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7-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of little it's it's -- -- -- -- say it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- hope Tom hourly. Guess what day it is. Guess what there is it is not the kids' lives are I know you can hear every local. -- -- Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all -- WB. It is our editorial -- WB and yes it is today. And I had the it's kind of funny because. I have often told the guys that in a radio to do this along -- I never really look back I always look forward when it comes audio clips in tapes of shows. People think that I've got tapes of every show that it would -- and I don't. Radio is like it's out there you know it's it's in the atmosphere it's traveling through space it -- some some guy on your greatest right now is listen to something I did back in 19980. And the -- is just reaching your sport Neptune Pluto is no longer a planet so we can forget about Pluto. But I would try to find a home. And if they -- I beat good conduit BI interview I did with Hillary Clinton Becton. Well what fourteen years ago because I specifically asked Hillary Clinton if she had ever done pot or cocaine. And she said no she said of course not. This kind of interesting because on drug yesterday there's a story -- a former college right Hillary Clinton. That Hillary Clinton was an enthusiastic pot smoker. So I guess the question is are crap dude it's not a hypertext I gotta go and a copy and then put them at the -- thing. -- suddenly hate you -- Joseph tracked down the story but now go to. -- -- wasn't centers through direct link so and I got to do that funny thing as right as I gonna apply here. But the story yesterday. Which you are totally contradicts what Hillary Clinton told me all those years ago. I'm new book alleges Hillary Clinton was an enthusiastic. Pot smoker. In his book club that incorporated which hit the bookshelves. July 22 24 team. By the way the anniversary of the murder of John Dillinger by the FBI outside the -- graph theater in Chicago. And yesterday was also the anniversary in 1970 forger humble host -- -- domestic bicycle accident. And having to go to the -- hospital in north title one back and the doctors have called on your pants and I estimate it was today my mother and -- five. Even more amazing is that remember that. Anyway. Yesterday the story came -- Clinton incorporated hits bookshelves -- yesterday. Did year old helper quotes a friend and law school classmate of Hillary Clinton. Who says I think she's acknowledged that. If she hasn't acknowledged that everybody else will tell you she was an enthusiastic. Pot user. Well she did I hate using pot or Coke. When I did the interview with her all those years ago. So -- why the people who say she smoked pot or Hillary who told us and you bet she did not. I've smoked pot all -- I've been honest about that. Everything else for that matter I mean maybe too honest but the one thing and wanna be called as a hypocrite. Now the one thing about that interview that I want to point out. And this surprises some people. If I have to do all over again I would have asked the -- question and the pot question I would not have asked the question about whether she had been sexually unfaithful to bill with Vince Foster. And as a conservative area it's not my business. You understand that I would not do that today. Do I regret doing it when I did it. I can't say that. I can't say I -- I can't -- I don't. I will play that today I would not ask that question because I would consider to be none of my business that's her personal business I'm a conservative Terry and what goes on behind closed doors in in the privacy people's home is non of my freaking business. So that question I would not asked today the pot in -- question I would ask today. Because I think it is. Relevant. -- experimented with pretty much everything out there at one time or another in my life. And whatever. What is it like you know what that life is what it is. And and I experimented with -- the 2872. Times. Sir that's from GH and Jong -- George Carlin I can't remember which one -- is kind of money. Anyway. -- Hillary Clinton back and said she'd ever smoked pot and now her roommate says she was known as an enthusiastic pot smoker and the issue is not whether she smoked pot. Because personally I don't care I think pop and drugs ought to be legalized. The issue is are you get a lot of the people or are you gonna tell the truth about who you're really are that's the issue. Are you going to be a hypocrite. Who throws people in prison for -- what you did the same damn thing when you were younger. Or are you going to be and I. Honest