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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fishing Charter Capt. Jim Hanley- Cabela's Coming

Fishing Charter Capt. Jim Hanley- Cabela's Coming

Jul 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WB and live -- as we continue our focus on. Cabela's the outdoors superstore. And the store opens in less than two weeks in Cheektowaga ran across street from the Walden galleria. Our guests on the live line as Jim -- Jim is our go to new fishing expert. He's also a local charter fishing captain Jim -- fishing charters hey Jim good morning thanks for joining. -- Saturday morning you guys are you don't we're doing pretty and I bet you have a good fellows on the G node -- catalog you coffee table. Our wonderful ride yesterday. Give a coffee table you -- to. Now they're here we go to go yeah it's it's our great catalog to look through -- -- fair equitable on the comes I'll. Part of the beginning of the year it looks like a Garko second that government really really really good company. Hey Jim talk about western New York's appetite for a big outdoor store like this. Purist who's been you know you can go it was these workers in order recount -- they'll call follows. Because you -- in -- -- -- Katrina like capita than any county are. East of the Mississippi band they were very very interested because -- and years ago. Probably want all the barrels or stop going on -- And unfortunately you know -- -- got caught up you know locally what at all worried well or whatnot but all in and around the world and actually your. A much smaller storm -- -- -- -- they call it one of their kind of regional stores -- that you're excited. In 2000 square feet. Because we anticipate that. Between seven and 101000 people a lot of the open or. We know you also mentioned a bass pro. How -- those -- bellows differ from bass pro or are they essentially about to send him. Yeah. Exactly the same. You know -- probably get a little higher and frolic on some of their product. You know although they're overwhelmed military. Currently user who don't have their coworker put duck -- willingly. You know can get a credit card through Cabela's you'd get porn when you're you're. -- -- -- guard -- elegant look as good point. There's this you know real real and I go well what more higher product probably. Do you think then this is a destination store people come from miles around not just the buffalo area to take out of this. I would say yeah. You know it it would it would be like a bear -- Cole got clear that they -- you know -- kind of all the older and saw in all of your. Attractions but no problem you know all Western New York -- the result wondered your return leg at -- -- you don't make any. Are driving by and you know going to -- all -- welcome to the curb album I know. And exports Bernard Connolly can hope that the goal of the scores -- got to stop and let me start out there and the guys will stop them. You know in poll by and it's it's a great deal could actually get -- -- that's real. And so is -- your thinking that come August 7 one -- bellows has their grand opening. Folks like different traffic jam on the thruway and walnut avenue. So that's who they call luckily we got a manager of the of the story out these so called -- association. And I did that affect our. Oh come kudos go comfortably up their goods. Go on the opening weekend could go down there -- -- that's all. Provide about welcome lawless and so yeah I I I think it will be here will be in a critical ball. And -- prizes of the year -- and it was a great companies. Hey Jim are you up right now on the lake. Ironically it carefully consider feel kind of good to wake up like I slept dental work -- in the morning and I was kind of aren't covered like you guys have a day off automatically wake up -- -- but -- -- you know better as well. Yeah I have my phone hasn't done my phone hasn't been -- and lately at 6 o'clock in the morning on the Sunday edition. Liquid there are probably a few weeks ago regularly go to prepare. It'll ask you about bass pro one more question about April you know they're building a big store. Right across the border just off the -- quick and easy way near saint Catherine's is is going to be a bigger store than Cabela's you know anything about it. I I don't know anything about it but most likely will be all or their coaching at all. -- -- You don't because credit bureau Syracuse but I don't know those guys that. Yeah and it's kind of you know one of the things and if you're American your your job might he might operated by something terrible archive your great duty -- -- help come back. You don't got it probably -- you know eat the picture and. Okay Jim nice talking with you in the -- moving in touch base again -- the -- thanks again. While you're darker angrier than Jim handling our go to fishing -- also use a charter fishing captain Jim Handley fishing charters.

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