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7-24 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with -- got -- image alive it -- on Toyota Volkswagen -- we've got goodies here we go Olson's come by and check that out. As you face the building of the north now I'm building. Oh we -- on the left hand side of that there's a big white and here. On one table we have pastries from Olson's under the table games things like that. And Tony I think we have ended the promotion director and -- always beautiful women that work and promotions. We see him in the hallway all the time there like goddesses right. Everything -- remote they give me guys not as Iran with guys in your woman but at all. If -- offended somebody had to have this -- take offense has them at least there. I can't figure it out I had I think Chris Schmidt may be Chris assaulted her and maybe that happened you know by is -- we've got prizes and -- -- it it was kind of like a fun thing. You dropped the ball at the top of the game as it goes down like. The different obstacles -- whatever drops and I guess surprised a lot of fun. Sort of Mumbai play the game gets and pastries check out the goodies here in north down Toyota meanwhile. He's an island right now I checked himself in -- Richard Jenner. I Jenner he is the superintendent at least now. Via virtual system. He's been placed on administrative leave. He now has admitted falsifying. The damage to his car. The note the -- who is a rental truck all alive all alive. And did it very publicly would have virtually all of the media in town and filed a false police report we were asking should get his job back. We like to think that people get treatment and they get their lives straightened out and then things work a form we hope that does. But I don't think you can come back as superintendent of schools. I mean it's it's. It's just not. Feasible. Like your opinions so far -- no one has said he short and we'll get your opinion it's up to -- school board records and his contract -- We're not what his contract says. If indeed he is charged with filing a false police report I think that moralists there's of the contract. It 030 Lan now 080309301061692. Through six and star and 930. Let us go to to hovered in Boston Robert Iran WB yen. All right I. I'm -- I guess I'm kind of into figured I'd personally don't think that it started here should I -- -- -- back. If you are admit to a growing up -- support. Which is. You know of which are -- it -- and quiet. Right kind of -- in -- turn company at some point and it and it and do an investigation and and you know that's possible insurance. That's a good point out we couldn't figure out why he would do that simply because that's why you have. Insurance is if you have an accident. But as as some people have commented earlier it's also painting the people who who differed with him with a brush of they could have been guilty of this. Oh most definitely most definitely I apathy that it kind of indicated that kind of recently. I don't know if -- -- accurate or not. That T -- district and its taxpayers. Paid for his rental truck. So yeah that would be another charge. You know. You keep the dollars could. You know if I if I get an accident might cut in my right employers expect patent rent -- our own rental vehicle he used. And and you know -- that wasn't enough we even. Made up but notes that watch your back you expletive sleaze bag. Now I'm in that that's beyond the pale it's it's one thing to say look what they did in my car but it's another to write an obscene note. To yourself I mean this bit and he obviously need some help and I hope we get the but he should not be going back to that job while. Oh yeah yeah there's no way you know I just want to attract and something I noticed it error every bit behind and -- our call and he made some comment about problem. You know anybody that really that the district and an -- negative light should it be and should step down or something a longhorn that. And you know a few years ago when it -- to trying to keep my information in my personal private information. And I didn't see him up the -- and going after Tom Willey who was part of that decision are prepared to part content part of that. Position and and when I act or an apology from book to which I have never repeat. Speaking my right my my personal viewpoint and writing and out and stuff like -- I don't recall and going after them and he's an act these amateur. So I think that she could be part of the problem when it comes to get back in the going. So it sounds like there's a lot going on or has gone on down there there we were not aware of unless you live in the district old familiar with -- -- it is let's hope it all gets straightened out. Being -- -- make the final decision regarding whether to retain him or not but 11 would guess. That they are probably won't -- thank you well we really appreciate your call Robert thank you for your point of view. Our Chris before I go back to the calls though we've got a good selection of FaceBook entries want to give me a couple. This front comes from Randy says he should lose his job relied of the public and I don't know I can trust him when you're running a school district you just can't have untrustworthy people in charge. Well that's true especially people who applied the police I mean it's one thing exaggerated a little bit. It's it's an -- to kind of paint a rosy picture where you think it's appropriate but once you get what you cross that line. And you go into this these are criminal acts that we're talking about okay. Desecration of property. Writing threatening