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7-22 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll give orders checked by the way 72881. Attacks that out and good luck in my when that thousand dollars it is Beijing governor can Hamilton has joined doesn't. Today we're talking about yeah University of Wisconsin Madison very very liberal campus much much like Berkeley or Harvard. And they're there mulling over diversity based grating. I say that that it's inherently dishonest. And the people who earned their grades should be as upset as. People who are getting him for nothing because we get it for nothing and -- that if you don't learn in are going to you know I'm going to prize. It's always going to be in your mind that you didn't -- at least it should be. And Hamilton know what you think about -- thing that I'm sure you've given it thought. Over the years considerable amount of fraud and these types of things. I've long said that you don't measure anyone based on how high. Life is how far they have to go to get some distance we talk about. The child was born disabled who's able to do the things that. -- by the time they're in their twenties and they're able to do the things that he. The 1213 year old child -- to hear that that's tremendous progress. If you take someone like achieve. My dad was a billionaire and and and I doubled his money while that's nothing. I mean that's nothing because you haven't really gone that far or casino bet on red or black thing at the bat that. And so now when we start to look at public universities -- I honestly think that they have a responsibility. To to to match. The demographics of their state I believe this because the university is supposed to have taken a lead. In the educational all of the students with and that state through their board of regents or whatever educational system that they might and a and when you start to look at the kids that are in the inner cities. If a child can do well within those types of schools. Then he should be placed. According to his grade point -- placements grade point average what is. His ranking in that particular school should carry some weight when he gets to the university. Because the first thing that -- university will give you up on graduation is a certificate saying that yes you are now qualified for an interview. You go before an employer the first thing the employer does looks at that says while what is your chances of learning our system. And they began to -- I catcher and catcher for a target Julian Wright and so now. If a child who went to an inner city school or poor performing school and an area where they had no control over which which where they want to which school they went to. Can do well in that environment. Well when he gets to the university that expectation that this ability to learn shoots his or her. Ability to learn should still Stan but there's a fallacy in your argument Peter's palace in every element especially yours. I think that's an area as and here it is. If I if I'm building a team. Whether it's a sports team are a a business team whatever it won't matter to me if somebody is working at. 80% of their ability or 20% of their ability the only thing is gonna matter to me is the end result. So Singh and somebody is is using 80% of their ability and it's still not there. It's amazing yeah that's pat on the back that's great trio a but it's not it's not relevant to -- a team building as to the kind of people not the kind of people but of the quality of the job you can do if we hire you. So another awards the percentage doesn't apply everywhere and athletics in life for anything else the end results is what counts. Might be in results if you look at the end result but your argument is a good argument of human -- did you. I put out a pro all my argument is a good argument -- make sure you put special emphasis on the word yes Fo F. Raise enough that take -- out of the backs away. But if you are looking at the long term. Projects that you're gonna have a lifelong employee who will continually. On give you. Optimum performance because somebody is high performer for single project. That performer may not it's more likely won't be with you very. Well look I'm gonna give an example we all learn from our own life experiences -- program -- vision for seventeen years and I hired a lot of disc jockeys and occasionally talks jewels. Some of them had more natural ability than others. And some of them worked harder than others nationals but the bottom line is all I could judge them on is what came out of the radio. That's all that I cared about the short of dishonesty -- on disarmament the work ethic and and the performance. The performance to me was what it was all about and as long as as long as they don't break the law. Basically if they're doing a good job but that's fine and if they're not no matter how hard they're trying. If they're not they're not that -- -- so -- what percentage of the population. Goes to radio. Small and so you're taking this microcosm and you absolutely. Ought to the entire and into our entire system now I so we learn from our own experience and has the experience I learned of the larger picture is. I'm glad you're trying very hard but you can't do it and if you can't do it does nothing I can really do help. You know I've been an employer myself. And I've hired based. That grades or anything like that but willingness and ability to do the job which is important need to have -- -- And as they can do the job again. Why