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7-24 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cornerback who is Beijing company we're live at Georgetown Toyota or outside under the white and beautiful that little -- ago and got to button things down here but it's -- it's a great data gone check of the Toyota -- the most likens -- -- in the the use cars they have a great selection of just about anything you want and also Olson's pastry. Pictures are now on line at our FaceBook page. Most of the goodies and hear from -- and also. We have Leo -- stable over they're given a shot as well. I am trying to read the of the contract. Of these superintendent of schools and I still have not seen any moral turpitude clause and now obviously I'm under a little bit of strain here while trying to -- the same time. But I have not seen a moral turpitude clause and that's not specific. More room for termination. Justification. Usually a sport cause. They have a cause action here which has several things. But there's -- first applaud the kind of interest in contract it's and I it's a five year deal but he can resign after nine with a ninety day. Advance notice ninety days -- this five years. And that is -- yearly. Exam my health exam is a physical exam. Got nothing to do -- anything else on wheels on the people looking to see if there's anything in there that would allow the board. Tuesday we're going to use this contract through discharge you. But I'm thinking. Under most circumstances I think a false police report especially if he's charged -- that prosecuted and found guilty of that. Would be enough but we'll -- and we'll say 803930106169236. 930. Let's go to bed and -- things at your on WB yen. Anything that might call this they I'm part of a community group that was started. Mostly by a ND ED over a year ago. To try and straighten out the board and down. Our groups certainly supported doctor getter. We believe we were blank -- that. And you know what we what we expect for the whole time in the district and more importantly the kids in the district. So anything that goes against educator to that a district director. You know supporting at a state school environment for our kids. We desperately need to step down if they're not -- net. And that's who we try to do with the board certainly. I'm part of the reason and -- -- that belt. I'd I -- -- get out and he's helped out immensely. And you know certainly barely missed -- crew -- her daughter -- You know we've been I believe I personally. They're out to -- -- sister. Well and. They won't stop until they deal. And what do you think they wanna do you say destroy the district what what what do you think if you had to I -- they're. There are -- they know what they what do they wanna go. But it started off with a very. Reply in it in there this story. Read this during November back in November that stand her back and verbal Brian wrote. The kind of laid out everything. All the players are and why wider and -- And down if you read that story you'll see it all there were very personal agenda. To restore people's jobs have been fired from the district. And you know very personal things that they were after and you know indeed he was very aware of this than -- -- -- down but -- -- Greatly missed knowing that district. But in all of Hamburg. And out she was very aware what's going it got me involved guys upon a group -- can -- and we sat out just trying to expose. You know of their personal agenda and everything. You know they've been trying to do. You know the president -- And. You know unfortunately. Back together. Crowd the line. Now you say the first draw initially you supported him and of course there's no way to know something something like this if there is no indication of -- in the past. And and and now you say has crossed the line so I would a solo home. I know what words in your mouth but -- barring some on forcing circumstances you don't think it would be wise for him to continue. -- my hope is that he resign okay thanks for that he doesn't drag it through legal issues and our our resources are tax. We don't have any more at least surface for legal issues and fighting contracts. You know he really needs to -- -- community that all along he was. On the right side. And that we present it is good and just resign and make this go away. Well that might be something that you and he. Bigger rivals whatever might agree upon I can't see anybody standing up and saying. Yeah he should stay there because especially -- education I mean part of education is is character building and it's hard to do that with children when the superintendent is while filing false police reports. That's exactly right then let's put this post credit -- from the beginning there where the board members are acting. And it is mainly right now to board members were having a problem -- Is Imus for quick -- and it's really even think that they're not giving it a good example for children. You know there's just certain if you have enjoyed it's done there's a certain way about it and professional. Manner and we're not seeing that end -- -- -- -- to see. However still early you know whether it's of a family and a husband and wife disagreeing or whether it's the school board and the superintendent disagreeing. I mean kids look up to unity and if if there's about unity gives them a reason not to believe in what's what's going on and you -- wanna give them a reason. That's exactly right -- effect