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7-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so -- -- site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's was he within 200 feet of the school. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's local -- this it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this month this isn't the real caesar's palace wouldn't. He's Olympia. -- now. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and we -- what it meant something -- things and feel confident. Was that members concept of yeah. Our is our lenders -- and -- thirty WB and you know what. I forgot to get -- James Taylor figures. Yesterday. And Mike's been up and -- a Bravo -- I have tickets to James Taylor now it is Georgia and play James Taylor saw. But I get a -- targets for all worked old. To see James Taylor this coming Tuesday July 29 at first Niagara center ticket value of 120 dollars courtesy of -- productions general contest rules apply caller 126449875. I will be unable to attend. But James Taylor Trulia gifted -- talent. Now. I received an email. Just a couple of minutes ago wanna wanna follow up on it. I read email I thought I heard you were a pro gun person. I have been getting harassed by the village of Williams -- about signs. And my truck parked on main street for quite some time now not sure what to do about it. If I were selling flowers or candy and not firearms life would be simpler. Perhaps we can talk. Well let's change perhaps in two way. Let us can beat. -- Dennis Holden who is the owner of buffalo arms incorporated. Who's up pickup truck I drive by twice today on main street in Williams bill I don't know if you know this but he does have 22 caliber ammunition. I've seen that on his and it struck. I'm Dennis thanks a lot for joining us appreciate it. Thank you. Well I am very much pro Second Amendment and I'm like are sure from -- also pro Fourth Amendment. But I'm also pro every bill of rights of our founding fathers unlike some people and I'm going to be consistent about that. But in what way do you believe you are being harassed by the village of Williams real. It and whose jurisdiction. Or shop is situated. Well. I first. At a signing. On the back to make truck early in the back -- my truck. Back in now and February. Of this year and -- it was you know pretty -- was done I -- it and numb. And I got out a letter from the village and it said that you know it was a notice of violation. Order remedy. Basically told me that I -- have it kind. In the back -- my my pick up truck. When you say in the back of your pickup truck was it isn't the bed of your pickup truck. And kind of like a sandwich board sign in the bed of your pickup truck. Yeah I would nailed. Was literally nailed to -- yet nailed or screwed to the a wooden Pallet. That I had in the back of my truck -- and it and it said. Violations said that it would see Adam. It was like they can it was a temporary permanent signs. And I you know so I went down there to pocket guy and I said you know what what does that mean you know. Temporary permanent you know when he sat down got a permanent side you know. And I said well it. It's it's a sign that nailed to wooden Pallet that I take out of the back in my pickup truck every every night you know. And -- -- a -- -- I want to me that certainly not a permanent not a building it's not a -- You know it's in the back of the pickup truck which is mobile's. And that I don't understand how they could be anywhere permanently phenomenon it RA you know it's like OK what about magnetic shine. He's so magnetic signs are okay. So I got -- made up my friend of mine. From the winter -- company and it opens -- date yet but good guy he made a sign up. All of a sudden he'll send you the build don't worry I'm sorry go ahead. I parked my truck up there. And -- this particular sign had an -- on it that said 121 south Longstreet. And not so I got another letter from the village it's said that that it was against the new York state Department of Transportation. You can't have an -- on the side and the back of the truck. So are on a sign I'm sorry I'm assigned okay. So I went up on main street and I I yet he had -- -- One -- -- little shelters that -- Advertisement inside dad and that had an airline it. There's stockbroker on the other side of mainstream who had that definitely has a permanent sign that has like a red airliner. There's a -- at studio at the end of the street that put up temporary lacquered out all the time and that has an arrow on it. Site that I I didn't even go down main street I just said you know nursery for -- on -- And did you know this -- kind of silly that -- don't -- and it rocked the boat that's fine I'll change it so I changed the sign. So it had like an all mobile. And it ended at 121 south Longstreet. And then that I the next stage yet -- a part of parking ticket. So you know from the from the guy in the village that -- -- gives people picket. And the parking ticket was for what particular parking violation. Like that that was part