you know I mean we started at the new corporation so we don't know what they could do we weren't we weren't even sure what it was really exposed to -- -- and if you found out after the hiring process that somebody was Ernest. And they were on time. And there are honest and they really wanted to do well but they did they couldn't do the job you wouldn't keep them. -- you would work with those people with tools -- point that you determined that you can -- well there's no longer -- right now and you try to find them something else -- are long relationship with you could. Right Tony and the year after year we exotic White House they can't come in and had a lot to measure how we've we've got to help faith. And you have to consider me as a persistent suitor and I'm saying one -- them he said -- -- other -- No I I love the way you think I really do I truly do. But as an employer. And let's face it why you go to college to get the knowledge necessary to get along in life and one of the things that's -- reports are analytic. So the employer asked the judge short of dishonesty by it has to judge in the workplace can you do the job or can you. And if you can and should be -- and if you can't he can't be won the on this acquire. Shipment -- criteria but that's not the purpose of a college should teach you specific things. The whole idea education promised land route system teach you how to play. Well yes absolutely true it's not you don't have though of memorize everything you learned in college but the ability to meet deadlines for instance you can hear the other big good test coming up. The ability to do a tough job over a long period of time the ability to take a direction. These are all very very important things in most jobs and they are and do you not think that that is more prevalent in the successful students from an animal or. Poorly run and the city's well. -- -- -- I I lose -- homers I used to par I -- Ben Carson as an example if if you are a a you know you have all of the good attribute you study hard you work hard whatever. And you do it on your own. With no help. Then you've earned it. And you don't wanna be painted with a rush of that they give it to him because he was a minority or she was a minority or did they -- and you'll never know because there there's no way to know that. So it kind of cheapens the achievers within that same ethnicity. Only. If you judge people based on that ethnicity. I say take the ethnicity out of that if you are a public college. In a state funded -- and your state fund that. Then you're obligation is to measure how these people perform with them they're individuals. Spears. Of their own high school and that should be a co efficient in the mathematics of whether these people. Get preferential treatment are meeting -- does not preferential. Leveling tree. I just remember that's just remembered -- and you always preaches and -- -- and I agree with you is that no group should be considered a monolith. And isn't this program. Using the minority community as a monolith making the assumption that you couldn't make it without -- And so as opposed to the monolithic white population that they have at the university of and reverse I mean there have to be. A universities or whatever that are primarily black and and the municipalities. Black Asian Latino whatever. When's the last time you heard of a white student being elevated with a higher grade than there and because you have to meet a quote when I was in the navy and I am sure that I am answering -- August -- web -- using patriot doesn't. Think patriot I say let you read Larry you know where that -- uniformity and -- batted -- and a handkerchief and ribbons and always come back we'll continue under -- -- at 930 W -- we're back with Vick can Hamilton. -- was pointing out that it's how far you you have vote come from the beginning of the race to where you are. And that's very important has to be taken in consideration. And then. Also he disagrees in my position on this that you have to earn it not be given. However cam has gone with sales they've positioned one last week and he said that when I was in the navy. So -- trying to get veterans on his side but go ahead. Not match an injured veterans and I -- my side I was a part of a program as an officer pre officer training course of the boost program -- opportunity from opposite selected trainees it is now the Siemens and the program is the -- -- who never mind. Gigabit and that again Ambrose don't have their -- Lieberman an -- from a special program. That's going there. That's wrong usually have a I don't there's a lot of they melt and the rules out there they don't have it I am -- -- does that mean that should never have their own legend. Is the S two a program -- -- back. OK so it's -- Seaman to admiral program and I start as -- don't we all. I mean I hate to teach and I take decent idea equalizer but. Basically we all start that way and maybe you never read honestly -- yeah I stood and others out of the day I am very sweet redemption. All right you're listening men do admiral broke my. Is a -- program at that point and it was a program that was designed for minority students you have to have been a minority to apply there -- -- 99 office. And in many and we participate in all of these things and any sailor that would. Would do and we had a bowling team and our best bowler was -- white guy who got into the program OK so if you're looking for those cases where. Like polar weather and Clinton and big city program that was