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7-23 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward regions have a -- -- Chris Christie was a breath of fresh air and I I was very much Chris Christie fan because. He spoke off the coffee wasn't afraid to you know to say what he thought. He took on the unions. There were a lot of things that I saw positive about this guy. And he won. And when he won and I'm thinking this guy has a good future in national politics. However things have changed a lot. Put his arm around Obama thinking in my afford doing what a president should have done in the first place anyway and that that that was not helpful. And now he is publicly stated that he will not ago campaign for rob mastering you know against Andrew Cuomo. Because he doesn't campaign where there is no chance to win. So he unilaterally decided that there was no chance to win now guarantee aid that is it's a longshot. But nothing's for sure in politics. And he's 37 points behind now but things happen. In campaigns and I I'm surprised he didn't take the opportunity. To do it as -- possible. Future presidential candidate himself. He could see the benefit of going up against Andrew Cuomo. On behalf of rob asked the Reno. It would have put him in the national spotlight -- something positive could come out of it even if festering -- didn't win the job. So you have to recognize that it's going to be willing to get in the battle you can't pick your battles only. When you have a guaranteed win. I've always said -- the -- a place where you have the best chance to win however. To throw answering you know under the bus like this was totally on call for. And not necessary. And four from a fellow Republican. I -- Serena doesn't need any help from -- from -- you throw himself under the bus others are willing to do it for him. So I'm asking what does that tell you about Christie tells me he's not a serious presidential candidate. And I've lost a lot of respect for. In 03093018061692. Through six are 930 but it was Stan thanks in Rochester stander on WBM. That was fun. Well you know awhile back -- Luongo. Senator Republican senator Bob Dole. Said that the Republican Party should be shut down for repairs is dysfunctional. Well there's eighty incident here children examples. All. What it -- about. It's about to the finals. There's security -- within the party shot. It is shambles. And think about it this is New York State it's not some small little forgotten state if if Christie came in here. And made his presence known even investor Reno doesn't win the big governor is a seat. Christie would still benefit himself a lot by doing it but he's not willing to take a chance yeah. Here's the thing I don't -- -- short because stuff he got big balls. I would not want to be accused Republican Convention party Republican primary in 260. When the conservatives try to go after him I would want to be in the same room with him because they're gonna go flying down there Roosevelt -- -- between him -- what -- McCain. Are that you're talking dynamite. Well he doesn't show many balls -- this idea -- suggests a comment where there's almost no downsides of this form but it wasn't willing to take on the challenge. He doesn't like conservatives. Now that Obama. Well the he's yeah he's a -- to a center left for me I can tell you -- thanks -- thank you. I think that if you got a chance coming to a state like New York. And go after Andrew Cuomo on his own turf. I you'd do it you can hardly wait you'd get Sunday at New Jersey for a gubernatorial jet and fly here and say where I have to be. And then you not only do what you can to promote. I'm answering you know what you do -- -- Because I heard somebody the other day say that Cuomo is now running negative ads about -- Reno. And a the point is he's 37 points ahead. And the commentator says something that was true he says well because there they were surprised. That Cuomo would run the negative ads so far ahead. And the commentators said well if you think about it you have a choice do you wanna just -- do you wanna win big. It's obvious that Cuomo wants to win big that's the reason he's trying to do even better than he did the last time around. What better chance when a guy is reaching for the -- and -- laughter. That's the one you go after you go after the lead dog and he wants to be the lead dog is not like he'd be going after somebody nobody ever heard of -- lots of people over Cuomo name. And lots of people have their opinions about the Cuomo name. He could've exploited that to the nth degree but he's not sending these instead he's in he's in New Jersey doing whatever he's doing -- -- -- and not night getting involved here and meanwhile wouldn't you love to have via a fly on the wall. At the -- regional headquarters when that announcement came out that not only wasn't he going to campaign. For pastor in -- but he doesn't campaign people can't win that's coming from your side. That's your -- as that's more than friendly fire that's that's assisted suicide. So he's written you off. So Cuomo had to be very happy about that I would loved to have heard. The words which I'm sure or not reportable or available for audio. To a radio or TV -- I have a feeling he was not a happy guy. And in for good reason. You have enough problems with somebody in the opposite party summoning your own party don't expect this from so. I I've written a modified I don't care what Stan says about -- today you wanna go up against them it's me. As far as as the new take on all comers. When Joseph Louis retired but he took on everybody he won most of them lost the field. When Marciano retired as undefeated heavyweight champion he took on everybody and that's what you gotta go you