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7-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WES. It's. And -- them. -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You going to do. There have been told. Yourself and it's live -- local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly and Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Oh boy so loud anyway. I'm guilty of this as anybody else but that try to actually speak with a live human being these days I just spent fifteen minutes of my life on the phone with National -- Now why aren't -- fifteen minutes of my life on the phone with national grip because some nice guy I'm trying to save National Grid. A huge expense. Because. A tree. Not mind. Is over growing my garage and there -- power lines going through the branches. And the next serious thunderstorm we have or god forbid ice storm. Or winter storm like 2006 we have those live our lives are gonna come down on my garage. And will burn it to the ground along with the very valuable automobile inside. So I tried to save National Grid and for my trouble I've been on hold for twenty minutes. John. I've read it and my phone to John -- so he can now talk with National Grid. At least I got the person it only took me formats but I -- -- real argument. So there's Matt. Anyway -- some time we have got to do a show on voice mail hell. Is there anything more frustrating it's like those who don't fly a -- you are in for a rude awakening when you go to the airport. Because you are basically expected now to do everything yourself for your own boarding passes. It is. Travel used to be fun. They've taken the fun to travel. They're really happy I was kind of hoping that Billy future I would just let me have his jet for a week but you never got back to me. It seemed like your reasonable request have never match I don't know -- tiger jet. Anyway up as a go on its twelve -- -- chapter three -- review of I thirty WBE and -- And people do those things don't ever -- blood vulnerable are. Well if I if I. Really really really a lot of through I can probably. Or get a very very nice loan per rush Salvatore interest free but I would never do to a friend. Get some holy each. You know when he got to be somebody like a Russell Salvatore. You got more comfortable beaches around you and anybody with tons of money I mean you really have to look out for the lead shoes oh. I would definitely Charlie -- Pucillo absolutely guilty but he's not a personal friend of the -- that it that it. Anyway I don't know why am -- But I am I guess I'm I -- a little bit frustrated and I guess I'm somewhat amused by the growing soap opera. That is Albany and that is Hamburg. And said he beach this morning that a great show on Hamburg and the situation with the scoreboard out there which is absolutely. Totally 100%. Dysfunctional. And I have also tell you that. I have to be really careful about what I tell you and what I say because I haven't told certain things and confident that I will not say in public because I've been told in confidence so I'm gonna have to dummy up on a few things so please understand -- I'm not gonna clam -- an expert on the other hand I don't wanna say something that is gonna put anybody in jeopardy. So if you live in Hamburg. And you've been following the story of your scoreboard and now gender superintendent. Checking himself in at brylin. Could you please explain to me what in the hell is going on in Hamburg. What is going in your hand work schools I'd really really really would like to now. Now as far as Jenner is concern. And this is all I'm gonna say -- about about Jenner. The moment he entered brylin. My comments on Jenner his behavior or his health come to an end. Because at this point. -- situation in my opinion is a personal medical issue. And unlike the Buffalo News. It will not go down that road I'm not going to report. Or talk about. That situation other than to acknowledge it. And the only thing I'm gonna see about Jenner and brylin is simply. I wish him the very best. With whatever is going through health wise. I wish him nothing but success in his recovery. It's not a punch line to a joke to me it's not a question calling somebody a whack job I'm not doing net I'm not going down that road. It is a personal medical situation. The man has children he's he's a father he's a husband and you know a lot. My line gets drawn. When somebody's got a personal medical issue like that don't wanna. So bad part of the story I'm not going to dwell on other than to acknowledge it and say nothing but that I wish him the best. And -- for those of you who are familiar with the show you also might remember I said the same thing about the mayor of Toronto mayor Ford. Everybody else even so called compassionate liberals -- compassionate progressives. You know mayor mayor Ford the punchline to jokes because of his alcoholism. His drug situation. And I think I must have been the only person in the media who didn't view it as something that was funny. I did -- -- it is something that ought to be made fun I viewed it as a personal health situation. I told you guys up front amok and make jokes like that. I am not going down -- wrote. Because how how would you feel. If you had a loved one who had a chemical issue. A drug addiction alcoholism whatever. And was being publicly ridiculed for a disease such as possible mental analyst how would you feel about it probably pretty lousy