in my world when somebody enters a facility. It's not my role my job the media's role to mock him or horror. For seeking treatment for medical situation that's a personal -- to personal business that. -- a dinner. And if it's a very invasive feeling. Especially when you've done nothing wrong. And you're out in a day. Up but it it is a twelve minutes after four at news radio in my thirty WBD. And thought I would go to Brian Levin and the planet that I would think nothing. But. That's just that's just me. I'm pretty well grounded media guys. One foot in the creative mind the other foot in the real world -- Source sandy beach. Otherwise we would have both absolutely lost our mines a long time ago both of us. Anyway it's gonna be with you and I'll tell you what really is driving me up a wall. Is corruption. Because ladies and gentlemen. I know a little bit about organized crime OC. As they say. And I'm talking about because I've watched The Sopranos a million times the godfather movies. IA. Have the whole Lotta reading of them a lot of studying. I do know local people who have been a shall we say associated with -- end. -- you know things are probably should not know. And. All I can tell you is what. Andrew Cuomo has done. Is something for which he needs to be removed from office. Now -- and Tom you're one of those Karl Rove Republicans seekers no matter how many times I tell you I'm not a Republican I'm not. Check it up in the board of elections I am not a Republican I quit after John McCain. I see no difference between Republicans and the Democrats anymore and especially in Albany. And for those of you who don't wanna say volatile motor gonna -- and -- the Democrats to win folks every time I talk about the fact that the Republican establishment is as bad as the Democrat establishment in New York State. There's a certain politician or two locally -- thanks me for getting. Who tells me I get Albany better than most reporters in Albany get Albany. And I take at a high compliment. Now. Andrew Cuomo. Appointed this commission the more than commission. A year ago this month to weed out corruption. And ethical violations in state government here's the problem well. You know runaway juries. Especially runaway grand juries can go places. That they weren't supposed to really go well guess what the -- commission web. It started going in to the ad firm which bought time for almost last campaigns. When almost top -- found out. His number two man I call him number two. His number two guy calls one of the big guys on the -- commission -- says back off. And he with Giroux the subpoena. Which by the ratio was eight demonstrable lack of balls. I would have told Schwartz to stick it where the sun don't shine and to try. To take the subpoena away from my hands and see what happens next he would not swallow for a week after were I guarantee. A -- a few tricks along the way of life. Anyway. This folks is absolutely. Outrageous. And I mentioned earlier organized crime. And the reason I mention that use. This kind of story. Is something you would expect to see a boardwalk empire. It's something you would expect to see a documentary on Al Capone Cicero Illinois. You know the era of prohibition Johnny -- OG the open and frank nitty schemer Dellucci and all those guys in Chicago. I know my stuff when it comes to oversee. And especially OC history in America. Are quite good at quite a -- that. I would have been a very good criminal. I would have. Carlo Gambino not John Gotti of often told you Gambino never spent a day in prison. Gotti died there who was the smarter guy -- Anyway. It shows a lack of courage. And a lack of integrity. To tell Andrew Cuomo's number two guy -- Schwartz. All -- -- that the subpoena. To the company that did Cuomo's ad buys in the last gubernatorial campaign. If you're gonna be investigating crime. What ever happened in the -- -- of this world. Granted the Eliot mess myth. Is exactly that it was a Mitt. All right. Eliot mess was not the Eliot -- you think he once. Norway's Melvin purpose for that matter but let's not go back into America and our criminal history of the earlier that twentieth century. But. Folks do you understand the significance of this compared to what Eliot Spitzer did it. Andrew Cuomo. Stopped a corruption probe when it got close to him. It was supposed to weed out corruption in New York State but the trail led the Cuomo and Cuomo had his number two guy call off the thoughts. That is in my opinion grounds for removing this criminal named Cuomo from office. All Eliot Spitzer did. Was paid women to have sex with him. Which I think ought to be legal anyway. That's a personal. Issue and I don't think we need morality police. Spitzer is big mistake though was you know being mr. crime fighter. And that being a hypocrite that was his biggest mistake. Least with the you don't get hypocrisy. I don't pretend I'm something I'm not. It still thrilled I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WBD and you tell me where you think this probe. In a corruption and Cuomo is gonna end up going. And by the way where's the editorial in the local paper calling for -- ball to be investigated by a special independent prosecutor. Or -- first resignation you'll see that of the local paper will endorse him and endorse him and endorse him over and over and over again. Because it's not an objective newspaper. Now granted the editorial page is not supposed to be any more objective -- But it is unfortunately. The mouthpiece for the regressive movement in Western New York. Here is our and one of the reasons they hate me and this station is because we call about for the phonies they are. Let's go to Barbara tell -- on WB Ian hi. In the afternoon camp in -- -- you're touching that subject that they're our with the people the people that both these idiots and pat Motley and they -- -- -- Weren't squirm even do prosecute him. What's