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7-22 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As Ronald Reagan would say here you go again we're talking about a quota system. Being -- are talked about a proposed at the University of Wisconsin Madison. What it amounts to is diversity based grating. I am what I saw this employees. Aminu we've had enough fights on them. On quotas for admission to colleges. And mission to law school whatever and now we're seeing it even in in grating. And let me go over this quickly within tobacco phones. UW Madison's diversity guidelines state that if a course major or program is in high demand special status must be given. To ensure the makeup of the class. We have just the right percentages. Those are exact words quoted out of the guidelines meaning it would be justifiable for a placement and hard to get classes and prerequisites. For a specific majors be awarded to students based solely on their race. Especially shocking. Is the language about. Equity. In the distribution of grades professors instead of just awarding the grade for each student would apparently have to adjust them. So that that would at the academic Leo weaker -- they would adjust the academically weaker historically on represented it on a represented. Social classes. Beat this type is so small as a -- rated. Perform at the same level. And received the same grades and academically stronger student so what they're saying is if -- -- -- student you should be waited up. Two the stronger classification. At the very least this means that even greater expenditures. On special tutoring to weak order targeted and minority students is also likely to trigger a new operate of grade inflation. So if you look at it down the line. One student earns a certain grade and other students given that grade because of ethnicity. And how it's -- up suddenly the employer is there and and both of you -- Are good candidates and you might be able to join our firm. And on the -- him via trade scripts that I received. On the important things that would apply to our business why you got exactly the same grades. However one of them earned those grades and the other was given those grades. Now what kind of honesty is that. It's not on us at all what kind of a judgment can you make on grades coming out of a school like that that nothing. Nothing you just have to make the assumptions. And that and they make assumptions which may not be right you may have. -- I knew I boy -- vote not a boy but a man of the certain ethnic. Classification. And that's home that he Hershey. Was helped with this program when indeed they didn't they earned it but you wouldn't know it. You'll another cabinet have a special classification. Of these these grades were earned in these grades were given. So the person that earned some who is in the ethnic class that might have gotten a leg up didn't go I go up but he's never -- your credit for that. So it's wrong it's wrong and so many ways. And I'd like -- -- your thought about this -- let's go to Gerri airline so Jerry here on W via. A five Gerri what do you what do you think Davis. The world comes out of very simple think the people they don't care that they just want it. You know they feel that they are entitled to it and -- -- I didn't that was a statement he can put out it is horrible that history. He won the gold medal but you don't want to run the Reagan. Yeah I know under the training the hard work necessary to get it. We want. To keep it to myself and my standards that we do the -- by his surgery about five years ago. And a we ways that you be in but that's another story we live for the very very. That we could get. And it was funny joke this is real quick that was on the table. There have been put the that was gonna put the anesthesia and an estimate -- -- that the -- denied that you have to -- And just before I went under that were -- it -- that this. That's funny that's. Ronald Reagan was quoted after he was shot many Russian hospital and he was going under. He was quoted as saying I hope you're all Republicans. On July -- thanks very much. Now I want the best airplane pilot I'd get I want the best heart -- I can get on the best firemen the best cup. I don't need I don't need to have a racially diverse -- and have some waited up. It would grades that they didn't -- I don't want that I don't need that and I think it's basically dishonest. Well when a university does that because what they're saying is here here's a transcript of all of our students. It's really not intellectually. Honest. All right this is really what they got. But this is what we want you to think they got because of diversity. Because we have the right mix of Latinos and blacks and Asians and whoever else happens to be in the ethnic mix mix at that time. So we are politically correct but where inherently dishonest. So if I or an employer and I was looking at somebody. Who went to UW Madison and I would have to question that they are those grades. And if it's a minority sitting in front of me who -- them and I'm thinking and that this person really earned them or did he get them. That waited up because of the era minority status see that's unfair to the person sitting there at a dinner. Because certainly not all minority students are going to be waited up some of them going to be at the top of their class. And those people are punished. While other people are given a free ride. So that's not right he got one part of an ethnic class. They're rarely. Doesn't benefit from this at all because they were prepared to compete and earn those grades. But the other part which might have been trying but they weren't in the same classification. They're gonna get a leg up and suddenly they're both the same and how -- -- now. -- As their arteries on special hotline you call to find out who was -- up and who wasn't. It is it's a intellectually dishonest. System. And I don't care what the original thought was about being fair or anything else here's what's fair you earn your grade. It doesn't get any fairer than that you get a fair treatment