notes. And you know how it's going to be received and you do it for that reason. You know that people -- -- in the in the past those of the first people that they police are probably gonna look at. The Republicans are going to thing did it. So this is just closed not -- case it was nasty. And that isn't the kind of behavior. And -- judgment you expect from a superintendent of schools that should be the -- steady hand and obviously not. And we're glad he checked into brier island we don't know what he's being treated more as as we said -- the good news. It's substance abuse or wrote a mental issue who's there's a variety of things Ryland there are great facility. And we hope he gets better but not as coming back from that. As -- being suspended with the administrative leave he should not go back to the job will be back with more in Austria and -- -- 1806169236. And start 930. It is -- company of sandy beach where -- knows that there has been a natural gas rough. Sure. The it's on Vulcan street. Between Ken Moore and -- Wanda. The oppose the fire. Is responding to that fire companies are responding to that. There have been some evacuations. It's right at the at the border down there so natural gas on Vulcan street natural gas rupture because of a construction crew. Ended this close between Ken Lawrence on -- them. If that few nations are taking place the fire departments are responding. And we will keep you informed as we have anything new fires already on the scene of the alert to that. We here at north on Toyota Volkswagen -- I'm talking about what's going on in Hamburg. Miller's support highway Sheridan between. Between -- and -- that's where we're located come on by. And they get some goodies from Olson's. Plays the most contest. Which we have a game table and lots of good cars a look at. And trucks. Yes as we said in Hamburg. The superintendent. Doctor Richard -- Made it all up he -- it even made a good -- which has a vulgarity in it do you believe that. Yeah a -- notes that watch your back you expletive sleaze bag. So not only did he fake the damage to his car saying it was from vandals. -- -- -- -- And then he also make the fact that his rental truck was a -- And the police got suspicious any checks himself -- -- and admits everything. And we were asking should he get his job back then and I'm thinking this is a no brainer and nobody has suggested he should I mean this the if this is. Not only broken the trust that smashed the trust and we'd like your opinion on let's go through. This would be blog next and what senator Bob you're on WB ENN. Basic good morning good morning glory halo one thing -- did what is true with that -- he knew joking but the columns. Pop up. Those self portrait taken over the pace of I told generous to -- before church and for over 25 years and let me tell you. This guy's got it on the on the ball predominately. Here's how it works this has been -- and you know what's going. He checked himself from the brightly and almost isn't dispensation. Yeah it's because people -- -- billions we give them leverage right thank you he can go in the UK it you can go to this guy because of an illness or sickness -- He basically -- we get fired. He could actually have a lawsuit against these people here -- if he gets fired because he says that it -- Well. What I have real quick to what I don't get is how does somebody from her wanna get it happening in the school system. Well that's a good question yeah I think it would be questionable if he could get off on this thing though I mean he'd have do you have to prove that he was suffering from this and he didn't know what he was still -- -- blob blob blob but I think you'd be hard pressed I I would assume especially with a false police report. And the extension of that through the media. I think there'd be enough people lined up to say no no he should not come back and and make it stick. I don't think I I don't think just checking in to brylin would be enough I think you know they have a history. That to an -- to the policing -- because. You guys to check to setup be real close to record it's a little bit but. The thing is that he's been a felony right now because she gave false and misleading information to police officer. In the line of questioning. During a criminal investigation. Point distorted you can really get current trouble for what you feel like you're getting -- -- and that the officer pulls up but you get BS story. They find out which it cut stricter ticketed jail that that way I don't understand in the. NN earlier caller brought up -- At an earlier caller mentioned could be insurance fraud to now we don't know if he if he submitted it to insurance because if he did he would have to add -- this story he was submitted as vandalism instead of an accident so if he is on record as submitting -- at all. Back to work against them through. And if -- Twitter page that say. It's. A throw exhibit are I mean if they're it was actually photographed with -- How low can you get him. The well I think I think he's he's done that he's on the bench from now on hey thank you Bob appreciate your call thank you very much. ACLU I you know yes and we asked about how summary from tunnel Wanda can. -- and amber yeah Ken Hamilton semi mass is -- central school districts cannot have. Residency requirements. OK and all that answers that we do know that. Residency has been an issue an education for a long time but -- so he's. I think if beat by old days they have insurance claim that will be one of the things of the police to -- by the way. He lied to the police is no question about that he's admitted