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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Enhanced Driver's License Update - Chris Jacobs

Enhanced Driver's License Update - Chris Jacobs

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We opened up a lie -- and out of our next guest Erie county clerk Chris Jacobs good morning Chris thanks for joining us. Good morning. In our focus is warning has been on Lowe's and metallic sleeves that protect enhanced driver's licenses the information on the driver's licenses weird we were told by another guest. That. These sleeves. While they're really need to dare not protecting much do you disagree with that assessment. I I'd -- I'd I didn't hear the our our. Enhanced driver's licenses our identity our. I yeah it really is very limited amount of information. From what we've. You know ask periodically not state department of motor vehicle that's a personal I don't -- I -- number that they assign each. He has privately that they said the information really. Wouldn't be who are valuable. Should be used for her attacker although. You'd ever want anything taken so I I do you think there's a protective elements aren't these Andyaat. I think they identity theft that it's more concerning -- Delhi -- we've seen with the technology people have that they can and from it is met in many -- -- -- your water person in information that credit card. If you have a chip but it credit card that's much more concerning. So people need to be aware of technologically. Ability that people have now. But the same thing in on -- that being said people want these sleep something. They do not think it maybe you'd news -- you bike he. Think he's about as stars as general protection you know maybe they'd be gleaned some information -- -- -- hit driver blatant. It's urgent email and an essential for the men. Get additional information and -- your -- -- and then one more -- -- religion you'd seen what you're trying to do. Still an identity. So I think that's you really don't you know anyone accept anything that he can -- the lead for tax did the limited information. That is our enhanced driver slice and also just the integrity of the enhanced driver's license so it's. It doesn't work when you're going over the border that anglers can. But that people should again be aware that the more concerning area would be your credit cards you have those chips that. My understanding now they're coming out wallets purses they actually are equivalent of the lead that they got some sort of protective. A coding in them to block hacker that's something that I just heard about recently but seems like a pretty. Useful. Additions to you know you're you're handbag or your wallet so with the new data -- fortunately and well in regards identity theft and it's people need to be vigilant about protecting. What they haven't and this should be aware when -- -- requirement which means he. I'm more vulnerable to people being able to quite -- went -- use these scanning devices they can have hidden in in their pocket. Are you did get your information. Chris is it's a true that the wild backer of the DMV ran short or ran out. Of these protective sleeves for enhanced driver's licenses. It first we heard was when we got off your station checked into it I guess there is by DMB elsewhere or not and are counting do I try to do very good job anticipate air supply needs we have. Plenty of it leaves with a new issues we've switcher I believe the better quality. Than the previous ones and got. So no we do not have a shortage and I've -- people are getting you'll new licenses they've certainly -- -- new news we. He could just wondered Chris speaking of enhanced driver's licenses do most people. Get that type of license in Erie county or not. No it's still the majority people get regular driver's licenses we certainly have that huge surge. An -- -- like in years ago when he they changed that the rules over the border. We do a significant amount and we do more drivers like that anywhere in the entire state because this. Our border proximity. But the majority still do our regular driver's licenses. And we'll see in the future you know they're they're talking about new rules -- lottery that decides. That at some point regular driver's license may not get you aren't a flight. That might change yeah in the larger storm monitoring that -- that would probably really drive an uptick. In terms are people getting an abstract was closed -- Okay Chris thank you for the update. Thank you very much we'll talk you were military county clerk Chris Jacobs.

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