person and say yes I smoked it I think the laws ought to be changed and I think that we really need to reevaluate your approach to drugs in America. What I'd like your politicians say that. I've always told you my approaches the Madonna approach. When confronted with a possible scandal admit admit proudly and accept it and all that we are. I call the Madonna approach. Too few politicians would ever follow that because they're weak spine -- consultants would say that's gonna lose you votes you know I say I say baloney. I think you guys as voters are suckers for the truth. You know when somebody's toes and -- and you know when somebody's telling you the truth. But I wanted to point that out because hey I'd like some national publicity on MB. Because it just points out again be disingenuous nature of this woman Hillary Clinton. Because. This is not the first time I have heard of Hillary Clinton smoking pot from other people why do you think I asked the question fourteen years ago. Why do you think I asked the other question fourteen years ago or fifty whatever one's. There are reasons -- debt which they will get into. And minutia sport for a it especially on the drug. Via a fair thing. That reader book yet so it probably won't. I don't like reading about people I don't really care. And and frankly. Before -- get into what we're gonna talk about today. Hillary Clinton to me. This is what is getting a psychological analysis of Hillary Clinton today. I don't think she has ever gotten over nor do I believe she ever will get over. Losing to Barack Obama in 2008. I think that she is subpar reading her own campaign now. With all this nonsense about how Porsche is -- -- what twelve million bucks last year. I think she is intentionally summer reading her campaign. So that she doesn't face the disappointment she faced in 2008. In your own life. Isn't there a job you had that you lost. That you never got over a love you had that you lost that you never got over. And Hillary's lust for power is so great. That I don't think she ever has gotten over 2008. And his upstart Obama coming along and scratching for Hillary. What she thought was going to be her coronation and it turned out to be Obama coronation. And I believe that all this talk about how poor she is and how demonstrably untrue. Those statements are. -- her all the deeply seated and rooted psychological. Efforts to not get her hopes up again only to be dashed on the rocks. Really believe that. I'm pretty good at analyzing people. I bet at all -- frankly but we will go there today we have about some other things that I wanna get into today that. Don't go back to an interview I did fifteen years ago. By the way just. Am -- a little put off well what for all a crap I took over that interview for a from the media. For all look like to find that amazing but I have not seen one news story. We're Hillary Clinton I respect a puts in his book Hillary wasn't enthusiastic. Pot smoker. I have not one reference to my interview where she denied ever using pot or cocaine. And again it's it shouldn't really surprise me because that's just the way the media work they got to defend their -- And Hillary's one of them -- they got a defender -- -- hate to point out the fact that she was either lying then for her today is lying now. 'cause it's got to be one or the other. And the I didn't inhale excuse. Is that demonstrably I think absurd. And again it's not a question of pot smoking that's not the issue because I really don't hear. I honestly don't clear whether or not she smoked pot what I care about is whether she's willing to admit the truth. -- is a politician what do you think the answers. I could accuse Hillary isn't. After all these years wasn't just a bar. Let's get a -- was a couple of Bob what. Difference does it say. That's what she took it. I don't well. A pretty good Hillary Clinton -- except hers is deeper than mine and worked this particular nature. So we have some other things happening well what are the things that perennially pisses me off. It is people who whine. About what other people -- in particular. In the private sector. I'm a -- probably anger some review but when people say well. -- -- he was vacant ten million dollars a year that's good seat. Okay let me ask your question how many passes did you put in the seats at first Niagara center. May -- your family and that's it. -- it was over Penn State. EJ Manuel he's over Null. He's overpay. How can you be overpaid if somebody is willing to pay you. There are people with like overpaid I think -- pay. Generation aliens and a dollars in revenue produced company. And I think I'm underpaid. Does it. I think -- a pair of Brigham overbay. Right now Joseph and