that. And so went on a media blitz because every place I -- he was being quoted or being photographed her being recorded. As of this that we kind of all fell back reform. You know lawlessness in the Hamburg school system wide and we don't wanna hear about that certainly. So he he made it a bigger story than an evil was originally but we don't know. I'm sure we'll find out as to whether you actually filed an insurance claim if indeed the car was was damaged before. He claims that was vandalized. And he filed a claim it would be interesting to see what he filed it under was that vandalism. Or was that an accident. And so they're could be insurance fraud in there there's definitely falling a filing a false police -- and just checking into a psychiatric. Slash it's substance abuse facility doesn't. Is not a get out of jail free card there'd have to be. A -- concurrence of evidence that. That indeed he knew what he was doing and he purposely. Misled everybody. I another one from a -- weighs on our FaceBook page -- so it's their progress. This comes from Pamela she says I don't see why he can't keep his job everybody has lied every now and then and flying is the only reason you -- a firearm I don't think that's a very good reason. -- -- Actually both back -- up. I'll keep her last name it's quiet out Chris I want to read it to me again. And and and slowly so I can absorb this because that's the meat is. Fascinating okay go ahead. I don't see why he can't keep his job. Okay and everybody has lied every now and then -- poor and if lying is the only reason you want a firearm that I don't think it's a very good reason. Well well well how about lying to a policeman is that ever accepted how about lying through your constituency which would be the parents. And the children of Hamburg school district. Pop out insinuating. That somebody did this to you when you did it to yourself. And -- saying that you're on record as having some disagreements we have others. Whose names are pretty well known I would guess. That you're trying to frame them. How all I don't know insurance fraud. Just lying so you know we got there at that point. Where were willing to accept it I mean sure you didn't run over somebody would discard the best. I find that just amazing Tony you was blown away by -- like that is why am I can't stop laughing. At us. Well you know everybody lies so why not let's let's go -- it well maybe you know I had she not voted for Obama. She would have a different point of view I'm being snide and and this this isn't like you know no honey you don't look fat that too well now well not that this a better ball. I saw apparently public trust doesn't mean anything to that poster. Apparently drunk homeless doesn't mean anything either. So to add poster I'll say two things. Yes yes I will love you in the morning and the check is in the mail will take a break. I didn't wanna go growth -- we'll take a read we're back with more on news radio I'm thirty way RW EB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. And we have backward at the Beijing company were alive at north I'm Toyota VW and so on -- he has run that was -- highway between Sheridan and -- it's a big story you'll recognize that you -- here you probably bought cars here. I come on in we have -- pastries we have games and all kinds of prizes and lot of good cars and trucks for sale. Meanwhile let's get -- up they would Chris on the natural gas rupture. Our Randy bush over put this together forests and it's an ongoing situation natural gas -- -- and Balkan street. And it's out of town a lot of buffalo border of the rupture was caused by construction crew. It has resulted in a major natural gas leak Balkan right now is closed off to all -- which we can Moore avenue which I don't want history. And as a precautionary measure businesses and buildings are being evacuated in the area on fire companies are responding. Q -- the scene and right now we don't have any further update. I thank you very much Chris. Now we're talking about -- superintendent of schools in Hamburg were doctor Richard. Jenner. And he apparently is checked himself in the brylin and has admitted to be a police that he made up. The whole thing. He made up be a good note to with -- vulgarity and then he made up the story about his car being vandalized he made up the story about his. His rental truck being vandalized. And and now he's under treatment he's been placed on administrative leave. And I I heard one of the regents today. Mr. Bennett say that it'll be up to -- -- board. This will be a well guess what I guy I have in my hot little hands his contract. This is amazing. Now I'm just got it like a few minutes ago but I thought I would just and it briefly this isn't are showing contract law but just the kind of see what's in there. First of all this contract I don't know of the other prior contractor we actually started would this contract. It's for five years but it started on March 12 when he fourteen and that's like a minute and a half ago and it goes through march 11 when he nineteenth now as I said I just just got it. And I don't wanna make any rash judgments on -- but just a couple of things I've noted here. First solo was section seventeen calls for an annual medical examination. But it's it's strictly physical said the superintendent agrees that have a comprehensive medical exam perform once. A during each twelve month period of his employment have filed a statement. From the examining physician certifying to his. Physical competency. With the clerk of bully of the board so they're talking about his physical well wellness and nothing