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7-23 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All alone is region governor and I'm sandy beach what's going on. I'm down there and Hamburg. The school superintendent says somebody back -- in my car looked very well have been no. Now they think that maybe it didn't happen that way maybe. If he had a telephone bulls sometime before that. I'm thinking. Pamela brown I think our way trying to find a way out of town I think -- back into his car. -- It's I'll probably laughed as superintendent of about our school system they gave -- a backseat -- money and she had a all stacked up on the backseat so she couldn't see how the rear view mirror. And I think she -- the end of the superintendent scar. In Hamburg I don't know I it's just that there right now but I I think Ottawa. It proved to be true what's going on down there as goofy. A little bit yes if if the allegations are true or if it is I don't even though they're allegations now. But there's question as to whether that note -- was the real deal or not. That's -- you have insurance. You call your insurance agent he get -- what you need to get done is sign off on and you move line but we don't know we have no idea. What happened but that's that -- well I'd -- if the Buffalo Bills -- listening. I have a suggestion. On how to get Marcel Darius in the shape you know Marcel -- showed up. After area obviously eventful offseason. I out of shape and that any had to go down to Southern's there was Alabama. Alabama with a banjo on his knee in the ads and get them into some program are you know who knows what but anyway. -- seem to have votes from Alabama he's actually at the training -- now. And that they wanna get in shape -- they don't know how to do it here's what you do to get him in shape our mind this stuff football players usually do. And work here where -- beta as. And cloning today. -- complaint is I do wanna complied. I love the building the deal of the -- elevator networks. And keep in mind I'm diabetic and I have neuropathy so a fun thing for me it would be to try and walk and that's -- are not direct. You go here you zig there is -- -- bag. You go across the street to -- and have a hamburger you come back over here based around the outside permanent parking -- they take you over saint Leo's and then pass the restroom and Europe and then you're halfway there okay. And not working again and when you have neuropathy it's it's not easy to do this stuff so I'm not I'm not big on stairs. Guys if they find me. You know slumped over in the middle of a stairwell I want to assume somebody's that's when you do that -- and a there will be my last gift to you. That's it yeah because it was one of those Sam pack and palm moments. Idea. -- number order sorry for any inconvenience. And I looked at it and and suddenly my voice went into. And seeing. 'cause I think oh I -- -- -- again. But anyway that's that and for going down stairs now it's a year. It's easier to go down and go up but that doesn't sound. But it is easier to get down the stairs and up the stairs. But I'm suggesting had a little fun to. We can put it off fire pole. That would take us directly down so -- goes a step out grabbed the fire pole slide down. That would be fun that would be it would be fun and and mark's fund certainly go walking down those same stairs every day. But this is the first time I can remember war's been out for two days. Usually video and they get him fixed pretty quickly but. It's now three or four times the last couple weeks maybe in order apart yeah that's always the way it is so that's that. Are going to Roswell today you have my six month check up. And that's this is my favorite part because. When -- my size there are parts of my body that I've never seen ever ever except that a mirror I've seen reflected in a mirror. And it's -- budget that was when you're going for your six month the dorm check out the -- of dermatology. They inspect every inch of your body and believe me this body has a lot of inches. I'm just telling how many rods and an -- probably about the size of this body and what it is first -- give you. This ridiculous. -- own. You know wouldn't fit anybody let alone person my size. And its highs in the back who held ties in the back. None of -- guys do women do they hook in the back exit from the back and everything out front what we consider it right. You -- if you are out front. -- it's definitely -- don't know -- backwards. Amazing. That they make you win Oregon because as soon as they come and you're totally naked with the exception of about -- -- -- here. And mine are very attractive have little drafts them. -- I think address but anyway I'm. And we are not penguins hit like a politician and that's exactly right that make Amanda had to change in this outfit. And and -- really do I mean they're very good at spotting so I mean I've had that. I think for basal cell operations and I don't want anymore and it's like there and it's kind of I think they're using drones now because it's just easier than walking around the greater expanse. It's like my body is like the opening a big valley member of their western where they got a big expanse of land. And I bet they draw straws at Roswell to see which ones gonna do the visual on me -- -- up. If -- always the same time since it's moving as I do -- -- pizza cancer remember past that you can't remember that. There -- things that distract them. I try and telling jokes they don't notice a larger. -- ornament usually brag about it but in this case. I just wanted to get in there and you don't need another spritz of liquid nitrogen okay