so you know it's there's waves that adult. Can disagree and have you know cordial discord as they disagree and get things done. And you know it's just not happening on -- school work. Well I'm sorry to hear that I hope things work now because as I said -- it's always been very well regarded and we like to see if they continue that way thank you appreciate your call. It's it's just amazing to me if this sounds like a soap opera. Magnified. I mean there's so many players and so many aspects of this. I mean I knew there was some problems down there is some disagreements you have any idea this openness and no not a clue I don't hear much out of Hamburg outside of sports so this is completely. Blind sided me. Well you you do know I mean you've got their children to one is just turned seven. And no one is like one a little bit over one but education's important obviously to you into other. Other people especially with kids in that district. And these kinds of things are very detrimental to education. You're supposed to have somebody look up to somebody. That over points in the right direction and when they're fighting. You're kind of like on your own. It just seems like it's a free for all within the town yet. You know half everybody has their their groups there's supporters -- -- battling that why don't we got to do what's best for. For this neighborhood here nevermind that neighborhood over on that side it's almost like it's like WW. ZF whatever call themselves now wrestling tournament yet nobody misses it's -- man. Yeah exactly that's always missing get Linda McMahon she lost. Again or on the school that's a but it's not funny it's a serious issue and of the more splintered it gets the worse it gets pressured him urged not alone by the way I'm sure there -- other towns that are just like it. What if you look like that -- now though we're hearing about hammered it in my and we kept close. On the buffalo school system. That was mainly about ineptitude. And we had -- sides basically and they were split a racially. And and their mental ones well another black and -- in a -- the lines were pretty distinct. On this business so many splinters you don't know -- playing -- Just amazing to me. -- to -- it what you will return if you like to comment on whether the the doctor doctor Richard Jenner. I should get his job back when he gets -- -- -- -- or not yes or no it Austria and I'm 3018061692. Through six are 930 in his speech in company. We should always abide against them Olson's agrees even if you're coming into our northbound Toyota Volkswagen signed on for service or anything else. Wander over here where as you look at the building. From the front -- on the left hand side. The big white -- you'll see a smaller room. -- intercom tent where they have games and prizes and whatever. And a table with -- -- and pastries on it for your enjoyment so as I said when you're coming in for service or just a technique and see what's on the lot of insurance -- And and get the ease so to speak. All right let's just a couple of FaceBook report about chemicals Chris give me a couple of -- things ways. This is from Jean she says the Hamburg school district is becoming embarrassing Jenner has to go on the board is a mess they need to stop fighting and do their jobs. You know it's it's funny because we had a lot of the players call in today and it seems like it's very fractured. This isn't something that's jobs into it looks like his job than many of. And actions. And so the guys -- -- makes it tougher to get together but they really do have to get their act together and I think it should start with the -- saying. Where we hope you would take care of yourself we will issue a happy future but doctor Jenner. We are terminating your employment because there's no way. You can do what he did and keep your job I mean not that job you just can't do it let's go to a marine. -- your and mostly got to click on him OK there it is -- here on WBN. Current thinking how are you today. I'm good -- I'm bored or it was your thoughts to what's going on. Yes well I'm actually hampered schoolteacher. And had imposed the thirty year now that I've been with hampered. And could be totally out of the -- -- never seen anything like that in my thirty year. The pants I pay at least five years. Yeah if it's beyond embarrassing. But I he kidnapped and I would like that community can now that it is the teachers and the support yes. They continue to push hard every day because we now it is the kids that are important to the end of the day. And we have not -- -- added features. And no matter if we have leadership or not we have continued. To come together. It is support our kids and families. And you know I really think it's it's important to -- there really brought up an ounce can that. And now we care about the -- Boy you know if you think about it you are the last line of credibility. With the kids and other words. What's going on at these school board they're probably not that aware of where you are. What's going on with the superintendent they may not be that awareness that your their parents argue about a where you are. But they believe in you so if you can hold that line while things get straightened out. At the other levels of education. You're doing a great job and to be commended for. Well thank you candy and and you know just being able to be I'm an -- they -- -- into -- pick -- -- that we will continue. We have not had leadership over five years. And