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7-23 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with -- -- a sandy beach and got this dark about it in the National Football League if you follow the NFL most of us do. A very well respected member of the coaching community is Tony Dungy. You're familiar with them in his head coaching duties -- you're probably familiar during his years at Indy with Peyton Manning. And a very high profile. And Tony Dungy also. Seems to be he's is also a TV commentator. But he also. Seems to be the go to guy. The players seek counsel from. -- he seems like the logical. Quiet unassuming. Good thinking. I'm a guy that -- players have they had a problem would go to dungy and talk to him and and get his counsel. So it was a little surprising. That. That he said publicly. There was a a football player out of Missouri named Michael Sam. And as you know by now unless you're living in another planet Michael Sam who was very good in college. Was drafted by the NFL. And is supposed to be you know as a potentially good player but he's a he's the first openly gay player too and he announced that he's openly okay. That's fine. -- to me that courts have left the -- along time ago but it got a lot of plays simply because it's the national football. And and that's that. Now he was drafted by what the rams don't think programs that drafted him. And that's that and you would have thought much more about it -- -- he does like any other -- there might be a little more interest because of all the publicity. About Tony Dungy. Surprised a lot of people. Because Tony Dungy keep in mind was the guy who said that the jets. Should hire Michael. And Michael was a guy that killed and tortured dogs. And though was. You know have vilified. By most of America because that's how he got his struggles by killing animals. But Tony Dungy said that the judge should Hiram so obviously a Tony Dungy isn't the rehab. Home. -- where he likes to see ago the reed -- radio. Affirmations that America Europe and America can forgive and forget. Well maybe not forget that much but that California. And so. It was surprising. When he referred to Michael Salem I'm surprised the reference at all. But Tony Dungy also -- -- and there seems to be labor religious person I don't think he's a minister but he speaks. Like a person who has a deep commitment to his religion. So what did he say about Michael -- I'm surprises I said that he said anything but he did he said a couple of things he said that he would not have drafted him. Because. It would be a distraction. In the locker room. And that's the first thing he said. Which shows surprise a lot of people because I don't know I'm not in a medical locker room but is that stuff still important I don't know. It's not like he's a Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. I'm sure there have been other gay players before him in the National Football League that didn't come out we didn't now okay. But he said he wouldn't have drafted him. Because of the commotion. Secondly he said. He would not have wanted to deal with a so here's the deal now here's what you got to look at. As far as I'm concerned. You look at it like there's two different Arenas one is. Right and wrong. The other is reality. Because sometimes reality. Is not the correct path but it's reality. Now if you're looking at is Tony Dungy is looking at a first the first statement. That it would be a distraction in the locker room. Well it's not up to Tony Dungy yes or no to make it a distraction but it might be a distraction and if he thinks that is. It's that doesn't mean he'd be in favor of it obviously. Whether what they are not only time would tell. I have a feeling that wouldn't let you know I'm not playing in the NFL. The other is he wouldn't wanna deal with -- So now I gotta think of Tony Dungy. The humanitarian. Coach who guides the that you're probably. The information wagon for a most NFL players are -- a lot of them. He would wanna deal with funny he would -- Michael Vick but he didn't wanna deal with the best. So. Both could be true without being offensive. But they could also be offensive you can go either way on this when I'm telling you really can't because. The reality is if if there is a distraction in the locker room it wouldn't be because of Tony Dungy. It will be because of some players who want to make it an issue right. Secondly and saying he would want a deal -- that. You could look at it like this if he wanted to deal weather -- because -- have too much a concern of taking away from coaching. Or you don't wanna deal with -- because he found it a distasteful issued a deal away. So you can see either side and or you both sides of this. He's an inherently decent guy and I I don't think he's a prejudicial toward gays but. That's what he said and it was a firestorm. Because people are expected to conform to a generally accepted norms and when they don't. And then it's it's a surprise and they're not happy especially for somebody like him. To go model -- four Michael -- And to say he would want to be involved at all with Michael Sam. As a bit of a surprise to. But I'm not really sure. Which way I'm thinking on this I I think it shouldn't be an issue. And he shouldn't have to. Think about a being a distraction. But the fact that he doesn't wanna deal with it surprises me. Because he seems like the guy that would deal I would give me your opinion and increases opinions of. My take is is when he says you know -- wanna deal with -- in that is the distraction of coaching football. I think Tony Dungy looks and it's strictly from a football standpoint I think that's where he's come from. We're gonna play a sound -- in a little