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7-22 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell all all there's region governor and I've said to be told my desire -- I'm filling out this form. Peachy. Number one it. Terrific number two couldn't be better number three we are just finished my employee evaluation. Form. I scratches super PG I'm putting us over PG it's the PG issue being yet. Has says yes there's a -- governor yet I'm not too I'm not making this up folks we have an employee evaluation form in which we evaluate the company I usually the company evaluates us so this is nice. And I don't know if they know who writes these but I accidentally. Going to leave my name on it you know and I'm putting down super PG. I'm in it can't get better than super PG but I don't think Yang I'm thinking -- rigging the election. As strange you. That -- right after they give us a day off. They have a employee evaluation form. -- Same officiating here so yes that why -- Grasso fishing everything gets a day off we go. Thank you very much we approached the -- were -- -- but I immediately after that within four days after that. We have an employee evaluations seminar and also scheduled them one where right here -- -- the -- the problem going out now that that's true they are going on now but I'm sending mine -- certified mail I've I've hired. An off duty opposed man. Who hopefully won't go postal. And they're going in there and then directly handing in my super PG evaluation form -- problem. Speaking of that. John Zach left me a your story and you can count on John easily -- something -- is thing this is about dinosaur dung. Now I don't abuse at a morning because I did not hear the music they're gonna auction off some dinosaur dung. Which is between 5000000 and forty million years old I think particular views more salads to be honest it. I -- is that it'll it's forty inches in length. It's the longest in the world now I don't know who goes from measuring dung. But it's diners are allegedly a dinosaur -- they expect it will bring in up to 6000. Pounds. Now I don't know what the conversion rate is. Right now but that's a lot of money for -- which is now and look at this is there's actually for those of you wanna see it. There's actually it's on form pedestals. They laid out for pedestals and the -- obviously. A forty million years old is the -- let's put a -- diseases. There it is me -- are connected to it. Wouldn't be proud to have that on your mental. -- -- -- could you imagine if the the part was a little hot though -- now and not a not a pleasant scene now look at that on the corner right here right over there it's as GG. Should it. That's what you feel like after forty million years of gridlock if you want to go to California. And a bit on that it was discovered. At Wilkes. Formation in Washington State dates back to. Five to forty million years old that's that's quite a range don't you think they know what type of dinosaur -- left that it's hard to tell. Just from this Euro looks like -- looks like. No I can't -- looks like it looks like what it is actually. But no -- art. Now here's the deal. Right now all -- yesterday were telling you that 3 o'clock or repair the governor of Texas was. -- -- announce who's gonna sending National Guard and the Texas National Guard. A thousand people. To help stem a flow of illegal aliens big story a huge story huge story all right. And we haven't RR OWB and a web page you can vote on it so overwhelmingly in 97%. Of the people. In the survey -- a good idea good idea so I wanted to say they're kind of reaction and I went to the buffalo knows. -- if you're trying to find that story in the buffalo knows I actually had to go through the Buffalo News twice now I don't I don't a dump on the -- on a regular prices are you rated every day and and I many of the subjects I use -- for talk shows that it's okay. So I'm not that it's gonna do that but I want to show you where their political -- is. I had to go through the paper a second time to find it you know it was it was on page six and -- smile was it was about an inch. About this much okay. I'm in the USA today page to a large huge story on -- Buffalo News one inch story on page six. And it was something like a new rules of the country you know where they have all those little bitsy. That that was what they thought one of the biggest stories going on right now country it's one of the top three I think you -- Bartok Ukraine yes certainly. You've got to talk this is one of Radio One of the top three but apparently real thinks. So that's it it's it's there. I'm -- who else is going on. I guess. Philip Seymour Hoffman must've taken via a page out of sting's book remember -- said. -- he was not going to leave his children any money and he's worth a lot of money. Because he did not want them to be trust fund children you want them to grow up with a set of values on their own and ramadi and he said that he in the he was gonna spend it -- is alive and in California okay. Well Philip Seymour Hoffman rejected his accountant suggestion that he set aside money for street children. Because he didn't want them to be say what made trust fund kids. Our court appointed lawyer said that his estate. Is estimated at 35 million dollars. And it's going to move his girlfriend Mimi O'Donnell. So that's it she's getting 35 million these kids are getting -- guests. So how about that -- pays to be Philip Seymour -- for an. We should've left that while he's -- yeah yeah something and a zero well that's wrong that's yeah so that's what he's doing. And the -- must via a trend it's going all around you you