as far as the axis of classes. And you earned your grade and to put somebody in there ahead of somebody else because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity is unfair. And it's unfair to others and it's unfair to people in their own ethnic group really truly is it -- and -- for ago. 1806 on 692 through six are ninth -- this article I have heard talking about. What is being proposed at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. It says professors might find out that they can avoid trouble over in equitable grade distributions. By giving every student high grade. In short the new diversity requirements. Team that seemed to say that campus commitment to diversity is so important that the -- system itself must be sacrificed. This remain according to and I Hanson and others. And environment now exits -- academic performance no longer matters. That for the diversity grow almost seems to be of value would be historically under represented. Racial and ethnic students be awarded equitable grades. To their counterparts regardless. And it says that it will be up to officials. From the regions to faculty to parents and students to begin questioning the mission statement of the university. Are they still an institute of higher learning art institute of higher diversity. And that's what it does I mean that's as sick as it gets. I mean everybody wants a fair and equal chance nobody wants to a feel that they weren't given a shot. In -- ones you make this available people should have to earn the rewards of that chance. If your purposely short changing. A group for whatever purpose that's wrong and that should be corrected immediately. But short of that it's everybody has the same -- opportunity. That I think it's up to you earned -- place not given to you. Because as I said other members of the same ethnicity who earned -- are going to be a pain with the same brush. That online today -- great but I wondered. And learned the pro league and on -- -- it up for him when indeed he earned it. So nobody nobody gains by this university's reputation doesn't game. Who's the people's acceptance of the rating system definitely takes yet. No question about it people on the same ethnicity don't gain anything by and you know what the person who gets the upgrade doesn't doesn't gain anything either. As you just gave it to it's like if that's the case why don't you just find out. Exactly be mailing address of all ethnic members of your community a mail -- diploma. What the hell why bother why bother going on campus if that's what it's going to be if there if that's the kind of thinking why even bother. Because your hard work is gonna go unnoticed while others who might be working hard but do not get too low level of achievement you'd do. Are going to be reward. So not saying there and there is dead at least below we are saying is we've got to have a fair rating system and to throw out the window in the name of diversity. Is insanity. Let's go to -- -- come. And on line one -- -- on WB yeah. I think indeed. Like this show like 930 thank you. Andy. I think I've got a little of everything in me so I think perpetrated and I shouldn't have to do. Right now why should do it's unfair. It is not having it has become the way it is. Then acts I'm gonna have to -- the qualifications. Of applicants for work. Well that's -- whole point when you get out of school. A one of the things that you're judged on our your grades and if the grades can be counted on -- they have to be thrown out. Right but I think. I think build the next that the locals will be telling me well tonight he got away their qualifications. You know it. I I I wonder if you'll go to law school. When it comes time to take the test for the barred the weight goes up to I don't think so I don't think so I'd -- I've never heard of that so I think everybody wants a level playing field. But this is not my idea of a good plan thank you thank you -- Yes are you okay graduate from Los Ubisoft take the bar. And I wonder what happens -- several notable people well known people who flunked that several times before they tacit. And there again just as I want the best surgeon. On the best pilot the best -- the best firemen. You know if I'm gonna hire a lawyer I wanna believe that bet that lawyer. I graduated. -- honors and is capable of of doing what I need to have done. And I would not wanna think that they would waited up to take the bar but let that would be the next logical step one that. Not. You know life is unfair so let's make it fair with the stroke of a pan. Let's say that if you do better than somebody else will erase that. And we'll move somebody else in the Zack exact same position as you so that when you all get out of school -- That's that's the only fair thing to do you Raleigh -- all equaled and then where everything is going to be better. They really believe that they have a value system and University of Wisconsin Madison if this is debt. I think there ought to go back and get some tutorials themselves. Because this doesn't seem to work for most people Jack on a cell phone Jack you're on WB yen. Tight -- the -- -- -- the praise than it does the phrase that you corn called great inflation. Debt that effect the order is that they have agreed to -- we will you have to slow them like -- economic system. It's what it does is it takes away a standard of which were used to be able to evaluate people. -- not in any standards are so many generations. I mean this bill goes up and up. You have to measure from when you start to advance to anyone now. -- the deal. Concept of having their eight standard is relative. You start at one point you and there there all the related to where you're currently. I mean the idea. It's everything it's from 11 is 200 well that's changed now apparently. Well smarts and to you way we that you are more importantly to legalize. We usually have benchmarks that we try and use as a guideline what are witty or uses guidelines Jack that that's what's gonna compete as. That was the point is that whole idea of having benchmarks I mean that's been