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7-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. It's it's Tom power play him. It's live it's local park. Being. Third yeah yeah half. Not being injured Tom hourly. -- news radio 930 double. -- -- -- It's no sir I keep your mouth shut and didn't do what was good for -- area -- by -- did break. All right it is a lot of minutes after four that was a random quote from dumb and dumber by the way for those who I don't know -- Keep up with my brand sometimes. By the way. Secretly I'm insecure about my brain because -- insecure about my lack of technical sophistication. Are people out here. Like my friend -- -- -- who is much more technically proficient than I I think I'm smarter than alum but I think. -- many things but he's got me beat technically. I've often thought the irony would have been had I -- to law school we can have an -- from together. We'd like rounds here are so Leno and -- Alitalia but Banco. -- -- about for different -- simple about it. All right anyway it is twelve minutes after four -- news radio 930 WBBM. Oh all right. Now I have absolutely no. Antipathy. Whatsoever. I don't it's not worth it really isn't like. He's got the ball to put his -- work most people -- Anyway. Its hourly we're talking about the latest. I'm sorry crying from teachers about wall is just how are pretty sure our. Our white ash cloud makes more than a starting teacher. Well first of all it took me I can't go over the list again like they're comparing apples to oranges. They're they're looking at the start to pay of teachers. And I presume this is across the country as 45000. Dollars a year. And then they talk about people who work for example professional bull riders making 100 to half a million a year. And how long is that starting paper bull -- I doubt it. Radio DJ. Folks to suggest a radio DJ. Makes fifty to 65000. Dollars as a starting salary -- 2014. You don't know what you're talking about. It doesn't work that way. And let me simply explain. And again this is not. This labor will apply to your job and it's the only reason. I'm -- sure this we're gonna take what I. I will tell you that when I started in this business my first full time job I wanna know you're starting salary wise. And a -- -- put it in ninety in 2014 dollars. My first radio job paid me 22000 dollars a year in 1983. Which would be like they can -- the -- at 50500. Dollars today. Not yet for nineteen year old get our -- And I wanna play something that today. Starting radio page in buffalo is less than it was in 1982. Does that surprise you. Started radio -- today is less that was in 1983. Supply. Demand. Now being a talk show host is not the same is being a DJ at all the respect of my friends were DGA's. I can't just put on a record. I got. Greens up my whole life is preparation for the show I don't want about it because it's what I don't. It's my avocation. And I'm worth everything on paper and that's up. And the reason it is. It's like the -- Close and -- or organized crime in general I don't want to give us is Judy my secure Donna Brothers a bad name. All organized crime. You wanna make good money. You gotta make money for -- -- The couple then turns over his cut. Well the conduct of a couple of basic gut and then it goes up a lot. Eventually the godfather. What we think of is our CEO. He's the who takes the lion's share. So. -- for you produced revenue for your employer in -- radio. Or in whatever widget company. It is for which you work the more money you will -- And if you are a good salesperson. And Jordan not being properly. Having your -- -- Then you get another job selling something else were you are properly compensate. We don't have slavery anymore we do not have indentured servitude anymore are right. You don't like were your work and you don't like what your make by the like this applies the teachers to know. If you -- wanna make 45000 dollars a year to start. I would like to know who told you we're gonna make a million to start. Please explain to me that. You know quite interesting to. As far as jobs that this demon. And that does mean I'm sure does not speak for all teachers but I've certainly heard the mentality before. A lot of today's teachers. I think have grossly. Inflated opinions of themselves. And how great player. I really do. And what I would go to school. I really felt like it was about the kids it was about the students. It was about they were there to share knowledge and to impart wisdom to arts. But it's changed. It has. Not changed for the better. Because I don't think there is a class of people that why it's more about what they earn. Ban teachers. Yeah you gotta get a bet -- gotta get a master's degree. The F the I know people with education master's degrees. It's not an impossible -- you did not just climb Everest it's a master's degree. One of the people I know with a master's degree. Works at her -- fairways -- company. And that as a part time gig at. Another family business one of which you have -- the major family business I'm sure you've never heard. But. She's got a master's degree in education. You know -- time she's bitch about how hard it was to get. Zero. Murder bitch wants about dot com my masters in education. The -- was. -- I think it was like a little fun. -- -- -- -- I do not begrudge anybody who earns more than I aren't what they term. If I wanted to make what do brain surgeon makes. Surgeon. I don't have the aptitude I don't have the talent I don't have the skills and frankly I don't have the interest in being a brain