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7-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying several world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You go and do something like things they're doing photo. -- -- it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Dennis Hogan who. Operates they've got placed in the village of William -- more importantly -- I just got an email that there are millions of Russian women who want to be my bride. We've Megan into that later -- a Russian brides just sent me an email got to check into that. But before the error or anywhere else. We did talk with a guy who runs the gun shop on South -- -- Maine but not really. I mean. Down by the Lehigh Valley railroad station. Which is now a historical building he was not -- A basically center at first people leaders being harassed by the code enforcement officer Williams go over his signage seems like that issue got worked out. But now -- -- thinks he's being targeted by the village probably national parking enforcement officer in particular a ticket he received today. Where he says look there's no way in hell I was parked anywhere close to two hours on main street without having moved my vehicle. Joining us right now is the mayor of Williams -- we put -- a call to him and get right back to his Brian -- but mayor of the village of -- O'Brien thanks very much for being with -- -- excellent thank you very much first things first the parking enforcement guy in the village of Williams real. Have you had any discussions with him about them -- whole open or this issue. -- you know all powers. They're subject -- our enforcement those pastry that. I do it probably more complaints about -- force and on main street and I'd do anything else in the village -- that -- -- He talked daddy of our business owners so. Tell you these guys are correct either our employees were part there warrior you know is. The greatly reason lied to our party is so that people don't -- -- -- valuable -- its -- -- street for an entire day. So that's -- pointed out in business owners are often the biggest proponents of these time limit because they wanna have a flow of traffic spaces available so new customers can gain entry through the front door. That they have those rationale behind the -- yeah. But if but if but Brian here's here's where I'm coming from the if the parking enforcement officer. Gave Dennis a ticket before the two hours had expired. That's that doesn't sound right. It. OK but what what is -- to do because he sounded pretty convincing when he said -- an hour maybe a little over an hour but certainly -- work close to two hours. Well I mean. He can he can certainly. Lobby -- let me again from what I've heard about let's call prior. There was some confusion about my contact information. So basically you know nine through five during the day I have a secretary who answers every one of my calls. Yeah and tells me exactly who called I -- email list Michael most people back. And I'm not I'm very -- I'm sorry about your future but but I have had questions other questions for the code enforcement guys in the village president sent I've always found them and via highway guys to be frankly great people with whom to work -- and as a citizen of the village myself. I gotta tell you I've got no complaints with the services received now the parking guy though. Bat it. Now understanding that nobody likes the parking enforcement. At what went when you get a ticket nobody likes it but it's columns -- -- it's it Dennis made a case that's not a pretty convincing. That this guy has an issue with the gun -- lower. Well you know that the partly it's of the parking guys pretty indiscriminate AG he wouldn't use somebody's ticket awhile. I honestly thought that they were over two hours of work to bolster hydrant or two equals to a driveway or right of where. -- live very black -- -- about that. He's been a good part in enforcement officer over the years for us because he's so black and white. He is typical sometimes. To take its ticket you know and there are people water street who have multiple tickets there. Frankly some people who uses speed park throughout the throughout the course of the week. You know thirty dollars you know a -- -- in Malloy would do that but you know idea so. Basically I I don't have any reason the thing. That -- would have done that. Discriminate discriminating manner. Doug when. You know there's just. It's very clear -- black and white -- him. But Howell news. How is this business owner gonna prove that there is no way in hell hole that his vehicle was parked anywhere close to the limit how do you go about proving a negative. Well I think the first the first thing you have to do AM you know I'm not exactly. -- baker vehicular law you don't hurt -- or anything with that but I. I think he got a you have to come and talk to our prosecutor he shouldn't just except to -- -- I did -- say look I've ever had to take it before you know I don't get parking tickets are very careful bumblebee my vehicle. He had this thick it is. -- OK then. You know. We can work through that process I mean it's the court system but the court system can work through that process. Now -- Dennis Dennis claimed the village prosecutor treated his February ticket like it was the OJ Simpson trial objecting. According to Dennis the business owner about 25 times. That's a -- that's a little excessive. So he's had multiple tickets. 