we we are still in the -- Kent and Western New York according to business first ranking is that this this year. And our counterpart then yeah I would much better leadership cannot -- back. Oh I just want to commend my colleague and the support staff because we will continue to be pat cash. Well I'm glad to hear that as I said earlier in the show my daughter graduated from Hamburg I -- I was always proud of that I wanna stay. Proud of the reputation they have to keep up the go to work their -- thank you ain't cute how much are okay well my yeah that is a very difficult. I mean if if they if you don't have I had it's true or not and just an education. I cannot put that off Tony there goes. Good -- for some reason gloves that supply minimize server is down there we go. Hello there mr. engineer we gonna get my -- -- He's got he's he's looking at the beautiful young women here and not me. Hello mr. engineer OK I can get his attention well anyway you can punch it up from there are performing all right Tony. What what we go back to the calls god if if you don't have belief. In your management team. Then it's awfully hard to run it run it without them. Because the -- they kind of set the direction. They set the direction of what you're gonna do. And as you can you can hold the line like the teachers would the kids. Coming contact with just the teachers they don't know about the school board probably. They probably don't know about the superintendent although that's been in the Rayburn. -- maybe their parents or other relatives say hearing about it but they don't believe in the teachers as these are the ones that have contact -- them every single day. So if they hold the line that's a good thing and sometimes you have to work. A little bit harder because those leading you are not not doing their job they should be doing Chris got a couple more on FaceBook ways that you would. This is from Ronnie says they at a rally for Jenner after the incident and he set up there and said he wouldn't be intimidated and he let people cheer for we scored a showman. Now I don't want to get his job back not only that. I want his credentials yanked by the state Education Department. Oh you know why you're staying. Because in this contract. Obviously it would be a part of any contract that required it. If the day if he does not have his credentials. Then he can't he can't work. So the -- contract will be Null and void. IE I don't know which page I read -- -- but that that would be standard obviously if you do lose your license to do what you're supposed to be doing. Then you're not qualified anymore to do it make him they can relieve -- of duty but that is in there -- so that's another aspect of it. I'm thinking most of the people would call today would just like him to quit. They don't want a long contract dispute he makes a 164000. A year that's his salary. He's got a five year deal. From what I've managed to ascertain their trying to read it in between calls and things like that -- your beyond ninety day out for him. He can give a ninety day. Resignation. And -- in ninety days. Dubai Dubai there would be nice if we just. Left period and and get started but it's important to that even after believes that there be some harmony somewhat. On the school or because -- gonna have -- chosen successor whether it's the interim superintendent now or somebody else they're still gonna have to work on man get that done. And Tryon heal the wounds but I'm saying. When you always start filing false police reports. And lying to the media. About who did what and showing them notes -- vulgarity in it that you wrote. It's that time I hang up your credentials and walk away into the sunset will be back we'll -- another half -- we're live at -- -- Toyota Volkswagen -- come announcing it. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Now we're back live picture company amphetamines were alive at north town Toyota Volkswagen side on if you wanna see what we pacer looks like the -- -- our FaceBook page. Because there's very a picture of the of the table into Tony has posted back in the studio. On the on the sandy beach FaceBook page. And we're here to talk about the superintendent of schools of Hamburg it seems like it's a soap opera beyond belief down there. And I have found this action in the contract that found that does have the moral turpitude clause here's the deal. Most contact most contracts that I read all the broadcast every broadcast contract and I've ever read has what's called a moral turpitude clause so. That if you do things that are no -- regarding morality. Then you're out it's -- done it's it's as simple as that. Now I do have -- superintendent. Richard. Genders contract in my hand and thanks to the person they gave it to me. And in in this contract on section eighteen part C. Discharge for cause. It is usually. There's usually two ways you can go while firing somebody. And so the ability or cause I'm suitability is a simple thing it's okay. It's just I'm suitability and you get -- paid off of that they've they've by your country itself of that. Cause is a different story now caused means we have just cause to let you go and I've never seen a contract that you get paid for cause it doesn't happen it doesn't work that way so. Here. Section eighteen parts -- discharge for cause. The board should be entitled to discharge is superintendent for cause following a hearing which is right. For purposes of this article an agreement cause or