surgeon. Why do people get so bent. Over what other people -- You wanna make the 45000 dollars a truck driver makes the by the way I think that's -- too because. I don't a lot of truck drivers K I lost their asses. He yellow jackets are expensive. Hopes not that came out wrong OK it. It takes skill to drive a big -- It takes training to drive a degree. And you gotta be patient and you gotta love what you do because folks. I want you to think about your family vacation in that car from buffalo to Cape -- you -- do that every freaking day for a living. All wearing -- why do you think of somebody truck driver listeners. May third hey. Their day we call -- like the company so lonely life. I don't -- a truck drivers very boy. Really sucks that I make -- 45000 a year I feel under appreciated. They just go about doing their jobs to other business keep in America -- keep an America fed and keep America. And hoping the Chinese economy shipping the crap but Wal-Mart. That's what they know. Sorry I -- -- the -- -- like bad guys you know that I love truck drivers I think truck drivers are salt of the earth people. And we could not exist without truck drivers and I frankly find it offensive. That's what put up this memo. On on line is beam about teachers being. Under appreciated. At underpaid compared to ridiculous jobs frankly they show their own ignorance for people with master's degree if you're gonna look down on a truck driver. -- Sorry there's just no other word well there is but I can't finish the word on the on on the radio. Truck drivers -- their asses every single day. And teachers you wouldn't eat. Your students wouldn't eat you wouldn't have and it. -- -- or pencil sharpener school books without truck drivers. Effort this person and again this person does not present all teachers there's just one idiot. Who wants to whine about starting pay for a teacher compared to what other people -- I find very offensive. Nobody is overpaid. Early December they wanna take exception with -- -- that nobody is -- Because if somebody is willing to pay me what they paid me I'm not overpay. If somebody's willing to pay Thomas panic when he makes he's not overpay. Because he's worth it to somebody. I think big overpaid is an impossibility. It's all it defies logic. All right let's sorry. I'd like to say I think Oprah is but I can't get she's. She's a brilliant business person. Let's find out what's going on I don't like politics I think she -- that way but I respect her initiative and entrepreneurial skills as a brilliant woman let's find out that what's -- -- -- traffic here is a brilliant man who has never whined about working a split shift. Mr. Allen Harris. All right Brent thanks Alan and AccuWeather for a -- 8:8 partly cloudy evening at the overnight low about sixty. Bison steak on the Syracuse Chiefs it's Italian festival so I enjoy. And Asia literary. At the ballpark if you'd like -- to legislate eat -- Italian word of Agassi. Something else that I imagine that. Permits that mines in the real word and genetic and bonds is short I don't. Anyway nice tomorrow some clouds some sun and seventy vibrant now 73 at WB Ian here's my question. The jobs that I listed. It do you think there is a ridiculous job. You wanna call truck drivers are ridiculous job house sitters all walkers ridiculous jobs house sitters ridiculous jobs. I might agree with you one clowns but again if people are willing to pay for equality -- First of all I believe they peoples like your -- these DMZ but. But if they're willing to the cloud is worth every last penny respective public dislike of Klaus. Which is based upon the year. And -- alone. I'd rather stick my hand and when mr. brown recluse spiders that come face to face with a clown. I would not be responsible for anything I might do to -- while ever in my life. Not guilty by reason of the fact that it was like well. -- Our teachers underpaid and under appreciated. You feel under appreciated on the job. Every day one sandy beach gets off the year or rush gets off the year or Michael Savage or shall I get off the year that our bosses are waiting for sick. Hold on all the. Well 7 o'clock I walk out to a lonely building. To a lonely car. And I drive home to a lonely house. With a lonely -- or two. And I start prepping for the next -- I don't have. The engines of applause when I leave here. My my applause comes at the end and the middle of every month. In the form of a direct deposit into my bank that's my appreciation. If your appreciation to. -- -- Nobody wants to -- -- because that's surprising 803 on a thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet those are the ample numbers. What was your first job your first full time job when was it and what was your salary. Mine was 1983. Radio talk show host extension 55. I was paid 22000 dollars a year which cheers me is that the equivalent of by like fifty and a half today. And I think it was pretty good for nineteen year old it is for country. -- -- -- -- Just I have a pair of tickets right now Jesse James Taylor and for some weird reason I'm supposed to give them the caller well which makes no sense that call -- twelve at 64498756449875. This coming Tuesday July 29 at the first Niagara center the -- -- is a 120 bucks a lot of people wanna -- James Taylor he is alleged he really is an American back plastic general contest rules apply in these tickets are courtesy beaver productions. And James Taylor for those who don't know. There's been a lifelong struggle with mental illness as many creative performing types do. And he has