there longer than two hours. But he couldn't possibly have -- might might might tigers because there's three inches of pros and it was February 26 I think and it was. There was three into the frozen ice on the ground it was like five degrees outside. Finally getting talked right tires and I moved it before I would have to move would be bored you know that the two hour time limit but again you can get anywhere else. Phil. You know it is silly I want to play depicted. And the district attorney I think he thought it was the OJ Simpson trial and he hit twenty but they have like 25 objections. He I stood up and I said my name and how long I live in the town cameras well liked and he objected to that. You know. This is the resisted the district attorney from from where. -- so. -- should be the village of surety. Right okay now that the DA's office. Now. -- -- so you're maintaining that your vehicle was not parked in one spot stationary for a longer than two hours which would violate their Williams built parking laws. OK but proving that I guess is going to be -- I would -- the burden of proof was on the state but you know we're talking about a parking violation in -- in my criminal offense as you mentioned like the OJ Simpson trial so. That in those -- during the trial that he didn't he wasn't able to chalk it. He market by looking at the truck at the position nothing else. So how many feet did you move the truck before but it was issued. So I usually target you know would have won parking space or there's somebody in front of it right now I'll move it like a block away or whatever you know. Because I have given by your truck a million times and the sign. Decided that we see now on main street Williams bill under pickup truck is a magnetic sign. There's no -- on it but it's siren call it does remind me on a daily basis that you do -- -- 22 caliber ammunition. We do. We you have 22 caliber ammunition OK and that's always good to well. And most most places most gun and gunshots and in a box stores has they don't. So the original complaints about the design of your sign for your gun business. Dealt with that you're dealing with the village of Williams -- code enforcement officer -- correct. -- have but you're arguing that it was selectively enforced. The girl part of the sign because other businesses in close proximity to you also had signs with arrows. And did -- a lawyer. -- I don't have a lawyer yet. Look at that and you know what I'm wondering is if you want if the arrows on the other business in some -- different because they were not parked it -- on vehicles in the street. Well I. I really think the only difference is that those businesses don't -- fire. Well I guess it would depend on the wording of the of the village -- -- bill code is part of signs are concerned. Well they they they. It was obvious to me they had arrows on their signs and they were more permanent in the the -- that I had. OK so let let's just accurate first of all they called your original sign. Which was nailed to a sandwich -- in the bed of your pickup truck they call that a temporary permanent sign which. Sounds kind of ridiculous to me it it's illogical to call something -- temporary and permanent number one. Now as far as the aero situation. I would have to look at. What law they are siding and widely believed you were in violation. Of our board of whatever law -- they reciting. I mean it may be that the air role. On the other business. Is exempt because it doesn't look like a traffic direction that is being given by some official vehicle if you catch my at my -- the truck drivers call electorate Indians. All right so comedy. How many other oh you know I'm gonna bring -- -- -- -- folks -- we're talking with. -- aren't -- Dennis Coleman who runs a business at the South Lawn near remain in Williams real. And he says the villagers harassing him. He says about selling flowers or candy they would be give me a hard time. Buddies feel like he's being given extra scrutiny by the village code enforcement and parking enforcement people because he is selling guns and ammunition. Of course guns are all bad and climb out of your draw or every day and commit all kinds of mayhem on the girl. I think that's an established fact in via regressive mindset first before we go further with -- let's find out what's going on -- traffic and here is. Alan Harris. And as far as AccuWeather goes -- tonight partly cloudy the overnight low about sixty degrees -- be in my state tomorrow some clouds some sun 75. And then Friday sunny and nice 77 right now 73. And up by the way I I am psychic. Out of you know this but. I have the distinct feeling that I'm gonna hear a lot more Michael Caputo. In the not too distant future your on WB -- is just a psychic flash that don't have it. Now we're talking with Dennis Hogan -- his business is called a buffalo arms incorporated. So all right the temporary permanent size issue you said -- -- a -- really don't mess around with this you have the magnetic sign made but they first magnetic son had an aero. The