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7-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. What is it. Hey look it's Tom hourly. It's -- it's local park. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly thanks. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. They're getting better -- W. Is evident after foreigners -- to be about thirty WB -- like -- -- -- the system movie and you think assembly became. Eight disciple of Barack Obama. I did the little mercy killing of a couple of people on my FaceBook page. You think they're not sports stupid to bash this -- The Sox folks what I wanted to -- it. As far as the revolutionary war costumes. It is important. That's not the only reason to talk by the way I -- make that clear. But. Does a such a disservice. Took a continental are -- hit. Even have food to eat much -- looked like biggest step again why parents. Much like -- step at a Riverside gunshot. You tell me one thing you learned from that movie you did not noble sport. The only thing I -- wives well. A black guy -- legislators. Always -- it at a black lady made a multimillion dollar fortune selling our products. Let's let's. The rest of it if you listen they show that movie should have -- all we've talked about that stuff a million times. Am I real wanted to well. How does that guy get so stupid. In four years after saying. Obama's America 26 it was a great pick which it is. This one was. And for those people who bet that everybody listens to WB and everybody listens to show which -- rolling and laughing a poor people got news for. A lot of people out there for and 21 dollars if they go with somebody to a movie in the spring forward. -- presents a considerable investment of money. You might -- making ten dollars an hour before taxes. I don't wanna see you waste your money on this program. I would be remiss in my duties. If I did not give you honest assessment. Of a movie and please do not doubt my historical abilities accuracy or incite. All right it's what I do. And d'souza president -- a total to on this one. Amid the coming after me and so Albion Alexy inserted or stupid. Because I thought the movie was a waste of time folks -- hundreds of movies and -- This was one of two movies almost put to sleep the other one was Iraq the phobia. That's how bad ones. I'm offering you my honest at that. What Brady actually said. I'm either stupid insane or a worse sharper of the evil Muslim Obama. I I had to do a mercy killing on her I had to play it it is true and you people did give the left fodder that. You can't be hateful. You know I don't need friends like threat seriously. Enough enemies like only friends like that. I really don't. Believe. There are people out there for -- 21 bucks. Is a solid -- four hours of work. After taxes. I will not see them taking advantage of by this crap from Dinesh D'Souza Tibet over. Do so so what that means that means that -- level bomb. That means that I think Dinesh D'Souza is stupid. That means that I think Dinesh D'Souza. Is -- wrong with his values his conservative values -- What it means is the movie is just not a very good movie in fact it's one of the worst movies ever receive an optional -- in a lot of that obese. Are correct the phobia though it's still the worst. But. I get. -- I understand something. And I -- and why a lot of let him get -- why it's important to me is. If you see the movie. You'll see these guys fighting or revolutionary war battle both the British and the Americans the Continental's. Folks. It does a disservice to our Continental's if you wanna see the real continental army I suggest you open up a thing called a book. Like the Internet made out of trees open it up and look at some of the paintings done by some of the guys were at valley -- That's what the continental army actually looked like. They were wearing rags. They barely had anything to eat and the revolutionary war -- actually pissed me off. Because I think it did a tremendous disservice to those guys. Are right. And more over -- I'm still trying to figure out what the plot ones or answer what the ones. Of the movie. And the only good things but I can say about the movie and why I -- grudgingly give one star is from zero stars. It does expose those of you who apparently don't get YouTube. It does exposure to -- a Lynn ski and the evil bastard he wants number one number two. There was a great fifteen minute the twenty minute segment on. The over law being of America. The -- alleged suicide of that kid from read it. The NSA the IRS. The Tea Party. And after that it went back to smaltz. You know if I wanna see a movie with a little kid -- an American flag I can watch family videos of myself when I was five years old for free at all. You know not just -- It if you wanna take what I've -- about that movie and say. Well obviously you're lover obviously. Suddenly switch sides. That's fine but. Go down my FaceBook page and check out my other poster. Our right to the movies -- I don't know any other way to say it any good conscience I cannot recommend it to people. Because of anything you need to know program will be you here for free on my show venture. Now. A lot of get in true another one of my favorite politician spyware I don't know if I told you guys this enough but. Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York may be the best governor ever. In the United States in fact. Interpol ball may be. The best governor of my lifetime. Of any state in the past fifty years. That obviously if that's. Obviously I'm being facetious. I can't stand and -- ball I can't -- anything about him. But here's the problem in New York State. And also it's like this in Washington and some people maybe don't wanna hear this or. Figure talk about it too much but are yet to. I get text messages. From politicians during the -- And what are the things that I get from politicians. And these guys happen to be Republicans. News. Tom you are spot on like no one else in the media in describing Albany. In -- describe Albany. Come on how to describe it you've got a choice between the demo publications. And the republic corrects. Both political organizations. In New York State. Are prostitutes. And that's putting that's doing a disservice to prostitutes really. Because at least a prostitute knows what -- years politicians actually have the gall to call themselves public servants. And the problem a New York State folks. Is that you've got to Republicans and you've got the Democrats. They are partially and lascivious way. Entangled one with the other and it's all about screwing you it's all about making sure they get the goodies on your back. Our act so you're really don't have a choice. In terms of a dramatic turnaround. Of New York State government and I -- the player. But you don't. And unfortunately I think it's heading in that direction of Washington. But there's an article about guns that was sent to me by somebody who was persecuted recently under originally. New York -- it. Ever targeted to that article in Rolling Stone. I received an email from somebody that I'm not gonna tell you who senator. But it echoes what I've been telling you now for the past several months because I have become you know this flaming liberal because I don't like Dinesh D'Souza is movie America. Out I told you that once Cuomo is reelected. And I hate to say it but it will be. Once he's reelected. New York safe. Is going to become. New York safe plus more draconian rules and regulations. Andrew Cuomo. You know what is wet dream news and I told you guys this for years. His wet dream is confiscation. Of all privately owned firearms and truth be told that is the wet dream of every. Leftist status. In America. They don't want an -- public and armed public scares them. Because. As the lady in the Dinesh D'Souza movie department didn't -- said. During if -- -- testified before congress. You in government you are power. Servants you are not our masters. And some of you that damn well better understand. But Rolling Stone magazine. If anybody still reads. Looks at the article on line which I did because somebody set it to somebody who'd been persecuted their right here in New York State. They do an article here. On how to beat the NR NA in seven. Not so easy steps. And it surprised me. Bet the and a bit that the NRA would be a target. The -- Rolling Stone magazine. Which is just another dead tree publication. Out here. Does not have the influence does not have the power does not have the following it used to have it doesn't it's totally old school. And it goes after gun owners but what you're gonna hear it just few minutes is. The primary spokesperson at the beginning of the article. Is the guy who ran through NY safe. In typical a -- Shiite fashion. Looking for a crisis. And before -- -- to traffic with a swagger. I don't you gotta give your last name market. But before gonna traffic with Brian has -- -- I -- -- about you you're hearing the word Lusitania a lot. And you don't know what that is because you went to American schools they didn't teach about the Lusitania the Lusitania. Was a ship. It was a passenger ship people who got on that ship. In New York. Did so despite. An ad placed by the German imperial government in 1915 during World War I. Basically say you were traveling at your own wrist. This year is an English flag vessel it's going through a war zone any thing can happen. And lo and behold. The Lusitania was brought. To the bottom of the seat by a German torpedo. Oh and that I mentioned the Lusitania was actually carrying munitions. As the German said it was back in 1915. When they -- it. And a lot of people died including -- Hubbard and his wife he of the East Aurora Roy croft moved. So his great granddaughter could sell artifacts. Anyway it is up for twenty let's go to traffic right now here is Brian has -- And AccuWeather for today partly cloudy it'll be humid tonight -- -- overnight low 65 tomorrow mostly sunny and humid 87. Right now it is at 82 at a news radio 930 WBM. -- put -- up on my FaceBook page if you're wondering. The -- can help on this morning. All I can say is no big deal I don't really know what I was worried about. It was actually as pain free as possible. So the question should I work after the root canal has been answered the answer is yeah I don't even feel I didn't feel when it was happening. You know I feel well and just think I've mastered the vasectomy. I was at the company party two hours afterwards I have mastered the lumbar puncture Spinal Tap I've mastered the root canal. And mother nature brings us -- tape and jump on I got it I got a big mother nature kill a baby. Sorry I should really ask for but then again I'm I am a little bit crazy just so you know but anyway that's that's what the Lusitania Wallace. In case you didn't know and it's a very interesting story. And the tragedy is those passengers who got on that vote. Didn't know that it really was carrying ammunition intended for the allies in World War I to fight. The -- well you don't get into World War I but that basically to be used on behalf of the bird river British and the French now. Moving up. As you know. The NY safe law. Was rammed in to being. In. What I call it right each dog fighter kind of move by the current governor of this state and all. And Andrew Cuomo's popularity. It is kind of discouraged. Because here's a guy. Who took an alleged crisis. Which it wasn't a crisis. It was a news event -- happen. In Newtown at that elementary school. A bunch of kids were savagely murdered by a mentally ill individual. And by the way in no way shape or form was that the worst school massacre in American history it was not. The worst school massacre in history in this country took place. Around the 1920s. And it was in bath Michigan. And a guy blew up a school because he lost a school board election and he did -- with a much. Didn't pass the dynamite