right. You probably feel as though it was pretty unfair that that's a personal medical situation. So I think I've got a pretty consistent track record. At least in the past several years. And I can think -- -- certain TV personality I'd defended when nobody else would defend him. I can think of a lot of people I've defended when nobody else would defend them. Because. I just felt it was the right thing to do. So again not to belabor the point that I said it would not dwell upon but the part of the story. That starts when Jenner goes to brylin yesterday is not fair game on the show. Anna -- and entertain calls -- I don't wanna talk about it. That is his personal medical business is between him it between his doctors is between his family I wish him nothing but the best. The incidents that led up to the circus of yesterday. Where mister Jenner drove to the police station to basically say. Well he filed false police reports now that is. Obviously a matter of public record and that is obviously a matter of public concern. And if you -- and Hamburg. I'm trying to figure out. How you're gonna explain to somebody who does not live an amber and it does not routinely follow they have -- schools. Exactly what is going when it started and whether or not you trust your kids in the Hamburg schools. It does go to show though that there is more than one this functional school -- in Western New York. For a long time we talked about the buffalo board of education for the reformers. Actually took over they got the leading and on the buffalo board of education. But you have three ring circus is in suburbia as well. And especially if you lived in Hamburg for a long time. I wanna know. Wanna know when the soap opera started more importantly I wanna know if it's a major part of your life. More importantly I want to know whether or not you think your kids are gonna suffer. Because of the actions the misdeeds. The infighting bickering and backstabbing the viper like behavior on the -- board of education. Frankly these people they picked the wrong field they should be in radio. Because don't a seriously if you -- BA backstabbing viper. Actually vipers don't even stab in the back they just attacked from around if you wanna be a stabbing. Billion us bottle fighting bickering and immature individual why were you should've. In education. Where we -- expecting more tempered and reasonable. And shall we say. Intelligent approach to issues and adults working together. Sell up up put us all of the picture if you were in the Hamburg situation. And again folks I. -- there's only so much I can say personally. About the news. Because I do not want to violate any confidences. I don't wanna give them -- things have been told to me in confidence. So I intentionally and dumbing up a little bit on this issue I gotta be honest with you. But if this is a big deal to you. And I think any time you've got a case were a superintendent. Admits that basically he was make up a whole bunch of stuff as far as being persecuted. And then the events of yesterday I think that is kind of a big deal and even the -- meeting yesterday. And and folks of life by an absolutely preposterous about this story you'll thick. Bet it should have been a wake up call to the board members and amber to get their acts together. At the start acting like grown ups every one of them. But even yesterday the board meeting got so contentious. And sell argumentative that they had to call -- cops. He's better. The option of the rest of them offer disturbing the peace. That's what it would have done on Adam 12 -- away. But then again Jack Webb is no longer women's. 8030930. Is the -- on number 8030930. Starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB CNN. -- schools the board of education has been described as a three ring circus. He's been described as dysfunctional has been described as a bunch of adults behaving badly. And this is a suburban district. So yes at this functionality you can exist not only in an urban school district like buffalo but also when a suburban district like Hamburg -- I've never lived in Hamburg. I know people who have lived in Hamburg I know people who still live in Hamburg. And mr. -- -- by the way -- business dealings with him in the past. I like him quite a bit. To be honest with you I do a good guy. But. What the hell's gonna explain this to people. How did things get so ought to control and Hamburg. We're even on a day when people should realize how out of control things were. And tried to patch things up let cops end up being called in. Frankly it boggles the mind. It really -- This is the kind of behavior I would expect from holly and this is the kind of behavior expected talk radio. But it's happening in Hamburg. I don't know why the taxpayers of ever put up with -- I don't know how active the parents are in Hamburg in the elections with their kids' education. And ultimately I don't care where your kids go to school ever Williams -- Easter or -- time wherever. What you want as a parent out of your school. Is your kid to be educated. Your kid to lower. Your kid to have a foundation of knowledge upon which he or she can grow into it functioning adult. Sadly no matter what school district your -- attends for how long -- Howell. Contemptuously. Or non contentious league -- it happens to be. Schools only scratch the surface of imparting knowledge. And we are greatly lacking in this country and we talked about this