Euro was a problem so you took the roll off. So -- the third thing that happened is even though you moved your vehicle your pickup truck. You say within the two hour time limit the village has before it starts giving out tickets you've still got a ticket. Even though your tires could not be chalked because it was winter February and -- rubber -- were pretty well it was pretty damn cold outside in February what else is gonna. Gal -- what else has been going on to make you feel as a target what what's the latest thing that happened. Well. This afternoon. I moved my truck at like two minutes after five. And then I went I went down there again to. To move it in at least cut ten after three and had a ticket on the windshield. Run that by me again. And I went down I I'd move my truck I actually had moved by truck at like twelve Craig. 12 o'clock and I -- it again it like 205. And I went down at ten minutes after three and that truck. I had taken out. So -- tweak -- five. And 310. I you know the guy gave me a ticket and you know that only. A little over an hour. And you've got 82 hour. And I rarely spend that long a main street will usual park they generally do it will. All right so. Are you maintaining that you are being picked on by the village of Williams -- because the nature of your business is firearms and ammunition. Yet. Have you talked with -- yeah and you don't have an attorney Bob. Who with whom have you spoken in the village. About eight the parking figures and be. The signage issues. Well I spoke to the the code enforcement officer first. And now. You know like I guess I've got -- all -- now look at these stopped sending me letters. I guess assignment on the back of my trucks. Is. It is okay. But. You know. The I'm still now -- getting you know parking tickets you know and I mean I'm not even getting legitimate parking tickets and needed. My truck was there for like an hour I actually went down on the guy. And gave on the ticket back today and I figured I'd give him his ticket my truck was -- -- we're going to air around an hour. You know in an -- I've been watching net trucks and which leads me to believe it obviously they're arresting me if he's watching my truck I'm like. I don't you think socket meet that no and I said what was always -- our -- Here's your ticket back and noted that -- turning the ticket again and and he actually told me he said. He said stop correcting me to have very Kobe stopper at the -- OK well first of all what's the ticket is written. If you ignore the ticket it's only gonna make it worse for yourself you know their right. And I think everybody -- -- like you're getting ball and it sounds like you're getting blown -- you're you're not going to be adding anything to it by eight. Running into further issues with parking tickets which give multiplied an added upon before you know what you're thousand dollars in hock to the village hold on that is because a lot more on this story. Because this certainly isn't the first time we've heard of people. -- either with the pro and why -- signs or firearms business signs. Being. Hardly welcomed in Andrew Cuomo's New York State and by the way Andrew Cuomo is a vicious criminal. And he is a gangster mentality politician. You can go to our FaceBook page my FaceBook page and learn all about how once -- dogs I'm -- once the people investigating corruption. Got close to -- suddenly the commission got disbanded. I think we need a special prosecutor to look in the Andrew Cuomo and I believe and Cuomo should resign. But what I think doesn't matter because -- still win reelection and he is the darling of the local newspaper which hates me. 526 at WBE. What do you. All right it is coming up about 34 news radio 930 WBM hard to bring up to speed you're talking with the Dennis -- Who owns a gun shop. Buffalo arms incorporated in Williamsburg all south long by -- history. And just looking at the map peer Dennis you are not exactly within that high range of main street you're in that part of south long. Right across from the old Lehigh a railroad station in the historical building they have they're so it's gotta be hard for you to keep a line of sight contact with your pickup truck. Your -- which you're saying is being unfairly. Marketed are unfairly targeted unfairly ticketed. By the -- parking enforcement guy in the village Williams bill have you thought about asking one of the business owners on main street and we're talking about the area by the way rate near a deacon was bakery. Monro -- those of you -- not familiar with the ability to drive through once in awhile. Have you thought about asking permission to put up a trail -- In the area so that you can improve with time stamped photographs that you are in fact adhering to village parking policy. No I haven't. But that's not a bad idea. -- I think that one of these businesses has got to have a gun loving Second Amendment supporting individual in charge who does not want this guy run out of town. If that is what is happening here. What I mean aren't so that's the size