overcome. And he is triumph and I think he can be an inspiration to a lot of people. Politico politics notwithstanding an anchor the man is an inspiration. It is up 434 so my question is your first full time job. What did you earth is a salary and what you do now. Do you feel under appreciated. There is a Lehman going around the Internet written presumably by a teacher. And it's filled with the usual tripe about how teachers are. Under appreciated. And underpaid with a starting salary of 45000 dollars and this arrogant person who wrote this mean actually calls truck drivers and crop. Dusters. Basically stupid jobs ridiculous jobs and I say to myself you know what. That's the attitude of people who were training America's youth. Wow. You talk about a lack of fundamental understanding about how the economy works. And help -- makes it from point a to point -- from the crop duster to the truck driver. It may be one job that's appreciated. Out. I can't think of any job. That we're always get a pat on the back hockey player. You haven't scored a goal in forty games. I'd make it Drew Stafford joke here but. What five million a year -- -- to twelve under appreciated. All of you got us. Are there is that Kim in the east or -- up on WBBM. Kim hello. And it. You were very I hope. Now I get treatment emea that. I am. He can't that he. And I. Expect for -- out. Ninety. It can't. And out Wikipedia. And made that 12100. Alex. A lot out and and I really well. Well and for those who don't know. Catholic schoolteachers. The -- wanna talk about underpaid they are notoriously. Underpaid. -- -- That was able to. Upper -- -- -- -- -- line. To lay. Out. What. Sure okay just just so I know there -- being that the question is your first full time salary. Other discount -- Catholic school experience in 1998 because. I don't think that that's a fair comparison for to this mean it's going around the Internet. Your first the first year of your first full time job in a public school where you were full time. The first year what we -- what you're was. And I. -- -- Well. At. Shall I call -- 35 thousands. Now it like there -- The reason I'm asking is I wanna just I want to calculate what this would -- them a two day. Today that would be like making 44291. Dollars. Yeah yeah I -- -- big -- a couple of big. Yeah. Now as far as the appreciation factor an NC this is where a lot of teachers who don't listen carefully don't understand me I have always given. My eight teachers in the Kent worked out of title one school district who were exceptional. Morals and kudos because I think I had some of the greatest teachers ever and without them I don't think I would be in the position I am in the today. I have always appreciated my teachers even when I was a student do you feel under appreciated. That. An odd that -- -- that apple dump it like cabinet is. You don't do it will be appreciate -- problem if you are eject. You eat pizza because -- left -- and -- and Melanie. Yeah it'd be appreciated every day you know and without. -- -- lives -- at Becky Ares is well and they don't feel -- appreciate it. Talk tough job to job where people feel appreciated. Because I'm sorry but economics 101 and the real world one all one. And I'm gonna put this in my book I don't know what the hell I'm talking about which I'm working on. Is that. You -- appreciation on the job comes in the form of a paycheck that is your appreciation. So. Yeah I really really you know. App will appreciate it completely out. There. That out of this without Eric. -- look at it and maybe he hit. On it and I -- and. Do you think priests. Whether it's a Roman Catholic priest or non Catholic priest or minister. Now you wanna talk about people who work a lot of hours post people have burnt out like -- wouldn't. But leave. -- Because everybody comes to them what their problems. Everybody. Eat at -- early. Think that it's adding a ink -- the break it outbreaks. You know you feel pretty heated. A black and it's that they don't lie. You know I I guess I don't understand the concept of being. Under appreciated if you're a teacher from where do you expect to get appreciation the principal the board of education the PTA. Do you think all teachers should be equally appreciated some teachers like some radio people suck it -- got no business being your profession. I could name one at all. -- You know picking up there and it's. Lot acts are and you know -- not that gap -- little -- and that where at every paper back into -- -- And I -- you know I feel for felt. -- -- Uniting the party to -- it is an act that they had been at South Africa. Well what can we talk -- sort of your colleagues because I will play that most people in radio we laugh while both -- at the radio laugh about what they may. Okay -- it's ridiculously slow. For most people generate. I can't play. I like that can't get degree I read it Barrick made that -- -- money on. It aren't trying to regulate app. -- but I like that you don't got to thank you expect at. That -- I don't doubt he'd go into that because you let it happen lagging cropped up well. Content and accurately wide problem actually is a. You now I -- my my argument to this person who wrote this mean is. If you were unhappy making 45000. Dollars a year in this economy with great benefits by the way in most cases that. You should consider becoming a crop dusting pilot and you wanna talk about people were underpaid -- commercial airline pilots earlier. The guy who Fleischer from buffalo Charlotte makes less than 45000 a year I'm pretty sure. -- Yeah. I don't think it I