spritz brits home thank you very much. That's coming up two days ago. A wonderful day planned. Let's see what else is going on -- -- lots of stuff -- we come back we'll be talking about some of it on news radio 930 WB yeah. Well the bills -- in camp obviously you know that. And yesterday the reports of -- out of camp said on the offense they're too good and see how about the offense I'm -- about. The coach not being able you know handle it with humor because Omar motivates everybody. John McKay who used to coach at what's SA USC USC to have the -- -- have been Buccaneers he started. -- that lousy losing streak forever and ever and ever. And they were always at the bottom of the standings in the ratings and all kinds of stuff but he always had a quip. Tony remind me one of them was a reporter asked them how he felt about his team's execution. And a sediment favor. Which is a great line. I think also had another line but I always -- Some rookie was not performing well high draft choice was not performing while it calls an assistant coach over and says that. What's wrong -- them and he says. He's -- watch. His tell -- I'd planned to attend all the games. -- -- -- alone yesterday what police say we gotta do better. And death. Do better than that. You have about a Marcel Darius joking your back pocket somewhere surely there's enough room for humor -- I mean. If -- it's it's like chuck Knox. -- -- -- at one time we've got to score more points. He actually said and I'm not making it up because you can't make this stuff up. You never get any increment -- coaches. But I'm thinking that if you can use humor. It does that it does go a long way and makes makes things easier well what went wrong guys yesterday in camp dropping passes or what not on target. Yes heating up like a bad day. Yeah I hadn't. I guess offense overall the one of the things -- -- -- -- look at every article for -- I think it was ESPN said. But the line allowed at least five sacks they were there is no chemistry between receivers and quarterbacks. Well off targets so I'm not good well if you think about it. I'm thinking just as an amateur. That when you first come in the cap it's probably easier to play defense allotments -- yes. Yet defense is always -- the offense early and you're still put new plays in -- mean manuals a second year guy. Regardless of what they threw it in last year you were anticipated to be a little bit scaled back just because it was a repeat any missed so much time. So there's going to be more to it and there's new guys in new receivers it's takes a little while jail. So I think -- manual -- should practice what he's gonna need during the season how to be carried off on a stretcher effects like that -- you know things that you know you're gonna have to know how to do. How to hold the clipboard they had was centered on the sign heading backwards yeah and root for the guy who's trying to take your job away from him I mean that's hard to do -- large event sure so yeah I'd be euphoria of of our draft picks and all that this kind of a -- already and we play and 12 weeks. Yeah well people are raving about. Sammy -- yeah he's actually dominating the campaign you can see why the bills made him a first pick but the you can take the positive. Outlook and all of this and just say you know what our defense is just that. Good that is that is the positive say that's got to accent the positive early and eliminate the negative are you buying it. No I don't know I tried because you're the -- to try to sell me on Rob Johnson. Still remember the -- at the watched yes not when he went insane floating when they leave the field are you insane person well that's has nothing to do what that's what they have -- the play is in the other teams out because that's where the global losses if you don't figure out. It's just the other happen as long as you use the other -- well. I'm Rob Johnson I remember your quote. That I forget because remember I'm Italian rock you know we don't forget anything. He has a rocket for an arm you know the job and -- for bringing -- and he's on the beach probably playing sand volleyball with the misty may trainer problem. -- He got 25 million -- and it's a good job. When you can't do your job and they give you 25 million and you can retire. That's a really good job that's this like better political job if you think about -- Brandi please sign me did you guys. Give them any estimates of what a duo -- nine and seven or what we're going to be eight -- what we're gonna bring I think it is so difficult to tell this year because it all rides on EG shoulders. Don't they go as far as he knows which are usually unfortunately parallel to the ground so therefore it's not going to be good here immigrants. I guess -- -- particularly I like this I'll go late may I waited a center and I think I think they're good and I think there's talent on the team and they could maybe contend for a playoff spot and I think they'll kind of -- -- -- That day at least -- at least stay in the race. For most of the -- stay healthy -- -- -- that's the key injuries are always accuse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you know that Chris Chris said earlier in the room that's why don't want sports -- listened -- Chris and that I pretend like making these questions on myself ring idea very nice job. And Akio restarting 12. And two days to assume no I mean really has no offseason and in sports anymore hockey is the worst the minute finish -- in -- and training camps in September yeah I mean it's ridiculous you guys I mean the guys need time to rejuvenate and and recharge the batteries -- they come right back deployed. Let's