issue. You've gotten that result by talking with the code enforcement officer by the way I've had any dealings with the code enforcement officer in Williams bill and I've always found them to be a very polite cooperative. And you know but frankly very. Very effective and very easy people with whom to deal I'm ever had an issue with the parking guy because I just don't park on main street all that much now. As far as these tickets with whom have you been in touch other than the guy writing tickets. Well I I went to court. The first ticket. And you know obviously yeah you know the case was heard before a judge. The the village judge I think you know that the regular judge I think was and vacationers of them. But. You know there was like -- Temporary judges there. And down. I kind of felt sorry for the guy because after about 25 objections from the from the village attorney. It just was getting ridiculous you know. So you use say that -- did you count where there actually 25 objections or are you just guestimate. Why I requested it transcript. For the from the court I ever received yet. They said that I had to get it from stenographer but there was no stenographer. All they did was reported. And now. My attorney says that my attorney on another matter you know. He says that. They they they have to record with a stenographer and we can't just recorded you know. So what was the outcome of the case did you have to pay the parking fine back in February. So the outcome of the February parking -- -- you believe was on fear was what what did the judge decide. I I tend to judge that I you know. That I'd pay a fine between ten dollar fine. -- -- Since February. How many tickets have you receive. I got a ticket. In the village I was parked up on main street. Down further -- like where that -- -- counted this. I got a ticket because that was. The bumper basically like the -- -- truck was passed. The dying like I've made my truck was like twelve inches in. You know past the design work sesno standing there. So you know I guess technically you know I I was in violation because the you know the bumper and a few inches of my hood. Was that the sign. I argued with that with the parking. A meter -- whatever column and you're not gonna win that one. Now I mean I paid the ticket you know I even though I thought that that was really nitpicking. Ego you know. A few weeks several weeks ago like nick I've run a red light it -- in Los Robles -- -- fly into red light you know. This is a -- -- giving people you know parking ticket. I don't give it media parking ticket a few at a funeral in the village. This was like one of the trustees' white checkered. Of the village of ways we give a ticket. So -- in total. That you believe it. If the total then Alley parking figure it's -- received since February. I got my third one today. Okay the one -- -- -- hole -- there's no way there's no way I was I was parked there for maybe an hour. There's no way actually gotten tickets today. Have you thought about having a meeting requesting a meeting with the mayor Brian called off. I have he's tired I've been down to the village three times. I actually yeah. That's. Ability to link deleted name is -- I asked her today. I gave her my card. -- I don't construction company for thirty years I gave her that tired and I gave her. My card for the gunshot but I said you know we have the mayor called me because I mean he apparently this guy in you know I mean he's just he just over the top giving people tickets. Well me if if people are in violation of parking laws he's doing his job I mean if he is giving you tickets win you don't deserve a ticket for example if your vehicle did not in anyway shape -- -- exceed the time allotted me then you've got a legitimate complaint. Right well today my my truck was there for about an hour. Okay and I have two hours -- to our parking. So. -- what what do you think you'd you'd tell me what you think the village ought to do. I think he should get somebody that's that's responsible. And it can do the right thing when -- when they have that that kind of a job I mean it. It's counterproductive. If your business in the village let's say somebody drives into the village from -- to blogger I don't wander the city Clarence wherever. He commended the village they go to they wanna shop they want services. And they come out and they've got a ticket on their their car and I'm not -- and -- it might be kind of nitpicking let's just say. Manipulative they -- two inches pesticide in its ticket you know the -- I didn't even notice it. I mean is that counterproductive do you think these guys ever gonna come back and you know and patronize stores and and services in the village of the guy gets a ticket that might leave a bad case in the guy's mouth. Or it it all the people never -- to -- party delegates. I nobody that legitimate that's fine but you know I mean and here's a guy running red lights. And that guy can run a red light you can kill somebody. You're not you know the guy who's writing the -- hasn't won -- ran the red