the deal but he -- At -- time in prison. I know he looked beautiful beautiful tensions. -- live in the real world they're different there's that. Politician. And then at the people that live in the -- that he will own about during. -- Well. I don't mean to come off as somebody who hates America you know the I hate America Tom -- show. And I I would if I haven't anyway conveyed that. I have not done my job communicating. I love America I love the United States of America. -- And what you are saying is we have two classes of citizenry in a society that is supposed to be egalitarian. With justice for all which is a budget crap. Because in a just world and report ball would right now. Now be under investigation. By an independent special prosecutor who would have the ability to issue subpoenas to put people under oath under penalty of perjury to get to the bottom of why the -- -- commission was basically sent home packing when it got too close to the corrupt governor Andrew Cuomo. I agree that it's out of all point to what I'm trying to get caught if you look at. More on commission and they call option which we know I don't objects. What -- the -- that they can expect case in point and actually I haven't. You get. And people don't get an actor you can get and he still won't stop what 270000. Dollars and tensions per year. Well again that's the way the game is played. And it -- there if there's something look this is a corrupt state in you have to understand that Albany is you know -- -- call Albany Sodom and Gomorrah and I'm not even talking about the sexual component others talking about the absolute lack of any principles. Whatsoever. OK so. Hope our whole lot of them traffic breaker got to do it's okay is Wenger mr. when he said it for me. Let's go to. The Olympic favorite to win did for me today. He really helped me out of some big is that Alan Harris which -- Allen. And AccuWeather for a today. A cool place with a star studded sky as opposed to a -- -- -- Which would be something entirely different. The overnight low about fifty. Tomorrow sunny and nice 77 and right now -- news' 69. At news radio 930 WB EN. Now folks -- If this was a story that was Pepsi bright -- if this was a story on Drudge. You know that he would personally investigated. If this was a story. World net daily. I suppose people who love Andrew Cuomo would be calling in saying well. You actually consider these people be reliable sources of news. Folks this is a story. That was broken by the New York Times. I have very little use for the New York Times. Well I never have and I never will the point is however. It's not the New York Post it's not Rupert Murdoch the New York Times is filled with people who love Democrats and progressives. Even. Could not contain the story of the corruption of Vander -- ball and where is the public Rajon there's. Worst a firestorm. Folks this is the same guy. Who used hate speech talking about conservatives. And people -- against apportion. And he's also a criminal. He needs to be. Investigated. By a special prosecutor. Who can issue subpoenas and put people under old under penalty of perjury. How likely is that gonna happen who's gonna do Erik -- and the state attorney general are you kidding me Eric Holder. -- Absolutely idiotic and corrupt attorney general. Barack Obama. The arch criminal in the White House -- appoint the prosecutor to look at general quote ball. Nobody. This is not land of equal justice parole. If you were you Republican. Yesterday the local rag what -- called for him to resign or at the very least have a special prosecutor appointed. If you don't know about the story I'll -- -- in on the details coming up after the news at 430 that a lot of you're just given your cars and you know you've got the windows wide open and your sweat your -- off. Team and believes it's. It's an -- team that luncheon -- moment. Don't. We have lay -- a side by side. Williams Ole -- -- days this year. Anyway it is up for 33 at news radio 930 WB and all the wasn't credible answers. She was probably my age but man. Did she have a body on her -- -- I'm not being -- Arabs to Bruno's body. And -- shaking it like an AT your world. Well well done -- -- -- I'm kind of jealous of your -- the -- abilities. -- its hourly were talking about the criminal New York State and the pivotal in charge of New York State his name is Andrew Cuomo. And you know what. I think it's very interesting that Cuomo's people are running ads now you just can't trust rob -- Reno. Oh really mr. Cuomo. Mom was it rob -- Reno who called off a commission investigating corruption in state government. When people who were named to investigate corruption were told to back off. On a subpoena issued to your ad buying firm. You can't trust federal well is more like it. And the story by the way you can go to my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly BE AUER. Like -- or just at the LE to the end. Tom -- and it's one of your humble host wearing his tuxedo. And I. Am absolutely. Amazed. At the serious. Allegation. And the dearth of coverage. Elsewhere on business. Folks the governor appointed a commission. The commission was to root out corruption in New York State but guess what the commission went -- And it's served a subpoena on an advertising by a company called buying time. Guests to one of buying times clients ones. Andrew Cuomo. So Cuomo's Scrooge is number two Lawrence Schwartz. He gets up the phone with one of the big guys on the corruption commission the -- commission and tells them up back up by the subpoena them buying time which to his discredit he'd hit. By the way. This story. Of the phone call from mr. Schwartz. To mr. Fitzpatrick who was on the -- commission. Is corroborated. By three other people holed about the call at the time. The governor issued a simple directive pull it back. Now. The governor maintains this is more of a story. -- general