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7-24 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- well as major company and I have to be mean Jan I am living large I'll tell you it's a beautiful so our -- morning and I -- north down to. I love cars of north and this is the place debate all the cool stuff is lined up all around us where -- ago the one thing is I've -- very easy. So when it's easy and your outside doing a partnership with tape everything out everything. But I am -- ago does that sound like sound fabulous as usual oh you sound great Cindy hall of fame material. Way. Guess what we sat at a car. And this is in their use of one of their use lines all right. That is perfect for you aren't a personal it might mean a little out there color wise where you if like. Vibrant lime green. But you know -- of the lost their looks like by any chance I believe so okay they've got one here if the 2012. And it's like a lime green actually it's more -- via a vibrant lime green. And the whole story on some models. Matches the pain of the car in the stripes in the wheels. And it's really cool it's really -- and so a fifteen day I think and that the 2012 model. You know this is dangerous for me doing abroad and at me. Down because after the thing setup and I have everything down. The most dangerous period in my life I started walking around the lot. And that's what I get in trouble because -- on the -- easily. Like there's a Volkswagen bug here with red now offers that tells me it's a performance model -- As usual Arabic as -- give -- away. And they got Massaquoi there I mean. And yet this. All that and is on the way we're getting a -- array of desserts remote and so I got automobiles. I got Olson's got a beautiful summer day at that north down. -- it doesn't get better than that you're lucky man sandy. In -- You talked about how things fit together. -- -- this as a huge car -- and north now is known for their cars what do you think the name is the last name of the account executive. Who handles this account after I. Make this up. We cannot make this -- In her last name is far and she handles the north now account and a thing in the north now account is such a good now. She may have changed their name the car just together yeah that's. A yeah I would. I want to talk about today do they give away here because. Because of you might see James Taylor. Sweet Baby James is going to be at the first Niagara center. On Tuesday July 29 courtesy of Bieber productions. A general -- rules apply call now 6449875. And a random. Caller will be chosen. And that's always good James there or I've I've seen James Taylor once. And that's it was a good show it was like I show I like it not over modulated. I can hear you can actually understand the lyrics and the music was beautiful and we'll check it out. Anyway lots of talk about today including bizarre bizarre bizarre. Have you heard about what's going on down and Hamburg at the school system down there I'm still scratching my head this is unbelievable yesterday -- kind of broke that. May be the school's superintendent. Richard. Wasn't telling the truth. Well and he may have been it was a few weeks ago gets caught up in case you were on Alaskan cruise away the minutes it's going -- last group. About education or out of town here's the deal they've they've had some fireworks down there for some time at the the score board meetings down in Hamburg. And they were they were especially concerned about one of those who want a female school board members. Who is causing some kind of commotion down there. Anyway one day right out of the -- the superintendent. 39 years old he's married he's got three kids obviously is a good role model. Most of the president says look what happened. In my car and if this -- apparently had been vandalized after a meeting. And that was not a good thing as a matter fact there was even a note attached to it with some vulgarity. -- it. To make it to make it more authentic because I know those -- because it wasn't exactly quoted. Abide by the grass. So people are thinking wow. -- He's you know -- guys going through some turmoil -- their. And according to the article on the buffalo and -- even show on the police say. Threatening note that he said he found under the windshield -- watch your back expletive. Sleaze bag. Guys you know an expletive sleaze bag is worse than just the regular sleaze bag. So immediately people started I started thinking what's going on here he also reported that someone had thrown eggs on his rental truck. Which was parked in the driveway of he has a home in the talent on the Wanda. You reportedly incidence of town police that he he could be related to the vandalism of his car. So here's a guy. With two and you know much of vehicles and so on and I hear somebody's a -- with a vehicle that personal and you're now you're in a dangerous area here. So he said somebody at this guy is somebody damages. Somebody -- destruct. Somebody damaged his car and they -- him -- Villa adult calling him an expletive sleaze bag. And little time goes on in the police are investigating it and certainly we started filtering out that. This guy wasn't telling the truth. And and don't you and I yesterday talked about this off the -- We several doesn't make any sense superintendent of schools. Make make a good salary they're held in high esteem. And it wouldn't make any sense. Put them to make something like this. And it was reported that maybe that damage to his car didn't come. From some this -- either a school -- supporter or or detract or whatever. That maybe it'd been