John are laughing their asses off. They -- I guess I got over paired with a little bit you can only you can only guess and offer what I make. Alright let me ask -- question what is your first salary. Because that's -- -- -- -- John this covers a lot of ground -- -- -- we're gonna go today I want you to think back to your first full time job. And I'm going to be honest with you guys I gotta get that inflation calculator thing up on my Internet leader all right which has sometimes can take some doing. But. I don't wanna compare. Some some information here please go to Google. By the wary of not to go off target. A little bit upset on the driving to work today I don't know whether my car. Is malfunctioning. With the iPod connection or whether the iPod is screwed up. I don't know what's going on all I know is it was working finest. And my iPod and I listened ever clear and Hendrix. And a lot of stuff that you would probably -- socks like Pink Floyd. I listened to a lot of his vice -- listen to a lot of that is my site music when I'm driving into work I couldn't do that today Jimmy Buffett. I'm very disappointed. Not an adult like listening to rush limbo. But when -- drive and a man I gotta get pumped. I gotta get -- I gotta get site. And it was just after they were talking about the bill well they're not really that no it was new to me to do I pets. Those are like the notebook computers not the do I out of it and our Google. Let's see inflation calculator I gotta tell you what I heard in 1983. But you're gonna have to give me a second because I have to put into perspective. And not many people will be honest and up about what they minute. -- and military exactly what I made in 1983. My first full time job. My first full time radio salary. 1983. Okay. Are you reading. -- my first full time job I was nineteen years old. When I signed my first contract. Publisher take what's your take a wild debts. Take a wild guess yeah I set a wild guess I'd say you have no idea what if legal ones. 181000 all right John what do you figure once. To do do do do do do do do lower or at my first radio contract 198322000. Dollars. 22000 dollars in today's money. That would be the equivalent of I'm waiting waiting waiting waiting because it. If you're old slow and put his mind his movement like a tortoise. All right guys I can't even tell you what it is because my computer is doing that little circling thing. You know. It in the computer my office was slow to in this one is just absolutely glacial right now self. Suffice it to say in 1983 I made 22000. Dollars my first year my first full time radio job. Now that would be the equivalent today of 50000. It's our -- call it fifty. The -- about 51000 dollars a year all right says my first job and radio. -- -- 8322000. Dollars in in 1983 bodies which would be over 50000 dollars today around fifty. Closer to 51 but somewhere in that area in today's money. Now you wanna know something wild. And this -- get all upset all teachers but at some teachers who believe that they should be paid on -- level with brain surgeons. And very dear friend of mine by the way has a master's degree in education. So you don't have to tell me about. How hard it is to get a master's degree and a lot of people -- master's degrees in various things education being one. -- she does she actually does not work in education I would point that out but the water short of it is. I wanna know what your first job was and what your -- you're starting salary because I do. 22000. Dollars in 1983. Which was not bet. My parents were very happy. My dad did that Michael Morton. And -- well. I'm just I'm just let what your view all you want to tell you what they are now now let's -- I will not do that I can't do I report bit contractually to discuss that. My contract in 1983. Has long been expired. Therefore are released from the vault of silence. We're gonna get the first jobs first salaries and who's overpaid. Coming up. Is anybody overpaid. And I don't think anybody is if somebody's willing to pay you X number of dollars you all worth it to somebody. Even teachers are working there worth it to the voters of the taxpayers of the district which they work. It's just a logical thing folks. And to. Gone up okay. Game I have. -- I'm practicing. The before the next time by -- fury it comes to town and I have a chance to like spend the day with -- and hang out with a woman. Whenever we do musically will be video and will be put up on line -- -- excited about that. It's just a -- that I was in Buffalo Springfield and poke oh. And a whole bunch of other things. We just -- crazy what what bridge if you can't. So little self indulgent there. It is at 334 news radio 930 WB EN teacher how -- -- -- at each had a -- right now on the street there's a Myanmar. That letter on the Internet. Today. Maybe it's been I just thought today maybe it's been out there for awhile. Teachers are widely. Under appreciated in America. Just analyze this statement from a moment -- teachers are really under appreciated. Okay what do you do for looming. Ever not appreciate. Check out people -- -- appreciate. The people -- for -- get your office public -- -- under appreciated. People or under appreciated. A long time ago a piece of wisdom. My very first radio job it was part time. So I told me -- appreciation comes in the form of a check that comes due every Friday. Or every two weeks it's called a paycheck that's appreciation. Don't expect double. Don't expect to be. Dealt with that nicely. Don't expect to feel appreciated that your appreciation right there. So I challenged the initial promise. Teachers are widely under appreciated in America. Is appreciated in America. It. So anybody at any job who doesn't take crap from some. Beat us take -- Boss takes -- And crap always goes with it you know what even the CE -- it takes crap. I don't -- complaining about I'm under appreciated. No he's too busy giving his books them how to liberalize. But anyway. Both. And bomb. It's amazing I still have a job but it and how little respect they receive. And -- how little they are compensated. For their deeds. Okay cry me a river. I need -- I need to stay that it is that a state what I just read again because if I find this absolutely nauseating. Teachers. Are widely under appreciated in America. Both in how little respect they receive. And in how little they are compensated. For their deeds. The average starting salary for a teacher is around 45000. Dollars. Okay that's a starting salary on average across the United States for teachers 45000. Dollars. Friends. I have to tell you something. Most of the people I know. Don't come close to making 45000. Dollars. They are struggling to get out of 20000. Dollar territory. And I'm not telling tales out of school here. But my dear friend Rachel wells who was no longer -- -- her make -- 45000. Dollars would have seemed like making a million dollars. All right I'm a moderate she's friends that same. There are so -- people up there for 45000 dollars would be like a -- it seriously. But anyway. OK so -- me alleges that teachers. Are under appreciated. Their on respected it. And they are unfairly compensated and and the this medium has the audacity has up calls to the site fourteen jobs they call read. Killers that -- Pay more money. Hot air balloon pilot. Fifty to 60000. Dollars. Here's what I tell teachers. You're making 45000 dollars you're not happy making them. Become a hot air balloon pilot you can make that eight. It's it's a free market -- -- Al-Qaeda to free market economy if you don't like -- 45000 bucks and you wanna make the fifty to 60000. You get whatever certification of qualification indeed become a hot air balloon pilot to a YouTube can be a hot air balloon pilot. -- by the U wanna talk about a dangerous job. Every other week we hear about a balloon going down -- tragically right here in the buffalo had -- hold and not all that long ago with apparently that everybody Billups. Hot air balloon pilot a ridiculous job fifty to 60000 dollars a year. Good news for the guy who's gonna fly your plane to Charlotte. He probably is not making. A lot more if any more than match. You wanna talk about an under appreciated John you wanna talk about eight dangerous job you wanna talk about a job with responsibilities out the -- Popular commercial airline pilot you think those guys -- pull them to -- a thousand bucks a year. You know I -- pilots tell them. Pilots tell me if I know how little I was gonna -- -- I never would have a flight school. -- well. It's absurd. To me -- to call hot air balloon pilot a ridiculous job and then to. Get a high hard one over the fact that the average pay is fifty to 60000 dollars a year. Now here's what -- interest and by the way. For the teachers based site -- starting salary averaging 45000. How long it would take the average ridiculous job of hot air balloon pilot to get the fifty to 60000 dollar territory. But I'm sure it's not starting today. -- -- -- On this one I must confess agreement only because I absolutely. I don't use the word hate a lot. And it probably got the right word I load the clowns passionately. IA and steered by clowns. You have no idea what the image -- cloned does to my psyche. I would rather walk into a nest of brown recluse spiders the NC a single clone Dan you Emmett Kelly. Okay but a clown will make fifty to 68000. Dollars a year after how long. I don't know I'm sure like