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CBS's Cami McCormick in Kiev

Jul 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news correspondent Kenny McCormick is with us on the WB online -- joining us from Kiev Ukraine she's been covering the crash of Malaysia airlines flight seventeen. Can -- bring this up today what's going on there today. Well we saw the first military plane load of bodies believed that city a parking which into the northeast of Ukraine to the Netherlands. This is the transfer that should take about two days there will be several plane -- -- the bodies were in a wooden casket. They would they ukrainians ceremonial guard there they carried for the casket. Onto the plane with a very small quiet ceremony there are expected to land in the Netherlands. In the next few hours where you sit there and they have warning has been declared there will be a moment of silence. When these planes -- that we also have heard this morning that the black boxes. -- -- have now alike in Britain where they will be examined the experts there are saying depending on the condition of the box is it should take about. 24 hours to extract data from them that will then be handed over to Dutch authorities who will decide what if any of this information has been made public. Can't -- any idea how long did my take for investigators to collect the wreckage of the aircraft itself. -- at that scene is still very very confusing we heard this morning from the OS CTV's could be European monitors. -- that it is heading out there they have with them some Malaysian investigators the last we heard from them they said they were headed out to the crash site. And we still have not. Seen the international investigative team that have been added to the country had out that way there are teams in -- there -- teams -- -- is they're spread -- throughout the country that they can't. Make it yet to the crash sites. Partly because there's still some fighting going on in that area including some rocket fire and shelling of the Ukrainian government hit that they cannot secure the well for them. Much less secure the president what they're there on the ground there's a lot of confusion still coming back but today we heard from Australia's prime minister. Who called for a multi national security force they had to the crash site Australia lost 37 citizens -- the -- and -- we -- some of these remains may never come all if we can't get people out there as soon. Cameo on collecting although some wreckage of appeals gone out to folks who live in the area. To turn over to authorities any evidence that happened -- stumbled upon. Yeah I don't think so and -- -- this is a very remote area with a lot of farms we were hearing reports that. I've discovered that personal belongings from the passengers were showing up. In markets being -- -- trying to get. I mean that that is obviously gotten out and and with the OS CE monitors there I'm sure they're trying to get the word out that that all of this is evidence it needs to be returned there's also. The concern we heard yesterday with that debris that still out and feel that there were some instances in which it can help people taking Taxol. And so forth and so many larger pieces. They may have been looking for bodies we don't know. What the purpose what's behind that but obviously anytime anyone goes up to that field without experience -- tampering with evidence that a crime scenes. Tinny and get your perspective on this we were reporting yesterday that Russian media. Are playing a different version of the story of the downing of this aircraft. And giving explanations to Russian news audiences such as he knows an assassination attempt against president couldn't. Are you hearing this in the. You can yeah we're up we're hearing all of that that propaganda. Began when the fighting began in in Ukraine several months ago and it's really sort of ratcheted up to a fever pitch now we're hearing from. Crazy scenarios honestly coming out of Moscow I think most of the people here in Kiev in Ukraine don't pay any attention to that they know. They know the situation in Moscow they know how that works. A -- we heard some some latest intelligence releases from the White House yesterday pointing the finger at these pro Russian separatists that they mistakenly. Fire this missile into the plane a -- the White House interestingly did not put the finger on Moscow which hit it pretty much has in the past so. I think every once it sort of aware hear what the situation what what happened that -- What's important here is that they find some sort of concrete evidence and obviously that would be the missile launchers. Which we get the moved out of the country that they're gonna have to come up with some really hard evidence to prove who was behind this and then find those responsible. Can we were glad you could join us thank you for the update. Thank you can CBS news correspondent Kenny McCormick in Ukraine.

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