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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Keeping Cards Secure; Safe - Bill Hochul

Keeping Cards Secure; Safe - Bill Hochul

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now we're alive and you -- US attorney bill vocal as we focus on identity -- good morning go build -- Good morning and it's very well. You know we hear a lot about identity theft bill but as is always the cased most frequently anyway most people don't think it's gonna happen to them I don't. That doesn't happen I mean doesn't happen around here to an extent that would worry you're office. Well there's no question. -- that identity that is something we see at our office it's not on a daily basis but it certainly a large and not Iraq. There we have a number of federal prosecutors. Led by Mike -- are Kamal the Chico -- section. Who focus on identity except as well as other crimes it really hit people in their pocketbook. And at the end of the day one of the main reasons. These eight people identity. Is to be able to take their money whether it -- eye opening your credit card accounts. Or stealing money that's already in their bank accounts and other financial institution. You know bill we're talking and focusing on those paper sleeves for enhanced driver's licenses and passports there's been -- run on them and DMV offices. Those items contain those radio chips. And I guess the problem is that. You know people can scan them from you know close by and and take your information. How big a problem this that. I haven't yet seen cases where. Identifying information yeah. Actually obtained often -- radio chips or other sorts of art devices such as now access our salute them but. Certainly we have at the border perhaps once a month may be a little last option. Cases where we arrest people because they have false identification. Documents typically false passports or other sorts of identification. But as far as -- that he originally a change. Bad. Recite identity from a true user per troop per cent I kept Nazi matter right yet here in federal court. I was about to ask you what kind of information is on a driver's license. Another crook my want is there anything besides like an address. Well certainly somebody's name is our driver's license somebody photographed on a driver's licenses well. -- kind of identity documents that we would prosecuted federal court error more regularly at sports and other sorts of federal identifying. Document in when it comes because that we do have a passport office a year where. In that area back there than trying to work with border officers to try to attack. And prosecute people that would use somebody else's identity when Australians. In trying to access different federal Bill Clinton. The ability are understanding that you can go on a slightly eBay or Craig's list and you can Bly. What's called a card reader little renewed driver's license or it'll read -- credit card. Do your prosecutors occasionally go online to check to see what's for sale unsealed legal or not. We two. -- not exactly in that manner we would have been eager that would conduct investigations. But typically how we'll leave like that would come into our investigators. -- Would be merchants. Such. Wal-Mart would be tick -- saying perhaps a pattern or ranch -- from their stores. They made and conducting an investigation. Through their own private investigators determined that their products. Which they now have a certain cry eight and then certain quality. Are being offered that they actually discounted prices and then working exports try to find out how those product -- Onto the market. We can't several what you large and sophisticated. Shoplifting. That were in which succeeded in a scene in. Millions and millions of dollars worth of stolen products putting them on the market through -- day and then they eat substantial amount of money. When we find that kind of information now we will prosecuted because has who has. Some sort of that idea on exit interstate commerce. It does all within our our purview of our laws and we're ready willing and able to prosecute them. And what is that the crime and penalty than if you're caught with that. Well it would be up protection of stolen goods. Affecting interstate commerce and a crime like that if you're the person who bought it it generally would not apply the law a fact that rant. -- stolen product. And it could be punished by up to ten years. In nineteen. A Rico and daddy it actually much more substantial net. Because one of the east trying to go to companies how to steal some -- all the comic books. And unfortunately. The personal and held these -- Ended up not being hurt then frankly chill so there. Period period under the boat that but unique act. They'll go the GW thanks for all let interesting information talking again. Thank you very much. A Jewish attorney William local.

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