any other job it takes a while the bundled up -- It's like you have a kid's birthday party and you're gonna be booked every day you've got to build up a client base we've got to be good -- -- 'cause if you're Clough who shows up reeking of Scotch. And I doing bad things to little girl sitting on your lap you're a small. So well a ridiculous job according to this -- a teacher propaganda fifty to 60000 dollars a year are Butler. Okay first of all. Butler is not in ridiculous. Job. I know this might seem very hard for somebody to believe. But there are wealthy people in the United States and those of you watched -- -- There are still people over the air who -- considered service people butler's. And they basically run a soul. 47 to 55000. Dollars a year. -- -- -- I have no idea where this figure comes from because frankly it goes against everything that I have read in trade publications about what the average radio DJ makes these days. And I think this is a high number fifty to 65000. Dollars. I think that -- Joseph seriously I -- I think there's a radio DJ talk and talk show host bloody radio DJ -- In buffalo is probably about a 25000 dollar a year job -- All right you'd make more working to pops that you -- as a radio station DJ so fifty to 65000. You're not -- this much nobody starts in radio at fifty to 65000 dollars nobody. So -- again this this mean it's going around seems very selective it citing the. Starting salary for teachers as 45000. But that -- these other quote ridiculous jobs. But I'm on the tiger right now and I've been in this field for over thirty years. That in buffalo. I don't think it any other market. There is not one DJ who starts out make it fifty to 65000 dollars a year probably not -- in the New York metropolitan market which is the number one market other country. And you're talking about 65000 bucks in New York City you are dumpster I think for rats and that's -- acoustic. Pro skate -- Fifty to 100000. Dollars a year. Is that a ridiculous job there Netflix. Professional skateboarders are athletes. If you can command. Money. From people to watch you live -- to watch on TV you are an entrepreneur. If you can -- down fifty to a 100000 bucks a year as a professional skate -- good 30. I don't think it's a ridiculous job it's. Like Eric well like a radio DJ. -- -- Now this what surprises me. -- -- 100000. To 500000. Dollars a year. But again. It doesn't say how many -- what percentage of the people in the bull riding field actually making that kind of money. Ed do I really have to tell you about the risks of being able Ryder. Evil kitty -- used to brag that he broken every single bold in his body at one time or another. Bull -- That's a pretty high risk job why not ask yourself a logical question why would a -- writer command let's say a 100000 dollars a year. Because people come to the arena to watch the bull rider before he puts it is in the seats that's why. I'll move on with this list truck driver. Do teachers really think the truck driver is a ridiculous job. I want every truck driver listening to be right now is what you can do so without causing an accident to give B two to each of the whistle. To toot the horn. Like you did for -- Syrian Lloyd in dumb and dumber c'mon aunt aunt to a right now. Yeah I don't think you guys have ridiculous job if it weren't for truck drivers America which are. Hello all. How do you think all this sketch from California -- wegmans. Truck drivers. Tell me truck driving is a ridiculous job to tell you this pick it up -- where the sun don't shine. 45060000. Dollars a year if you're a teacher. If you're not happy making 45000 dollars a year there's lot to truck driving schools out there go to truck driving school pickup truck driver. Why do you guys have such salary MB was so bitter about what other people in the private sector are making. I don't get boy assures I would want -- Stripper. Ladies and gentlemen. A stripper. Fifty to 150000. Dollars a year. Can we just talk about that for a moment why would -- stripper make 5250000. Dollars a year why. -- the VIP room yes back -- -- but why. Because people come to seed now people -- go to a place to see them. They give them tips. Here's the VIP room in back. I have. There's the VIP room -- back. There's the VIP I'm sorry I think upset that a few times now what do you think the average career span is of a stripper. May be ten years -- that's it. Gravity takes its -- And those ladies are in better shape. Except Tuesday afternoons at the place and -- Those those ladies are in such good shape they are athletic in their -- right you try -- antsy sometimes. It is a difficult thing to do. And many of them are very talented. Not that I've ever been to a strip