an accident before. So we're thinking now would you. Do that would you make a police report in order to save a claim on your insurance we all have to have insurance here in new York and make any sense at all. And how what we found out is he's admitted he's admitted he waited out. Not only did he make enough. Obviously. It's it's an involved story it's an intricate story. He checked himself into brylin now I don't know why he's. I checked into violent. And I hope I hope the whatever he is facing he manages the deal -- it. And has a good successful outcome but what I'm saying is how can anybody in the town of Hamburg. Think that this would be he's on administrative leave now OK the assistant superintendent is now the acting superintendent. How can anybody who lives and in that this school district trust him anymore. Filing a false police report. Actually making up stuff before the media. That's pretty scary I'm thinking for a guy who's in charge of running the the school board running the school system down there. And so my question is pretty simple. Not that I don't have compassion for people going through a rough period or may be dealing with some demon we don't know about. But I'm thinking there's a trust issue here and apply lived in that school district I would not want him back. I'm thinking get the treatment in the aid and they get on the road to recovery from whatever you need to recover from and I'm not really sure what it would be. Of what is something to bribe countries obviously. And and move on what your life but moments somewhere else wants him cruel. But I would not if -- if -- my choice. I would not bring him back there Tony what what -- what you think are you in the second chances do you think this goes above and beyond of that or what's your thought on this I think. You know when you talk about a superintendent you really have no wiggle room four errors so is the town of the people fields for some taxpayers feel. That. Maybe he's not. Mentally opt for it you know for whatever reason again because he's gone into brylin could be for substance it could be for anything. That he needs time to get himself help the -- take care of himself when at this point the district can't afford to take. A chance to bring him back he needs somebody that you're gonna feel comfortable with the parents need to feel comfortable. At that their children are going to school and that everything's going to be safe and okay. I think I was very well -- and and I tend to agree with that much as we would love second chances would like to give people second chances there are some things that go beyond the pale. And when you ball supplies a police report when you hold up when note in front of the public. When you claim that not one -- vehicles the suffered some kind of vandalism. When you file a false police report that that's the end of the road for that as far as I'm concerned. So I hope he gets better hope it's successful for treating him whatever than treating them war. But I don't think he should be back and we'd like to hear from you 0309301061692. Through six and start 930. Should Richard -- yet there yet he is his job that a plain and simple question. And if so why -- if not lie under his radio and I'm thirty we are WB eons Amber's going to prevail today. And in no one the community will feel. That were moving in the right direction. We're alive and remote and beautiful summer morning. At Nortel on Toyota Volkswagen side down world Miller's work in between Sheridan and maple celebrating in 99 days of summer we have it here. We have reprise tables but like that and -- is on its way yes and Olson's a medley of that it was -- On its way to our location and come on by in the -- smoltz and play some games look at some cards at a good data do all of it. There were asking -- Richard -- I Jenna and -- -- Tony in my New England accent. Slips and there one little. You know why because the think his name he looks like Derek Jeter's name would look okay all right. Look at his name which ever written on here. I'm thinking no it's not Derek Jeter. Is Richard she had a and then I say -- and that -- -- -- might want to ring a bell or -- something aren't automatically think Volkswagen the I don't and then he owes me Jetta GT IM a -- and ownership and can deny can be made. Of South Africa and the superintendent. The superintendent Amber's school district should get his job back he lied to police he applied to the public and I am thinking. I hope we get successful treatment and vote when he gets out I think Adam. I think he's a ship loses job my assembly. -- let's go to you Hamburg let's go to Judy Judy you're on W via. I'm candy Judy Williams thing going or several months now and independent very count vocal about it in the news. And you know I feel that -- people to which found education is one of the most important. Considerations in their decision. And I am appalled at what's going on I'm a taxpayer right pace high chances I don't have children in the district right now. But I don't think he can return when they did an interview early -- several weeks back and he was talking about this -- woman. The talking to the interview or any where she talks spooky to me and I remembered saying to my husband that the talent. -- so I wanted to. Yeah your right hand him a little bit we know that he was she may have some been speaking smoking to him but he was speaking gibberish to the rest of us. I mean -- I'm just appalled at what's going on I'm with him about my life and I -- -- my children and grandchildren. And I myself went to the frontier district. Like he ever