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7-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest with the because the guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I quit net news radio. There is a very funny entries were given by the way. It's ten minutes after five -- majority of thirty WB and by the way thanks to Michael can put over to you great job filling in for me last week. You're going to be hearing a lot more Michael Capuano in the yet not too distant future. During this time slot actually. Joke ever is and master control and John Sherman is your calls -- And we have anybody things we're talking about this 1 in which this morning. Help time zone and we started actually talking about Rick Perry. Sending thousand National Guard troops to the border now it's. Because. It is concerned about that and -- -- from Homeland Security US dot com. He has so overall concerns about Rick. That he brought to my attention and I'm glad he's. Been pretty immature. And usually doesn't happen. At least not anymore but. We also. Are talking about the stone article which was actually brought to my attention by an individual. I was just talking about over the weekend folks. You know if were gonna do a happy ending today -- not. But there has. And so much synchronicity. In my life. Over over the past few days I can't even begin to explain this email was sent to me by a guy I was just discuss it. We get with somebody I was just about any set up. Our other synchronicity is include super stoker's in the movie set stick by the way folks. One star out of four that will be also sox' sorry. The previews make it look funny if it's. I sought. One out of four stars and for -- -- that's a movie called sex tape is only one out of four stars you know. That it's only one out of four stars -- complacent and get from the perverts of Americans saying I'm being grossly unfair dissect it. If I also gave the -- assumes his new movie. One out of four stars. Of course the fact that I gave his other movie out of four stars people forget. Because -- -- an evil Obama worship or because they think his latest movies -- -- But like -- -- with friends like that I don't need enemies I try to get the negativity out of my life. My question to you is Chanderpaul. Will his hatred of guns and make no mistake about it he does not want citizens having guns. Now he wants his state troopers especially the ones watching his asked to be armed. Tell that to the tape I mean if he could he'd probably have -- Obama like beast vehicle in which to drive around. You don't get. Access to -- ball when he goes into an elevator even at a newspaper he's totally surrounded by these big state trooper boots. OK -- outgun us. What his life is more valuable than you worse. -- -- I -- Andrew Cuomo I detest everything for which he stance. And it makes me sick that he's gonna win reelection. By the way. Anybody who says. Well. -- that you brought. A batch of five grants. Nobody is taking me up on that that I think can -- -- either way I'll take the bet. I don't -- a lot to do that actually recorded FCC law -- the check that out. But I'd be willing to wager 101000 bucks and Andrew Cuomo's going to be reelect. Other but if you -- I'd. Credit card moments doing yeah all right I may have to silly cats but whatever. So my question to -- is. Well -- almost hatred of guns influence your vote. And how come he is so popular in New York State I cannot figure it out the man is such an obvious fraud and phony. -- -- -- -- and as your freedom really worth the billion dollars. All right here is Dan on the west side on WB and Dan welcome to show you end up but you heard the quote for Andrew Cuomo before. I read it from our Rolling Stone magazine right. No I and I didn't hear it now I. -- -- -- -- Well you gotta do something about that noise if this is going to be a continuing problem the noise in the background I'm gonna ask him not to call. If we engage the enemy in Washington we will lose their fortress is within the beltway. We're going to beat -- state by state community by community that was Hud secretary Andrew Cuomo fourteen years ago speaking about the NRA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I think a lot of birds you don't get are about the old. Problem Leo. Obama recognized. Very -- -- -- the other but but the the Koreans is that one. The region the city. It slip anything yet. But -- -- -- -- not they're you know -- their opposition short. Will read -- well. And so -- -- in no particular look under. There. Are all the -- Want the quick quick and it bit that they are and they don't rocket. -- artillery. As really the oh you know we've got bought out. Time out time out timeout timeout timeout timeout timeout timeout timeout. -- -- constituency. Doesn't recognize demagoguery but you want to tell me why markers not to be voted in favor of NY safe and Kennedy voted in it I mean are what are a these are our representatives. In. -- it was it was what -- could be -- -- that he's gonna I don't want what you argued -- are out there. All markers -- -- it is