have to do that you can't pick and shoes. You can't cherry -- What do you think Tony that it is a lot of as steam with the word do you think he's still got a lot it's a yeah. Well I. You know he laughed my a my sites when he hugged Barack Obama -- yeah I've written him off at that point in to me he's just a bomb. Yeah I mean I he did he hugged it was almost and you know not just the -- it was almost like yeah I guarantee you know there was natural disaster going on so. You probably not thinking as clearly as you could. But it was not only a hug it was almost like a -- For a kid to his father it was like thank you so much and it was just symbolically. It was disaster. On two levels -- on the actual disaster to his reaction to win Obama showed up for by the way. What was it two hours yeah he got two hours and and now he's back you're going back to the West Coast. To continue his -- fund raising tour you know important fund raising is to lame duck right. Please. But that's what he's doing while things are still going on -- Ukraine just amazing just an amazing. Example. Of how screwed up one person and and take the country. Will be a backward mark we want your opinion what does that say about governor Chris Christie of New Jersey who said no I won't campaign for rob mastery you know in New York. Because I don't campaign for people can't win. Loser the loser is and as the Reno the loser is Christie in this one will be back office that is Beijing government. And I'm asking you my reaction yesterday when I found out Chris Christie said. That he would not campaign for rob asked the Reno against Andrew Cuomo because he will not campaign for people who can't win. Now either that was personal. And it was designed to scuttle his campaign and forget about it or it was extremely. Weak made. I think that -- opportunity come in new York and go up against Andrew Cuomo and with having nothing to lose and nothing expected. You don't get a better situation than that whatever you do we gonna come out smelling like a rose but now he doesn't wanna get involved. So I say we shouldn't get involved with him as a serious presidential candidate. Let's go to my friend Don and Pennsylvania have done your on WB yeah. And good morning San Antonio are you guys today. Where fine I think we're better than Christie -- at least take on us our fight as underdogs so what do you think about this whole situation done. The way I look at it Christie is no -- and he took up beating. When he got involved with that British gay issue which is between. New Jersey and New York. And if there's anyone can expect a lot of damage on his political aspirations. It's called although if they continue to. The assault on Thursday over the bridge case. So I don't think is defensible and you think that Cuomo go after them hurt hurt their Christie in the long. I honestly think that. Christie is as it has taken that in consideration. He has regained some of his who lost. Polling over that issue and by supporting cast of -- Cuomo can right quickly just. Remind everybody about his involvement with that and it will -- crispy in the long run in any of this. Aspirations to become president not that I think he's gonna have any. Would be a factor in that but it is -- he thinks he is. Well if -- is -- of course you would run away from Matt first of all any future potential candidate. Running against Christie would bring that up so it's not like it's gonna go away if he doesn't if he if he manages to avoid Cuomo now. However if if you really dual. Feel that you are on the right side of that the Jew who weren't complicit with it in the people that -- urban. I'll let go and whatever then you look at -- as an opportunity to off Georgia had an input that Tibetan instead it's still out there. Well I look at it this way I'm healed all she injuries and but the first time that he lapses between what has happened. And what it could possibly become an issue again think that the voters have a short memory that's just my opinion I mean -- will be forgotten and that the just. I'm writing this down time heals all injuries did you just make that a -- it got out of Rome Hamburg high school while we used a goof off together Oden. Who. -- and the record share of injuries I don't know them. A big banks -- grand prize draw version. -- Yeah my dearest friend Garza is the third grade or three of us now is -- And today it's always great to talk to him 8393018061692. Through six -- 930 and unless they get the -- fix them is dam building. And indeed there will be one probably someday. It is -- -- are asking about governor Chris Chris -- and the other Chris not Christie. But Johnson what do you have on a FaceBook for us this one comes from my accuses the show is that -- is Smart he's gonna waste his time or his money and a history you know because he's right he has no shot to be Cuomo. So what you're saying mr. -- it has don't take on a tough fight. Unless you're guaranteed -- win our -- heavily favored to win don't fight I hate that it's. I'm willing to take on any fight and anytime and anyplace you show -- you -- the weapons you predicted a place and I might win and I might not but the bottom line is it that they'll be a battle on. Instead of just putting your tail between your legs in playing it safe why -- -- to a few focus groups and see how they feel about it. It's I hate attitude I can't tell you how much I hate that attitude. If you believe in your cause and you believe in yourself you goal for. I don't like settlements. I don't -- deals. I like let's get in there and I want to also come out and I hope it's me but of that is and at least I gave him my best shot. Another one please this is from Doug he says he's not even -- -- -- member of his own