else on that. Then under eighteen is determination. And this is where it -- interest thing because this will be an issue that the -- have to take -- as I said I'm not a lawyer I'm pretty familiar with contracts. Al language and things like that but I just giving her a quick exam. I will actually take -- home after the show and read the whole thing -- A determination and a written resignation of the superintendent. Now he has to give a ninety day advance notice and that's it -- in these out so. But that would be if he quit that's a beat. Termination by agreement between the superintendent and the board so they say it he says that and it's over that's pretty. Seed discharge for cause and this is where you would look. Or something like this because I'm thinking. Without having seen this contract that filing a false police report -- because. But I could be wrong. Discharge for cause. See is the board should be entitled to discharge a superintendent for cause following a hearing. And it in the event the board should decide to discharge a superintendent because if they have the show goes on accordance with the following procedures. You must never hearing which we understand. Also part -- He must be suspended from the performance of his duties with the pay and benefits during the pendency of the hearing so in other words they can't come off. From his the benefits of this. During the hearing. Three the superintendent should be entitled to be represented at the hearing at his cost so okay brings his own lawyer. He can call witnesses that's part of this too. All testimony of hearing should be under -- that's good. Superintendent disability. Okay in the event the superintendent is incapacitated. By reason of sickness and other disability. Which can reasonably expected to be for a period of six months the board may terminate his contract by resolution. Paying the superintendent his salary to the effective date of resolution. Okay that tells me that if he complains disability. Bad. After six months they can almost the resolution of termination. Shall not cut off the superintendent's right through six months of leave for disability except believe shall not extend this contract beyond its term. Wow policy. That's OK and Phnom several bill say number I'm looking at this it's awfully hard to. Through interpreted and -- of the same time I will would do it during the breaks and then get back to more of it but we have his contract here and I'm thinking that. Filing a false police report indeed. Especially if he's charged and convicted. Might be the answer right there but we'll say 80309301806169236. And star nine birdied. But the other -- just handed his contract. I don't know if he preceded this contractor fees that new to the district but there was only like for like three months ago margin -- four months. Something like them a very short term I -- he was doing something else or had a receiving contract. Before this one. Well let me just see where the old mouse is you know it's funny as the sun shining on my miles is that a good countries on Tony the sun is shining up my most. Here we go to Jack in Hamburg Jack you're on WB yen. It's great -- sporting public that or a point here I don't Oprah's personal Internet but what this sport coat. And -- -- here and know what's happening this city just sit back to. Too strict though. Of course there were poor or somewhat better prepare for this eternally forever reps -- -- saw. What is playing ball -- just -- expenditure in the experiment. I guess it's a question that's got to open. What do you what a lot of barter. System it's just super and bit. Like to. July it I think really it's just the tip of the hard work -- -- people -- that's what. Got. -- very open mind. To tip the iceberg. So -- your telling me because I'm having problems hearing occasionally here with the the window whatever. That the attorney the town attorney ripped up her notes is that what you said. According to the newspaper go to our reporter you can expect such as you were -- and -- Should. Start or no. I don't think about whatever. All Turkey. Over or proper notes page page. Alone. You know I don't newspaper check your -- consider it quite yet. I I haven't I I have that's a story right in front of me and I will I will check and I've -- developers. As I could we're talking points and then we'll check that out it does sound like a three ring circus on the they got to get their act together thank you Jack thank you for your call. We appreciate it will be -- more and I'm just making sure they're. OK there we go home there -- the other side and reflects into my computer screen here. 83093018061692. Through six hour 930 and -- nine days summer deal going on here -- -- Toyota volkswagens come and visit us and say hello it is a vision company. I wish I had this contract before the show started so I could read the whole thing and market. Four row four notes of for the show. One thing I haven't seen here doesn't mean it's not end here but I haven't seen it yet because here I am trying to go through it in the wind is whipping it around and I'm trying to read it as best they can but one thing I haven't seen as a moral turpitude clause in the us now I may have won. Doesn't mean it does an album but I haven't seen it yet. So moral turpitude clauses are pretty much a catch all I know every contract I've ever seen. Or been involved with has a moral turpitude clause they have things on disability. They have things on mutual agreement. But I have not seen that yet and -- we'll see where that goes but on the disability the way are greeted at least from face value of is if