a negligible figure honey. That he wanted -- -- -- something. But in a general election all right when you're trying to convince the mass of people to vote for you. As Rush Limbaugh properly pointed out it's tough to beat Santa Claus okay. But when it comes to stuff on which you have to vote such ads and why say. Quickly. You got to the report beat why because it's a message of necessity. First of call somebody should step up and said no this really isn't a necessity situation let's have a debate on it on the floor let's break let's have a public hearing on it. But that's not got -- at odds with both of our you know on -- They're there yet it can do we have you know I -- I get -- keep reminding people that these same politicians. -- so any interest in going up -- The streets filled up. You know there are certain rights and met in -- and they're they're smoking around when you look they. End up. Well you know it's interesting you mention that -- and here again I have to interrupt you because why is Rolling Stone publisher magazine. What what does what gives Rolling Stone the right to publish a magazine without submitting it. In advance to a government censor what gives them the right it something call the First Amendment. And when somebody starts going after the First Amendment then people like the Rolling Stone and even the Buffalo News pay attention to the First Amendment. But the Second Amendment they think is negotiable but I think it's garbage but. The First Amendment that sacrosanct to them they've all got to be respected or none of the matter. Really scary. Both made it is not. Worried about. The threats against its right there are on the because both administrations and bringing all kinds of pressure now on. I'm of the process and end the president not responding by and large I mean people that are but I mean. But they're but they're not really you know I mean and that's because. I think it's. Not because the political and because -- Billionaire so. Again I would vote down a little let you go and I strongly encourage you to get a different cell phone provider or different cell phone because you I'd really like -- -- you better when you call him and right. Please please. Please. Upgrade your -- But you know what ball why the woman of -- which is obscenely large. You know what's really weird. My cell phone may be larger than the TV on the wall in my living. Davis what do I think myself -- people -- -- just huge. It is it's -- and what makes it even bigger is the case. Because if you're gonna buy one of these galaxy cellphones you gotta have a good case because you're gonna drop. And when you drop one of these bad boys couple it goes and dealing with the cell phone insurance companies so much fun. You know that lovely deductible you pay and then all of man hours it takes to read download all those apps. -- -- -- Note -- they'll get sorry I revert to buy quote from the hangover. That's one Allen said Q you just don't give it to you yet just don't get it. But anyway when you get a new cell phone folks here's my little word of advice put it in your pocket first with the case to make sure it will not be obscenely large. Honest to goodness my cell phone is probably bigger than it tedium a wall -- home on which I watch. Hockey games -- 030930. Why is Governor Cuomo so popular. And will his hatred of guns. Influence your vote yes or -- I don't understand why he's so popular that is just beyond -- he's not a likable god. -- personality wise. I'm sorry you did you eat the wrong let's find out about traffic with a guy who -- the right way. He -- magical words are just the right time here's Brian has aroused. Brian you are just amazing amazing and -- you know you could be a comedian because you play it on the lucky I've played on the over the top. We could be Abbott Costello we could be committed by a talent. Anyway AccuWeather -- today partly cloudy. And humid as we head into tonight the overnight low 65 is going to be a sticky 65 it's gonna be a 65 or you're going to walk. You're gonna wanna put some bug spray on his mosquitoes won't block the EU. Actually they'll flock to me I'll save -- the expense but still. Mostly sunny and humid tomorrow be high temperature 87 right -- 82 at news radio 930 WB yeah yeah yeah yeah. Usually a politician who does well in the polls. Is somebody who. You would look at it kind of say it like to have them to my house like to have more for dinner. I know usually people say are to have a beer with him. On why would go out of my way and a corporate party to avoid Andrew Cuomo in fact if a formal. Or his kind of personality. If he was in charge of this network of radio stations this radio broadcasting company called -- I would a lot of work here. Because I just I find his personality to be abrasive. I find his political views to be obnoxious. And frankly he's a likable guy. For the like for me I can't figure out why he's so popular maybe you can tell me why -- I don't get it. Maybe he's just all the conservatives out that's why he's so popular. There's that there's Rochester WB and