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7-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fix is to -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do here. Tom hourly and that's what's been within 200 feet of -- school or -- It's life. It's -- prevent this it's Tom hourly ask another question. Try to get this much this isn't real she's -- Wouldn't you. He's a live here. -- -- So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- -- what -- meant some personal things -- compliment. -- members coast -- -- there -- can't go anywhere now and see a man purse without thinking of that scene from a hangover. Which unlike sex tape is actually funny movie. It is that ten -- don't start -- both apply for me I studied the plot is predictable. Everything that happens in that movie is 100% predictable and they're only three funny lines and all will be. So. If you want to know. Are you in the big bucks but I would feel bad if you work and I sent it to a movie and had to waste. Of course you legally buy yourself. Now you be taking some. All right well Peter -- bingo thing it's a 21 bucks. Are right it is at ten minutes after six news radio 930 WB EM by the way. By the way. -- -- Over the weekend. I never got the memo. That AFC maple ridge you have reserved seating own weight and you have to buy your tickets way in advance. Of the actual start time of the movie. I did us well -- about having to buy the tickets well in advance of the start time of the movie. Because that would probably depend on the movie and how popular it is. But it's reserved seating because they've got -- miners inside right. Now. I've never criticize a movie theater with liners. I'm so many things either there's so many places like could go at that but I'm not going to. But I never got the memo on that one. And I felt like a total idiot and before but then again I'm used to it's RO it's really not a totally new feeling. It is eleven minutes after six is probably a news radio 930 WB Ian thanks to Michael couple though. For setting up for me last week and a -- you'll be hearing a lot more Michael Caputo during this time slot. That would be my strong suspicion. But we have many things happening today and a lot has gone down already today during the course of the program. Rick Perry the governor of Texas has called out the National Guard. Now we have Doug had been on earlier from all the land. Security US dot com who is not particularly enamored of the idea. My initial thought was -- -- finally got a governor who's doing something about the illegal civilian invasion of our borders which to me happens to be a big deal because we either have borders are you don't have borders -- have a country where you don't -- country you leader -- nation or you don't have a nation. It's a big deal. And I certainly have going on in two on numerous occasions. The fact it before you buy a piece of real property the most important thing you -- -- have a survey and a title search to make sure that day what you're buying your shores and -- what you're buying is free of -- and conferences or whatever. So he's ever important things for people and that should also be very important work for nations we talked about governor all ball. And is -- long time hatred of the NRA if you're a member of the NRA he considers you his enemy but then again if you're a conservative he considers you his enemy. And I can't figure out for the life of me college guy who calls 25%. Roughly. Up his own state as governor he is enemies -- says they have no business in New York State. I ever real hard time figuring out how such a guy can be so popular because I have told you this before and I'm gonna say it again. If a Republican governor. In a Republican state. -- said of liberals Democrats and leftists or status -- if you are one of those people you have no business in this state. I guarantee you that within 24 hours that politician would be giving a tearful apology would probably be begging for forgiveness announcing his resignation and that amount -- of course that he's going in a rehab. Because that's how that game is played if you are a Republican yet Andrew Cuomo gets away with -- -- 25% of the state. Andy's gonna be issue in for reelection and for those who were sick of me saying his shoe in for re election. -- I haven't had anybody wanna take me up on my bet even off the year. I don't like it. I don't like it and importantly I don't understand. I truly don't some politicians are at least likable. You don't agree with them politically like Bill Clinton you don't agree with a politically but he's likable -- a Smart anyway. At least. He's got a certain charisma about him OK -- to me just emanates pure. A -- loading. Of everything and everybody. Except himself. That's just the buying a -- program I can't quantify that there's no metric for it but he is just not a particularly likable fellow. In my estimation and in my eyes. So we've talked about the borders with talked about all ball and what he had to say about guns. Many