before. And I know that some of you who have been very active in the anti common court movement. Have pointed this out over and over again that education has become indoctrination. That education has become a -- objective instead of subject. Made when you've got two plus two is five and that's okay. There's something fundamentally flawed. And from work I come from. And we have talked about this before. The biggest single favor your schools can do for your -- Is to give your kids the background. Give your kids the basics. But more importantly. To teach your children how to think critically. How to analyze data. How to compare current data. With similar situations in the past in order to reach logical conclusions that makes cents. Today that's what education is all about using every last bit of bad. Analyzing. Using precedents. Going back in the history fighting come comparable situations. And then coming to a decent conclusion with the information ahead. And if you can graduate from high school with eight basic ability to think critically I think -- education has been a success. And I think your kids' education has been a success. So. Is this story the biggest story. Or is -- the fact that we have a criminal. Who is in charge in New York State is -- Andrew Cuomo. And I wanna get into this today and I'll I'll stick with that if you guys have an interest in it and if not -- -- Because. My job is to entertain. Inform. And to get at the what you guys wanna get into. What's worse what's going on in Hamburg or what's going on. With the criminal governor Andrew Cuomo if you don't know what I mean what I say criminal governor. Here it is in a nutshell. You have a commission to investigate corruption. The commission starts getting really really close to your guys you then tell the commission to back off. That is Chicago style forget politics. And tragically Albany style thug politics for those who think Chicago some kind of -- racial reference which it really is not. -- Good field. -- -- -- No I don't. Winning don't. -- little hot stuff that he. The fact. It's our country music doing it. And it's our primary it's at 334 Israel at thirty WB Ian sorry Joseph I -- I gotta get back to the shell. I'd listen to this on all live like but I can't. UK you could do country -- say did you do that on next if you want or -- place on my game music if you want. Gary and that since beating happy. It is you that was going -- repaired to -- no I didn't -- Freddie Mercury dammit you know happy and uplifting like Jeff. -- Way. So what's worse. What's happening in Hamburg or what's happening with governor criminal or ball in New York State. And the long -- short of it is folks and by the way this is the New York Times. This is not Sean Hannity it's not Michael Savage it's not Rush Limbaugh it's not -- -- I'm sure he does not exist for me anymore I'm sorry forget that there is no such person. Now you you do not bring meals and soccer balls to people try to destroy your country and call yourself a patriot I agree with Michael Savage he is a charlatan. But I digress. The deal with. The deal with Andrew Cuomo is. We have this commission okay. And it was supposed to investigate ethics in new York state of the big question is where does 15 ethnics in New York State government. You have to lift open you've left a lot of rocks the -- any Trace of any. Epics in Albany. Sorry but I know what I speak. Cuomo's office this is the New York Times folks and to made this ought to be the headline story in today's local rag. But. Let's put it this way they gave me in January more front page coverage that are giving all all right now. Which I find loads them and disgusting but he left last. Cuomo's office hobbled ethics inquiries by Moreland -- commission and again folks this is not Rupert Murdoch. This is not Karl roll. Who might that test so the FaceBook actually said -- Richard Daley talking imports from Karl Rove. I think the myself have you ever listened to my show you asked. I can't stand Carl -- I've mocked Carl -- For his poor performance. On election -- 2012. Anyway. Cuomo. Is with Albany. This is story written in the New York Times by Suzanne Craig William rash -- and Thomas Kaplan. With Albany rocked by a seemingly endless barrage of scandals and arrests. Governor -- almost set up -- high powered commission last summer to root out corruption in state politics. Crude it was barely two months old when it's investigators. Who were hunting for violations of campaign finance laws issued a subpoena. To a media buying firm. That had placed. Millions of dollars worth of ads for the New York State Democrat party. The and that is the investigators did not realize that the firm called buying time also -- -- woke up. Among its clients. Why -- that these subpoena had been served. On the company called buying time which had bought time for Cuomo quickly reached Cuomo is. Head man. Lawrence Schwartz. He called one of the commission's three coach years the DA in Syracuse William Fitzpatrick. And according to the New York Times. Went all ball is Koppel found out the race appears to have been served on buying time. Schwartz. Almost -- said this is wrong. This is wrong pull it back. Cuomo appoint a commission to look into or corruption. Or commission goes rogue. Some people might -- or call it something akin to a runaway jury. The commission starts poking at a Cuomo. Almost top guys says bullet that all left a subpoena. And the account. By