gone for generations. What we quote the monetary system -- pull -- real estate market we've -- every market that employers that businesspeople have to rely on. It's a floating system you hear your employee base you're you're you're educational basis also slowed. If I were if I wanted to see if I wanna CEO of a big companies say algae. I was sent a letter to the University of Wisconsin Madison -- We will no longer associate your grades with reality and those solar we will disregard them and any future -- If you hear this he'll see me he. Gee does that impact your style outbreaks have been glory years the monetary policy of the countries that voting for years. -- -- employee base now in terms of their particular education intelligence has been floated out of the back -- and I'm not argue with fiance and I use education of our population and in the intelligence of our population thinking. Sure what it's all relative. So we can inflict their monetary policy in the conflict are real estate values. And we can inflate to you know in the installation. Our education value. -- it greatly if they weren't number one more a couple of ads we want them. And student performance. Of real estate value of an economic value itself bootable. Well yeah you're exactly right about what a way to believe it wants realigning besides Pam Anderson. And you know who -- what's real I mean they're not our life and we let our situation is being created from generation before. I mean that's the greatest generation after the Second World War said that we're number one and we're just gonna keep floating things to keep. Make sure it works and I love it. I love you read their objectives I think I should -- -- -- I -- you very much while he's right there -- a lot of things. Make it look better than it has and that's why told you're used to it and radio they do it all the time. As -- as I said before. When they sent out the diaries or whatever they're gonna use to measure or via meters or whatever. They try and send it out in a fair and equitable way. But what comes back for information isn't always the same representation. So Satan had a 17%. Latino population -- May only get an 8%. A diary returned from them they will -- those up. In if they waited up from eight to seventeen is more than double that would mean that every person that actually was -- news station was counted as two people. Which we don't like we would like actual real individual. But you never get the exact representation back. A -- that you want so they have to do that. And over the years it's become a standard so now we know that it's done. We know how it's done and that's that but isn't this a form of waiting it's certainly it's. It says that indeed because these are tough for classes to get into -- it was specifically. Mentioning certain classes. That you'll should get a leg up. Because you're under represented. Another was a class has no value unless it's reversed. Or. Okay area I wander if you go to the Bible is diversity there. A -- a picture of the last supper. And see if I can figure out if that's the Burris moments that I work southward. We'll be back Lamar would be -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty WBN. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 933 -- free -- is 1806169. 19036. -- question if you as a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I wish they would just -- you UW because Madison is the big is the big campus it's the major campus. They have campuses and various parts of the state -- Madison is where it isn't but it's UW Madison. If you are still at UW Madison avenue managed to hack into the computer and change your -- to something better than you actually aren't. They probably throw you out if they caught you you'd be in big trouble why Kansas school do it and the student camps. Like to know that and as I said -- last caller. If I go ahead of a large corporations say General Electric or somebody of that magnitude. I would send sent a letter the old fashioned way. Two -- -- it was announced they will no longer include in our valuation process. Any of your transcripts as we find them to be non reliable. And a story. The story because if they're gonna pretend you've got to grade. Did you get the knowledge that what would -- grade. -- if you are -- minority. And you did very well without any help. Don't you kind of feel cheated too. It's like the people coming in -- country now illegally. The people who are here legally feel cheated by that because they did at the right way. The minority students who did at the right way and did very well would it. Didn't need to be upgraded didn't need to have. Diversity base grating. Isn't that a slap in the face of them -- and what does that say. A -- About the enthusiasm of learning. And being able to absorb things that's why go to school you don't go to school to get a letter grade or or number grade school. And if you're not getting a learning learning is handed to you know need to actually apply your brain. What good is the education first and as this apiece as at the end and -- so right. It says if what they're saying is true UW Madison. Then it will be up to officials. From the regions -- faculty to parents and students to begin questioning the mission statement of the university. Are they still an institute of higher learning. Or an institute of higher diversity. Because it's things like that trumps everything. As I said you want a good example of diversity. Check -- Roswell park. People from all over the world working their fight cancer they worked together very well there all the challenge each other every day intellectually to make it better. And that's good because that's natural. You can't force. You can't use percentages in quotes because that doesn't help. Let's go to -- Lancaster -- on WB -- You know morning sentinel is one -- I would you have alumnus I totally agree reader comments on on UW. But you know it -- down the basic law of the basic. Find -- of life. Biology. That this famous color -- talk about. Survival of the -- If you don't. Create high standards. You copy