years ago and this was recently re examined in the the latest issue of the Rolling Stone. So all put it up up for those two at 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WBE. And and for those who did not have a chance to -- your governor Rick Perry of Texas. I've been waiting for the ideal moment. After you guys get out of work. This is what governor Rick Perry of Texas had the -- are calling out the National Guard for the border and as you listen to what he has to say. I want you to tell me if you wanna see other border state governors do this or if this is setting a bad precedent. That's my question here is the governor taxes but three hours ago governor Rick Perry. So thank you all for. -- -- this today. It's been approximately a month sense. It is today federal. Detention facility in McAllen. And saw firsthand. The human tragedy unfolding along our southern border. The plight of these unaccompanied. Alien children as rightfully captured the national attention. As we learn the tells there harrowing journeys. Equally as concerned however. Is the fact that unaccompanied children only make up 20%. Of those apprehended. Crossing. The quarterly. As the brave men and women of our Border Patrol car pulled away from their law enforcement. Duties to. It humanitarian. Drug cartels. Human traffickers. Individual criminals are exploiting. This tragedy for their own criminal opportunities. Over the years I have repeatedly called on the federal government to live up to its responsibility. Up protecting this great nation by securing the border. Because if there is no national security. You cannot have that without borders secure. Since 2008. More than 203000. Criminal aliens have been booked. And to Texas county jails. Over the course of their crime and all careers. These individuals have committed more than 640000. Crimes. And that. Is in the state of Texas alone. This includes more than 3000. Homicides. And almost 8000 sexual assaults. Thousands of lives have been impacted forever. All because the federal government's lip service. And empty promises. I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault. And little children from Central America. Or detained. In -- We are too good a country. For that to occur. That is why today I'm using my executive authority as governor of Texas and activating the National Guard. I've directed at -- at general John Nichols to immediately prepare for deployment. Up to one doubts. Of his troops in support of the department of public safety is ongoing search operation. It is code named. Operation strong safety. All along the border region. Prior to operation strong safety. Texas is already invested. A half a billion dollars in border secured. That is a burden that Texas taxpayers. Should not have to burden themselves well. But. As all of the Texans. Who have fallen victim. To the crime at hand. Of these criminal aliens. Will attest it. The price of an action is too high for Texas to play. Now fortunately we're already seeing. Results from operations strong safety. From week one. Two weeks three. Apprehensions have dropped 36%. From more than. 6600. Per week. To 4200. Per week in that area of operation. This is a clear indication. That the increased patrol presence in the coordinated law enforcement efforts between our local state and federal partners including the department of public safety personnel are Texas parks and wildlife wardens and others. Are having a deterrent effect on criminal and illegal activity along the border. The national guards troops that I am deploy. Will support the state led border search by acting as a force multiplier. On the ground and providing additional air assets beyond their current efforts. These additional resources. Will help combat the brutal Mexican. Drug cartels. That are preying upon our communities. And also will help to tear others. Before they have a chance to harm our citizens. And become criminal aliens. Within an hour. -- All right well that is out once -- -- my initial reaction was. -- had been on talking about the fact that he was not particularly thrilled. Because at any moment the National Guard could be federalized by you know. Button. Let's find out what's happening in traffic on WB and here is Brian has aroused. And AccuWeather for today partly cloudy and humid as we head into tonight the overnight low 65 tomorrow will be sunny and humid 87. Were -- at 82 degrees at news radio 930 WB. EM -- I'm sensing a song coming up. Yeah yeah. Right now I read their statements. -- color number twelve. Caller twelve at 64498756449875. Did you get to protect us to see James Taylor. Tuesday July 29 at the first Niagara center. And the value was 120 dollars courtesy of beaver productions and general. -- -- -- caller twelve at 644987. By Joseph I was doing great with that and -- -- apparently -- -- just. Maybe lose your picture here is mark in ninety blog on WB and mark you were on hello. Our salute chocolate it is. Thought Hagman. And com. No you don't listen to the show