but the example he gave is a good one because they had a special program to achieve something. And so they gave you maybe special tutorials that extra work more on the job experience whatever. But when you finished you'll finish with something you'll and they didn't just give it to you. Not enough you have to I think I I'm Italian I I -- -- out of the program flunked out of the program which part semen at the -- I say I I don't know but I know you'll never -- admiral. And I think -- oil gets -- -- -- I don't feel bad about that there's anything wrong about or. Patience and persistence can. And no I I think your point is that I have no problem with programs to help people oh due to accomplish a goal and that's fine with me I just don't wanna give them a goal of Clinton and I'll tell you something here's something that many people -- man. Meant any line in how many rods and an -- Easton 06 innings were as nice -- that's. Is that they -- -- those little moment that I love it if that's in the cash -- I wouldn't you want to. Are you telling us on the most people don't know where. Is that people behave best Wendy cultural differences and how much and yes. And that they have the fair opportunities you know I've been to countries all over the world. I was and let's Dakar Senegal some years ago. In their best university would not hold a candle. In the and the plan you know buildings and ground there to virtually any university. In the United States but those kids that were in that school because they had. A cultural normalization there moving through those types of now. Environments. They got it's good they were bright the era. Hungry for ambition they are they were ambitious they were hungry for success and all of those things. When we start to look at amongst African Americans. The these schools that produce the most African and American doctors attorneys any of those professionals. Are historically black. -- colleges and universities. So then when we get to the public sector you know these schools of public schools but when we get to the public sector. We're starting to find that that is the place for the normalization. Because then you have the private schools like Harvard you know you know the Ivy -- certain things like that. If we are talking about. What the purpose of an education system is and the state university is a part of the State's education system. It is to provide fair opportunity. All the way through that particular system and I can blame the university systems. Particularly here in the -- State of New York. And that they're not being aggressive enough to fix the problems. That are with Dan these inner cities and I'm talking about the Big Five and I'm talking about all the way down tonight who fought to where we are tonight with boss. That they have taken this hands off experimental approach but playing with African Americans and other minority students. As though they are sent and some some lab rat or something instead of making sure that everyone has the same opportunities. And treating everybody. In accordance to where they may be along the way well first. I think we're starting way too -- we should start in our kindergarten or pre K and go all the way up. I just think about I agree I agree that that better because that would -- helped immensely which is about like this. I assume that when a university. As a certain benchmarks for certain achievements. That is universal. Let's let's compared to accompany what -- for a company put out. A two different versions of the same product. And want a bit the testing was here and this is what they did misses the aging process. And on the other one quite the same testing and it's not quite the same a quality control. But they went out under the same label. We have all kinds of labeling laws but they don't seem to apply to college diplomas. They are two different. Production lines and the quality of the product is different yet they have the same packaging that's wrong. While wears the same package was sent packaging is that the and they put the same wraparound you'll have a diploma and -- -- next there's a diploma -- warned yours they got fears as they wait up because of the things we're talking about now. So the diplomas are really the same -- that they may have the same grades on the but they're not necessarily this one. You know I mean you're assuming that everybody that goes through university and I -- those greens honestly. And -- now calls would obviously we can't incorporate sheeting and things like that which is talking about opportunity. And availability. While I'm sure that if we have a lot of we if we eliminated cheating. What the -- we do for governments who could. I think about that. You don't -- Nobody. Which is almost like a Friday afternoon now what do we have summer hours -- starts you know now. -- I've been there yet we're about to get the -- -- we got to go to break -- will be back live aboard Beijing company can Hamilton as well as we're talking about the University of Wisconsin at Madison. We have a program that would essentially. In the race. At ethnic type grating diversity based rating which I'm I'm not a fan will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo. DN call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Tobacco Beijing -- again Hamilton has joined us we're talking about diversity based grating this is not a pipe dream of talking about it at the university of Wisconsin at Madison. And this publication said the last Paraguay and gives them very