light. Yeah but yet it is clear that the detective is the guy that several weeks ago went right through the light at about quarter after ten. And mean and lots -- went right light red light. And made it turned down lots Robles was on Wednesday morning. Absolutely certain of it because I was standing right there. Did you by any chance file a complaint with the police. IIB camera police. And I think I'm sure they told you that they had actually witness that they couldn't do anything right. The village -- about it. All right what's this thing you know I've I've sent an email and we put the phone call to the mayor of Williams built to find out what's going on. I get my opponent everybody I talked to there that probably hundreds of complaints about this guy. And sure enough you'll and one that has complained about. Well they've done either there are three different issues number one the side issue which is seemed to have resolved to your satisfaction and the village code enforcement satisfaction. The second issue it go ahead. Well I don't know it just seems like they're they're trying they're at -- through a different a different venue you know. OK but you haven't gotten any letters from the village code enforcement people about the sign since you took the -- off the -- Guy now -- so let let's just presume then that bad issues they care the second issue. Specifically deals with the ticket you got today. We're you know for a fact that you were not parked in excess of two hours and you still have it up with a parking thing. And obviously the burden is going to be on used to prove that the vehicle was not parked. More than the allotted time. Other than having an eyewitness who can come on your behalf to who we are not related I don't know exactly -- gonna fight that. I mean I suppose I would suggest. Getting a trail camera truth camp. Two. And win with with a time stamped past or at least you have some video evidence that you infect were in the right in not in violation of parking. Yeah. Well a -- that you go to that -- you know. Well it was obviously. They just would hires somebody that was responsible and you know did the right you know have their job. You know. I would also made it. When you call -- and you know it's -- calling the village. I mean my advice also would be to have letters certified letters to the village. So you know that they received somebody signed for those letters. In particular and what you told me you were alleging that the the parking guy in Williams -- you personally witnessed him running a red light at -- and Los Robles. And this ticket do you. I don't mean to put words in your mouth but do you think in any way -- perform this ticket as a result of the complaint you made against said parking guy. Possible I have no idea. I don't know it -- I mean I've heard rumors that the mayor and his wife. Are going whoever's. I actually heard stories about the mayor's wife and she wants. She wanted to take go to libraries take any reference of firearms out of the books in public debt which really is desirable. I don't know that's true or not but. Yeah that that apparently added they're Nat. They're not in favor of people having done so again that's just a rumor I don't know that's true well. God I would like to have committed anybody wants to verify that is in such a form to send me an email Tom at WB EN dot com. OK so you don't think get talked into the mayor's gonna get your work. I I don't think the mayor is is. In favor of second -- Second Amendment Rights. Are committed or that is at this point eight presumption. You know I can't say that and we don't play all the way is I don't know if by the mayor of Williams bill O'Brien Coppola is anti Second Amendment anti guns and any idea of going to the library and removing books dealing with firearms and -- them. OK I mean if if that's if that's true that's obviously -- is. Now. Well there's lots of stories about lots of people held or some about me. -- now most of them are. But what I was gonna say too is I mean the truth Cantonese sounds great idea or racists think at the village board -- have you been in the village board meeting. Recently. Earlier what I'm saying is. Very kid let's put it this -- I wonder how many businesses in your area would like to make the same kind of complaints. Everybody if you look you gotta have parking turn over or your business is not going to be able to draw new customers through the door if one car is occupying the same spot. You know all day long that's why you have parking time limits if you were beaten. -- I beg your pardon mine won't follow the winter. You you have you have friends. What's that like I I forgot what it was like to have for a not not nevermind I'm just talking to myself. Okay. I would definitely suggest that you go to the village board meeting and raise holy hell and make the village trustees and the mayor if your questions as to why you are being singled out are you being singled out why this guy has a big. You know high hard one for. Yeah I don't know I did that would be