of it and forget the current students and faculty. What about all the alumni. That have degrees that word established and a certain. Standards that are not going to be eroded. By your standards. And to appoint because war you know we we we place our value system part of it on that's Garnett. Correctly -- -- -- oil -- class sections and against university. Just follow that air base but toward him like getting back to borrow and as a father was a great article in the economist last month. Which would stating a lot of the top universities. In our country. Are starting to put accredited. Degrees online and there's a prediction that. Most small to midsize or your colleges. Over the next fifteen years aren't going to be around because of these high standard. -- study beating our degree on line and maybe this is just an attempt attempt to try and -- students -- -- before that they have. -- and I had an event off well you know if they said we're going to have an increase awareness of tutorial. Availability. That's fine because then you're still on the same wave length and if they if they manage through extra tutoring to get to a certain level more power to them but that is what this is about this is just -- the. Police survival of the fit if you go to the buffaloes who want -- Iger and there the -- for all of like. You can't release that Carter back in a while look at that it doesn't know how to pump anymore accused to being tried what happened with education. Well said -- thank you very much well said. -- they said hey look you know editorials have always been part of our academic program. And we're going to increase funding or availability and whatever. Because we we knew we wanted to do that we wanna make everybody. Enjoyed the full throat of the university experience. Okay -- problem that that's fine but just handing somebody something. You are in this ethnic group OK you did this so we're gonna give you this. Instead because you are under represented. About that. As the urban fired from a job because. I your ability to do the job is under represented. A by sincere guy and in your -- thank you very much. So I I find this to be offensive to be honest with you it's basically dishonest. Now what the are dishonest for the right reason or the wrong reason you're still this office. If you -- to have milk for your children and they because they don't have enough food. OK I can understand -- doing it but it's still dishonest as opposed to just brokerages didn't wanna bother earning the money for. And isn't this really a departure from traditional values of education. Education is supposed to be about preparing people for life. -- this that we're gonna give you the tools you need for life and if you are short in the toolbox. And they just edit -- there -- you didn't earn it and it imported and -- yourself then what good is. Where credit you know as I said just find out every member of the minority community get an email address send out I sent out a diploma and everybody. That'll save them from all of a packed up testing isn't coming to school. Or sitting through little lecture while it was a boring you know. -- actually studying. And taking exams. Gets in the way of life you know what I mean so everybody here just put your name down here and we'll send you a nice diploma. If -- to have your life. What would be worth nothing that's the point nothing and I like the last callers. Opinion about the alumni. You as a go to school in Madison but it's as liberal as Berkeley is liberal is harbor. It and that's the mindset there and you can see the younger skulls of marshes -- a rush tells them. You can understand that but what about the the gray -- there are people who have some kind of a pride in the tradition of their ability to transfer that. Knowledge who use the student not there anymore they've given up on -- haven't because there's going to be a reason. That this person didn't do as well as the other person and the reason has to be ethnicity. Campaign that they didn't study is hard. Can't be anything else except that so let's just give them that we'll get my blows it's like giving -- Carlo matches you know boom gun. We'll be back -- moral beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah I thinking about this this thing at UW. Madison. And I thought of one person doctor Ben Carson. You may be familiar with -- -- as a retired neurosurgeon. Retired professor. First person to a separate conjoined twins they were conjoined at the heads of the man has brilliant. He's black that I mentioned that is but he's black do you think he would be in favor of a program like this I have the feeling he would not. And that's what it's as it says look. It's unfair to people who will accomplish something. To bring up people who haven't gotten to that degree yet artificially. Wanna bring them up by a more tutorials that's fine extra help that's fine I have no problem that but don't just artificially raise -- what does that mean. What if you're in a race what if -- Randy you know some kind of competition artificially. A gradual a better time. -- because you're in a certain ethnic group now. -- in the NBA. A white guy goes and usually Emma fourth quarter of one of what goes and give him some points automatically. I -- I know. -- that's the whole point you've got to earn them when you earned him -- means something. When you don't it's just empty just empty and I don't understand you know universities is supposed to be places where people think. I don't understand the thinking of this. And artificially inflated grade. Because of ethnicity has no value it's empty. And so why do the brain of powers at you know you University of Wisconsin Madison. Think this would be helpful. It got me on this one -- code to Robin Eden rob you're on WB yen. It out outstanding in the past employers demolished relied on transcripts to evaluate chuck and they technical abilities and how they were tactic. We look at the job in the -- primarily who has focused Spaniard today that with our culture but now that we liability you can't find a transcript anymore so what