Cuomo says he had every right to monitor and direct the work of a commission he had created. Many commissioners and investigators saw the demand as politically motivated interference that hams strong. An undertaking the governor has publicly borrowed would be independent. Folks Andrew Cuomo is a sleaze bag criminal. Why in the hell would you vote for him. Why. Do you understand the ramifications of just -- the grab it by the by the shoulders. And shake you don't. He's croc. He's up fraud he's up phony. He tells you all he wants to root out corruption. The people he appoints to root out corruption stark brought in his direction any calls off. This demands. The appointment of an independent special prosecutor. Who can't subpoena witnesses put them under oath under penalty of perjury. And frankly the indictment of -- resignation of Andrew Cuomo he's unfit for public office. Folks if -- Republican governor -- on this. The drumbeat. Of the mass media would be relentless demanding a criminal investigation and resignation. This is unacceptable. 803 on my thirty start I'm 3180616. WBBM. So Thomas up and what's worse Hamburg. And grownups acting like children. Even yesterday calling in the cops. Or what's going on with Andrew ball. The Cuomo story particularly riles me because it's an election year. Cuomo has the balls to run ads saying you can't trust rob asked to Reno. When Cuomo is a poster child for corruption in government. And always has been frankly. Here is. Bob you -- on WB at 8030 my thirties -- by the way I want your take on this 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell -- 180616. WBE. And you were on -- It's on our area and the there's moderate law by forward. Well about it as long as I'm on your radio it's fine and as long as it is volume last at all what you are. Everything to scopus got to do what's up. I Pletcher Soria. -- sharp. IQ I like but I don't police what do you say what you do. I don't follow what you say on the radio. -- -- you to use our dignity to see more view nationwide. But I have a question Al Sharpton the major contributor -- called all correct. Are you meet Andrew home. Oh. I don't know how much. Al Sharpton or any organization he runs contributes to -- I don't know I do know the state police donate a fortune to him. Only collective reluctant -- say. Chart to get to talk -- Promote legal coalition to -- that the labor unions in New York City at what date diluted bringing guys. There immigrant or illegal working illegal. And they hit the alternate ceremony. They're personal money they support these guys are their payroll. 300 dollars a week. They get to what they call the church or to look socially. Else sharp the please total wreck in two. Whatever. And at this time -- the call administration. In the real world we have a name for -- call a shakedown and it's called a racket and people of them prison time for doing the same damn stuff. Well -- to prolong diamond dealers say -- appeared -- Nelson. Send me a link I don't know that it is especially relevant to what we're talking about today which is the direct interference. Of Andrew Cuomo. Into a corruption probe once that probe started getting close to them. Well maybe you -- the organized trying to suggest ports in New York State thought the first. Yeah are you here's the thing as somebody said well I guess now. How we know why Governor Cuomo chose Kathy vocal because her husband is the US attorney except he's the US attorney for our part of western new York and that he would not be the guy. That would be called and you can't call on the state attorney general snyderman because as I've said he's to the left the Barack Obama. Help Schneider as to the left us all Lipsky and and make -- any clearer. -- Bob thank you and thank you for technology my greatness. It's a gift and I've never taken it for granted. You know what I like best about myself as my modesty it's really unflinching let's go to. After some ironic humor in there and fundamentally insecure but wasn't wouldn't come you understand that that's basics like 101 step. And pitched it. Of course a good one great at what I do I know I should and a little. But I never take for granted. And every show was got to be approached in the same way mailing it in instead of getting paid here's. How it Hamburg on WBM -- I am outraged colleagues in many ways. Well I I concede that I can tell. I get content and basically you know here you're making correlation between the childish behavior and am honored and what is going and the Governor Cuomo I'm. Doing something out. I -- caught and it was just I don't I don't mean good nuanced things and harsh things but correlation really isn't the right word I mean. -- I I'm asking what's a bigger deal. I think there are huge deal. That's a little. -- Should really well okay and it was yeah. It's early supporter of the -- for infertility. She's the one and or I'm not currently a board member and achieve the one that they're trying Q and the board because of various charges and basically. You know -- -- where it this year like gangbusters. Started -- -- She -- -- she thought they are being. Checked it Scioscia. We are color on it and you know. And the board members and 880. On permanent body you. Was appropriate. And she. Either how it's supposed to well. Warrant an -- in places I get the she. You know after the September 1 injury view -- the -- Portugal. -- Oh basically it started you know she. Shouldn't. She believed that there was a lot in. Him right and that. We -- out there Curt Schilling at the Abu Dhabi. And you know and and it escalated. Late in the point. Bring charges against terror and it's escalated even aren't there you know like -- -- point -- Well we're -- you know. We crime that was committed and probably I or so it's apparent it's an Alley and and you know. What what specific crime are we talking about because it seemed like every week there