was always a respected district. Yeah I got my daughter -- to -- right to it you know in my head in my -- -- to Hamburg school and it was always considered a good school. Yeah I'd -- the point is I think he's broken the public trust -- this plus as you mentioned even be on this. I mean yesterday a but the -- had to be called because of some kind of verbal altercation between. Somebody on the board and the -- lawyer I mean it's like a circus out there. I am just appalled I was throughout my life as I said and never have I ever heard of anything going on like this. And and I mean everything is so public now he can and I get. -- and so you that you probably believe in second chances as I do but there are times when -- trust is broken words there it. Yeah -- -- it like a -- you're you've got that right. It makes sense when he made every -- tough cookie to me I 10. That's especially from a superintendent you would think -- vocabulary rubio little bit better than that it's thanks very that you -- in my appreciate it. And she's from Hamburg so even notion that a commitment district now she's from Hamburg and I am asking what your from Hamburg would you want him back. The answer is first of all. If he's being treated at -- and we hope. If successful whatever it is and they treat a lot of different things that we're not going to try and guess why he checked himself in the rye island but would -- dead. However we have lying about the note lying about the damage to his car lying about the damage to a rental truck. And in concocting a story and going. Before the press and going to hopefully -- It's that's more than just -- A moment that that that disqualifying moment you're gonna get on what he was a soccer reference now Tony you're gonna get a red card on that one year that's. Is that as a red card gas given the red -- -- because once you break. To me there are certain bond between people or somebody in authority. And the people that they have authority over. There are certain bond that shouldn't be broken and certainly filing a police report. And lying through your teeth. A couple of them so you made me feel that everybody gets a second chance there may be others who have been given the chances that it worse than this. But to me he tried to mislead an entire school district. He tried to mislead an entire school board. He tried to mislead. The population. And the media and the bullies. I mean to me this is as close to a slam dunk as I can thank so I'm thinking he should not get his job back and that's the question. Should the Hamburg schools super and then again -- his job back yes or no should he be charged. I mean -- filed a false police report. That's that's against the law should he be charged. Or just losing the job enough real real 100 of the type of music star nine. Home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WGE and we're back provision governing. -- where Tony I've seen more people taking pictures of mood in the last. Six months. I have in my whole life the old and this is ready and all the -- great goodies from all of the bakery and cafe. Mobbed by and visit us where -- -- as you. That building from the front one on the left hand side or you come and -- a big tent. Yeah now look at this. Look at this I think he's fooling me now. Luckily -- -- is taking pictures of food experts to take a picture to boot he's taking a picture Michelle where. The Campbell's point. How let's see both pictures on FaceBook. -- baseball gala event that's right. So if your work. Or whatever on your way to someplace. Be sure stop by in enjoys the most that it's good for work -- -- before -- them today but. Especially breakfast there's a whole table doubles with -- here c'mon by and check it out were asking that the Hamburg superintendent of schools. Who was on administrative leave and is checked himself into -- Should get his job back in I'm thinking that because of the elaborate ruse of the false police report the speaking to the various media led off the line and note I think he's he's given that privilege of -- being superintendent of schools. I hope whatever is it is is the problem. Is directed at brylin and and and he has a good successful life but I think that he's broken the bond. And I like to know if you think he should get his job back. What do you think you should even be charged I mean that's the question let's go to wave in Cheektowaga way you're on WB yen. Good morning hey you know I'm I'm I'm way what do you think. Great I tell you what I am so tired of these so called public officials getting away with. The for the same. Laws and everything that that the average person it. And then left to right after the -- Yeah and its day it was like a circus anyway. Because of problems of alleged troubles who won the school board members and it ended this added to it. So I mean I Hamburg is a pretty decent -- school district they had to have confidence to move by on the right track again and I don't think hiring them back would give Mac competence. No no not really an as I'm saying and we are talking about. -- from the school -- hallway after the presidency if you break break wanna live there only got -- it should be prosecuted just like. Like everybody else. I agree -- you -- we seem to have a privileged class and that would be elected officials. Certainly I know congress passes the things that only applied it was and doesn't apply to them. And in this case I'm glad he checked in the brylin and and we would normally want a second chance under a lot of circumstances. But not this one and I I think you're right I think so we we need a