say well -- talk about today Chris Christie. Really Chris Christie. You say -- what was the bloom off the -- Miles off the rose after he put his arm around around the president. Barack Obama at that point of the bloom evaporated. All right and everybody knows that and they think it could be part of the reason. That the yeah we didn't win via the presidential race last time around I don't know whether that's short but some people to sign that there. But while I think you can tell. The quality of a man's character. By what they are willing to take on as a challenge. If they're willing to to take on boat rides you okay walks -- described it as you will. Then it's not showing me a lot of character the people that I admire in the people that through show character to me. Are people take on causes that seem like one shot a really long range projects sometimes. Defying the odds. And Chris Christie obviously isn't one of them. A couple of days ago Chris Christie was asked. Two. To campaign for Robin asked the Reno now Robin Israel's running for governor in case you didn't know because you probably didn't. He's running against Andrew Cuomo and the odds -- long latest -- says he's 37 points behind. So that's not a good place today now he. He still keeping -- -- keeping the faith. He says. I don't care what the polls say. He was in -- Monday. Via the ground is different the elections in November we have the issues on our side and the climate is right for me to win that's okay that's how he feels. Here is how Chris Christie was a fellow Republican by the way I might remind you that. Here's how he feels he said he wouldn't campaign Forrester Reno. Because he won't campaign for somebody who has no chance to win so he threw him under the bus. And day and it also showed me it's a character issue. Because sometimes you can be better you can be taller you can be and more and rich. You can be far ahead of the game. Even if you lose because there are things to -- learn. In -- -- losses first of all there's no such thing as an obstacle guaranteed lock on a win or lost anybody remember. From history. The picture of -- Harry Truman holding up the newspaper that says. Bid Dewey beats Truman well obviously. None of you have seen president -- on any dollar bills lately on so Truman won and nobody expected him to a but the fact that. -- that he would consider -- all lost cause and not get involved even if he may have legitimate good issues like New York State from things like that. So I'm thinking it really makes Christie look bad. I think it really makes Christie look shallow and it was a big Christie fan at the beginning. But if he's only gonna get on board when it's a guaranteed win and hold the Helm needs them. Let him go go to mr. Abdullah and spend the day there and talk to his friends on the other -- We'll be back with more with -- company -- news radio and -- thirty W via. Almost Sean Hannity and buffalo all -- seven told ten news radio 9:30 AM. WB and. We're back would be to -- -- by the way let's -- apparent tendency James Taylor this -- -- -- concerts. And he's going to be -- first -- senator July 29. Are courtesy of beaver productions. Trying to install now 64 or 9875 a random caller will be chosen. General. Rules apply. In the value as a 120 dollars or is James Taylor and his all Starr band live at the first Niagara center tickets available -- tickets dot com called now. And try and when those tickets. Yeah I think that first of all I'm really disappointed. In governor Chris Christie obvious I started off as a Chris Christie for and he took on the union's. He took on hecklers. And day he's seen to be really on a roll. And but the mark as -- goes on the further it looks like he's perhaps not the not the candidate I thought he was in the first place. Because for him to say. -- he would not campaign. For rob asked to Reno because he doesn't campaign for people we can't win is really a disservice. Because even if you're behind and I know it says the polls say these 37 points behind now. Are you still gotta give at the good fight and a lot of benefits can come. From getting into something like that for a instance even if you are 37 points behind. You may be able to reposition. Your opponent on some issues. By hammering on those issues and that would be a plus. You may discover you know what what happens -- political campaigns sometimes it's just one yeah. One. A mistake -- scuttle I remember of. -- primal scream. -- fought and things like that. So he's missing a golden opportunity. Yeah of if Christie got in here and campaign for -- -- well what his job be his job would be to fold. One would be to tell you will progress to Reno is. And tell you some of the better things that you might like to know about it and consider voting form that's one and that's the part you'd expect. But the other part I'm surprised Christie hasn't grabbed two. You're also campaigning against Andrew Cuomo. Now Andrew Cuomo is -- one of a handful of people that they're talking about running for president I mean he's talking about -- more than anybody else but. I'd be presumed front runner would be Hillary Clinton. And and anybody -- comes in after that but the bottom line is if you're. Thinking of running for president yourself which I don't think there's much question the Chris Christie is. Wouldn't you love a chance to grow head to head against the guy who is one of the possible candidates on the other ticket. I mean it's a chance that -- and you can't do just out of the blue -- if -- campaigning for breast arena all you're also campaigning against Cuomo. So you could come in here and I'll just pick the issue of -- New York say poke -- and just hammer him -- that. Now you might be able to gain some traction. People will see who has innovated not afraid to take on a big challenge instead what happens. What happens when we read or hear what we heard a couple of days ago. The same reaction I have wideout wore us. He's not going to is not even given a try because it's not a guarantee there are few guarantees in life. But one of the things you can guarantee is that anything can happen during -- campaign. And it's one thing for Andrew Cuomo to fend off some barbs by -- A by asked the Reno but it's another for him to fend off some barbs from Chris Christie. A because Chris Christie has a national spotlight. Where he goes cameras follow where he says things. Quotations -- rise so I think that he really blew it. On two two levels one he's he really kind of true. As -- -- under the bus for no real reason you can be behind and still run a good campaign. But he's missing the chance to go against Andrew Cuomo to may have your. Simply because it gives you a chance because of Cuomo is in the news. And you're going after him you -- in the news too about that. As so it would show the strength of a potential candidate on on the Republican side for himself. But in nor do that you've got to you've got to be willing to take on a challenge somebody who says that I don't I don't do it was if there's no chance to win is a loser. That's the way -- loser. I've been hired by radio stations. And it's paid for a lot of sports cars who didn't think they could win aren't and we've taken them from eleventh to third eleventh the second. Right around there and they made millions of dollars okay but if they just believed. That they couldn't win. And they just went along with a losing mindset they'd still be losers. So the bottom line is it good at the odds may still be stacked up against you and I don't think I'm Pollyanna when I talk like this are the odds may be stacked up against you. But however nothing is guaranteed all of takes is that one full law. Andy a campaign to go down in flames. You are the underdog by a large number nobody expects much from mule because of that. Was suddenly you come up with something at a guy like Chris Christie who as the national spotlight is standing there next to you everybody wins even if you don't win the election. Chris Chris if he doesn't understand that something's wrong. So there you go again you need a cakewalk you need acclamation. -- is it reminds me of Donald Trump. And I'll tell you -- Donald Trump said I won't run for governor in unless there is you know we've reconciled a party. That left it wide open that if anybody objected he could bail out and I knew we wouldn't run I knew we wouldn't run for president I know Iran run for governor. And and that's the that's the Donald Trump philosophy. If he can come in and just Waltz to something and two big in my trophy you'll be very happy. But as far as blow the political side of it unless he's guaranteed he doesn't wanna be -- why why doesn't want to be involved. Simply because he doesn't want to lose. I mean that's pretty obvious this. What his friends will tell you that's Ab absolutely obvious. So we have asked the rain -- If if of Christie comes over health says the Reno he helps himself to -- I don't know who's advising him but that's the advice I'm no political advisor by any manner means. But that's a mark of character. They were behind. We we're gonna do the best weekend we're gonna scratch right out right until the polls close instead of no I'm not going to do it unless I'm an awesome shortly and went ads. Bull Loney. So I I don't argue I'm scratching Chris Christie up a mindless throw for potential presidential candidates. Because that was the final straw as far as I'm concerned he's done some good things he said some good things. But as far as I'm concerned he's he's not a warrior and we need a warrior. We don't he's somebody -- was gonna go into battle dress. We need we need a man with ball. As far as I'm concerned he's got on he had -- somebody snapped them and I don't know when it happened. Will be back after this and I'm asking what does it say to you about governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Refusing to vote campaign for Robin asked the Reno who's trying to take on Andrew Cuomo. Because as -- the explains that he doesn't campaign for people who can't win. To me that's. And that's a that's a loser. I don't care I like Christie. I thought you know it was outspoken and a I'd the ads Obama promised. But forget I just forget and if he's not willing to take on a challenge. The only way to get in their -- photo op what does that say. We don't need that we got we got somebody who's doing that now is named as Barack Obama. You have an opportunity come in here -- not only to praise and tell the story of -- rob asked the Reno but you have a chance to go after -- That's a national again national battle why wouldn't you do it. It also says something about that may be -- hesitant to do that for some reason. For a as far as I'm concerned -- Let's go to CEO and -- feels so you're on WB -- Why are able or about if you remember why are we liked it illness each at C. -- Republican National Convention. It was now about -- I mean you act -- air her Grammy. It's true. But the other thing it -- I don't know maybe it think cool what Armani black and not pumping. -- about it if I I'm sure most people would agree that Christie is thinking about running for president. Wouldn't you love a chance to get little battle testing here against a possible future opponent. I would I agree I agree but the other thing is -- -- -- -- like there -- -- -- -- -- explore. He could just say I got for other things he yet. It it would -- -- and whatever or that any deal. We don't say oh he has no chance of winning that's the act -- -- well war. Is art is he can't -- out there was somebody. -- -- -- -- Yeah you know if if he doesn't want to do was say some things a magnanimous like I wish I could campaign for everybody but you know there's only so many hours in the day. Then people can draw their own conclusions but by saying. That he wouldn't because he can't win is. It really I don't I can't describe it why would he do that must have something personal why would he do if he didn't know him. I was even going to college rock at. Yesterday and picturing mine he is elect's secret I think the air ball. All right someone you know so thank you very much go. Yeah I mean I think like this you can get things accomplished even if you lose. Even if you lose I'm gonna just make this up but suppose he came in here. And it started hammering. The big governor. A Cuomo on a New York say -- Or row or something like that that may be common core something where if they think there is some vulnerability. Uga score some points. Maybe there is a softening of position on the other side. May be on something future of -- -- as sidetrack. You can influence the campaign and influence the government's of this guy even if he when. But not to get in it at all. Can you imagine in sports I always like to use sports metaphors. And you've got a team that's not favored at all. And and they refuse to play because they don't think every chance to win. How many have you thought the Broncos would get blown out of a Super Bowl I'm. Think that. Here's the deal nobody expected that and that's exactly what happened at this is sending a political campaigns you don't know. They can end in an instant with the wrong. Statement the wrong -- look so who knows what and things come up things come up at the last minute. But I don't think if you come -- to try and help a fellow Republican in a very large states such as New York. If you don't win nobody's gonna say why don't loser because they didn't expect as Serena to win anyway. So if you come in and you do anything your hero. Anything your hero I have an empty lots of people will appreciate that. Would you love to think that somebody comes right what we're in love -- -- Of the air cavalry coming to the rescue. Of the beleaguered people in the fort right OK we love that wouldn't that have been good metaphor for our -- coming in here to campaign -- -- arena. C'mon he's coming in to help. Maybe he can bring some that up that'll really like the campaign on par. Whether he does or not who notes we have no way of knowing -- but what I'm saying is if you don't wanna get in the -- out. You know what that says no must know must that's witnesses. You guys -- sports guys can you imagine a team taking that attitude. -- think about the bills for Super Bowl there are three touchdown favorite over the giants. And the giants put together a plan that nobody expected -- -- were able to shut down Buffalo's offense. I've heard about that wasn't there are few people involved -- it did happen and is now I just made -- you Chris if you can imagine your team. Or eight team refusing to play the game because they didn't think they had a chance to win going into the world cop. US a coach you're in Klinsmann that a real unrealistic. For the US to win and he took some heat -- -- -- because this is kind of a weird thing to say you're in the tournament that -- -- going out there later. And I think that people like our our country likes to be fighting spirit. They don't expect you to win every fight but they expect -- to try. In for some it doesn't try it says something about it says that he's only gonna get involved with set ups. The best camera angles the best questions. I always thought he was a shoot from the hip kind of guy who wasn't afraid it would be a gunslinger and a taken on Marshall Allen. It's that it turns out to be Chester Chester actually the guts. A body turns out not to be the warrior we've body was a look at what Mike Tyson fought Buster Douglas. All right Tyson is just -- is it in Tillman who just want out of this -- Douglas wins exactly. And this and we're Kenny Norton against Ali yeah -- expected not only beat hourly Ali broker's job. Who would expect that nobody. So the point is if you're willing to take -- a chance. And come and you can come out smelling like a rose whether you win or lose it doesn't matter if you're if you way ahead yourself right. And I think -- Christie lost a golden opportunity. Now what you and I would probably love to see mastering a win. -- he went and I don't know the odds are long right now he's 37 points behind which is a lot but are you willing to give up because of that. If so why have a campaign and I'll just have some -- -- the focus groups. Through some testing talked to some of a registered voters and actual voters and project the winner and that's the winner why why bother with a campaign. But you know things can happen on the campaign trail that no body plans for. And when that happens you going to be ready there to jump in and take the lead and that's the way it is and boy and Christie didn't do it. And so what I think Christie is that he's off my list of potential. -- -- these closings label group but he's off my list. A potential presidential candidate for the Republicans now willing to take on an issue like this Chris what the hell are you willing to take. Take a stand we'll be back with more with beach company is -- VW --

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