constitute conduct. Billboard deems prejudicial. Or otherwise inappropriate. For the district. Now the only way that anybody would say that it's appropriate for the -- district is that a judge my -- -- that's too broad. But he signed on to this and left it up to the board to decide what's inappropriate but I think I had a good case can be made filing a false police. -- complaint. -- because. Maybe when we don't know this yet what he did with the insurance company if he did anything with the insurance company. And falsified that that -- because true. And the other things kind of implicating. By inference. Other members of the community -- -- or whatever. By lying about the note and the damage to his car and all that that's totally inappropriate. So I think you could easily argue that it would fit that. And it's also including but not limited to. The neglect of the superintendent. Of his duties and responsibilities while we don't know if he did that. Incompetence. -- that would have to be proven and subordination. Means that he enjoyed the moment though you don't take take -- side. The inefficiency. And here's the last one the commission of immoral acts. Now usually -- talking about morality we're talking about sexual. Subjects. But I think it would it could be considered a moral. Dubai -- it is implies. That some other people responsible for this thing that you made up. That there was damage to your car that there was a note they called you -- expletive sleaze bag. I think that that would be considered maybe not illegal but immoral. So I think that's always the go to the commission of immoral acts for sure and other and otherwise inappropriate. For the district. Now that's a catch all and maybe to a broad but I'm not a judge and I'm not a lawyer but I think that. Common sense would say that one of those two if not both of them would apply and if they apply then he's he doesn't get a pay out. And I see no reason that he should get a -- out with this kind of behavior I think it's. I think you would prove -- damage to the district. And trying to do for future hires all kinds of things we have -- something like this. And if it and if it goes by unattended if they just pay him off that's that's that's a really. Bad example as far as I'm concerned now let's get back to Osama via FaceBook of those things -- Chris what it got there. This is from Carmen she says he should be removed because of his faults were guarding his vehicle and he also -- about other things and you as a resource is a taxpayer expense he needs to be fire without compensation. Well I agree and I think that would be under the cause that I just read that clause there. Yeah absolutely and and you talk about demoralizing. A district being demoralize you just heard a couple of calls -- -- teacher. Who says we're holding the line we're doing the best we can we're there for the kids. And the rest of the stuff is not only a distraction about a disgraced. But we are still doing our jobs and that's -- so important. Because the others that. The kids the kids are in contact with the teachers that it that's the line right there. They don't meet with the school board and they certainly don't meet with the superintendent they -- with a teachers on a daily basis -- It's important they do their job despite. What's going on above them another one please this one come as. From a sandy. She says. There's obviously something wrong with Jenner I do -- gets help but I don't want every superintendent anymore. You have to consider the children in this case. Well yeah and keep in mind the children of investor -- he has three children -- I don't know what age there but he does every. He's only 39 so one would assume that they're fairly young children. I think the best thing for him is to go somewhere else and get a fresh start if -- and if we can if you were interviewing prospective superintendent he might have to go into a different job or summit. And in this part of the record would you -- I wouldn't. I absolutely wouldn't -- them a mistake this is a pattern. You know mistake that happens one night I had too much to drink I made a mistake and I did this -- this to happen -- -- it this but it only happened once. But this seems to be like a concerted effort. -- to mislead the -- supplied to point a finger at somebody who doesn't shouldn't have a finger pointed at them and to me that's a character issue. So if the police prosecute. Four -- wrote a you know. I'm giving them a false report that's one thing but this goes the character through. So I think it's coming in from both sides -- to one side and the legality on the other side. And you put them together and means unemployment for this will be back with more would be and company and his -- thirty WB and my big screen TV OK I have an eighty inch screen. I've had it for seventeen. Years. And never had one problem with it and the one before with the same date with the Mitsubishi and I had that -- like fourteen years without a problem with -- but now all of a sudden every once in awhile just for fun it shuts itself off. War it'll leave the audio on in the picture it disappears as public as I think if I'm through that occur. The only problem in -- -- -- going to be more overall -- did hear about a 100 inch TV or something like that yeah those are usually projection TVs that though like like you see in the theater. The of the plants greens don't -- that -- but there you know you've you've seen those kind of things where