change in leadership there thank you -- appreciate it very much. You know we don't want to seem like we don't care because we don't care if you've got a problem it should be taken care. Had he checked himself into brylin. Without. All the other commotion going around without a false note Nepal's police are horrid and all of that other stuff. Then then it could be a considerations certainly certainly we wanna see people get it gets straightened out but in this case no I think not. Let's go to Kelly Kelly is on line one -- you're on WB and Kelly. I can't say hi Kelly. How we actually -- holly okay go go ahead -- Okay well I am I'm a former school board members hampered him on the scoreboard and now June 30 of this year. I was not at the meeting did not vote to hire back together. For various reasons. That was just my opinion so I did not go to the -- expected figure would have -- appropriate. Or you know. We need to voice my concerns at that time I -- my big issue with that's OK it's not yet. You know I do feel very sorry for yeah I feel very sorry for him when I was talking -- somebody about it last -- they played out very clearly. But did he feels sorry. For the fact that you have children in the school and your children are made to believe that you or people associated with you. -- -- Chest -- or -- children or your mother. That that you you know I had something to do that and let them and your children come home and say why are people saying -- you know. You at this superintendent how I as well that's not trail in -- You know get a little upbeat and hopeful checked out. Oh well -- -- nobody you know and any other district administrators worry about it on a pair and I. You know. We we're. It me or people so that's what we're being blamed about the children at school every ball and not about. That's a good point because that is actually more important than the fact that. What we couldn't figure out why he would do it as far as I'm just not telling the insurance company that there was an accident. And they take care of it you pay your -- or whatever and that's that instead you're right that aspect of it. Making himself seem persecuted. By home by the people would be adversarial toward him. And indeed they they weren't and he just made developed that's amazing. Correct and then they may not -- -- -- -- on 930 the next stage and -- as a big rally. When I reunification. Cup every media outlet went. His house was egg or or somebody all the media outlet or and and then they made this big production. You know that it -- -- -- get you your you know say. That. Well I can -- you know I don't know -- it would -- would it say you know -- it's you blame the people that where. And the aerial. Killed him. Yeah that's just as it it it just isn't right and you know I I do I -- -- on the news that he get checked himself into the island but you know. Without -- You yell that out after all of that. -- hit it -- had a telephone pole which is what the with the -- the prevailing thought is something led to of that so I'm glad he's getting treated for whatever it was -- that -- meanwhile he you kind of a lot of people with a brush that didn't need that and and didn't deserve that and even -- becomes on the apologizes I think that that trust is is totally broken I don't think you can put Humpty Dumpty back together again on this one. Now and frankly you know it in the light of what -- -- -- that was going on maternity. Trial very. -- -- -- -- Why I judicial trial Catherine Trout for Gucci you know I it it got it yeah it was almost like. It was OK hammer -- that well if it well you know. They're well. Problem the -- you know almost as though it was hammer home. -- because she won't -- or what they know the charges against her I won't know their public events posted on line and very. Media outlets and it looks. Q school -- you hammer home match is at all. All right I think you're starting cut out we understand we're glad you give us your thoughts especially since you saw up close and personal thank you very much -- really appreciate it. We wanna hear from you know she's a former school board member of the Hamburg school district. 803093018061692. Through six are 930 should -- Hamburg superintendent who's now being treated him brylin. I get his job back now. -- got nothing to do them being treated abroad and we hope that he's successfully treated abroad it has to do with falsifying a police report. Trying to paint -- -- we have a persecution brush. And -- naturally people would wonder who was doing it. And that would be anybody perhaps on the board that disagreed -- them so it was a character assassination. Filing a police a false police report total missile misleading the district in the of people Western New York. I I think he should go into and have a lot of work when he gets out. They don't -- -- 9301806. -- 692 through six -- I thirty should get his job back should even be charged with a crime will be back we're live in north on Toyota. Between Sheridan and maple we are on Miller's court. We're live at north town -- -- I got a lot of appearances over the years that this a dealership afford from the various north on dealerships. But this one especially. They featured Toyota's volkswagens and silence if you've not if you're not checked out some of the iconic cards you can check them out like this bug. OK if you're thinking this bug is like a bug you saw when you weren't high school. Now not tomorrow which isn't really like a -- that that was school this school. And this looks like a performance -- right next to me sewed up the good stuff right here at