was a misdemeanor of some kind reported in Hamburg involving a board member or the board president. Or -- or the the superintendent. Why it seemed like it was going that way I don't I think is the only crime that has been met and that we can he -- BP. Reporting. Vandalism to -- the it not -- there. -- falsely filing April via. And that's the only I mean that's the report it is and like that you don't want to. When I actually thought about any of the other issues because that's really. Now any personal medical issue I simply will I'll Sunday prayer and a good thought to Jenner and his family I don't apply an adult swim -- that it's. And in that they're -- I just don't do it. Well and I don't even know why or how what would ever gotten leaked out and machine that -- is inappropriate. You're talking to the wrong guy when it comes to medical information being inappropriately leaked and used to smear one and a hatchet job. You're talking to the wrong guy when it comes to that believe me problem. But that's another story altogether argument that if the appropriate time so if you explain to an outsider. The biggest issue in the Hamburg schools this whole soap opera. Just well. I got it did keep in mind too I know more than I'm letting on and since I was told things incompetence I'm intentionally dumbing up. Well I mean I don't there's multiple -- but if you -- know I might. My true opinion you have. A couple people I want I -- a couple people on the other. That really do not like each other they are out to destroy each other and anybody that's associated with either. Yeah and it started this year with people being very you know. At certain person being very helpful toward hatred towards another and at that point. You know back and forth and back and forth and basically you know it related to the point and I believe it out capturing two. Targeted job because she appears to have better associated wet. Let's say Alley or Alley or act. Days simple board president or whoever and she came and like gangbusters asking questions wanting answers. She couldn't take no for answer you know everything is black and white it it's here it's -- done right or -- Iraq. There it's not great you can't say you know these are public -- the public money you're dealing -- There is no play it's black or white either it's done right or -- And there are people that did not like that obviously. You know certain administrators. Are not you know they -- accusing Iran play and they don't want. To be questions. So tell me something how is it going to change and how long is gonna take to change the culture in the Hamburg board because right now or somebody had a choice between buying a home literature Parker buying a home and Hamburg -- -- kids I suspect I know. Which would be the first one. Al I have to agree with I think that anybody involved and and I'm not imagining that I am one side or the other. You know I'm sorry if you have C. Self proclaimed hacked -- -- of the parent group. The ball out of content that morning and and you have. The dynamics of the board -- Obviously remove themselves from the equation. You like to see a complete 100%. Turnover. Well -- you know it I think people in the city and got to be chuckling a little bit bad that what's going on in Hamburg. It's happening in the verbs as opposed to the city for a change. Thank you very much for the call I'm happy to hear from you -- And good luck and I have to store for the sake of parents and kids in Hamburg. I hope some adults. Get on the board and bring some semblance of not just ordered its ability to. It's. A it's a school board position guys. It's a school board position really. Seriously. And -- -- way for an el Salvadorian. Illegal invaders there is a two foot stepped away at the US border with Mexico so it'll take an extra half second to illegally invade our country. AccuWeather cool tonight a star studded sky the overnight low about fifty. Tomorrow sunny and -- 77 right now it's 69. At news radio 930 WB eat and coming up after the visit five by the way we're gonna talk with a local assemblyman. About the corruption probe. Of state government. That was started by Andrew all ball but he didn't see it common that they'd actually start looking into them Eddie immediately called it off. And as excuses. I created the commission I can call off Andrew Cuomo is a corrupt arch criminal folks and if you vote for this man. You are an idiot. At a soccer. Here's Jill and so on WB and hello. Hello black do you attended your capacity for the first time. And I just went data corruption is intent on your side of the border it all -- by the reporter. I'm here right up to that they buy it on a police officer who did illegal construction. I went to the Indian and -- don't know don't report that you can't do that. Before. Keep in Europe at this point in Europe for a free country. I did go to these buildings inspectors came out -- topic illegal construction two weeks later he hadn't. At. This -- -- and I would -- I went to court essentially. It would collapse. It was the beginning with this approach to the police corruption and I think -- in Toronto well. I hope. Bet you -- -- my dear I'm not sure about how Canadian justice works and I happen to be very close with -- our Canadian attorney of the female persuasion -- massacre. But I hope you're pursuing civil. Remedies because. If this guy is using his badge to terrorize us citizen. He needs to have at least one of his don't -- surgically removed hold on behalf of the -- but -- stay with us. -- folks corruption is a cancer and it is ubiquitous. And when we pride ourselves in the United States is the land of the free of all the the Braves with liberty and justice for all who in the hell are we kidding. You buy that crap it's trite nonsense. You got to fight for justice -- the fight for every step of the way.

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