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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NYS Regent Bob Bennett - on Hamburg schools Investigation

NYS Regent Bob Bennett - on Hamburg schools Investigation

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about this Hamburg central situation. Our guests on the live line is Bob Bennett a member of the New York State border -- -- Bob. Bob this has been described as circus the investigation and allegations of misconduct involving a member of Hamburg central board allegations of vandalism involving the superintendents car. A note with a threat written on it now we're hearing. The superintendents under investigation by the cops that he may have made up the story. I mean it's hard to believe little schools superintendent would do this but I got stranger things have happened now. The school board is meeting right now as we speak. And doctor Jenner Richard gender of the superintendent has been replaced by two assistants. Now replacing him is this normal. Routine because he is under investigation. Well I think it is if there's an allegation that is serious and I think this is quite serious it seems that it is. Even though there are any number one unanswered questions at this point. The board has the power to place him on administrative leave I'm guessing -- with -- Even more bizarre that two people that step then but that's their decision is their responsibility to solve this crisis and true. Reveal children and later. What the police -- is going to be whether there's going to be any further action. And who's going to be involved because CC. Board member who is under. Review. -- -- Is the one that apparently has to witness this this is very bizarre I know I've talked to the folks in Albany a couple times and they -- shake their heads they said this is. This is something they have resolved but this really horrible distraction. Any decision that the board makes this morning Bob do they have to do an open session. Yes indeed they do. Eventually they did have a discussion. In private session but then they have to reveal publicly. What happened exactly who said what what the results are and on this subject spare my work out and about air can't imagine the legal bills. Now would let me ask you this would move -- shore investigating -- they have anything to do with this meeting doesn't Hamburg town -- have any kind of authority or power. To call a police investigator and to tell them. What they're looking into. Of course I mean -- they can't force set but I can't imagine. That the school board would get resistance from the police and asked the police to come and stay where you and your investigation. Warrior facts what's the next steps. This the superintendent entitled to due process just like the school board member was entitled to due process but the longer it goes. But the Mara. Terrible this school district's reputation becomes. And that there than there was a time when it was a very high performing really good district. What happens if chatter is. Placed on leave and if board member for could she is also removed an assist with this -- prompt a possible state intervention or anything. Not at this point because the school board has to bring mr. resolution may have the power and authority in state law check of our deputy counsel. And she confirmed that they after that he prohibition. If an individual has to file on the field so. And the state help I don't mess ever right to do that as well. A three cent of people that. And I haven't which is sitting right. You know certainly is very very strange very bizarre mr. Bennett good to chat with -- -- again we're grateful for your time this morning. Our message talk YouTube Bob -- a member of the New York State Board of Regents.

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