330 I told us about. Well it becomes harder and harder to prove that you didn't argue legally that every type media one. All that the blood -- that it's. -- he admitted to the one by the pancake house he said he was over the line. Yeah well you know it is like this said net circumstance. You know -- on the village although it's called fairly reasonable place. It doesn't take you very large -- directly. With does speak to our prosecutor or. Do you like -- I called our Albright secretary speak he directly. We can have a conversation about what happened with the ticket and we can see where those I can't promise anything. And -- the talk to Doug and they -- you know. What were your thoughts on the ticket and how did you come to write that. If there was shock on a tire in the -- You know two hours -- that there's still talk a tire you know -- -- -- in location and I've you know I've got to try to work with -- where to target and hit a lot of situations where people. Yeah of I mean the end in it and we're -- and flat wrong. You -- probably Apple's problem. The business owner with whom we spoke also. Says that he was -- personal eyewitness to the parking enforcement guy running a red light at -- and Los Robles are you aware -- a complaint having been made to the village. No I have heard complaint made. If you were to receive a complaint -- protocol. It's one of our staff. It is especially -- -- Village I. Brought in right places that you at least starting with the conversation and a warning and a discussion about that. If it was our powers. You know sort of you don't notice same page you know just watch yourself here we'd be under a microscope you working diligently in the village. Yeah and -- pay attention how you drive. Oh I wish they -- police would hope people like that over but if they can't be in every place and every time either. Well I would definitely that I would definitely advise people never to do rolling stop at eagle. And Evans. Because that's just a notorious spot that people think you can just roll right through it but I'm like I'm the king of the full stop to say you know. Now I'll. There's there's. There's the stop sign in the village they get run through -- yields sciences. Yeah we for tomorrow. At what our trustees actually was having coffee with me when it's backed off -- gotta -- you've taken out. But -- know that. That was quite yet -- stop -- is -- such a ball if you -- see that it's easy to try to come back to you you know I know the guy who -- -- take it there for a good complain about the person. -- to complain about the system. And that that it's one of the quake saying about the village. There is also one of those things -- that drive people not. So OK let let me let's let's get get to the chaser what are your thoughts. What are your thoughts about guns what are your thoughts about the personal ownership of guns are you a gun -- Well I don't own any guns by Lewis but I -- not have done our home. That said I would have the judicial American -- I believe I took an oath to uphold the constitution. In the Second Amendment is very important not just to -- with a lot of people and this some people morsel. I believe that you know people the right to buy guns they have a right to own guns stores operate -- and stores in the village. There's been no. Completes her -- rupture. Items this year and there we have in the Internet gun business com which one of our restaurant owners. -- they this this gun store on. -- lawsuit -- you know that's why these speeches -- My father in law is the farmer out in Wanda -- -- small -- on. Problem with respect his property right in laws on. That absolutely all right you know. William Clark -- respect the Second Amendment that's that's what I care about and you don't have to help and united is saying -- respect the Second Amendment is good enough for me may I assume then that it is absolute baloney that you and or your wife one of the library to remove books. Involving firearms were guns or anything of the like. There was the question is. Like in some mice on. Grammar school but a question about what my son was bringing home. In hitter. Just leave it that. Well but and with and I really wanna be sensitive. As a dad your family cancer. But. Our eyes see as -- As a constitutional -- I also need to know and I'm gonna have to take a break and I -- what you think about this answer I need to know. As a matter of public library policy. What happened because again leaving your son out of it what. What happened involving -- Williams will branch of the library which is part of the buffalo and Erie county public library system. Then again I'm sensitive to you were being dead is on the -- to. But as you were the mayor that's an important positions so. I'd I want clarification of -- of stand by let's go to traffic right now here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather tonight partly cloudy overnight about 68 tomorrow nice some clouds some sun 75 right now 73 at WB EN. So I'll talk to -- Bear Bryant culpa of Williams bill we gave year old thirty seconds to consider. The answer but you know you are elected public official it's it's an important job and what was the issue with the library and you don't have to. Go wind -- don't want to into. It's there's a personal issue it was with my son's elementary school. He and it was