hello. And they -- Jason -- My problem with the whole political situation in New York is that the conservatives will never get. The support from the Republican Party that they need or the money or the banking. They look at conservatives. They don't like them they don't trust him and they don't -- to support. Well here's my question to you because I've heard from people that we really don't have a genuine Conservative Party around here. We have basically a Conservative Party an organization. That has been co opted by others. I've heard this in the past. Have you anything to add to that statement. Well to be honest would you. If you listen to whom. Had yet because what they're doing. If somebody's fingers in the -- and none of them are working and no matter what they'd do to try to incite people. To whatever take -- it isn't working because they're totally dysfunctional they're disorganized they think they're. But they just don't come -- Would mean I can ask the question how could a Conservative Party be victorious in a state that has New York City and it which is a different kettle of fish altogether we talked about that. On previous programs we've done. Well it is this very party that -- you America's California it'll probably beat Texas Florida you know you look at way down the line and the conservatives. But there -- a minority party and as long they stay in the Republican Party and I remain a minority party republic -- a lecture today. More -- you open up another kettle of fish your stint I may have to keep you want because we've we've talked about this before but. This is the argument I get into all the time what people will talk. -- and this this is come up almost every shot. -- If you don't vote Republican your assuring the Democrats a victory. We think it myself all what's the difference ago. It's 525 news radio 930 WB yeah. Well of you in the mirror. It may be Rolling Stone today. You'll see the Rolling Stone in his head no big fan of the Second Amendment as you might imagine. And I kind of wonder if John Lennon had been packing heat on December 8 1980. If he weren't able to return fire against. Mark David Chapman. Whether we might have had a Beatles reunion. This event. Looked at for a minute short which of the bullets. Chapman fired was great. But should have John Lennon had been able afire back. Just -- thought. Anyway Rolling Stone magazine with a big article about how to beat the NRK. The National Rifle Association and the stricker in this article is a guy who is oddly enough the governor of the -- me now. And speaking words he spoke win. You've -- when he was a secretary under Bill Clinton. Think federally act locally if we engage. The enemy in Washington. We will lose so sequel all looks at the NRA. And there for at NRA members as his enemy. Your realizes right or do I need to point this out he looks at you. If you're a member of the National Rifle Association as his enemy. It's pretty strong -- to lose enemy. There -- fortress. Is within the beltway at its Washington. We're going to beat -- state by state community by community. So anybody wanna tell me that and why say it was not drawn up before work the Newtown. Massacre of course it once told that'll walk. It was a crisis that was -- a crisis it was a news story that was predictable. And Andrew Cuomo made the most of and when he is reelected. I honestly believe that confiscation. Is going to be the next step. And they'll start off not confiscating everything. They'll cop but. Analysts a small -- start off with one or two or three and then gradually the list will grow. Weapons. From which you are prohibited. All. I really believe. It 03 on -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB yet so can somebody tell the case. Why is this guy so popular because I don't get. And he will his position on guns in any way shape reform affect your vote. Cuomo would be asked to Reno -- mobile or none of the above -- global or somebody else. 803 don't like thirty star night 3180616. WB -- -- Bill Clinton was likable. There's a certain like ability back to Ronald Reagan like ability factor even people who hated Reagan's politics like the guy. But I don't find anything likable. About Andrew -- are about Andrew Cuomo whatsoever. He just strikes me is kind of guy if you work with them. If you'd probably walk away. Saying something or official. Here is a stand again in Rochester stand now we're talking about. The Conservative Party so called in New York State hater I have to help me out here because I've heard over the years various things about how the Conservative Party really isn't the Conservative Party it's something that's been co opted by others. It -- crude really panned out when I'm looking at here I indicated. That they can. What you're looking at here is here. Looking ahead they lost the conservatives have a lot the PR battle. Are -- the 88 Ingram doom and -- this guy falling. The whole bit boring okay thank you women they were out there when McCain won here that I talked about -- baby. I thought that's what liberals did I mean I'm sorry that