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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Securing Credit/ID Cards - G. Mark Hardy of CardKill, Inc.

Securing Credit/ID Cards - G. Mark Hardy of CardKill, Inc.

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Department of Motor Vehicles has been experiencing a shortage of those sleeves for enhanced driver's licenses these sleeves block on one it's scanning of information contained on the licenses which. Have a radio chip. Security consultant mark party is with us on the WB and live line from -- kill ink. Mark good morning. Do you have to winning it do you have your driver's license in one of these protective sleeves. I do know. The wind not driver's licenses. Well what they do is they don't transmit and he personally identifiable information. Rather what the enhanced driver's licenses designed to do. Is to respond to a query and revealed unique identification number that's primarily for doing border crossing the independent fact and that. Information is really only useful by looking it up in that database -- restricted. Two of the customs and border talks. Mark tell us and our listeners about your company that name card to kill his sort of sounds a bit ominous exactly what do you guys do. What we do is we -- banks preemptively kill stolen credit cards before they get used -- -- Especially hackers will often do small that before the attack -- the card. Most of the commercial solutions notebook for all these people have thought were able to go ahead and how banks significantly -- -- OK but on the driver's license issue you think and it's kind of overkill. To Pritchard your license in one of these slaves. What is the couple advantages to that in some cases because these devices can respond to a query if you've got multiple -- in your purse or wallet. And you go to eight point itself are well. Then it might start scanning the wrong car about it -- the driver's licenses not gonna reveal any information that would be used for and. Sure about the only thing on your driver's license that would on the field a crook might be your home address right. Well and that visible on the front of people who can actually check lord of the transaction you're gonna plug all of sure -- to somebody and -- but the only thing that's responding back electromagnetic Lee is going to be -- serial number and that number then cross reference -- you record in the content. -- Aren't there people out there at that really want this information. Are they out you know instead of the small guy would they rather take you know forty million parents if they cut. Culture that it would co -- go ahead and build I'll attack I got friends who have done that in the hacker community Chris had just done a great job. However after that forty million cards used on a target you're available personnel underground -- and a criminal -- just simply by -- stolen cards -- whole lot less than what posture of the field entirely to try to steal. And -- we we also understand that of the heavily protector for passports. Passports -- like something we wouldn't want to protect what does this protector look like you know -- got them -- any idea. You're getting the passport protecting wallet now that said the outside of your old passport is in electro magnetic shield. And the passport it enhanced security so what happens is the only way that US passport. We'll respond to a query is that the casket on me all what does that -- It seems that foresee agent had few -- that optical -- -- the bottom that as those computer what characters with your name. That then generate the hurried back to the target the -- then we bought -- little bit but knock knock who's there. If the correct answer to who's there is that correct -- will not respond back. -- war in the last few actually physically got that thing in your hand and swiping across reader. You can't generate -- -- that would cause the passport to create a response. Aren't they do duque every carry your passport and one obviously news. I didn't and the security consultant. It's certainly conversation piece I got my passport wallet. Eddie -- -- they give up every single attendee at a hacker conference a couple of years back. About it there's a lot of on staff talked about it hampered conference. -- -- and these days a lot of actors have grown up in the real cuts to corporations. -- hey mark outward pledging to join us this morning thank you for the for for being a guest. You're -- as security consultant mark party from -- kill ink.

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