they. Usually hanging down from the ceiling or -- in -- video like little table monolith on the floor of the projects. Those are the hundred inch prints although they have this a -- thing. With the gulf -- payers something. The picture quality is on parole favorable except that there's not much more than you might be sitting -- -- that beautiful screen. It is bill bill upgrade the content to try and make it a simulated board today but it's not legitimate. But there's a lot of the content and so because as content as you can tell there's not a lot of confidence. In a story that has them. And they'll have other things to -- -- 100 screens. Nine -- nine of them will be set on one channel. And one of them will be on a different channels that -- afford -- because they only have like -- life. Examples -- to play through it there are that was shot but that. But it it's remarkable it actually looks. -- war. Life like then life walks I mean as I've ever seen that kind of resolution I don't know but pixels are but they have via astronomical no I haven't I'm still stuck on -- you re the ones -- used to live yeah. Apparently. Because I'm not getting there -- are right chorus we have a FaceBook. And we have some more -- is why don't you give me a couple. All right this is for -- bat she says the -- -- -- -- the this -- interest because I can't hear anybody and nobody apparently can hear me. And so I would its -- that I should just keep fighting until noon. Which is what -- do -- and you'll -- you'll say is -- beach demo of payments because. I can talk until -- without having anybody to -- to what we're talking about is the him. Superintendent of schools of Hamburg. Yeah and I his name is Richard and she ever jam her GAT TR a from knowing when it's very hard for me not to put that intrusive are in there. And he is and brought in now and he's in for a reason he checked himself in. And the reason he checked himself and is he had to complain and he admitted. That the notes that he quoted. That -- that he quoted calling him a an expletive. Dirt -- something like that. With made up by him. The the damage to his car that he claimed was and was by vandals after school board meeting. Was also. -- doing. He admitted to both of those that he checked in the -- -- Because there was a turning into a circus and he had to admit that he was responsible for it was like a movie -- -- -- -- a movie. You probably wouldn't even though it. There's it is I've not seen any precedence. I've not seen any precedent like that we'll just keep going until on the on the will be -- And so. It's it's something like -- Hollywood script that's just the way it works so he admitted he made up the note. He made up the back in his car was vandalized because the question was was it really in an accident like the day before. And what we first heard about this we had to wonder. Why would a guy who makes in this case a 164000. Dollars a year just not report an accident with a telephone pole. Who is insurance company. Okay you might have to -- little higher premium or -- amendments that right but that's that's the way it should go. -- -- -- supplies the the that no. And to falsify the damage as being analyst of vandalism. A vandalism instead of what it was self induced. Is wrong and he also said that his rental truck with now we don't know if he's admitted to that yet -- our news department say that. The -- on a police have not gotten any indication. That that was self induced and they have nothing to investigate right now what one would -- That is a pretty good she dance that if he did it to his own car he might have done it at least might have done it through the truck he was for an. So while way -- that happened is that there's like a circus going on at the -- school board meetings anyway you got these various factions. War against each other and they got a superintendent normally and now we find out how to control. And so he's in. But as I as I went through his contractors is gone -- it was brought to me hand delivered. And I'm looking at section eighteen -- in the discharge for work cause which means if you get fired for cause you're not gonna go to Mayo okay. For purposes of this article agreement cause shall constitute conduct. The board deems prejudicial or otherwise inappropriate. Now in Korea is. That's an all encompassing word. But he signed his contract allowing them to make that decision -- what would be considered inappropriate. For the district. Including but not limited to neglect by the superintendent of his duties and responsibilities. Incompetence. In subordination inefficiency in the commission. Of immoral acts now one would usually when you're talking about immoral actions are homosexual acts but in this case I think some of the things that he did. A by his own admission could be considered immoral even if they weren't sexual in nature. So I think the board as. Has an obligation to investigate this and this is a taxpayer money by not paying now. Through this guy this guy when he gets we we hope he is a better. We hope whatever is being treated for a successful. But the bottom line is it's time to say goodbye. Knew him and this broadcast that about wraps up north down -- almost like it's. We'll see you tomorrow morning and galore and Mayweather is at the beginning of a show for mercy flight. And we hope you're doing -- newsreader and I'm thirty WB. Wish they never dreamed could be its.

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