think I get out I mean and -- I had but you keep in their mind of why you're really there. That I think they're out in ninety RJ that the money out of valid and you regulate app. They have our intent in the next -- They expect -- and you know I get popular apple background. Well I think I I you know what I agree I think it's in bad taste and frankly it puts a bad taste in my mouth but I've heard this from so many teachers over the years and and I hate to say it but I think there are way to many teachers and I don't know how to give this a metric. But they think they are really worth a lot more than they are really worth and in the great law of economics supply and demand. There are a hell of a lot of people up there with master's degrees in educations and if you've got a job you should consider yourself fortunate or blessed to have a job. And not put down other people like truck drivers or hot air balloon pilots who earn more than your starting pay. After god knows how long they've been in the business. Absolutely absolutely Bailey here. I know about it and other professor and I'll in the -- and it began Allen Alley at a beach eating out. It happened. Well. Some people deserve to -- -- just but among the people with whom you work in Kim I don't wanna get you into trouble but. It is the attitude more like yours or more of that snooty attitude that I get a lot of doing talk radio. Where you know the teachers is some teachers actually able told me with a straight face they should make would brain surgeons earned and I laughed. -- -- is. Is it that and and -- Go to bed. You know -- at an early morning at that actually I don't think about. It's very nice -- electric today he ops are. You can because he is put. -- help -- out. I wonder how many other people are listening right now who do a lot of work at home because I will tell you I work several hours every day and or evening apple. In fact I can make the argument my entire life is show Oprah. I would have it any other way other cultural anthropologist forgiveness. And I really care and you've. Seen the growth in. -- it. -- And I expect that -- And yeah. You -- more. And more. -- probably is -- At all. -- -- It. -- -- -- -- -- You -- but I would say to anybody including myself as I have told this to myself if you don't like you -- making. Do something else or work for another company and I have lived by those rules my entire professional life I have never been fired from any radio job ever in over thirty years. That's nice now it never really injured professor and it's your Mac can be. Illiterate and I speak and she -- apparently planning gallantly let it be at that. In a speculate -- -- Like I had a hypocrite and that are fat and. Well I was thinking about going into the gigolo field in west Paul but. Not much demand for short guys thanks very much and magical. That the -- putts and regular -- under three can you imagine being a lady of the evening. I wonder what a starting salary is there and how appreciated you feel. I I shouldn't and a lot. I guess the point of trying to make news I don't know anybody. Who feels totally appreciate it 100%. Of the time at their job. Were you raised that -- to expect depreciation work. I wasn't. I wasn't Weller from my dad is real simple. You're gonna have to work for a living you do something you wanna do pitcher naturally gonna do. If you like to do. And you follow. Your inner directives. You know I was told by a guy. At UB my freshman year. That I should get -- -- radio and go into computers. And I told him I don't care about computers I have no aptitude I have no desire. It's not what I wanna do auto go to computers. I have -- zero regrets about the choices I've made in my life professionally. Zero including the jobs have turned down which by the way offered considerably more money that I make year. And I turned to and a bigger markets huge salary of said no I just I don't feel like. Because at one time records for small and other grown up and you know that changes the field a lot. We -- it is off for 47 news radio 930 WB. You know after seeing that movie camera would be as I will never be able to listen to take me out to the bowl game and quite the same way ever again. But it is Italian festival -- at the ballpark devises take on the Syracuse Chiefs first -- 705 PM. Partly cloudy tonight overnight low in the sixties and the tomorrow nice some clouds some sun 75. Right now it's 73 -- news radio 930 WB yet Joseph you -- to break a 55. Okay away after 5 o'clock. I just got a note from that guy who runs the gun store on main street in Williams bill saying that the village has been harassing him. And I wanna find out from him in what way the village has been harassing him. And if he has any grounds to be upset with the village or the village is making a legitimate case. You -- -- -- the truck it's as we have 22 well. If I drive by and every African that. Okay. At all you know I don't know where this I don't know where this hour. But. If you're hold you can stay there I do wanna talk to the gun shop guide is that we'll find out how he thinks he's being harassed. The village does have ordinances. Like any other village. But are they picking him to the exclusion of others. I don't know that -- I want to find out hopefully at Bible five if not I promise you I've got more material but I could possibly use today its cultural -- It's called life. It's called power under his radio mind their that was so to its news radio 930 WBD. End Bryant coming up with news.

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