just a question about what my son chose to bring home. It had nothing to do with the library. I really. Don't know how this guy is personal question. Dealing with my children but says and a palpable. I don't know they came from the prior conversation or not. No he's specifically mentioned that your wife had tried to get rid of gun. I still believe that that's the case that -- you know like I said I was Daley's gun owners. We respect the Second Amendment to the hand there is a question about. What we as parents she's ever children bring home but I believe that that. You would never want to see books on guns or firearms removed from -- anyway. There is legal stuff but it you could put a book I am. Medicinal marijuana world war marijuana at a little library you could put a book -- anything -- library. That's what libraries are for. They're free information on any topic be it legal or illegal there information. Components -- places for people. To look up whatever they need to look up for whatever reason -- -- recreation or war. The only business you and you know they should be able to say this feature. Whatever they wanna feature in terms of. -- I think that's the question I know what I Bryant I think you've answered the question and I'm trying to be sensitive to both your public role as mayor Williams bill in your -- role as a data trying to walk a line here but your defense of the Second Amendment is appreciated and I'm very grateful for the clarification and by the way. Just so people know you got back -- this within about five minutes of -- and -- email and John Sherman giving you phone call. Well like they said. You know I appreciate the the conversation. Regarding. You know what happened in the villas in the public realm of the village it's. Is that it means a lot to me obviously that would have committed the crime as mayor I didn't think. Sort of the business of the village Parton is so I'm happy -- than a few moments to talk to about it. And -- by the way out one of the things we're trying to do -- desperately trying to find a company to donate the use of a ground penetrating radar for a day so weakened. Survey garrison park so. Dave Sherman and I can finally tracked down that damn war of 1812 American army field hospital which is thought to have been located were garrison park is located now. My only hope is that it's not buried behind that are underneath the the remnants -- water power because I think that's gonna make it will offer. How that may be an issue in itself. I'm mr. mayor I'm glad for your prompt phone call thank you for getting back to us thank you for defending the Second Amendment and I open it concerns people had have been ameliorated and again that's why we reached. That's why we reached out here. And John can give you my cell phone number here we need to track me down because that pro liberal corner producer John feel free -- on our best bet -- I don't think so either I -- thanks a lot stay standby and you'll get my personal cellphone number Donald give it to you John's got a -- concerns me obscene text at 3 AM. It is -- 25 -- Oh yeah. She comes out of the sun. Running like water color in the rain. I think I have a man crush on Els Stuart. That's. Beautiful. And that was -- -- some. -- -- 634. -- -- -- led thirty WB yen actually that kind of takes me to my next subject. You know this this quote -- story by the way it. Is -- deserve some scrutiny. Tomorrow. OK number one. Ever to. Have a hard time wrapping my fingers away -- Hamburg situation. I want to tell you that I'm a little closer to the -- situation and you know. And I'm willing to talk about right now. I have had my doubts in my skepticism about Hamburg for quite some time. I've kept them to myself and people I know. We may talk about that a little bit tomorrow. I don't. But. I always. There was always something about that Hamburg allegation. That made me. That way you don't get around him -- So all the cold all thing and it should be huge. I I don't have time to get into serious topic. I put up. Article from the New York Times on my FaceBook page and this article obviously was immediately seized upon by the asked to Reno campaign. And that Carl Paladino who. Are they still mysteriously has endorsed. Asked to Reno for governor. Folks -- Cuomo is a criminal. There's no nice way to put. He is a thug and a criminal. And a special prosecutor. Needs to be appointed. By Eric Holder and Barack -- Sorry. A special prosecutor. In a just society. Would be appointed. To investigate Cuomo calling off investigators. Of corruption with the investigators of corruption started realizing that the -- is a car opt. Politician. And that's in the New York Times. Not talking about the -- average. We're talking about my show rush or Hannity. We're talking about the New York freaking times. You know that I asked -- of conservatism. Andrew Cuomo is a criminal and -- thought. And you people are gonna vote and for another tour and it makes me wanna puke. It truly does. In a just society Andrew Cuomo. Would be forced to resign. Just folks you appoint a commission to look at the corruption. The commission goes runaway -- and starts look at your corruption. And you're -- the back off. That's like. No that's pretty much like jury tampering is it not. It's interfering with -- investigations. If there was. Any justice in this world Andrew Cuomo would be announcing his resignation -- Just like he should resign when he said. If you are conservative pro life gun lover you've got no business in New York State. What I hateful comment. But it reveals an insight into Andrew Cuomo's criminal thuggish mind. And I've said it before. That you see this quote somewhere he is a petty vindictive. Little man. I'm not talking physical little. I'm talking integrity. Little and there's a big difference. I -- a small man. But I am a principled -- despite my personal. -- I hope your review articles. But we don't have time right now to get into a bit light it up on FaceBook today and that this is something that -- get. I want to deuce I -- -- more time is tomorrow. Quick question do you believe in psychics and mediums yes you know. This deserves more time. But this is as good as I can get right now because I like to give you happy ending. The final part of a program do you believe in psychics or mediums. And it's really interesting because on the FaceBook page. My FaceBook page combat hourly with the tuxedo. You know what. It is people either believe. That there are psychics. People with a genuine ability to see the future. They believe there are mediums that is to say people who act as medium between the spirit world unseen world and our physical world. Or people believe. That these individuals simply prey on the weak will and small minded. Well. I am hardly a weak willed individual. I think it's safe to say that. Some of reasonable intelligence I could brag about wilders called reasonable intelligence. And apply William of victims logic. To almost every situation of mystery. I encounter. CNN was talking about black holes. Others were talking about a Malaysian plane being landed in the ocean and car goal off load. I the crazy one. I was saying watch it tells you that if the earth is 75%. Water. At the ocean is that the place that damn plane went down in the ocean hello all. I cited examples of Great -- ships even of -- Which have been missing for over 100 years Marquette and Bessemer Roberts who. I told you about an airplane that crashed into Lake Michigan which was never found. It should get. I hit was the logical one. Applying William of opulence. Outcomes razor. The most likely explanation. Is the most rational explanation. And I'm the crazy. So all. What it comes to psychics and mediums. What is your question. If you think that that part of life the spirit world the RC. A spiritual. Is BS and a fraud. Please don't tell you go to church. Because if you believe. That's hogwash and you go to church. You're being internally inconsistent. Let me give the phone number. The quick question is do you believe in psychics were mediums I don't want names I don't wanna give anybody free publicity. Do you believe in psychics and mediums. -- you absolutely been blown away when you have a bit to a psychic or medium that Lily dale. Which is a beautiful place if you don't get a read. Lily dale is one of those magical -- places for me sorry but it is. Have you been blown away that's my question. And I have not Lily dale. The phone number 8030930. Psychics and mediums do you believe. And tell me specifically why. And the reason I say that if you call psychics and mediums hog wash. And you go to church you are a hypocrite is it betrays. An ignorance. Now that's not to be confused with stupidity. It betrays an ignorance. Of your own religion which I presume would be christianity. Because of the early documents of the Christian church went all the Christians got together for everywhere. If you know your new testament you're familiar with the letters to the affiliations the letters to the -- audience. Letters to the Romans. Well that's what we don't have Skype that. Facetime was a few thousand years away. And the early Christians had to get together to figure out what do we do with this and what does this fates of four. At one of the early meetings was held in a place called -- And these different church leaders of the early Christian churches. From all over the Middle East and parts of Europe. Drafted. A basic document of understanding here is what we believe as Christians. And the very first sentence. We believe in one got the father almighty. Maker of all things. Visible all. And visible. Some translations are seen and unseen. Now. You can say what you will about christianity and the early church. One thing you cannot intelligently say is that these were stupid men they were not. They were the intellectual lights of their time. Brilliant brilliant men. They understood. That there was a world that you could see. The visible. The temper. And that there was a spiritual. Dimension. And that there are larger forces at play. On this planet. Which you don't stay but they're still greater. Well if the early church founders believed in things seen and unseen in visible and invisible. I will confess they are a lot smarter than I will ever be. And there was a whole -- of them gathered in nice yeah. And the translations very. But essentially. Make they say we believe in one god the father almighty maker of all things visible and invisible seen and unseen so. That is a basic foundational document of christianity. So if you believe that psychics are mediums are wash. That kind of flies in the face of the nice and pretty. Which recognized there was an unseen world. They're grasping your order -- say or is this is this just. Am I wasting your time and I don't wanna be wasting your time. Now I will tell you. That I do not believe that everybody who claims to be a medium or psychic is in effect. Equally able. Look you have probably had experiences in your life. Psychic intuition. May be even feeling as though somebody was sending you a message. From beyond. I know idea. It just happens I can't summon -- I'm told you this before. I can't sit down and say okay come to me when it happens it just happens. There are people I am convinced who do have a gift. Who can actually channel the invisible or unseen world described in the nicely integrated. And interface with it. I would give you some examples and I just a moment do you believe in psychics and mediums. Yes or no. Have you been blown away yes are now. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB Ian I'll play a story coming up after the break. Bad. It still blows my mind. And I say this as somebody who's. A huge believer. In the rational logical approach to problems. Of life and mysteries. Championed by one William of -- In the popularly cited Hawkins razor. I -- the most skeptical person in the world. And two people. Who describe themselves as mediums where psychics. Have blown me away. I'd really prefer to hold off on my story I'd rather hear yours. 8030930. Start by 3180616. WBE. All right do you believe in psychics do you believe in mediums passer well and have any blown you away. I just don't name because believed and -- game is played and -- -- as the leader. Let's go to -- at east Otto -- it rather hear your comments. Than my own stories but I could tell you. Here's our dog Gus -- you're on WB and. I do believe it because there's -- number I think it came well recently. There's one medium program. Where all I have information is coming out you know this person is talking about. The person that they're interviewing you know and and does -- lawyer mother. You know does it this is what happened here and you know well you're uncle standing right over there and you know they're they're interest in the higher college is going to air don't want to put a lot of money into an issue like oddly you know add. But there's so much information coming out from that one medium at one time. You'd think she'd get all this information. You know -- is that you're looking to be skeptic in scrutinized I think. -- so this is somebody without naming names this is somebody with whom you actually interface. And yes. -- -- -- Well -- interest they but have you ever personally been to one and been disappointed or blown away is to have amazed me and the rest of them were -- games drastically. It is not familiar look I know the tricks do you know John. -- Does acknowledge John. -- I right. Right I I think your way I'd think if there's a lot of a lot of gray area where they're not real you know but I think there's a real real. A -- you have never personally yourself had a quote unquote reading. Oh no everything before ago. Or to damage they are trying to debug and seeing a lot of skeptics would state historian. Of course that he he tells stories that are riddled and that's how he does -- this is ridiculous. Uncle. But then you -- days it was talking about it again historian -- that really spoke riddles. This because he was afraid of being. Hurt by the church because he would be considered sorcerer or both work you know a -- like fortune -- So that's what you wrote and those types of sentences and -- source. Well I I don't see. The difference in terms of being accused of being a sorcerer. Between writing stuff as prophecy. In riddles or writing it in -- direct approach either way those of certain religious persuasion are gonna consider you to be in league with the double. I'm not convinced divide Nostradamus is accuracy. I'm not convinced that meet every generation sites events that happen in that generation and it looked -- something at notre dollars and as -- here's what are. This road here. It's been going on since the -- got. It even when he was a lot. The -- that supports that in my mind is that litany of other. Shall call. Medium and psychic that have come up or words thousands of years ago coming for you. Well. I mean I'd I'd like to know more about specifically. To who you are refer. -- deadly Nostradamus is the most famous and I I frankly have been -- impressed. Would Nostradamus and what are the -- usual also run into with -- for dollars is the fact that. It has been translated re translated. Reconfiguration that's getting missed thank you -- all right I gotta go man thanks we're going all right. Yeah I do this as a longer show. What nobody cares a Taylor if nobody cares wise it's hard to get an appointment it Lou the deal you just don't go there. Don't walk him you gotta have an appointment sometimes some of these people. A month in advance I kid you not. Maybe tomorrow carrier. Yeah I'll I'll save my stories for tomorrow if we had on this road. But I would -- touch done in formal corruption boulevard as well. All right thanks to what John Sherman for. Excellent job that I really above and beyond the call of duty and I did this year by drugs with John that I actually drug free simply say. Johnson -- convert to simply -- And buy stock in their company and -- Joseph -- outstanding work as always. Conserve Terry and his. We thank you Richard wells get. I say you know yourself. Yeah.

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