it committee that's that's the liberal message tonight I shouldn't say liberal. I beg your pardon. They are liberals are just sitting back at him. Don't do anything there that need these comparisons just stardom now. -- yet but they need any need to face that. And they need to make -- living -- that happy face and definitely heating. -- no leadership no direction. And there -- -- OK so role what are you to do. In November because basically. The conventional political thinking is you've got a choice between tweedle -- and tweet will be. And again. And I know that I'm hitting the ball out of the park on this when local politicians who shall remain nameless sent me text every time I describe Albany saying I get it better than anybody. Here's the problem. Border empathy is rising rapidly you can keep that 2012. Election. Obama was supposed to lose. Bert Roberts said that there could turn -- take descendant. I mean we can go on and on with just mentioned to locate the bottom line is they're not. Gating their message across they're not appealing right appealing to the people they locked the women 47%. They Lockheed minority they lost. Gave their last fifteen years I mean you can't run a political party this way. You can't do it. You can favor and -- is part of that way Adobe top. You know and actually they're running it did it take a whole bunch of people got their fingers stuck in a damn. Running around it was all kinda -- an opening and give no leadership no direction. They're awash. And and then -- imploding. And and -- They're a minority party and never stay that way I'm actually do something radical. Democrats don't have to do squat there that party in power they're sitting there. And they'll say all Kate and whatever they -- Leland -- nobody cares. -- -- Yeah I had it a couple of minutes I I don't know how to explain it to you but. They are comfortable with the Democrats. Feel very uncomfortable. With conservatives. You know somebody called -- a few weeks ago had it right maybe as few months ago. Is the floor right in the water. That is actually -- bombing outrage. In Florida is the great tool of mass mind control. And that's why independently think because I -- -- free water. -- -- You know what I remember we outrageous and water. You know minus fluoride free you have got to fancy water system that'll. And I doubt a hole I wish it was only water but I think it I think -- just -- -- PR battle. There in the everything else. You know Monica -- doom and gloom guys -- and -- I I don't see you know what -- I don't see see the conservatives do that I see the I see the the left doing that when they talk about global warming we won't have a planet in twenty years -- there's a polar bear as well. Are you gotta do -- listen -- biased right wing radio all day long beating the same drama. They get the same itinerary. And seeing the same thing in her beating a dead horse and a ground continuously. -- -- evangelistic -- and right wing radio. I don't know what rightwing radio you're talking about. We have to include me that. It you would have to could be in that I think what I think I think you're you're misinterpreting. Say that this is of this interpretation that you have. When Rush Limbaugh points out what's wrong with what's going on right now when -- because when savage does -- when I do when city beach does it is because we love. America and we don't like this state is left wing direction it has taken. It's not a question of the the the sky is falling it's a question of having the country taken away the country as we knew it taken away. The problem unity people are tuned out. Into the -- And care. The there's no doubt thank you women that that definitely going to be a woman I don't care who you gonna put -- address and actor art -- academic. And next to us -- so be it Hispanic. Is that the kind handwriting on the wall this. All right we'll see now you're if you're doing the same thing that you accuse other people who do because I joked that the next president's going to be a woman the president after that will be -- let you know the president after that will be the first openly gay and the president after that will be the first openly illegal immigrant president obviously and then now for years. -- All right well I agree with. I've -- but again if you got people who look at the same set of facts who come to the same conclusions. We're either all nuts we're either all bad and analysts or there's something to what we're saying. -- watchers say is about what you what you're saying is the people on the right. Or conservatives -- conservative -- hands have not properly articulated a counter argument. Now you got it now you've got it exactly. They're born. They're redundant. Or getting their message across. And people are -- don't know what they want an electric chopper immortality. It but left left wing people would be the same way and we've left you live to eat. It's weird at all it cleared up. First of all what -- left three people I don't cannibalize each their own conservatives get into a primary did you strike