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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Wing King Drew Czerza- Watching Wing Contest in Vegas

Wing King Drew Czerza- Watching Wing Contest in Vegas

Jul 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So worldwide wing eating championships are being held tonight at the hard rock hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Was Buffalo's week king invited let's find out true sir says with us this morning on the WB MI fine morning Wayne king. -- -- is a mortgage on outdoor. Gray area you are you glad we're invited to Vegas. Why are -- are well all peaceful and Dutch pretty it is kind of like the pre Olympic trials. For the -- without coming up in the monster ethical or -- So the voters it is nonetheless appeared I don't wanna replicate what we've done an accurate they would go brokers -- -- United States so what other state leaders. And again it's it's pre order in the -- report. So you're looking at these chicken wing events like this one in Vegas is something that might spur of the good word about wings that are originated here in buffalo and promote our big festival. No doubt it's all good all this public these great for the way past them for ballclub because of welcomes back the ball will eventually end. And I actually go to -- call with reporters because of that and these that they do is tied into the the corners bikini contest -- -- kind of a little -- by the -- -- -- -- It's all performed well with people and secure position to see how these Cedar Fair because you know a lot of people you'll wait for the -- -- Don't think they've got their paper. Yeah now you must be getting ready. Four of our Labor Day weekend -- -- here. All the crazy yeah overall ramps up we're quote not a few really great he tells them. A widely -- -- Internet -- pre show tickets and we finally are able to do that we're working with the applicable -- -- -- you -- other solar Prius still tickets. For the first the world and I ordinary gentlemen. You -- have to wait your initial line in for another few that you chief -- and true cultural show though which -- find what they're humorous culprit that you -- reverse true that you went as well. -- we're looking out a note here of those said chicken wing eating champ Joey chestnut that's gonna be -- in Vegas today and he's been here in buffalo. -- pseudo too but does a guy by the name of Matt Scully who is supposedly a newcomer. You expect to do you know who's going to be in competition near buffalo. There were still working on the field I think where they get all of them if not 90% of them. You know Julie just got engaged there are -- contest is like this kind of changed a bit. Net story we're trying to get individual what are you from being countenance and go to California. Well we've got confirmation on the Hugo who actually won the ball low. But -- Funeral faster -- -- This report out in speed and then we've got to this summer capacity which are going to -- I just think we've heard their story. Wow Randy said did Joey is engaged now do you think his fiancee knows about his eating habits. Yeah -- that this is -- wrote a circle with some soul. Yeah it's kind of crazy but you know I guess. It's a big dirt that would go to order your. You're not worried about losing the EC chicken wing news teeing ground -- to an additional why it's great publicity for. You know -- there it was big when it first thirteen years ago and editor there or to -- pop up all over Iowa. On the political border barrier and go back to awful. For the super -- that Labor -- weekend. It's the warm up act. -- -- and it kind of a warm up act. Until labor here. It's great to and as a general with people -- -- very organization and you know it's it's I think. Complement of people -- -- -- so well again I don't respectable law. Hey drew gravy to join us thank you. Okay that's Buffalo's wind came to roosters.

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