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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Social Media strategist Kevin Evanetski- Walking & Texting

Social Media strategist Kevin Evanetski- Walking & Texting

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking this morning about a new problem that people are literally walking into. And it's having injuries while they're walking on sidewalks or somewhere else. And looking at their phones let's talk about it now with Kevin -- SP he's joining us from social yeah -- good morning. More I think set thanks for the time. Do you see this often DC people kind of you know buried in their cellphones while they're blocking demonstrators blocking inside one. Absolutely I think if you go to any local track of all Internet the peak of buffalo -- that you keep people glued to their phones sometimes. Unfortunately. The walk in the somebody's -- trip back the American attention. It. Are we all true caught up and a Smartphone and mobile device phenomenon. Kevin that we just can't wait to get home where we can wait to find a place to sit down we can do this without interfering with somebody's safety. The new York and I don't think -- that they're really. In the technology. That much is clear attached to wanting to know the latest news. Wawrinka beat somebody why can not -- and. And cell phone or. -- That ability to beat him enough in order calling her instantly. Hundreds of years ago sure people want to know deleted declaration right away and I'll be in the I don't really think everyone's willing and wanting to Egypt -- -- -- followed it much as we don't want to let the latest news story. You know National Geographic channel that just recently. Did like a little bit of a test -- and the streets of Washington DC. Stage split sidewalks into cell phone. And no cellphone lanes -- -- via cellphone planes is a walk that your own risk lane. I need to -- we've come to that point where we need to do that. Personally I. I hope we don't it. I hope it citing people there to realize that went into public. -- respectability -- greater than yourself and whether you're holding cell phone you're pushing a stroller apparently dog -- your -- publicly. It's now about if you're not accurate view and I think that's their people who. Yeah they're they're -- -- here I'd lock your ordinary across erode so. He's gotten better and what's restricting you were in the world where we're distracted by -- -- Radio he -- extraction. And we need to. These self aware that only about open society it is -- -- -- the -- -- people realized that he he and others is more important thing. You're in the latest week. It was you know we know that texting while driving is a serious thing and of laws against it. But now we're hearing that injuries associated with walking while texting or using a cell phone. Are beginning to exceed injuries involving a motor vehicle. In Portland or acting -- -- shortly -- we get to a place where we're -- -- don't -- -- in fact it you know. Some people. Still -- -- and they agree on that in that league and the cops police -- -- -- that thing and you know aren't that. You would think that people -- the early on her children look both ways. That would mean that would count on your cellphone and actually get into trouble. Yes sometimes common sense goes out the window Kevin nice talking with you this morning thanks. That's cabinet an ST from social --

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