the DA in Syracuse built -- Patrick it's not just him saying it's corroborated by others. Andrew Cuomo should resign. We need a special prosecutor in New York State to investigate this. This is absolutely. Wrong folks this is an outrage. It is. Frankly this is the kind of stuff if you were watching a documentary about -- Paul and frank nitty. And William Thompson it Chicago back in the prohibition era you'd say all right things were really -- up back then weren't that. This is the same kind of smelly sleaze ball politics except not happening in some black and white documentary on the History Channel wait I'm sorry the History Channel doesn't look at street anymore they're too busy showing -- pawnshops. Provide. What -- channel not actually show's history documentaries. You would say I think we're pretty bad back then worked there. Folks this is as sleazy as it gets off on news editorial calling for Cuomo ought to be investigated by special prosecutor. You'll see one William. Because the Buffalo News gets on its knees for Cuomo. As do most other media outlets in New York State because there on the same team. And that I fighters to be absolutely outrageous. There's much much more to this article. I cannot read the entire thing because that worth a crap idea but. -- work it's really. Criminal. When Cuomo's top aide found out. That the -- commission investigating corruption was getting too close to Andy Cuomo. Cuomo's top -- up all of his Koppel just the (%expletive) them off. Went almost top aide found out. That the commission was had served a subpoena. On almost media buying company. Cuomo's aide told the commission. To pull it back and the subpoena was swiftly withdrawn just like that. Just like that. My goodness. They pulled back subpoena. Was the most flagrant example of how the commission. As that was with great ceremony by the criminal fraud Andrew Cuomo in July of last year was hobbled. Almost from the beginning by demands from the governor's office in other words folks the governor appointed a commission to investigate the mission of the other guys. Corruption of the other guys. -- He needs to resign. This what is happening here is ethical violations out of the gas. And who is gonna stand up in the media and demand a special prosecutor. And almost resignation I am. This is folks. This is exactly the kind of stuff I would have expected in Cicero Illinois. Or Chicago. We Johnny Tori oh do you feel OK and -- appalled Fred -- those guys and it's happening right now in our times in Albany. Well -- you just don't like Cuomo because -- and whites say folks if this were a Republican. Do you really think that I'd say it's all right. Minute ago it's not a big deal now. Now because of as I've said this repeatedly. I have many human failings. On a personal level. When it comes to. Professional ethics and principles. I am 100%. Rock solid you will not find a more principled person anywhere. Then -- when it comes to this kind of stuff that you're talking about a public trust year. Are right what what Eliot Spitzer did was nothing compared to what Cuomo did. Eliot Spitzer bag and supports. Now that was bad because he was mr. I go after criminals and he too was criminal. Use a job. Now. That is a personal matter. More than it is a public matter but it did cost Eliot Spitzer his job as governor. Not that I think that was a great loss by the way. But in terms of what I consider to be important stuff. Paying somebody to have consensual sex. Is not a big deal I think it'll be legal anyway. But pulling back a corruption investigation. When it gets close to you. And establishing a commission to look into corruption. And then telling the commission not back off when it gets close to you. Is outright criminal. But here's the problem folks who in the hell is gonna investigate Andrew Cuomo. You think our state attorney general is. I have news for much vitamin is to the left of Barack Obama. He's the state attorney general. He is to the left a Barack Obama. He's more like the mayor of New York the blogs ago. He's not gonna be a special prosecutor against Andy Cuomo. Still want to turn the federal government yeah Barack Obama. Eric Holder. Like -- got to make sure that we get special prosecutors to look at the fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo. In case you haven't figured it out yet folks are two rules in this world one for liberal. One for progressives. And another for conservatives or Tea Party people. And Republicans. And I will again state I'm not a Republican and I load the Republican establishment and they're no different and no better than the Democrat establishment and I call them out equally. You can never ever say that I am a unit brow when it comes to my political arrows they go and all directions. Corruption is corruption is corruption and this is an outrage. Let's go to. Done in -- on WB yen Don welcome to a state that is run by a criminal -- Andrew Cuomo Europe. I don't. I -- -- a little fired up. The thing I hear I hear your -- but the bottom line is it's never gonna change its never gonna change its government collapses. From from washing into New York to California. The whole country like that. -- -- -- -- I commute one deleted by. He got a lot more in Albany to do and it and nobody is out in all these these domicile in the week of the -- No he's not is the thing is get general Cuomo. Seat I got into this earlier in the week ever Cuomo. Even personally