party. Analysts -- the underdog started to get my vote and even if master and -- doesn't win Christie looks like the real loser here. Yup I think I agree I agree he's gonna get my vote so despite the fact that I think I -- the whole -- is. Fine woman good public servant. Unfortunately. I've my vote for her got a vote for Cuomo which I won't do I wouldn't do it under any circumstances. -- -- -- -- -- -- But at least you've got to be willing to dig in there if -- get a little -- on yourself got a scan your knuckles every once in awhile. How good is that if you don't lose what you didn't compete. You'd get in there. And I think that's that the spirit that made this country great. Is that not being afraid not being afraid of you feel that -- doing the right thing to defend what you what you have to. Not walk away and hope it goes away. Make the boom -- stop hurting. Let's go to frank and no wonder frank you're on WBM. Toxicity is you know I can find to be sold classless. A part of our Kristi. I think and -- Q do I mean if you don't want to support history -- There. -- a product per eloped. You mile or urged you. Pick that they don't want to support him or or fight for but I -- settle. The -- for right now while balls. Millions he he Apollo Republicans for right now while. And you don't want to get down and dirty. Yeah. They're keeper Ali could something. That support him or some other way -- read -- article it's. I don't want more are Chris angle light jacket that I think that if he he what he largely. Just turn the offers and why wouldn't we know probably two history he can be open air pocket and everything out like six. Let's turn the ball. And I think it -- what are -- working there were two real. That era a wreck at the urging its reporting that it means that you get -- -- I'm not gonna support you're not gonna fight for you -- -- the waiting for you. It's pretty it's pretty. How many times in our lives do we take on challenges where we know we're probably not going to win. But we have to do it and I wish he had felt that same sense of urgency. And feel like even though. There's little chance that -- -- a little way and I've got to do what I can to help in my mean that that to me shows some courage. Absolutely I didn't it's -- Cuban sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What about it being your show up. That's why they're quite a mess and that's why they hold elections frank thank you -- -- -- on this one thank you very much. I wish I -- I mean I I wish I could say that was a Smart move you know a lot. As the poster two posts ago on FaceBook. It was a Smart move. That you know it was the calculated. Move that's what I hate about politics. It's always that calculated. Thing is that it's never doom the right. Thing it's do the thing that helped you the most. Or can hurt -- the least. The fact is that you're supposed to be representing people while you're doing this got nothing to do it it's all about you know it's all about you. It's calculating and that's what I hate about it. So he is a Smart move. Yeah meanwhile he's not going to be president anyway so you might as well go balls for the law under your best job right now. We'll be back with more with preaching company under greater and I started a BB yeah. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine -- and our toll free line is 1806169236. Rather shocking headline -- general accounting office who said some people out undercover. To investigate potential fraud and obamacare okay the GAO was was being nonpartisan. So there out there investigating undercover. A vote -- possible fraud with a obamacare. And other gonna testified today before congress and gas wise this is like real -- I fell off the -- when I hired this. 75%. Of the fraud that they phone has to do with. Citizenship. A all of its gas somebody claim that they were citizen and there and so there there is your big surprise there -- I take a lot of Florio. There was a spoiler I should about a sport -- but that's where it's going to be and that will be the headlines related today and tomorrow meanwhile from yesterday. I was not happy about this not because I you know I'm a big rob asked the Reno Fran and I. I don't know rob mastery and really don't. Not that I expected him to topple Andrew Cuomo I really don't as he puts the best I can and that's all -- -- expected these is he's he's he's in a tough spot. But because you -- fellow member of the same club under the bus. Time. Bwic long way to go before the election and that's what the -- -- Bo a.'s 37 point nine. He said on Monday in all again I don't care what the polls today. The ground is different -- election is in November we have the issues on our side in the climate is right to win this. Well he maybe dreaming but that's the way the he says he feels. Those long has he stolen that I think we have to do what we plan to woods now poem because the alternative is. Another term of Andrew Cuomo. Which I don't want and most view -- along and -- either. But for -- Christie to say that he won't campaign form a campaign -- said. I'd you know I'd I'd love to but I am just who got too much going on now -- noticed that -- estate in New Jersey as well. Okay. People could figure out what your alternative. What your alternate the thoughts were a map. But they wouldn't know but when you come out and say that I won't campaign for some you can land which -- saying is he can't went. And I don't think analysts say that he probably won't win you can say odds are pretty much against him winning. Very little chance that he will but there have been stranger things. As -- takes is that singular event. In a campaign -- scuttle a candidacy. Now whether that would happen and whether it's even liable to happen is