the world. Stay at home -- why are you staying at home -- -- survey here are the reasons -- stay home. Their ill or disabled as the -- -- 35% can't find a job 23%. Caring for the family 21%. And in school or retired or other 22%. Now you said you'd have no problem in they have -- no I would love to Ireland I really would lobby want my kids and that would be great. Actually high as high as I thought about that I'd probably wouldn't like it for this reason I have no place to bitch. The good part about doing a talk show is that when you hear about something that really is crazy. You've got to go to a place it on bitch a publicly where people can hear you. And whether they agree with -- were not his image you get off your chest if I would just home. You know it's our home and and something awful happened or something great happen tonight I couldn't get on the air to be apart I think admits that. But that's about it I I think when I do finally hang up the microphone just a classified -- out what you can while coloradans -- am Bob from -- derby you can be a little bit more active on things. Off court I'd be more active last -- is it possible only if you're able to stay home and -- -- -- yet. I spend I can't tell you much Thomas. There's a reason for. I had to argue I looked at a regularly backward moron -- ready at 930 Libya while Tony give me something to think about. What ice when I ask you -- you could be a stay at -- that because of that survey you said good because you like the kids like home life or whatever I said I couldn't. Because I would never -- the bench anymore. I've come up with a couldn't with a conclusion that fits me perfectly you know what I could become a blogger C plant has an embargo if I if I'll blog first of all just absolute nonsense doesn't matter because it's a blog. OK I'll do that and then I'll -- Got to talk show -- somebody that'll let me on like on a regular basis so that I can just say anything I want with no backing of facts or figures like that. Are right now. Doesn't quite work out get a three point hat now go to rallies what do you think. Our young people two to applaud polite applause lines. And then of course then once I've done now run for public office why don't count your votes absolutely no way you contribute to my political campaign I've gotten. Data thing and you know work I think Giles instead I'll just sell construction equipment. I'm diving judges for for all loses money -- programs -- I was a Fuller -- moment I got caught up you lost -- -- -- lost my -- I saw myself on TV once and -- fellow law you lied to myself -- freeze -- and as you know I have an -- Stevie right in my face and freeze frame is actually bigger than my face in person which is hard to believe. That's one of my faces when I turnaround I gotta go. No I don't know blog now. It's so forget that whole thing a guy. But I will give away tickets to see James Taylor -- -- advanced are -- act. I like his politics particularly but he's a good act and he's from Massachusetts act. Their tickets is a James Taylor Tuesday the 29 at the first Niagara -- value is 120 bucks courtesy of say it would -- now beaver reductions as something Johnny -- Tuesday and direct from Bieber productions. Jump jump jump. A pair of tickets on the it's worth a 120 bucks general content rules apply call 6449875. A random caller. Will win the tickets as seed James Taylor and his all Starr band live at the first Niagara center tickets available tickets are come. Legs still I mean he's been around for a long time people still like a much alike -- like early seventies he -- in -- thing. In on the course when he was married to Carly Simon it was like a superstar. Marriage. And that was nice in a lot of his songs even mention the Berkshire's of New England which -- in western knowing when -- if you leave Albany. -- that's kind of nice if think about it that he's he's in there and -- blustery. Was around there too so it's and the Boston and a pops goes up there for the summer concerts -- two. The Western New York lot of good -- acts came out of Boston Harold Smith are now a lot of long hard hard next to him and all right here's a -- gone on. Ken Hamilton will be -- -- by the way that 11 o'clock always good CK and he returned. Oh last week any mention the garbage situation up there in the fall -- see that that. It's in the news again any marijuana mentioning that can -- talking trash here on the Chicago. And that'll be and so 11 o'clock. Now here's the deal you know how I feel about. Okay duo version of the -- it's that it's been a problem solver of all times all we have to. -- is make sure we have the same ethnic mix and anything we do that we have been realized from as long as we know that everything's going to be fun and games and sunshine and lollipops and roses. When indeed diversity is being number one priority of many institutions including institutions of higher learning. Let's just make sure that sitting next to this percentages that percentage. And over there is that percentage and that's what it is we've we've managed to prone down to percentages. The American psyche and the American ability to work with -- others and appreciate -- culture and diversity. And if you wanna look for diversity the best place still look. Would be at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. It is as a -- left wing as you get it's right up there would have some of the Ivy League schools is up there Wednesday and the San Francisco Bay Area. And the EU was at a University of Wisconsin at Madison. Is proposing. A diversity based. Ratings system. -- All right you know we've posted this and we didn't -- Didn't quite know how to post that. Because to me it's amazing. So I think I'm old school when it comes in this. I believe you should get your grades the old fashioned way. Earned them. All right -- them whatever get you should earn it land when you get it -- and I think first of all it has less value because you didn't earn it. It is just given to you on a silver platter. And what it means is that you probably could have gotten this through hard work on your loan that's what it means to me. What are what are -- is is that the things you learn to appreciate more always they'll always have always well. It's something that especially when -- on him. Belgrade's -- when you went to school whether you're in high school or college or whatever. If you got a good grade and you know you worked hard to get it there was certain satisfaction. But if it wasn't easy course and -- good sleep walk through it you got a good grade it it didn't have the same meaning trio. Well according to -- a published report here. I UW Madison. We have a man named W Lee Hanson a refresher America professor emeritus of economics at UW Madison. Wrote an op Ed piece. For the John William -- Pope that's his name John William hope hope senator for higher education. A North Carolina based think tank about the latest diversity plan at UW in their system's flagship school. The plan completed -- day. Air Tuesday 1020. I'll let you decide what it is. They talk about compositional. Diversity. The equality. A mindedness. Represented console at -- well -- equality and other things that have become sacred cows for liberal people. Are represented though diversity aired and equity and sort. Since the print on this thing it is designed that you need the OB Hubble telescope to read it -- try to read anything about this. But are you know I've I've heard of people who. Don't have a lot of self esteem because they're fun to some small this month is way too small but anyway. Bet that those are the kind of fancy names they put on their rapper is I was representational. Equity -- -- how does that mean. Well for proportional participation. Of historically under represented -- racial ethnic groups. That's the headline on the yeah I know we're kind of like while jewel and do what the hell does that mean what it means is this. You know it's really unfair that people are not getting better grades more minorities. And so there are some but not enough and so what we should do was -- up much like we do a radio survey -- there's not enough representation. One group. And one way to waited out. Is to wait out this grades. Ever believe the metal fashioned notion of earning a great cup Bob that's so wild mode that this is about diversity the bank. -- that big day it's the answer to all your prayers yes. -- -- in the books everywhere are. If you are the right member of the right -- team you are your -- to fabulous wealth and riches will be back with more -- beach company. WB yeah. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WOVEN. Backward region company sandy beach the big. Now you think why is -- against diversity I'm not against diversity at all alive very much in favor of it if it's natural. If it happens because of a lot of of various sets of reasons and it's natural that's fine that's great I think the best example of diversity. Would be Roswell park. If you -- -- and you see the people that the clinicians there all the health care professionals the researchers. There come from all over the world and they're all different ethnicities. But they have a common goal we want to with a common goal is to do is to eradicate cancer obviously. And they have a common interest they have assigned to scientific. Inquisitive madness of how to get things better than they are now. And so they are people of of a similarity even though ethnically or not that's natural diversity and that's the way it should be. Are because one challenges the other. As one gets better the other tries to get better and the first one and that's the way it is and that's that's like good things happen at Roswell park. Forced diversity is a whole different ball game. I mean -- -- -- -- -- back when you're in college with the fact that you're sitting oh nexus somebody who doesn't look like you. Does that enhance your learning experience do you DI delve into their culture and and a practices because you happen to be taking classes. A seated next I don't think so we don't. I I think you naturally make friends with other people that -- that -- -- -- comfortable -- -- -- common -- Or common interest we have. But I think one should start forcing. Once you start. Ranging percentages. That I think it loses all of its value and yet that's the first thing -- out of your mouth. When we -- that this today. And I was talking with Chris and Tony. Chris dials up the University of Wisconsin Madison. A web page the first thing on. Diversity. -- The first thing on it is diversity it's the holy Grail. If we can only show that we are diverse culture and where better and that's bowl it is absolute baloney. Now -- trump let me explain what waiting is. OK no I'm not waiting for a bus waiting. OK we have -- in radio -- -- forever and ever and ever. Oh when they send out information about this -- -- an -- and -- -- stuff in like that. I've saved this city has a 17%. Eighteen to 34 male population. And they get the stuff back and they've only got 10%. Of the replies are in that same demo. What they'll do was -- up. Another words the people that they did talk to and that demo count for more because they didn't get more replies you get it so -- wake you up. And that's the way that