likable Bill Clinton has a charm. You know what -- For as much like how did they go -- -- go back and forth I mean I don't say anything bad about -- don't work like on different sides of the fence politically for the most part. But he's likable -- I can actually say he's a likable guy. There is nothing like a bullet -- -- -- all nothing. He's pugnacious he's obnoxious he's an irritant he's like a stone at your shoe and stated in your -- Questionable because debt is what government issued the power he she -- Electable nobody McCutcheon is my conviction are. Shut down in your -- -- -- -- annually if not in Iraq after fighting -- edit beating Andy you'll get on the democratic state. And I can you ever write your food is you're pretty well. -- But don't forget Eliot Spitzer was a Democrat. That he had to step down because he paid for consensual sex which I think gonna be legal anyway it's a business deal. He did that all you see it read I got it all secret that you have to regarding. Right and I understand debt I understand that but in the scheme of human values public corruption. With the public trust is a far more onerous dastardly thing. Then bang in a war. Ice ice it and it -- saint -- came over in the country. -- -- for the government it's comment on its common. -- like an idiot comment because people are not in it anymore well. The Fy -- you'll let me interpret in our secure borders aren't blocking you why -- I see you're. Legal regular listener to my showed up. I get it there thank you -- it will hold a -- I would never thought that probably don't like it but what we can just. They act that -- eyebrows went up I the last two years. I cannot believe what is going on in this country. Okay let me share something with you I have often said. If you ever stuck in maroon and Gilligan's Island. There are only two books you need to contain all the wisdom you'll ever need in your life the first of which is the holy Bible the second of which is the complete works of William Shakespeare. And there's a great biblical line from -- -- please. There is nothing new under the sun so the answer to your question is yes it has always been. Like -- It does feel like report on -- -- players lately from the bottom illustration -- -- in New York it's like why why not why go to work why. It's like the lack you'd be wanna control what you all want control. Did -- say we're gonna control. Dot I don't work because I was -- recall and actually. -- I gotta go but you know were on were on the same page and I don't care if you're Democrat or liberal I can you know what I can reason Democrats and liberals -- We can reason together have a conservative area and we can find common ground I cannot find common ground with regressive Cuomo is a regressive I'm glad you called thank you so much. -- vox pop he alive or by a fraud and -- You're voice of the people there watching you I know I think in the long shot but you use your beer -- -- it. Break the Beckett -- politician. In Albany and to call if we can do it. IAI. I I thank you I thank you very much and all you're all the tell -- is. Whatever power I have. Whatever ability I have. If I can't use for good it is of no use to me. And I mean. I told you guys not that long ago. That I -- very good reason to believe there going to be some very very big things happening involving me. When those things happen. That I cannot discuss the right now. When those things happened. Whatever benefits -- Toomey will be used for good. And not for selfish or nefarious purposes. I'm very very big. You don't three elementary. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM. And act you'll hear for the rest of today being what it is a cool night. Paul Davis actually -- a song cool night. -- -- went a star studded sky. I love it when the weather guys wax poetic star studded sky. Go to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free silhouetted by the C. It's little Bob Dylan for your classic American poetry are -- overnight -- Sleeping weather but fifty degrees tomorrow sunny in my 77 right now what is it Joey. It's 69. -- news radio 930 WBP and the don't worry about me folks I have the mentality of the typical twelve year old. And it's always bad I have to tell you let's go to Suzanne end -- fell. On led the governor's ball ball the arch criminal of Albany who. Did one of the most corrupt things a politician can do start up big investigation into criminality in Albany and then call off the dogs when the investigators went rogue went run away and started -- into close to Cuomo the ultimate criminal Suzanne you're on -- Susan or Suzanne. -- -- This is bizarre. You you can hear her right well let's put our whole maybe she maybe she's baking cookies. Cookies. -- we're coming up at 355 at news radio 930 WB and if you're just joining us. All I am doing a couple of shows what's worse what's happening in Hamburg with the schools. And I do wish mister Jenner the best health wise. All wanna talk about as far as that is concerned. To private matter at this point his help. Also. What's worse the -- virtual situation at all of the kindergarten like drama. Actually no more like high school like drama. Or with the fact we have a criminal governor in New York State. Who needs a special prosecutor. To root out what are corrupt bastard he has but it's never gonna happen. 803 -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB --

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