other. Mississippi you an example and I still whining out there it no matter what they'd. It would roll. I'd be whining tool. Because you don't want happening is -- this is -- -- out here the Republican establishment did not want a conservative. Now we hear it it. No longer use. That I don't know where you are good. Well I don't know there's -- -- the message that -- they they're looking at Pierre Bemba the message that's being radiated. Alright -- I -- I got to know about it it's I find it rather humorous because you're kind of do the same and that you're accusing the other people of doing. -- a -- I this a the message of let's just let's just say -- Terry has issues. Fundamentally what -- -- terrorism is is a return to the values of the constitution. Like you know that whole bill of rights the first ten amendments to the constitution. They -- really really important. Really important by the way that was the best part of Dinesh -- is movie. Started off with that their kid from -- And then meg going into the NSA and going into decriminalization of virtually every act you can commit in America. The abuse of the IRS the -- scandal involving the Tea Party that was the best part of the movie. And seat that's where I thought he dropped the ball. He -- in my opinion have focused more on that had measurable and what it means in the here and now. Instead it can be about some woman who became a millionaire selling products. Well sir I just put myself loosely. Let's go to sue me lol actually I've got to figure breaks in the -- -- -- -- it's 545. At news radio 930 WBBM. Yes generally good idea to stay away from burning cars in that situation higher bad would be the best -- English word you could use. AccuWeather partly cloudy and humid tonight the overnight low 65 and then that tomorrow mostly sunny and humid and 87 right now it's 82 degrees at news radio 930 WB and obviously I hope everybody's okay from the car players sometimes cars catch fire you know there's no accident that cars catch fire and you get out of the car you watch a bird it's a -- insurance plan and -- -- -- the driving away in the 72 -- it is about time we go back to the calls in the is in Clarence on WB and hello. It's always wonderful could be. They want -- -- -- that problem while all our. People -- at all because they ought to either look out 0000. -- -- -- -- -- -- On the rocker right current. But here's here's the point here here's what I have a question for it if it's voter apathy. Then why did Obama win handle it why -- all wins handily because clearly there's not voter apathy on that side. I agree review our -- and earlier you know lower the -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry I yeah I just have that instant gut level reaction to low information -- a it's a rush -- B I don't think it goes far enough. And representatives and -- -- -- -- bill that the whole low information voter thing. Information has never been easier to access okay. Even people -- information and don't know what a ballot that. I'm sorry gotta say that again. People pick the year yet and they they don't seek -- -- -- You know people to computer put the ball forward. You know that the true that the American people out. There it will go to. War. Sole me get. -- and there. Snow there -- what are thinking what their current who called me. Robert grant and I -- I. Well you know I think the biggest problem would you say our side. I presume we're talking about the Republicans. And I am. Are you talking about Republicans before I make that presumption. -- -- -- -- -- Okay thank you that makes me feel much better be as -- as a conservative are in because. The Republican Party basically when they keep offering candidates who shock. What they expect. -- rob me it was such a predictable loss because. A Romney care in Massachusetts how do you run against obamacare when you have Romney here that's a pretty our position to go against especially with such a key conservative issue. Be as much as I hate to say it because I think this is stupid. I think a lot of the fundamentalist vote refused to vote for a Mormon. They do not regard -- church of latter day saints as a legitimate Christian denomination -- state all. If the same number of people and you as you've heard before turned up to vote for Romney has voted for McCain we'd be talking about president Romney right now. Right -- a lot of our current credit people -- Alter -- -- to be surprised how many people -- well. Well you'd be they would be Second Amendment role -- on everything you register at all but 20% or registered but both. Well that's that's a key -- if it you know we've talked about this before and you have got to get yourself and everybody who thinks like you registered to vote number one number two you gotta make sure they actually get to the polls. -- if you're more to serve love to talk to because I see you're offering concrete ideas here and Cochran did -- Margaret -- -- head into them and then they kind of hurt. But another star another story on WB via.

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