open for -- our conversation. But he should not have done. He shouldn't have done and not -- you don't have to be loyal to everybody that's in the same parties York. But the bottom line is if you don't wanna be part of it at least keep -- Marcia. A first do no harm they should've read the hippocratic oath to. First do no harm so. If you don't wanna do it that's fine but don't harm the candidate by. And dead and I I don't I don't think that's the right way to go -- code to Merriam Lancaster Mary here on WB again. I think the primary what do you think about all. You must have read my mind because I was on the phone all day yesterday. When I first heard this. I called. The Republican chairman Brian called Erie county chairman. And anyway blocked or -- I called because I want it. The Republicans to call. And call Governor Christie and make him apologize. To the voters of New York. So what what he did because he just assumed. That -- -- -- -- -- -- And beyond those he owed after you know an apology for for being so rude and what but I bottom line with what -- wanted to or attempted. The convince to governor Christine it. This choice of words. You know one thing and then he won New Jersey as a underdog and all this stuff and you're turned right around and does this to during a. And -- and vehicle apparently doesn't think that New York voters are worth the time of day otherwise. That requirement that they used to call him on it and I think -- they've made enough. You know I cannot not as an educated response. To Governor Christie and just keep on the point that thing. Can -- really hurting the voters of new York and keep pushing this. Again you know Cuomo how they're just giving it their gonna roll over and give it to Cuomo. How stupid they think that. What exactly. It's actually remembers best if Cuomo wins huge and it's more of a problem for. Christie of Christie wants to run for president instead of coming in May be cutting the margin may be giving them something bad he has to go soft on the -- -- he was proposing before he had plenty of opportunities to do it and chose not to. But -- they have a good thing about this but I don't know I just. It would get so it's got an appellate hearing the talk on how that comic state senator in everything because I think. Wouldn't doing it in New York border it's been committed and wouldn't you know with somebody else is gonna decide once that boat comes and we don't have a choice of Cuomo is gonna do whatever you want an all -- whenever people want from New York. And -- -- to say that that's what. Are we want to -- the plane that went to work on that common common guards we are lacking in this is what they should say and I think -- a bad thing but I think in the long run I think. I called them. Give -- to Reno to win he'll he'll help active in the wind because of this being an underdog and being so. I think he's an insult that to the New York State voter and I think -- and hardship say you know. How dare you sense that we're gonna just roll over and. I'd like yeah I think what we should say it is if if you if you run for president don't count on New York Republicans to support you. Right that's the thing what what what good is going to be at the -- you know it's good isn't going to be the place we can get back into the so bold but I think. I really bottom line is Christie should come right out and say it was a poor choice of words he could've just said -- I'm bitten him -- good -- -- but the way he says you know I called -- and I sit. The report. They can now Protestant. Throw -- under the bus throw under the bus Mary thank you the bus ran right over room through under the bus. Yeah I if you really think about it it was it was grace -- And good is that not to have a defeat if you'd never got into the game. I mean really. You know what I've ever fought professionally -- rings I guess some undefeated. Course I haven't thought. So I guess I guess Christie wouldn't have a defeat right and running way of answering a festering about the went but he wasn't in the game was. So I think that is despicable -- beyond this will be back remark at yeah I think -- Mary's message to. To -- the you know you're -- Iran nationally don't count on -- don't count us at all. Will continue to be our merry little blue state. Yeah audio via will be back after this that is Beijing company. Yes -- Reno to get you up to speed. Is. In favor of repealing the safer and he wants to discuss common gore. He wants to allow fracking a lot of issues that are important to all voters but especially. Republican voters and those of cresting what I had enough to come in here with. And not only tell the -- mastering a story. By giving him you know some face time with him on the national press. But also a chance to go after Cuomo now earlier callers that maybe doesn't wanna go after Cuomo because of bridge today. But that's what it's always about business. It's always about something in exchange for something else. And I understand that sometimes you have to work and cooperative effort were people that you basically don't agree with -- for the good of everybody from time to time. But it can't always be about yourself sometimes you have to get away from Adam has the V for something that's just simply the right thing to do. And if you don't choose to do it at least keep it to yourself. He did not have -- say that he doesn't campaign people can't win go to said anything. It has said that you know idea I'd just booked up to my eyeballs that army time. Lot of stuff going on New Jersey requires my my attention my full attention I'd like to do that but I just can't that's fine. We understand that. You don't want you shouldn't be forced -- But don't throw my under the bus because you