north south as they said Toyota. Volkswagen inside on we are going to be talking right now about whether the superintendent of schools in Hamburg. To get his job back. Normally you know you like to see people get a second chance. Normally we we when people admit that they that they've stumbled on the road. That we it would like to -- man helping him but in this case. Too many things went down before we found out that the problem. Remember that movie that call is coming from the house okay. The problem is coming from the superintendent and not from the other sources you may have thought. And not from disgruntled school board members or parents or people just didn't like -- anything like this he was doing it himself. He made up the story about his car being vandalized. A long -- today and have seen the note or at least one of seeing word and it. He made up the story about his rental truck being did. And plain and simple. The the police. But something was missing and they found out that it was and so he has admitted that him it didn't happen he made it up. So I have to question should get his job back and I don't think that should happen you're superintendent of schools you were you need to have some credibility here. Who could ever take him seriously after this secondly should he be charged with a crime. You know you feel badly for people who have a problem and I don't know what his problem is because Ryland treats the -- a lot of different things. But whatever it is it shouldn't be the district's problem and so when. When you will lead people astray like that you've broken the bond it's time to say goodbye and so that's basically my question let's go to Dan. Daniel on W via. Any interruption or bomb but things -- calling them what do you what -- got worse than well I've been involved with the group says. Group of parents and trying to clean up the district in the last few months and and I just heard of this Hollywood and they're part of the call and you know she's one of the people that part of the problem. And you know what doctor -- it is wrong. And we've always been about that someone brings negatives of this publicity -- district and they need to go. And you know that's what we called for the resignation of certain board members including. For Gucci and -- been in college belie a well before all of this hearing stuff start. And you know as mama always told us two wrongs don't make a right. And the fact that -- -- may have done something wrong doesn't take away from the fact it was for which she did was any less wrong so you know. It was a reaction to something mission happen in the first place it and not only a reaction by. And embellishment of the nth degree I mean. Who would expect to hear a superintendent lied publicly like that on and so many of different venues. I mean it's the ultimate breach of trust -- you know we. We've relied upon him to spirit district in the right direction in. You know the sad part is -- is that he was doing good jobs -- is every day do. Yeah. The big -- it was a very positive. Vibe within the community everybody else that we are moving forward as a district. You know things are going well in in this is really really unfortunate and you know the idea that could possibly -- his job back I think it is. Ludicrous I mean what can violate the public trust and attic -- it just can't happen. Yeah I -- I mean I heard Bob Bennett say it's going to be up to the local school board knew what it says in the contract but beyond what it says in the contract. Just filing a false police report. Probably would because. My my guess I've read his contract but probably would be cause for termination especially in in somebody in a position like that. -- school superintendent which is highly prized and very. As a lot of responsibility and among it trust that you trust the person leading the district is is is has your own best interest in mind so. I think I'm thinking that. His contract unless it's -- -- like I've never seen would not it would not save him from a losing his job on this one. Plus an incident in and that's. And I think you're right on that but I think that. Doctor -- should do the right thing industries. I mean I really do I mean. You know some people that haven't resigned. From board positions or whatever it's been our position that their whole objective is just to make a mockery of this district can take it down. He doesn't wanna be part of that he doesn't wanna be part of that -- should do the right thing and resign. Well that's the key and you know the right thing I wish we could rely on people doing the right thing -- seems like. Most people don't wanna do that now they wanna hang on and until that last thread of hope is gone so. Let's open it that you and your group -- a -- -- a new superintendent. That represents Hamburg what was is that my daughter went to Hamburg high school. And was always we're considered they've got a good district -- like to see it stay that way thank you for your call appreciate it. All right we will would take a break -- we'll be back with more or alive at north town Toyota. Volkswagen's -- -- check Kamal Al -- -- highway between Sheridan maple check out the Olson's pastries to a maybe you're on your way to work or your way to run some errands whatever. We have a table of mobile and -- we also have a table with prizes. You can play some games here at same time. Take a look around a lot visit though with the the showrooms if you'd like to do that. All available here will be hurdle -- and I -- is ready and I'm thirty WV.

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