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Cabela's Nathan Borowski - Ready To Open

Jul 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome to the WB and -- -- Cabela's spokesman Nathan Brown -- to talk about the opening just over two weeks from now in Cheektowaga. Here in Western New York it's and thank you for the time. Yes and you for having me welcome to buffalo. Thank you very much excited to be here -- know I'm just excited about come -- your market or technical doors open I haven't. You know there is so much interest in this store. We hear there could be traffic tie ups on opening day has had happened elsewhere. Lou we're definitely second a lot of our loyal customer coming out and -- and. You know the an exciting game and exciting entirely in. -- it's definitely -- are concerned that we're definitely working with local police potential local Italy idiot and so it planned so. Epic importance and has. Shouldn't need to bet. Myth that a lot of people around here are anticipating the grand opening on August 7. They can you give us a little preview of what the folks are going to see -- walk into the store. I guess that's Lou at the opening ceremony that's exciting -- will kick things up about 8 o'clock absolutely they EJ. I'm playing my current music trivia game and yet the way. One of the few special appearances that. I'm hoping they'll be exciting and actually got a cutting in the opener. Local local employee shoot the grand opening Roman with a -- and now. And because those special customer and then opening. And then of course the source nominal 88000 square that your recount -- our. -- doesn't. -- -- quality accidentally -- -- It's certainly a great story and great. It is there interactive stuff in a story stuff to do while you're there. Yes absolutely and other indoor -- series in retreat tech room Cutler can actually come in. -- they're grown now right in or adjustments that we are in order. Yeah interactive educational community -- -- -- and learn about wildlife. Learn about the outdoors. -- must step in there and gone -- an -- of our customers. Given product information. It by a local fisheries local hunting ground it's definitely a great way enacted the -- -- -- Not only get the product they need to learn about the exit about the. Maybe then we are here and of those come bellows and Cheektowaga and Walden avenue was a medium size is a Cabela's. Though there are much larger stores and other parts of the country. One might bigger store have those attractions. That this Cheektowaga storm might not have. We'll a bigger or there will be -- -- stores some of them the earlier Stuart that we recently -- Can I read a model to the economy next generation. What's the question or cheek or. And no actually they're a lot in the -- -- to have them. Mountain -- because. The meeting parties back there. One of the fugitives considered it accidentally in the arts they're located up also cooler. That -- it's not taking it to become -- the largest solar square footage. Much higher. Accidentally down on the floor taking a state or chronic ago. That it's different for -- -- sort of we get more efficient when I'm actually out in the. And your location. You're next to a power center and the -- in -- -- mall in your right off the New York State thruway. This is going to be a real destination senator do you think. Yes that's that we couldn't be more happy that the location. But I thought -- -- -- New York in the buffalo area with the secret location or. I'm -- have boil can't you already church catalog are all right -- I'm going to be located across from Orlando area -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there. It's just going to be phenomenal for a can be either -- -- high visibility for our customers easy access for our customers. We -- real. Nixon you're probably aware of the fact that more hunting licenses and fishing licenses sold in this area per capita than any place else in New York State. With that said though we also have a lot of people here who have no role interest in hunting or fishing. Now a lot of these people listening big deal Cabela's is opening how would you catered to those folks how what you would get them -- store. Well a lot of people who think about it they think the traditional -- -- really offered much more. I'm bringing in more and more and hiking trail. Equipment we offer. All the top and products North Face under armour. No matter what your outlook action and even it is -- -- my clinical. I have another winner that it illegal -- Partly her -- -- anything you need in the outdoors -- Make similar ledger here thank you for joining us look forward to being in the store. Thank you very much we can be more excited to get our first New York location open and we hope customers can come out -- they are seven. And really not entirely it will be an exciting week for. Okay that's Cabela's spokesman. -- --

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