don't wanna be bothered you know -- get your hands dirty you know -- a loss you know there are people like that. There are lawyers. Lawyers sometimes who'll always wanna settle. Why -- they always -- settle because that -- It's just looks better to settle. Than to have something that you lost and I think the thought with Christie is. This is a lost cause or -- Reno. So why what I wanna be involved -- that. But the other side of the coin is you'll notice that we've had several callers today -- furious they were yesterday when this report surfaced. And up for good reason -- they all love rob mastering you know maybe not. But they don't -- what Christie did. And I think I think you're gonna hurt him in the long run yeah. He wasn't associated would be a loss if that's what it comes to when answering -- But he didn't mean given a shot he wasn't even in the game he wasn't the playing hurt you because he wasn't hurt. He just didn't wanna be there because it wasn't almost sureshot guaranteed chance the Chris on FaceBook we have a few entries please this one comes. For all Mike Kelly she says Christie is nothing more than a blow hard I actually master I don't know -- and I was very impressed and I was on the fence Intel I Simon to a bottom. And when you consider that Christie's support could make a difference. Yeah you know you never know you just don't know we've seen it reform like any any kind of thing like this. The the tide sometimes change right now it doesn't look very promising. And there's no guarantee but there's no guarantees in life. He -- maybe brought things up or or been forceful enough to get the governor to change his mind on something or at least soften the fact that our governor is running attack ads now and I agree would be analysts they have on. With Johns Susan evident. When he doesn't really have to the reason is he wants to win big. All right maybe he wouldn't win would be as big a margin as he'd like if Christie was here because the care. This isn't New Jersey but he damn well might care if he ends up running for president against Cuomo. Now that's a long shot ticket right there -- responsible. So I think he should've thought ahead. Instead of just cutting answering off companies are what else for your groups. This one comes from mad he says. This is a calculated move by Christie there are eleven governor seats within striking distance for the GOP why would waste his time and a lost cause Kristi getting involved. Could increase Democrat turn out in this state which might -- Republicans in congressional and senate races. Lou reserve loose mentality -- here we go again it's always calculated business. It's always calculated nobody doesn't because it's the right thing to do what's in it for me. What's in it for me and that's what it's always about. How can it affect me Al Franken. It's so -- those of you who applaud calculating. Politicians. I hope -- happy it would what we've got for governance now because they're all calculating. They're all saying what's in it for them how many shows have we done where where we the taxpayers and voters with the last ones considered. It's what's in it for the other people who are supposed to be working for us. Well we pay their salaries. We put him in office and is supposed to be working for us and what happens. They end up working for themselves in a perfect storm it's a perpetual motion machine. The more they do for each other the better chance they have to stay there and even a bottom falls off the train every once in -- others apparent -- make -- parks commissioner. A one final -- Chris. This is from the leader she says this historically political for -- has nothing to do it faster and out Christie is a conservative. -- -- now wanna be linked to a candidate like Esther now. Who's against gun laws like the same effect -- people know about that nationally. -- you might think being against it would hurt him as a national candidate. Now that at least is a rational post I think I think that's possible. But this along the line you gotta be what does Harry Truman -- in Needham. You know Harry Truman had that that plaque on his desk that says the buck stops here. I think they threw it away after Harry Truman's presidency. Because no president seems to have that same attitude some are better than others but that's what we need we need that attitude. Yeah I may not get everything right but I'm gonna get in there and fight and do the best job -- can. And that will be so refreshing we don't we don't see that much anymore. Everything we've become a focus group nations regarding politics. Everything is calculated projected. To tested. Before they before they do any -- and meanwhile the only thing left out of the equation and our political circus is us. So we'll sit back ought to make their calculations. -- their careers go on forever whether they're deserved or not because. We just feel it's it's okay swells not -- -- me I can tell you that shouldn't be okay with -- leader. But I -- we come back we're going to change pace. Let's talk about a guy who's very revered. There's no question about this this this is a man that people seek counsel from. And he apparently said something good of -- a lot of people. And it's a matter of whether he was saying the truth and people couldn't handle the truth. Or he wasn't being politically correct or sensitive enough. And we'll let you make a decision on that in he is a very long though he's won a super ball and when markets are yulia is -- -- watch sports senator. And one. If you -- there were all over the news yesterday. And if you don't look kind of -- and now on the last hour beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB.

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