apropos. In short the new diversity requirements seem to say that campus commitment to diversity is so important. The -- system itself must be sacrifice. Melamine according to Hanson and others and environmental. An environment now exists where academic performance no longer matters. That would be the diversity crowd. All of it seems to be of value would be. The historically under representative. Under represented. I'm sorry racial ethnic students be rewarded. Equitable grades to their counterparts regardless. It says that. It's up to the faculty the students. The region's. To begin questioning the mission statement of the university. Are they still an institute of higher learning. Or an institute of higher diversity so to me I'm I have no problem -- diversity when it's natural when it happens. But when it's when it's artificial when it's by the number it's not only the number the percentage. That I I ice I fail to see the value of a simply putting people on the same proximity doesn't do much I think when they have the same mindset and the same goals and things like that that it helps. When it's natural and it happens match. -- but those things come out of you know the social economic conditions from was sees these people come unless we can raise the amount of African Americans and other minorities in the general population and we never -- so Simpson's -- economic levels and therefore we always we're always. -- And trying to accomplish what you consider and I considered to be noble goals. -- today to me I mean one of the noble -- goals of all and it transcends even this subject is earnings. When you -- something you have a respect for you have an appreciation for it. Very seldom when something has just given that is -- you reached the same appreciation. State that that same thing and let's -- one of the fine schools here in anchors Williams feel America. A student wins by a white student the son of a doctor or attorney or some other professions mothers and vice president's place. And he happens to get you know on the enrollees he graduates in the upper upper 10% of this class program but -- of accomplishments. But the kid is going down to -- Burger or someplace like that you know which is terrible school because that's where Tony Dario went there about an example Tony escape number -- But it is you know wannabes east high -- one of these schools and buffalo whenever the high schools Lothian and whatever. And their parents. A single parents single mom I'm home. Living in poverty. Not well hailed mom's mom doesn't have a great education. But this -- scores the same percentile. That the other kid and Williams will occur in the end and the other schools to rip -- -- which candidate actually come before this which one is actually learn the most. Well you can't -- that list. You can't assume because one having nurturing environment are regarding education that they didn't work as hard because they achieved that something's coming easier to certain people and others athletic says some academic achievement whatever it's it's just naturally can't count that against them because. Because -- came easier to them. Some analysts as she is the statistics because we can't make the assumption must look at the statistics. Kids in the one case don't do generally don't do as well as kids in the other case. But you have these anomalies in these people goal and they perform at that level they might not have performed as well as the kid in Williams bill orchard Parker. Are any of these other places. But they have learned more in that same pair my time but I understand what the other kids and because they had overcome the cultural learning of what the curriculum but. And they realities of life unfortunately sometimes the realities just aren't fair. In the horse race of life there are some horses and start from way behind a date. They have the distinct disadvantage of being way behind they broke from the -- for whatever reason. And they're they're many lengths behind but suddenly they get into gear and they start movement and their passing horses like it's crazy. And they come down a stretch and they come in fourth. That's a terrific achievement except for one thing a lot of money there on the money and do people say. Gee dad -- it's such a great job. Coming you know are coming are making a follow that line. But they still weren't in the money and so what does the -- do for the horse well it is about it due to get out -- ambassador -- are getting out of the -- masters in educational policy not just for the the number of the parents to. So I don't think society should be held to blame. And and special accommodations made for somebody because parental involvement isn't there or isn't there at -- agree your life. While the parental involvement is not there because of a lot of things that and you know even though we're talking about liberals of the one and trying to make a corrective -- -- an -- ago. It's the cut is the corrective changes that they tried to make in the beginning that is hampering the progress of so many. In desegregation. -- of of the busing. Kids out of their neighborhoods of this engagement. -- generations. Of their parents not being able to reach -- school to which have kids it was a failure signal question -- and so this is what I'm saying if if we wanna fix the system it is up to the university system because they're the people who are in the best position to do this. To go all the way back down to root problem to begin -- unit. Our city can make up -- university. Is not the kids' parents. And is the university can't make up for what was lost at the beginning of stories this Wednesday with -- let's take buffalo for an example because it's its V8 hundred pound gorilla. That's in the -- we have to address it. With the kind of money and effort and spotlight that they have on the buffalo school system there's no reason. That they they should be performing at the level they're performing and should be -- -- a better level. But there's there's no there's no excuse but the only users well OK but the bottom line is okay if the mistake is is made at the beginning like there. Big university can't make it up at the end by saying you started behind so we're gonna make that up for. Campaign that you know you just. The start of -- -- of its faults they let them consider it but a negative times a negative as Abbas is he's got what words of the great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course after Seaman to admiral. And -- and know what I'm trying to say is that. The the make -- has to come at the beginning and -- at the end but how do you how do you change the parents -- -- you have to because other. Otherwise you can't blame -- on society because it's not societies is that it didn't society did it. Society didn't do it if the prevalent if a parent as kids and isn't willing or. Ready to take them it's not societies we'll write on the micro level but on the macro level when you created an environment that's gone Mike are now. Philosophical and you know why I don't know get rid of a show called me wrote a song about the vet -- that -- good that's good whoever he -- -- -- by the -- can yes we like or comeback European you know bills training camp and how the -- the line this year. Okay we're back there are. -- -- -- -- he thinks the bills examined come in the mail once a month Rebecca. After this would be aging company it is -- company can Hamilton is what does. Let's go to aligned to witnesses Alley and Clarence -- Iran or can Hamilton has -- -- -- That's an important -- and I look at this proposal our program. As -- an insult our written -- black and act African Americans. Because basically what they're saying is well. You're not a matter is the white people so little increase here creates a little bit but you'd get there are currently not. And -- -- he and a team that we've been trying to change this century. Yeah I agree do you think I think Ellie if we tried to change that perception to -- kids that are in the inner city schools right now who's you know there -- one school and their Brothers most of them other. Mother has no transportation. And knowledge cage and and we're giving them 44000. Dollars worth the services to remain exactly where they and that we have a his social industry. That profits on the one side by keeping others the other side and you're absolutely correct. In the in my own example though I'm a good test taker government smartest person in the world. But I understand when I look at the test I have to forget about myself. In think culturally in the way that the person that actually wrote that test things that I can understand. How that question is at Syracuse and every question as to what the answers. We are performing better. Given where we have to come for a bit and and I don't know if you know this -- -- -- I'm very African America. I'm not -- are there regarding clearly. Looking African American. -- -- -- nominee and I have been able to do some things that others haven't because while that's something Santee Alley in Canada and I was the only blanket in my class and that's rice and it. At and so you know you have to become culturally acclimated in order to perform to the culture that we're and I don't -- on some years ago caught fish don't know their way. And that the natural environment and America is to be white. And the anomaly is to be a minority at this point is gonna change by 2030 years so openly. About people who. Who are minorities. Who made it and succeeded on their own and didn't need any help does this cheaper and there are -- low lower the thought about what they did. Hey and I agree that -- absolutely adamant on the people think that. Kenny you were able to do this because you know black. -- -- a 105 on the test you idiot that's our policy. So -- thank you for your question I think it was a a very good question. Yeah I see some day you are the smartest guys now and -- -- -- -- -- more folks the only thing I do agree with viewers you're not the smartest -- in the saying that there's only two of us here no you really are and -- -- and the history of this because of -- you've got split personality from July. And this should. And I would think that a person like yourself and I'm not trying to butter you up here. Woods would look at that and say you know -- -- this stuff through hard work and and effort and I applied myself to it now. And I like to see other people do the same thing. And if they can accomplish something like I've accomplished without doing it it it makes doesn't make me feel as good as as I should feel about what I've done. Want you know island neighborhood schools and. You know and all of that has changed and this is the paradigm. Shift that I'm trying to revert. Saying it now if you want to hold parents responsible for the kids that they ought to be a nice neighborhood school I -- and actually walk. While -- discuss if we start to look at every successful school district in Western New York they are all neighborhoods schools. Even if