little bit closer and the thank you very much. It is 623 editors radio 930 WB yet I don't think we talk I don't think I said that was the topic I think what I said was. The -- the activation by Governor Perry -- National Guard. Is that a good thing or bad thing. I said the dog tag and was concerned about it that is not the topic that -- Hagman is not the topic he was on earlier the F something to say to him you -- -- -- at that point. Is this the right -- Of any governor who would have done Davis I would've said. It would have been Jan Brewer for Arizona your -- the famous photograph of her wagging her finger at that Barack Obama. And Barack Obama believe me it is not like having a finger wag asked him Nolan and and well not unless it's holding a -- but. There's that self. Like Governor Cuomo. Is soul undeniably popular. Because. I'm missing. There's a part of this I'm just not get. Because. What 60%. This is a staggering figure -- 60%. Of New Yorkers think the New York State is better now. That was. What he took office. And as far as the -- -- gap between all ball. And Esther -- though it is enormous in fact it what's really got to be frustrating for -- Reno who is the Republican challenger to Cuomo is. Very few people have even heard of him. That is a killer right there. Now of course as the challenger. He has offered to debate. -- mobile I believe eight million times. And Cuomo courses -- savvy politician. Stupid. -- be stupid to debate history you know all with the kind of leave. Because any debate. You offer the opportunity for your opponent to gain ground. If you're that far ahead you're just turned out all the events. -- it's 645 and is ready at 930 WBE. Haven't through about 32 -- so -- myself on the air. Water. Anyway 633. Bad news radio 930 WB. The -- hourly -- sell a couple of questions for that we've I've gotten into before on the program number one. Is governor Rick Perry in Texas. Doing the right thing by calling up the National Guard to enforce the border. And my first for action news or was. This is good news. It's sending a message that somebody at least today. But. You get into that age old question of under what circumstances. Do you want to see. Military units engaged in law enforcement. Situations. Ian at the homeland. Now if you will remember Ethier in the October surprise storm back in 2000 sex. You're probably all that precede the National Guard in your neighbor but I know I was because whenever it was very very badly hit. By the October surprise storm it's amazing that it is as green as it is now. Did have a problem with. But they were also not called out worry more important -- certainly were they're called out to catch invaders. Tried to sneak in you know from the Cheektowaga Williams -- border. They were doing that. So is this sending the right message. -- the governor of Texas. Has called out the National Guard in Texas. Which is his right to do as governor. Or in anyway she performed does this make you feel a -- on easy. -- Hagman was on -- this earlier. And he is not completely sold. On this idea and nor by the way is he completely sold on Rick Perry -- two point that a you don't three on 930 is the phone numbers start at 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB -- Then there's another story and the baby due to what to do this today don't wanna say this until tomorrow. Because I always like to give you a happy ending. But. Do that today because there is. I think -- a story that just strikes me as being absolutely. Absurd. And it comes from the state of Wisconsin and for those who don't know. Wisconsin is kind of like New York in terms of its political leanings and its political bent. It is. Not pull out of shall we say is being a bastion of conservative thought the state of Wisconsin. And they have a university in Madison. And right now they're actually talking about now this is pars on Elvis is not been put into effect yet. But they're actually talking about. Diversity. Based grating of students. I need to explain what that means. Diversity. Based grating of students in addition to diversity. Based acceptance of students in the various programs now. I thought that this issue had been settled in the courts a long time ago. Those of you old enough to remember the idea of reverse discrimination. May remember the Bakke case out of California. Where he successfully -- Because he was kept out of medical school because he was a white guy. And he basically made. A reverse discrimination argument and ended up going to medical school. And as far as I know is now a successful practitioner in the state of California and how we Avery will be retired I don't well. But my question always comes down to business so I don't care how liberal York. I don't care how -- left -- you are or how unfair you think America is. If you had a kit. And your kid -- a brain tumor. I want askew. If you want the surgeon. Who was removing your kid's brain tumor. To have graduated based on diversity based great. Or whether you would wanna make