bit in which he talks about it if you recall Oprah Winfrey talked about. A reality show based on Michael Sam. And when you have training camp to same reason why a lot of coaches don't want hard knocks. Filming camper trailers you know we can't they want they want the guys are passed already full sample ball and he doesn't want that type circus. But you bring up a great point with Michael Vick situation why would he be willing to put up with that. When you had -- and other groups there or -- -- test -- when Michael Vick came back into the leak. And there are you know there are maybe conflicting points of view regarding. Somebody who comes out so publicly that's completely there's no conflicting about Michael Vick you know anybody who stood up and said that's the right thing to do is that. Is to kill dogs know so he was willing to take that on. But now willing to deal -- this that's that's the surprising part to me but yet people have to recognize. That others are in the PR business. -- the football business there their job as the -- goes away 00 winning team. Now they can't run on your -- players though. -- -- -- their track shoes but they have to keep an open mind if let me tell -- substantive might have Michael Sam. Performed at a high level when I was the coach I wouldn't care reward dress to be honest -- -- but not everybody feels like that. If you look at for political correctness staying away from an NFL team yeah not politically Cora and maybe it's still in his mind that I am glad this is in Miami. Think about like that okay. Where they had. I mean it was just insurrection in early in the lord we come out -- chris' steak on this well I I want your take as well Tony Dungy. The regarding -- Michael Sam statements of -- I wouldn't have drafted him because it would be too much of a distraction. And B I wouldn't wanna have to deal with. I give me your thoughts on this are they rational thoughts are the thoughts that are prejudicial. I'm not willing to hang any kind of tag on Tony Dungy because he's not given us any reason to do that. But they are curious at least the second one is even more curious in first will be back after this. I'm not. Really privy to exactly what what happened has -- come out in the state park and organ but I think this actual. First quote for from an. An interview with -- its settlement at the Tampa Tribune right at the draft. We're talking about draft and distractions and news. When the -- Oprah Winfrey Show was talking about doing a reality and so on Michael's friend and that's when -- discussing came out about distractions. Tony Dungy. Of our award winning Super Bowl winning of and coach for a Tampa -- -- -- for Indy also -- at Tampa Bay but. And -- won -- civil Payer Peyton Manning and he's the go to guy for the players go to for rush help on -- go to import council. And he seems like a really decent nice guy there a couple of quotes there he said that. He would not have you and out of drafted Michael Sam the first. Openly gay declared to be drafted by the National Football League. Who -- from Missouri who would not have but drafted him because of the distraction. In the locker room. And the second thing he said was that he would not want to have had to deal. And I don't. Think that he is a bit good dungy is a bad guy I think he stating facts. But yet we want everybody to be politically correct I don't think that shows him to be prejudicial. Or anything like that but if you don't. Know the background you don't all of a back story you might take it is that the surprising part to me was he was not willing to take on. I was as such it's a -- because he was willing even though he had no connection. When Michael Vick. He was a check from Michael Vick and suggested that the jets assign them. Even -- Michael Vick was vilified by the you know by the country. Because of his. Its treatment of animals Chris what do you think about a dungy statements in general. -- the stretch -- I've found little weird as welcomes the support of Michael -- and Natalie evict but Tim Tebow Tim Tebow is a great our guard by our -- lover -- He is a huge distraction so. The fact just an advocate for two guys that you know we're going to be distractions. And come out against another one -- partially. I don't think he was mean spirited ought to Africa but I just think it's a weird line to draw it as you gonna except those two and not dot. I'm Michael Sam was I'm puzzled by an atom. Kind of been on the fence because I think -- is a good guy to I didn't think much of it when I first heard the -- to tell you start. Kind of digging through and another interesting thing that I I saw brought up I can't remember off the top man Edward came from. But as a black head coach who was the first one ever -- a Super Bowl. So I mean there was a time not that long ago when black head coaches in black players in in sports weren't given much of a shot. And this kind of parallels at the Michael -- situation he is so you think he might be a little more support of just based down you know the social aspect. Good point and the first -- regarding distractions. The National Football League has been distractions forever and ever and ever Paul horning was -- a distraction. Yeah it was multi. Award winner because they used to win everything possible. A Broadway Joseph name. Why isn't a distraction you gotta be kidding me when your quarterback is posing in a fur coat full length. That's not a distraction. -- dollars Broadway Joseph. Trying to chase down every woman in the metropolitan area of New York that wasn't a distraction. -- -- -- Carrying around a sort of the Super Bowl in New Orleans that's not a it's a distraction. The husband -- -- distractions and a lot of