are my employer I'm going to generate an album. And scream -- candidate prior interviews so I can evaluate the effect. Well still because it's gonna become. A fact that that grant that there does not rely. Well that's exactly right and it cheapens all those who are earned their grades. And it makes. It makes it useless essentially. Renders amuses and and your right thank you thank you -- What what made -- point I don't get it. You know what it's like it's like saying that everybody. That goes in the armed forces before we must view while will give you up or are you just yeah. Whether you -- you know wounded or not doesn't matter here here's one because it's unfair. That's certain groups of people didn't get as many wounds as others so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna give everybody -- purple heart. Once you do that. Once you artificially. Raise the grades or hand out awards that are not learned they'd lose their value what's the point -- you fooling. Who argue fooling. And have to be able come -- now with the same grade. And they want the same job you gotta wonder did they both earn their grades and neither earn their grades -- one -- -- -- and the other didn't. He got to go through that whole mental gyrations and whatever everytime you see a transcript from our university of Wisconsin Madison. Chris so we've got some post. What's the FaceBook postings like gimmick couples. This one's from Carol she says I would not send myself through university and -- did this and that's enough for the majority ethnicity. Did that there will be no reason to wait degrades and it would hit the palace in the pocketbook. Yeah exactly because you would find that there's no value to there there being no value we do have benchmarks and we do have a you know we do have areas where we expect a certain. Low level of competence. And if that grade doesn't represent that then there's no point -- showing it to me one please Q this is from George -- how do you think an academically strong -- student would feel about that some might think. He was being lumped into the same group as the weaker ethnic students who didn't -- their grades that's exactly right that is exactly right. And -- how times. Have have people said yeah that person's accomplished a lot. Blood did they really haven't handed to them because of their ethnicity. Are they really as competent as somebody else. And that's unfair. We have to make the assumption that they've earned that whatever people present to you they've earned it and wants that assumption -- made. Instead it was handed then the value of what they're using to try and enhanced their life really diminishes or disappears. Let's go to a sandy and buffalo sandy here on W via. Almost envious. I can say and the liberal liberal but I create picnic. I know that in my -- politician out there. Credit in the Al this topic -- partner bill. Effort that -- there ever seen acre it -- which allows people to get an. Eight. I only get it required actually to me and -- hit a testy as he. It now. It. Currently -- of people look -- the next level he -- that we can't stop. But -- disability because they're cutting. Fare better in the sure. Except I already do it yet look out here. Yeah they've lowered the bar I mean they've lowered the bar acted academically. And they've lowered the bar in a job being job requirements and I understand what you're saying it brings nominal professionalism. And a -- -- in this school. I really cute they're graduating -- region department and it -- I can't meet you on their quickly doubled from mom. Had made -- majority can't. There are people graduate getting in the recent week local school at all and it caught out and intelligent and after -- birdie at its applicability yet they can't well they feel better about the ethnic -- I don't know if -- better about it. -- -- -- I -- is that what you're saying and I understand your frustration through Zandi thank you you don't it's like I don't think they do it anymore pursue all the -- the heat on again. I'm in real seriously. I feel like a Barbeque go to pork or -- in here. But you know what is it reminds me of the I don't think they do this anymore but they used to social promotions. Whereas. I'll tell you when I was in school. Especially in the lower grades one always hung over your head. Well if you don't study hard and you don't work hard. You will be you'll pass it won't pass with -- your class you'll be left behind. And that's the last thing a lot of because you want to stay -- -- -- Kids who started way of and you want Google's deliver his grades -- -- and the last thing in the world you want it because it was just that. Mark on Euro on your record is that be held back because you weren't ready for the next great. So some school systems use the use social promotions but I don't think they do that and remarkably wrong. But I don't think that they do social promotions anymore and they did it for the reason of well we don't wanna hurt their self esteem -- They're held back there are other classmates went to the next grade blah blah blah blah blah but I always thought social promotions was an injustice to. You either deserve to be in next lassie didn't. And if you didn't it's a lesson to be learned early the lesson could be at work harder now for the lesson to be that you needed to to -- help that lesson to be almost anything that you -- too many classes -- cut too many classes. But the bottom line is you didn't do it. And in the world in the real world is supposed to be able to do so as a social promotions are too many of the same thing as this. This is specifically about a particular student to fit the right percentage. We've got to have that percentage at what the University of Wisconsin Madison get a badge of honor for this at all. The laughing stock go vote of the educational community yeah -- your charting out the right percentage. Budget had yet had to fix the race to do it than. We'll be back -- Mars. And cattle than joins us at 11 o'clock on news -- and I'm thirty WV.

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