sure. Bet all its of the surgeons from which you had to choose were equally qualified. And had been equally skilled in medical slash surgery school. And I don't care. Here if you're Hillary Clinton. You are going to want the absolute. Best doctor the most qualified doctor probably the Doctor Who had the highest grades and the highest scores. And all of the certifications necessary to operate on your kid's brain -- So I don't I honestly do not understand the concept. I mean I understand why and it is political. It is a political idea obvious by the -- -- from the he AG news dot org site right Wisconsin. Which is a self proclaimed new distribution channel work. Conservative ideas. And a new forum for those who want to continue the conversation dateline Madison Wisconsin. It sounds crazy on its face but then again what it comes to expect that from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. But are they crazy enough to do race based great. A professor emeritus of economics. Has written an op Ed piece. For this North Carolina based think tank. About the latest diversity plan. For the University of Wisconsin system flagship school -- at Madison Wisconsin. And according to this site this plan is all about your typical left wing platitudes about commitments to compositional. Diversity. Equity mindedness. Representation. Of all equity. And other things that have become sacred cows too liberal academia. Wow. Think about this compositional diversity. I don't think they need to explain that equity my goodness. I'm not even sure what equity mindedness issues. Because you either have one set of standards that are applicable to every one where you have no standards whatsoever. You understand it equity my goodness. How can you have equity my goodness if you are. So concerned with quote diversity. That different standards apply to different people based on -- Ethnicity. Seems to me that of her famous and great man. Once asked that Americans be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. And that that was doctor Martin Luther -- Policy. Met this guy. W Lee Hanson. Has also. Talked about. Great. According to this website and I did post a link to this by the way my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly -- UERLD. Especially shocked. Is the language about equity. In the distribution. Of greats. Professors. Instead of just awarding the grade that each student curtains. Would apparently have to adjust them. So that academically weaker. Historically. Under represented racial ethnic students. Perform at the same level. And received the same grades as academically. Stronger students. Okay. If I were part of a historically under represented racial or ethnic group. I must tell you that I would personally feel insulted. By the idea that I am not as good as anybody else. Because that's what this is say. That if you come from a quote historically. Underrepresented. Racial or ethnic group. There you are you're you're inferior. That's the other side of distance that do you not get that. If if if a conservative guy or conservative woman and set. Yeah well. Historically underrepresented racial or ethnic groups are inferior. Fact I think Bennett came close to skirting news at one point one time a secretary of education and he caught holy hell. He caught the full gales of liberal. Hurricane force winds against him. But in the name of diversity. This professor thinks it would be a good idea. Two great people. According to whether or not they are historically under represented racially or ethnically. Now how does one define. Historically. Under represented. Now let's see Indians. And what I say Indians Indian subcontinent India. With they'd be considered a historically under represented racial or ethnic group in colleges and universities. I I think not. Most Indians. Many Indians have very brown skin. I think that they would personally be very insulted by the idea. That somehow they would be inferior and in need of extra -- help. About Asians are Asians historically under represented racially or ethnically. -- how far back at history you wanna. Because these days in 24 -- -- We think of the historically under representative under represented racial or ethnic groups as being black. Or Latino. Folks if you know your history. And I'm starting to wonder how many people really do. You'll find out bet there was mass persecution. -- Asians I the Chinese. In the west. San Francisco. Los Angeles. In the American west as the railroads were being built. They would gang up on Chinese they would cut their long hair. No excuse. There were numerous instances in American history. Where idiot vigilantes. Went around beating up Chinese people beating up Asians. And historically. How far back to wanna go. Because an 1840 I can guarantee you that historically. Asians were under represented racially or ethnically. Now do you wanna go back that far. Do you wanna give the Asian student. You wanna give back student the benefit of let's see. Well well over 100 years and approaching 