works well essentially that's what this University of Wisconsin Madison things talking about and it's crazy when it comes to education. Not particularly fond of it in in radio ratings in there but I especially don't like -- and education. Because suddenly. OK that one person may count for eight people. That's not right I really doesn't in I think it kind of salutes the quality of the research. Now in this in this -- with the -- the size of finance. Actually and that would be welcome here. UW Madison's diversity guidelines state that if a course a major our program is in high demand. Special status must be given to ensure the makeup of the class and thus those taking it. It's racially and ethnically diverse with just the right percentages. And just the right percentages is in quotes. Aren't so if you got I don't know. 4% of eskimo population and you better have 4% of eskimos in that class this is stupid. It is absolutely stupid. Meaning it would be justifiable. For a placement in hard to get classes and prerequisites. For specific majors to be awarded to students based solely on their race. So. That's as wrong as it can be I think. They didn't earn it. They were given it and I don't care what ethnicity -- talking about I wouldn't want -- floor of for myself or -- my friends are my neighbors or anybody else. You should earn your place in life including. Your scholarly achievements and keep in mind isn't this really betrayal of the entire educational system. Educational system is supposed to be about learning absorbing. Becoming you know way more. Let's -- informed person. Well -- suddenly your grades are waited up. Or or your you've got emplacement that you wouldn't have gotten had not been for York at this city. Isn't that a betrayal of what this is supposed to be about. You're supposed to this stuff and not not the end. Especially shocking in -- Is a language about equity in the distribution of grades. Professors instead of just awarding the grade that each person earns would apparently have to adjust that to the academically weaker. Historically. Under represented and racial and ethnic students perform at the same level and receive the same raises academically stronger students. So basically they would wake them up. If you. Dimensional horse race like that. They try and make it even by putting the different weights on the horses to try to make it -- even races they -- but can you imagine if on you know won the horse that finished fourth that was a bay mayor. And the only bay mayor we had in the race so we should we should move her up because she's of payment. -- They can't make this is how screwed up Internet and believe me I -- the Madison -- that when I was -- Wisconsin. I was in Milwaukee but the owners of our station -- headquarters were in Madison and Louise the all time and you know I mean it's just ridiculous. At the very best this means even greater expenditures on special -- ordering. For weaker targeted minority students it's also like likely to trigger a new outbreak of of grade inflation. So if it's not good enough that the real world isn't good enough. It's like walking outside of his building and see the flower beds. And you say you know one orbits are beautiful about. Half red flowers so let's paint them okay let's paint the yellow ones red. Let's paint the brown ones read let's do that and then I will have a better mix. And it's all it's it's all artificial. It's all phony and you tell me how this improves anybody's chances of being a successful human being through the educational system. I think it's ridiculous I think it's pointless and I'd like your opinion on ethnic grating University of Wisconsin they're considering doing this. Do you think it's a good idea I think -- If if you think this is a good idea then maybe. Maybe we should have done and haven't heart that. Because this Sox. Will be back with more after this break on his -- I'm thirty WB yeah. Do you favor or what the University of Wisconsin is looking at at Madison. Diversity based grating. On my goodness this is -- a thought came to my mind. Usually when you hear about this sort of thing the set aside the quota is what everyone a problem. There where the majority of -- of the group would be white. And lead of the diversity would be to reach out to Latinos and Asians and blacks whatever. I wonder if any of these programs exist where the majority is not quite. Say -- Latino or black or Asian. Do they have these kinds of programs. To bring white students up. As as examples of of diversity. We must have more white students and will grade them higher because they're white. You don't hear about that may maybe -- that somewhere but I'm not aware of it. And Willem I will discuss that as well. Well maybe what I was -- should do since the badgers have a really good football program. When they playing let's say like Indiana which is a traditionally weak football team made the vicious bottom fourteen points every time they play. I'll make it's there it's fair it's fair. To many of you thank you appreciate the most is not something handed to you it's something you've earned. If you earned at a certain grade you can see the that's that it's yours. If it's given -- you what does it mean for what does that tell anybody looking at those grades later in your life. And it doesn't tell them that you are government just tells you that's what the letter of the number is on the paper. So it doesn't really mean as much Gaza and how we can use them as any kind of a guy proposed. Through your ability or your future ability or you're adaptability. To learn the job. I just don't think it is it though wins on