club in my life. Not that I've ever taken female -- to a strip club and gotten them into the back room. But a stripper is not going to be making a 150000 dollars a year with a retirement plan. Yet the -- retirement plan is called -- meeting and marrying a doctor. Like in the hangover or the stripper retirement plan is called Skid Row or the cemetery that's the stripper retirement plan. How many sixty year old strippers you know. Yeah not -- I'm going would not although tons of fun who used to dance at the king Edward. She was this 300 pound woman. At the king Edward hotel. And that was her -- the fact that she was enormous. And the fact that people don't want your it's. She caught up the stage once since I don't Mayweather Jones. What do by shining moments I've actually. All right -- -- to be gratuitously gross here folks but I'm just argue the facts of life. About strippers. I'm gonna continue with allegedly ridiculous jobs and as I continue with this I want -- tell me. Your first job and what did it pay. And all of these jobs -- ballistic you wanna tell me being a truck driver is a ridiculous job. If I ever met if I truck driver and -- the teacher who told me that my being a truck driver was a ridiculous job that teacher had better have some martial arts -- If you'd have a hard time swallowing for the next week. Like a certain person I know ran into very good friend of mine very recently. It is little inside joke here 348 at news radio 930. It's -- it's generally that a good idea picked fights with special ops guys it's not a good idea 348 at news radio 930 WB yeah. Already here is the exclusive as the attacks from a friend you know how many women are kissing my name right now. I I gonna find out -- partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 56 Finland 261 downtown tomorrow night's periods of clouds and sunshine 75. Right now what does it -- seventy's -- -- 75 degrees at news radio I'm thirty. WB CN. So anyway. -- -- I think that over the years I have more than given my proper props. To the teachers in my life. Who really made a difference. And a positive difference just for -- but for the community. You want name's -- the whole Ted blow for dale channels. Paul rhetoric. Can go. I've always acknowledge these people. They ever pitched in moaned about their salary like today's teachers -- They loved teaching. Date loved what they did for a living they weren't sitting around bitching about not being appreciated. About not making six figures. They taught and they loved it and they were great at what they did. And I told you guys this before every German word I ever learned from Paul rabbit I still freaking remember. That says something about his teaching abilities. I have not forgotten one word in German he thought. Let's see how -- talk about ridiculous jobs fifty to 60000 dollars a year ridiculous job dog walker. Fifty dollars an hour look at your picture -- you're not happy with 45 -- as a starting salary. Because walker then. The world needs dog walkers world needs ditch -- For work. Pro bowler 45 to 50000 dollars a year. That is unless you pull Munson. Munson a synonym for failure. Abject disappointment and embarrassment. Right now three people are laughing Woody Harrelson fans who remember the movie kingpin a classic comedy. House that are fifty to 60000 dollars a year why is -- consider a ridiculous job I would love -- sitter when I go on vacation. Preferably one -- armed but I would bet -- paper that fifty to 60000 dollars a year crop duster. -- crop dusters -- the station but I don't think it's the same kind of crop dusting. Seventy to 80000 dollars a year you'd think that crop dusting is a ridiculous job. Why do you think you have something to eat in addition -- the truckers. Because the crop dusters make sure that the pests and -- -- -- do not consume the food you are gonna consume not to mention the fact that crop dusters are among the best pilot you're ever gonna see outside of the -- I -- small planes. Guys it's a tough. You gotta be a -- feet off the ground it requires hour after hour of concentration. And I don't Flickr it's a ridiculous job nor do I think seventy to 80000 bucks is overpaid. Whole boot worker 46 to 50000 dollars a year all and I suppose there are all appreciated. I think that job sucks. Public worker would be the worst job in the world. My opinion I I couldn't do it I would I'd last an hour and I'd say bite me about your food -- 47 to 55000 dollars a year. -- If you want more information while going through all this it's not my FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com Tom I'll really be a UERLB. It's the one were -- got the tuxedo on.

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