200 years. What you give them -- do you give them an extra ten points on a test. At the very least. This means even greater expenditures on special tutoring for weaker targeted minority students. Do you think doctor Ben Carson. Do you think doctor Thomas -- do you think doctor Walter Williams needed. Targeted. Minority. Tutoring. Or do you think that they would be insulted by such an idea. I would like to think that if I were black or Latino men I would be very outraged. By the very idea. The very thought. That I am not is intellectually gifted. As my white Brothers and sisters. It would (%expletive) me off to no end. Because anyway you look at it. Despite the quote unquote good intentions. And I'm sure that this liberal professor has. Tensions diversity. It is sacred in America diversity. But no matter how you look at it. The idea that certain groups based on their race or their ethnicity. Are in need of special consideration for -- special consideration for admission. Special consideration for tutoring is insulting. Says it does anybody else seen that side of the argument. Is there anybody out there who thinks this is a good idea. On the job. Just put it on the job let's say you're in sales. And you have to sell 101000 dollar and let's say you've got to sell 20000 dollars worth the cars every week. What it which is about a car a week right. Should you be given special consideration. Because you have been historically. Racially under represented -- ad salespeople. In car dealerships. Or would you be insulted by the idea that you're not as good as somebody who does not look like you. I personally I find this whole idea a ludicrous beat. Absolutely insult. And there is nothing worse. Than somebody with good intentions. -- are they good intentions. Be able to get away with things that if anybody else said them. They would catch holy hell. -- even daring to suggest. That certain groups deserve special consideration because somehow they're not as good as another group. Sorry that was a whole lot for the last segment I apologize for that may be upsetting at tomorrow's show I don't know 8030930. Is the landline number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBE NN should colleges. Give weight to quote unquote diversity in admission. And should they give special grades. To people. Who come from groups. That are historically. Under represented racially. Or ethnically. And if you believe that that is true. I have to ask you. If you're willing to go back to what the Chinese went through. From the 1840s. On. During America's westward expansion. Which was vicious persecution. By other people who did not look as they look. I think can be very hard pressed to find a Chinese or Asian person. Who. Wouldn't be insulted by. 8030930. Start on thirty other cell phone 180616. WB EN 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE. -- sometimes I don't know where the time goes as aggregate data and it's already almost 7 o'clock what is up with that that's weird that's kind of weird freaky Twilight Zone that we've entered. I think rod certainly may be playing a role here up anyway the article from -- -- -- from. Madison Wisconsin. Is supplement FaceBook page I'd like to take a look at it and again. I don't care what you look. A doctor about your ethnic background. Whether you've been historically oppressed whatever. I don't think there's a person out there is apparent. Who if your kid was really really sick and needed to have some very complex surgery. I don't think that you would want somebody whom. This week but or was -- Push up. Just to make things fair just to make things diverse. You want your kids life in bare hands because I sure wouldn't. Norwood anybody epic with two brain cells were rubbing together but that's food for thought. Now. What are the shows that I wanna get through this week. And this was actually going to be my happy ending topic today. -- The idea of not just coincidences. But synchronicity. Because a lot of go to great deal of detail because a blow would've got in store later on this week. But the period Friday Saturday Sunday in two today. For your humble house. Was fields. With so. Many synchronicity. I can't even tell you. It started. On Friday. I was literally thinking about somebody with whom I have not spoken in ages. Look at myself all you have won this phone call for and it was the person I hit. It about. -- me in the course of our conversation. Discussed an individual known to both of us who. No sent an email today having no idea. That he had been talked about the two of us. It would it previously -- a conversation. Based upon synchronicity. Was weird all that was just the beginning got a lot more. But we all of those kind of stories. Are there coincidences. Where. I'll show always a pleasure Joseph -- master control fine job and John Sherman you're wonderful calls -- today. And stand by -- on Hannity he's coming up next -- editor is Michael Savage. You know yourself.

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