characters. And they've been willing to put up with them as long as they can win and that's why I was surprised and a distraction issue -- dungy because if the guy comply if he's a player and he was all conference -- -- If if he can play I'm surprised distraction would even be brought. I am too or maybe he doesn't take -- comply. I thought possible -- -- you know that part is possible I think maybe you know if you felt that way. He should have been a little more honest and think Hamas is -- he has what it takes to make in the NFL. But it is. Weird that he would separate you know Michael Vick and it's OK Tim Tebow yes that's okay. Now Michael Sam. Yeah I'm surprised he did that. And and when you think of the National Football League there's two ways to think about this regarding whether he would have been accepted in the locker room or not and find out -- the -- okay. Because I don't think pretty. I don't think the dolphins should be used as an example of what every locker room aren't. And so if you think about like this is -- areas thought. Number and these aren't in any order runaway number one is teams get very tight personally. Okay when they're playing together there and battled together now it's not the battle of people shooting -- But it's a battle was no question about it very very tight that's why you see the reception for wrote the Jim Kelly going through his battle. Where the former players have grouped round Jim Kelly some follows some type. Of thing about it they feel a camaraderie. But there's the other side the other side is the much he's -- the macho image of a football player. The first thing I found out that struck me when I started producing the Buffalo Bills games on radio for WK BW and -- -- travel with them. The first thing that struck me was. The way they walk. The linemen especially. Now I I was as big as anybody on the team okay. But look at the way they want their chest is out. Their arms are not at their side they're out like this there'll extended from their body. And that's the image they project where do you think they get that from they get -- from the animal kingdom. In the kingdom -- one animal is threatened or wants to not be threatened they puff out. They're just like this are these guys are muscular. There athletic but guess what there muscular and their athletic so how does one. It kind of project what they are to somebody else this is the kind of way they carry themselves. Language of course is part of a -- but they want to differentiate themselves. They I don't think they wanna be associated with -- anything that isn't -- small. That isn't much show they -- on a personal level but a professor several they want you to think they got -- tough as bad as players you've ever seen. And even though Michael. Sam could be and probably as one of the biggest bad as players river saint. I don't know if they wanna deal with that image you know I'm talking about. So there's a lot of kind of mix things going on here regarding Michael Sam we'd like your opinion. About Tony Dungy and his comments I don't think guns bad guy I think he stating the fact. But. Political correctness verses of -- keys -- on the NFL I'm not really sure who's gonna win that one will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Back religion governor have sandy beach and the -- -- noticed that. You'll notice that you get used to it after awhile but notice that professional football players carry themselves differently. -- other people who might be the same size. They have their chest is out there arms -- away from their body. And it's like they're trying to straddle a chipper shredder between their legs. It's like this sit at a stoning in zero fossils in the way -- exactly so that's another walk and there's a certain McCain is more about it. And at what most people mistake is -- mistake. Let's see what what's that was sort of -- You can be a famine it and not gay and you can be gay and not a famine. And believe me being gay has nothing to do with how tough New York. There are some getting -- knock your block off no question about that and that's the way it goes but the image is not there. And I think that the keys -- image is important to the national football where the toughest guys on the planet. Because I've been around baseball players would have been at the brewers and stuff like that. I don't get the same impression. As with the NFL that's a different ball game. But I'm saying I don't think Tony Dungy is -- bad guy. I don't think he's a prejudiced guy but the one question I would have. Is Tony Dungy -- more than one hat he certainly wore the hat of a coach and a successful coach. He wore the hat and and very successful as a broadcaster. But he's also a religious person he organizes prayer groups and we've heard about all the -- up so he wears a religious hat to. And I'm wondering when he made those statements especially. The first one. Whether he was speaking what is religious on. You know as opposed to as opposed to his coaches that. Is coaches -- you want to focus. Everything we have to -- to win the game but mumbled album but the religious that is maybe. A baby that's not the of the road to take. And so I don't know I can't get into his mind but I think he's a decent guy. But there is a big firestorm over this let's go to David and Stewart David thanks in Laporte -- on WB and David. I think go with documents. And -- he wanted to avoid was exactly what he inadvertently brought down on his own head. Not by being -- saints coach spoke by even commenting on it. And no matter what I -- out now every decision which would normally be done by the coach and his assistance. Is now that -- exam. By the media by the less media that wants to make