they're -- while fifty miles to school because every kid in that neighborhood goes to the saints. And I don't know any voices that have spoken out against the the opposite again and again you know I'm in favor -- -- -- -- to have been against busing system. Eighty's since this crazy that the bus so it can be university. Of vote policy -- -- Wisconsin at Madison and they have the same integrity by doing business as before program like this. Where the assumption was if that's your grade you -- it argue you mention -- cheated whatever I think that's sidebar. But basically can they maintain the integrity of what they stand for -- by taking these kind of shark. Well what does the University of Wisconsin stand for a supposed to what Harvard Princeton Yale. I'm sure they all have their own standards and especially when they are. A claimed university. They have a benchmark standard which you are supposed to with try to achieve. And that we take for granted what would be able to do that now what is the purpose in the state college. Oh OK besides education partying and drinking vomiting and LC one and then there. Playing football playbook are -- Chasing girls around I mean besides that is approved by. And educational opportunity. For the people within that state this -- -- state tuition is lower than in state tuition is lower than. How the state and usher Miller earlier failure to Britain and I'm and I'm. Right and so then what we're saying is that all universities are the same regardless of what what. No I don't think they're the same it's like OK you know like a -- -- -- Chevrolet they're two different cars. And that you might like this one you might like that one but they each have their own standards is what I'm trying to say at each university has its own standards depending on what you're going to study. There's a certain benchmark if faced. Eroding and chipping away and and giving you one achievement you didn't aren't doesn't that really reflect poorly on them let's take a -- Cars better than almost anybody. Want better than anybody here actually. So you said you can shed -- General Motors but they're different cars absolutely we're all Americans we're different apple. So now we're memories do things to Michael -- it -- -- -- -- across and on topics right semi generational across gives the Camaro because the -- is a -- of those I want a -- against a lot of -- against the -- -- -- I think what they I think the lower rated show -- nameplate would okay prevail over. And and within each group there are individuals but the Chevrolet is considered to be. Under the Buick and and then -- our class -- exactly does not necessarily class is just what's there what's part of a package some people prefer forward some like -- some -- -- I don't know and in cars when General Motors made about the different levels Cadillac. -- Oldsmobile Buick. Chevrolet Armani jacket that was bought -- That it was based on. Market points price points sure well if you start to look at the way that the culture in the United States is now. We still look at that like that when you see me coming you see a black man before you see an African. Vol man you are so full of yourself Obama get -- for Christmas a mirror. I think that would be the best -- into okay we don't have much time. Tell me about the Ukraine situation shall we get -- more involved with that or should we would be at arm's length. You know I think that we're gonna have to get involved -- -- because there's just simply no one else who stunt -- -- I remembered Obama there's no other nation. That is -- a better position to try to figure out what's going. And to stop the aggression that the Russians are doing to try to rebuild -- empire again. However under this particular president. I don't know if it's going to be possible if that's even going to be worth while to get involved at this at this juncture. I think the most dangerous part of his presidency is not what's a parent it's what's not that a parent. Is the perception of weakness of the United States or not just weakness -- the inability to use even a what we have. And what I'm not a war war war war hawk or anything like that but perceived weakness to terrorists is an opportunity to do something. Oh absolutely we would not have had the Iraqi in the Afghanistan situation. And Bill Clinton. Had people believe that Bill Clinton was going to do when Bill Clinton said he was going to do. If you say you're going to do something your integrity is but the integrity of the country in the case of the president is at risk if you don't do it you open up the opportunity for people. Okay Israel -- in the Gaza situation what do you think about that. That's a tough one and it's really tough -- I you know I really can't come because it is -- did is Israel the only. Our democracy mentally it's what I'm Heidi Cullen the democracy when people live within your borders can vote -- -- this is the basic point of remain the basic question is the media keeps showing casualties. Among the Palestinians. As if it was a unilateral attack by Israel what you want to it was a response to -- and I understand all of that which we Edwards was reduced -- but we don't. Thank you know anytime like next week we will feature via the drop out from the -- -- program -- him as an amateur. -- don't -- it tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I had thirty don't know again anything anymore robotic. We'll we'll. Which they never have to these movies.

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