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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Flight 17 Uodate From Amsterdam - Steve Futterman

Flight 17 Uodate From Amsterdam - Steve Futterman

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're joined on the WB and -- right down by CBS news correspondent Steve Letterman. He's in Amsterdam the Netherlands he has been covering the aftermath of the Malaysia airlines crash flight seventeen. Stephen you've been witnessing some very solemn ceremonies there is the remains of those who died. In that downed jetliner arriving on Dutch soil. Orchestra was quality movie. Authority to church. It would captured the arts and citizens are currently in Europe this whole incident has not partially. So that some during movie -- mentioned yesterday that we saw the the bodies being -- -- the greens. We we sort it just it was a very simple ceremony the quick movie we were spoken to -- what they call. And post which is they're -- -- -- And -- the soldiers brigade these bodies off the plane one by one it was quite moved. Well Steve what is next in this process. We'll be more brought brought back today. It's going to be your aren't going to distribute. -- for some -- now. Only forty -- or block back street mall people up to date. And other being taken for a lot of the key issues were of course is who is going to be controlled in the course like this in this is. Very very deep concern right now as there are complaints by a number of governments in the Dutch government -- the rebels the rebels are a league. Trouble their hearts like nobody wants independent. The people in charge for a start so secret site is not. Compromised at all. Steve -- victims were Dutch. How many of the victims were Dutch on the plane. Oh on each round and storage work our citizens and oppressed majority of people on border framework such citizens. And Dutch government is controlling this investigation right now. You know speaking of that. Who is going to be analyzing those flight recorders I know they were taken to Britain but will appease the folks in Amsterdam or actually analyzing them. Big -- -- the to the professionals that they are going to be using to report Fox's so they're using different governments to help out in the lock boxes will be initially examined by. British shortage. Steve you mentioned this process of forensic testing. And attempts to identify all these bodies it sounds very complicated those families and friends now. Are waiting to collect remains. Of the victim does anybody have any idea of the -- longer were processes is going to be. No it's like it. Quantity it's going to take -- some time. Are we we don't know exactly how long it would take somebody will be will be hard very quickly. But that but other bodies critiques from our we're in -- weeks months and in some cases some of these bodies -- Being able to positively -- -- that say that there that the simple truth of this case. Is there -- a lot of anger there. All over the fact that -- crash site in in eastern Ukraine has been compromise included. I would say there is a lot of -- maybe it's calming down a bit because yesterday I think people were focusing on it just the reality of the bodies coming back. But I do enters anger. There are people who were that it took so long for the parties to come back there's anger. That the CNET that the Russian government. -- -- play rhetorical but your actions while something like this to take place. Steve we appreciate your time thank you for joining us. -- that Steve Letterman CBS news correspondent he's covering the flight an 817 in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

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