any level let's go to Joseph on itself on Joseph -- WB yen. Good morning Andy great subject -- thank you. To me it's just. I agree it's silly because you're crowding people in to a grouping which first but he on and -- -- telling these people their -- speak -- to new -- They're they're not good enough to do on her own to meet. You know I'm going to assume what you are a bit you know which probably meant court or certain. You now. Group of people are being to me you know that that's that's racist right here. What you know what I don't understand if they you know it's -- your high school grades to decide whether you're good enough to go to their college or -- university. Well why why you don't you don't get any special treatment there usually -- although the University of Texas has been involved in some losses. Are regarding. The law school where but the bottom line is you have to earn your grades and they get there then suddenly you're given a boost because remember the minority I don't get that. No -- it's trial you know you're you're doing what you're coming -- they're not used to be said hey you know you're not good not so. Is that support compared symbolic. You're you're telling people US group or not could not sort of a merger altogether. And we're gonna tell you -- -- you know exempt or -- Did you know go helps you Obama because we're battling -- in. Your effort. -- -- -- always hold. Not to judge any group as a monolith that they all think and act in the you know the same and that's true and we shouldn't however isn't that what this says. This says that if you fit into this ethnic group. Yet this help is available to you you're going to get a more help and somebody was in another group. Because we want a balance that out we want the final numbers to be exact. And then then -- just a pawn in their game and and it says exactly Joseph what you just said thank you. It's -- are probably gonna be good enough. On your loan. Isn't that isn't that an embarrassment to of people like yeah. People who are accomplished. And people him in the national spotlight who get things accomplished every single day at a very high level who happened to be minorities. I mean to me as an embarrassment. End. Big. The standup of the meeting where they propose this and say that's not right it's just simply not right. Because so we are supposed to be setting a standard. To grade people coming through here so that future employers or others can look at those grades and make some kind of a judgment. On on what kind of an employee who might pretty. As one example and if we have faults -- difference between. Things are great and somebody up or false grade. You don't just hacking into the computer and giving yourself a higher -- -- equipment what's that ever as the same purposes and and you'll get the same result when -- get out of school I terabyte you know but. I don't I don't want my doctor to have been. Given higher grade -- earned. I don't want my idea policeman to be given a higher grade than he or she yearned. I don't want anybody that has anything to do with me. I'm especially might help them things like that to be given a higher grade than they are I wanna be surrounded by people -- and what they have. That's and that's the best way to think about it you watcher you're gonna go fly today. It's an amateur pilot. Didn't really he once upon -- As some others he was you know shakier but. It fits the ethnic -- now we have enough of his ethnicity or her ethnicity to be able to make them. Would you wanna compromise and any of those areas. Probably not. I wouldn't just say can feel good and say that our student body is the exact representation. Of the proportions of the students of which we draw. I mean. I don't know why -- think this. Good idea of -- they're in love with -- Jerry in Amherst area around WB yeah. Hello -- Hello -- has put Jerry on hall while Jerry I think Jerry was out to getting an eggnog or something. 83 301806169. Super sixes are 930 engaged came in late we're talking about. University of Wisconsin. At Madison it's it's as liberal -- Berkeley is as liberal as Harvard is. That's just what they are I know I saw up close and personal and Wisconsin is -- -- liberal state and and the last governor -- came in and and showed him how to run properly. Prejudice -- a part diversity based grade game. Grating at a big should give you a scale. You know -- name it's almost like I handicap. In nine in racing in horse racing. Where the horses that have the best record after carry more weight. The ones with a -- worst record of more inexperienced ones carry less weight. But we shouldn't be talking about that with human beings. I think that there should be a standard the standard says here compared to everybody the stake in this class. Here's where you are. We hear about how oh -- people finish in certain graduating classes. He finished sixth in his class of 5000. How come -- -- -- and made that. I wonder if that was on waded. Across a as we know about waiting as they use that in them are Bergeron and other methods of a gauging how many listeners or viewers we have been broadcasting. And I don't like it there and I certainly don't like it here. -- but they said in their policy. That they want the exact right numbers it says just blew right percentages that's the cool -- So there again they seem to be swimming upstream on this one. Because it you want something that is looks good you want something that is it is a big difference will be backward more. -- beach company and who's right and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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