interesting to find out I I think -- You know you have to get an attorney and and see what's up with this thing and go go at it you know through some legal matters. Where you also might consider getting a one -- the what they call those things are real cam. Truth can c'mon they don't help me out here in the -- -- covers about like -- people were other ailments and other. Guys -- jump out of airplanes but other ailments are. Cultural thank you don't maybe maybe you could mount a go pro or a dashboard cam that is time stamped on your dashboard and you can introduce that is evidence the next time. You were given a ticket which you believe you don't deserve that you can actually prove that you're not in violation of the law. Or -- I wish I mean again it's it's very difficult to say what is going on here. I will tell you again that I have put out a call to the mayor. I am of of William bill. I said I'd love to talk to a mutt I I'm thirty. And now there -- few times and at that he called me and I haven't gotten any phone calls yet so. Be well because if it yet if this story about the library is true. With yet with with the flip of a few fingers I can mobilize an army for mainstream Williams bill. So that would that would be -- that would have to be -- I don't understand. I mean. I know and preaches acquired I mean. People are just ignorant you know well people at the open and treat people don't go dateline. So it I think given so in order to make you make laws stricter. For anything no gun controller anything. It doesn't matter you know he can make you could make a lot stricter food drive -- of an automobile. Doesn't matter criminal want to drive an automobile or or a crazy person want to drive -- -- gonna drive you know. Well and understood. But I mean again I think going to be an issue the issue at hand spent at hand deals with does the village want you out of the village because the nature of your business involves firearms and ammunition. I thought -- it was posted Dennis. Which actually admit their their people they bring their children in area now. And I think it's wonderful and. I do -- right I gotta I gotta go I do hope you keep us posted on how this resolves itself. And I know what other businesses in Williams bill that don't sell firearms are running into the same issue. Parking enforcement officers by the way and probably one of the least. Talk about under appreciated jobs. In the in the world I got breaking WBU. That children get my FaceBook page that Max will come the ATF raid Woolsey. It's 552 AccuWeather partly cloudy tonight the overnight low about sixty. And devices take on the Syracuse Chiefs it's Italian festival lead at the ballpark 705 -- night for a ball game and tomorrow night some some some clouds and 75 right now 73 and is ready and I'm thirty WB EN. And by the way folks a bit of -- try to be circumspect here okay. Three parking tickets if I understand correctly three -- targets on main street in the village of Williams all since February the first one of the tires could possibly have been shocked but Dennis lost the case. The second one he paid the ticket because he was in violation his vehicle was over the line. And the line is the line and use it it is the line you know unless it's NHL and prettals. Skate is in the trees oh that's a bad memory nevermind. And then today's ticket he says was given. Well under the two hour limit. The village as for park now. For business owners and -- is a dislike me the other side of circus dollar B circuit their first all. If if Denis is being screwed by the parking enforcement guy for the village that's wrong and it's got to stop. If he is being selectively targeted its role. No -- snow and the robots. But a lot of business owners in college I don't care what village are talking about or any municipality. Today. Are happy to have parking limits wide. Because they don't want people to park in front of their store for eight hours because it prevents new customers from coming -- They like to have a -- Of traffic and a dynamic parking situation so people can get into the front doors of their business. And the business owners are the people Altman who are the biggest proponents of the two hour parking them because they've got to keep new customers -- and so that's the other side of this why you have parking limits to begin -- and as far as lines are concerned you gotta have a line -- And the line is the line and and there really isn't any leeway. The issue is is he being targeted because he sells guns and ammo that is the issue. And the other issue is is he being targeted now because he is decided to call out the parking enforcement guy in Williams. I don't know we put a call out to the mayor Williams -- we'll see what happens and I also wanna find out. If it's true that he and his wife forgotten Greg Evers. If that's the case the army may be mobilized. It is I'm speaking of course about the Internet -- it is 555 news radio -- thirty WB. Probably the most circumspect man on radio today.

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