you're out six months of a disability. They have to do pay you but it starts at that time you apply for that disability. And that could be yet so I don't know if what he's going through now is going to be considered a disability or not those are questions here. But I'm glad I have this in my hand and I will review it after the show is over and maybe comment on this tomorrow somewhat. -- will be a mercy flight tomorrow by the way. And Lauren fix the lovely. Will be -- talking about one of things they talked about last week in the news the first a car for a kid maybe going back to college or whatever. And that kind of thing you know the government tells -- smaller smaller fuel efficient fuel efficient. And the highway safety people say get on the biggest car you can -- Because mass and weight equals more safety. So that'll be interesting I get -- opinion on that. Meanwhile our northbound Toyota VW inside on and let's go to us now -- in Hamburg -- you're on WB -- -- -- I'm sure -- -- give me your questions in this up close and personal. Well unfortunately. I'm calling because I'm you know I've been a victim of being blamed for doing -- amnesty. -- I do feel very. I'd feel for the Stanley -- -- her family yeah. Okay. I mean I feel bad for the whole situation. I've been the subject of the blame -- -- and so it was me. And hopefully Q. And since I was out of town in Albany and was able to prove it. I don't focus get to go elsewhere and -- -- for cruelty perfectly became the bulk of the Dominican there was an attack. And obviously now. Neither my family or her family had anything to do -- That being said I noticed and I have to listen to radio let my family's company bet you know -- is called them. And in -- challenger is the elephant in the room. I -- a professional misconduct charge against Daniel shot. His partner Andrew Fleming. A year and a half two years ago he was admonished. Subsequent and that. And the library I -- an additional professional misconduct charge with the judicial ethics that is partner. Every single week mr. catch that we every month at a meeting he's coming out and it disrupted the meeting. Thing that I have to go oh I'm evil I'm bad I'm negative. And anyone associated with you must go. So cute and meeting our district is a very good school districts. Our students and our teachers are great. He called disruption. To attack me. Now this current thing obviously you know it was fabricated. They didn't have invested -- said but I'm not talking on the net because there's been an admission of guilt right. -- How does this -- if you because we don't know we're coming in late to this. But how does this go off the rails that did this go off the rails when the new superintendent took it's a good job or was it before that -- How did it get to this point. It if I could go off the rails. One. Well mr. Jack thank started coming after being publicly. Okay. -- -- enable our Reynolds his partner was admonished the end of September. An October 1 he came out the second actually started out this attack me. Made it quite clear the board president induction is during -- and causes disruption couldn. When why do you have a did you have a personal disagreement with him or he would you why why did he pick you well. Because I filed -- complaints. Or because we're grumbling okay. I thousand additional complaints. As of October 13. And it -- it can complaint in May fourteenth against his partner. Now he knows this and -- -- for total destruction he's made it clear. Any is nothing to do with education by the parent group. And it that we had a very fine school district. And it runs great kids great step straight. This is unfortunate what happens and it said it feels sorry for the Jenner family. And you know I think people need to put pick their personal agendas and go home here for the education of the kids. Can this really can this be -- say can this be amended or is that irreparable was as far as is is how far it's gone already. Yeah ordinance is on board. Two. This -- working working to -- do what's right by the by Aaron. Cool community. Are being proactive. We just faced with the very unfortunate situation here which are backed that talk much about because it's illegal gratification. Oh yeah I absolutely. All right well let's let's hope that you can get it together because. I know it gets very difficult and each splinter. Makes it even more difficult but at least you got to the point where. They know they have an admission of guilt from the superintendent they can get past that and they're trying. I get it together as best you can and as I said we're coming in late to this but it's amazing. How many aspects of this story there is that we're glad you had a chance to give us your opinion of what's going on is -- thank you very much. Wow Tony do you believe this I mean we're hearing from all these different factions and it seems like very contentious on their remembered -- very small how they show I have my dad is just clicks of the year -- out of -- or she ran out of a movie. Well dawn went to school in Hamburg she graduated from Hamburg and a dollar years in Hamburg I don't ever recall anything like this. So it's must via via a phenomenon that is current but wasn't historically always there. All right we'll take a break we'll be back with more with Beijing company quoting an update with the natural gas. On rupture on Balkans straight. I'm sure they are new to keep me informed of that we've got another part of all Cummins SS Yorktown Toyota Volkswagen side on -- Florida highway between Sheridan and maple.

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