the NFL and other social experiment. And no reason is gonna be acceptable -- -- is not on the field. If he's caught can you imagine what they're gonna have to go through to caught him point -- -- its -- and I think that the media is not going to pay the truth for an answer. So everything you do now you've got to say what we that we got to treat everything with kid gloves instead of play and -- All right I I think you're right on -- that in much the same correlation between the President Obama if you criticize anything he suggests. You're being racist in this case if they com or demoted him or anything like that. They would be. Because of his a -- choices don't. Yeah and -- you know and I might be wrong my memory bullet. And year out we don't know effective and I'm nobody's gonna stick up for him as far as what he did -- if I remember correctly. I didn't get it pretty try to weasel out of it I got collide. He gets sentenced he didn't punishment. And peoples okay he did the crime and I did this time and that's it. So why don't give him another chip I think that expansion is -- -- in a Christian. If that's what it would look at my desk. That's the reason I brought that up is that it was curious that he would stand up for Michael Vick where the spotlight was very odd. Blood took a different position though we have Michael Sam and that's why he said was he wearing his coaches -- religious. Sam Sam was picked at the end of the seventh rounds now might be because of him coming out. Or loses it seems there's a game that good ago so now you get a handle that they OK now I'm surprised he was taken at all but -- -- get rid of on this he's not good. That's a good point I mean you bring up an excellent point and -- budget did Dan thank you thank you very much. He's right we know what we know it because we go through it we've been going through for six years here. We have the president of the United States when he was running. I said this is this is fine but if he wins I don't wanna hear any criticism -- any and all criticism being labeled racist. And that's exactly what's happened and I think Dan who just the -- is said the same thing basically except for his orientation and sexual orientation. If if he gets cut they'll be of people say he's a cup because of that but if you over cut throat. World of the national football they've they've taken on people who have been this ball. By any standards and if they complain they kept them on the to name. I mean we've had people committed who've committed him in a convicted of crimes. Being able to play football. So I don't I think that if you can play it goes a long way to making the team. And if you can't wait can't play but. Bush -- the last caller was right if you can't play at that level in that league. People are going to use that as a cause celeb. To say that their prejudice -- you know against days we'll take a break we'll be back with more of the -- company -- newsreader and I'm thirty WB -- My point if you followed the statement that I made yesterday I don't think there's any problem in the locker room and I don't think there's going to be a distraction as far as Michael Bennett king -- to anybody in the organization but certainly covering this story. It is there are going to be some distractions. And I guess. -- look at it I had the same kind of comment what we did the -- on Jonathan Martin. And I talked to some general managers and they said that -- it's out of then definitely had the talent to play in the league. But would -- wants to distraction of everybody's following the story. And people asking their players over and over how things -- what's going on without them -- and what to end and because of the fact they've been viewed him as -- difference maker they probably wouldn't want. The distraction. And I guess that's my point in this whole thing if we substitute Jonathan Arden. 44 Michael lemon at the same quote from the same comment nobody's gonna replay those quotes. Two months to three months later. We're talking about distractions I mean. There can be distractions that aren't really from a player but from the media. They kind of go wedeman that the guys and the other we're talking about those ornaments out in Cleveland. There's no question that and he'll be a distraction. But big consideration is that it was a great ball player in college and -- still be transferable to the NFL. And if so it's worth it can you think of a bigger distraction and LeBron James and everything yeah hasn't a glass of milk for brokers it's covered. You know the press covers that so I think that there's a natural curiosity about athletes world class athletes. And part of the job is it goes a distraction goes -- that the thank you can't isolate your team. -- from the real world. Otherwise you know what clothes training a draw a close training camp. And bend over and do that so -- that it might be a distraction but it's not the end of the world. They have to talk about distractions they're playing in stadiums and all 80000 people. Kind of might have a few distractions there let's go to Dan Dan and came Pennsylvania -- on WB yen. Words really good -- thank you Dan. I think -- right idea is without much media circuits nor'easter are only get prominent opinion on it. Shall regret any other coach like Mike talk later cart here you know the working. -- supplement on two days ago. You guys it's it's it's a fact that the media loves something to write about beyond the normal sports beat. And this is one of them and they other caller named Dan a couple of minutes ago brunt of a good point. Now they're gonna have to treat hymns differently just because they're there like walking on eggs because they won't wanna be criticized for doing something they might do any player. So that's what do you think of dungy dungy made the right call. Call okay thank you very much. I've you've got to if you got somebody in the eyes of the media hurricane. Then everything has to be thought through. Four times if you normally do it three times this is four times just to be sure. And then it's got to be justified. And then heaven help you if you cut this guy be and you get criticized you did it because of prejudicial reasons and goes on another team and excels. Then they'll build solidify their opinion that you did it for the wrong reason that I mean that's the way -- goes. As just the way it goes but if you're in public business like the national football. You have to understand there's so much publicity swirling every team and almost every player. And every franchise. I mean look at look at how much coverages and buffalo just or not jaws went over. The sale of the Buffalo Bills I mean that dominates the media cycle so the NFL generates lots and lots of publicity. Sort of think that you could make it uh oh are. I don't know of free of any kind of distraction. Is this -- I don't think him. It's a lot of teams take their training camps out of their whole city would. The only try to go elsewhere army buffalo visible differ 'cause they wanna get Rochester and -- -- involved with season tickets and things like that but. A lot of teams will go into places where it's far away you and they get to do their own thing out. We were listed some of players who have been distractions but. They've been great players. Errands that -- you guys came up with some of us through the first about you're gonna be a bad guy if you wanna be a gang stuff. I don't shoot yourself analyst -- that would be bad I at least in the NBA orientation form the first thing don't bring a gun to a club. You think so and -- might be the good flexible Boris tried tries to remove a gun from his pants and shoots himself. In the -- he's lucky it was the way. Otherwise be singing soprano and we came -- other guys. Yeah I mean you look at Chris Henry for off formally of the Cincinnati Bengals. You can look at Marshawn Lynch when he was here with the -- not in trouble that he got into. Obama really wants ray Lewis -- -- the dollar grant those cowboy teams are -- oh yeah Michael Irvin Michael -- time. Seriously he had more -- around him and them -- the baby powder itself or diaper rash yeah and who was the Garrard column. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The raiders. You'd be surprised that they draft anybody without criminal record right but that was their image. And they played on that that's why they they would go bad passes these were the toughest of the tough. And yet other teams with a more wholesome -- maybe. Niners isn't that. Now we have -- their quarterback situation Greg quarterbacks pretty pretty wholesome image Jerry Rice good night. They they won so I think he can win -- about distractions. I think most coaches would prefer not to have it again I brought at the point earlier. That's why so many of them are against having a hard knocks set up the camera crew for HBO. -- can understand because that takes over right. That takes over they're not on a intrusive. I anytime cameras or introduce is not on intrusive and that's just the way it goes. But yeah you don't win widow about distractions. But do expect some as big production as the National Football League not to have distractions -- I mean it's ridiculous but when he said he wouldn't wanna have to deal with -- I think you meant the distractions and trying to keep the team focused and whatever. Especially if Oprah Winfrey was going to do that reality show again there would be cameras and every. Move him Michael Sammy would be document I would say Oprah you can do it bureau of the most powerful woman in the media but you've got to pad up. You must you must dress in our unit. We would like to play the old line it should be a -- power your pulling guard Howard your feet. Whenever -- -- Oprah dressed in Atlanta you know I think she would fail the condition I have -- on opt. But that can be very India distracting but there again. This stuff turns -- money it turns to interest. When they what they have had teams on HBO. Show their entire pre season stuff. We've seen that they go to camp and I'll let us that it publicity equals money. Because publicity. Gives us curiosity. Curiosity we want to fulfill what do we know we go to a game we watched the game. We do various things but it's called pitching pitching pitching. The NFL would be really unhappy if we weren't discussing. Including their distractions and it's like anything else why is this person -- -- They're probably pretty good player because if you are not a good player you're gonna get away with being a distraction. They will give you a lot more leeway and a lot more rope if you are going to be or already are good player. If you're not a good player you better watch your -- and here is because you are gonna have a lot of leeway. -- -- -- distractions aren't you like how would you like to coach for Jerry Jones who is a distraction twice blog out of the air and heat in quite hard knocks the comment he wants that. Got exactly what they understand that all this turns the money. And at the end of the day at the end the line is how much goes to the bottom line and that's what counts right so I know I don't think Tony Dungy is bad guy at all. I think maybe his remarks were misunderstood. In. And I'm glad he has spoken up about that. That about wraps it up so we'll see you tomorrow morning on news -- 930 WB yet. Local and how much they never into music these.

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