act after that. But while hates guns. And just ahead for Rolling Stone magazine. I will share with you. Then it. Secretary. Andrew Cuomo had to say about guns. And why you should be very very wary of this man as I have been -- how many years stay with us. On news radio 930 WB and much much more to come on there's dogs and we got. When we go. It was singing about. -- -- -- -- There on the Rolling Stone. Well governor -- Almost comments in Rolling Stone change your vote one way or very other bad is the question quick -- the guy against Joseph Andrew Cuomo is running quick Brett what's his last name. Asked Marino. Had some caller asked the right now. However you wanna call him by the name is pronounced actually asked arena. But the article in Rolling Stone. Which was sent to me by somebody who knows the majesty of the law all too well. By a Tim Dickinson. It says the NRA and -- for those who don't know that is the National Rifle Association. The NRA remains one of the most formidable forces in American political life. But it is not bulletproof. -- little play on words. Since the massacres. In a roar and Newtown states from new York and Maryland to Colorado and California. Have made modest progress against the gun lobby passing a -- A new laws aimed at reducing gun violence. There are sharp. Lessons to be learn from these victories and even more important ones to be gleaned it. From the playbook of the NRA itself. By the way. I don't think in this article. At all it mentions how few homicides are committed. With the kinds of guns. That were made it illegal. Buy and why -- If you read the Albany, New York police union letter the testing and -- say which I thought was a milestone in courage for law enforcement. This statistics are clear. More people are beaten to death every year that are killed with the guns Cuomo hates the most. His priorities are back sports. Getting back to the article. You have to commit to -- generation long battle. -- generation long battle. The NRA. Is engaged in a long war. Some of us don't think the NRA has spoken up enough where has been militant eaten up and depending the Second Amendment. Americans committed to combating. Gun violence must be also. We must be engaged in a long war. If your against gun violence. -- -- violence by the way. That is for gun violence. Now. -- members of the homicides or murders. Some sort of completely justifiable. Not every homicide is murder. Every murder as -- aside. By and large. The NRA doesn't win with flashy high profile political fights the gun lobby wins like the Baltimore Ravens of the Ray Lewis era. Marrying competent offensive execution to punishing defense that keeps opponents out of the red zone. This approach has enabled the consider concealed carry law. First -- national standard but thanks to the NRA's relentless efforts Illinois last year became the fiftieth state. To pass legislation allowing its residents to pack heat. -- -- I would I would say allowing its residents to exercise the Second Amendment right. It is guaranteed. In the constitution. Likewise. The radical redefinition. Of self defense embodied in the stand your ground laws has quietly. Been made law in more than two dozen states. And there's more propaganda -- more propaganda number -- think federally act locally and here's where our beloved governor comes him. If we engaged the enemy in Washington. We will lose. -- fortress. That's the NRA by the way they're fortress is within the beltway. We're going to beat them state by state. Community by community. Those words about the NRA were spoken fourteen years ago by a young men went in the cabinet secretary -- and group -- ball. By the way as in the -- that. -- today he is our governor. He just watched the gun lobby blow up post column by gun control legislation. And witnessed the -- campaign to bankrupt Smith & Wesson for -- to cooperate on gun safety efforts with the Clinton administration. It also goes obvious as the article Rolling Stone -- put -- -- -- on -- via FaceBook page let me ask your question. Will governor Cuomo's views. On guns affect your vote in November. I think I know the answer but I'm not sure. Will governor Cuomo's views on guns affect your vote in November. And why is he so popular. And the and to the people are gonna call we're gonna say while I was asked in the poll. Nobody called it with an anti poll argue that when it's -- Ronald Reagan was the best president of the post World War II era nobody could raise the issue of nobody asked -- So people are selective in when they choose to criticize a -- so. Poll after poll shows mastery though with a commanding lead in charge of horrible with a commanding lead over asked arena. Commanding. The most surprising poll I have -- This was one that was that a few months ago shows that even in upstate New York. -- safe is not nearly as unpopular. As I would have thought. I would have thought in upstate New York. That would I would describe upstate New York as west of the Hudson. And probably not including major metropolitan areas such as Rochester Syracuse or buffalo. Something like I'm just employers out of my head here something like 60%. Was at 55. Were against and why I say I thought the figure was going to be dramatically higher. And I wonder of the downpour ball. Doesn't realize that too and that's why he chose -- vocal as his running. And make no mistake about it he chose get the local is running mate because he wants to carry all of New York's great because she wants to make the case in 2016. Or whenever he runs for president that he is a candidate who has won. The world and urban. He has one area is that. Went Paladino last time. He -- festering and know where Paladino beat him that he is garnered a base of support. It should be seriously considered to be the president of the United States. -- Will Cuomo's views on guns. Determine how you vote in November. Or is that just one of many issues. Which will determine your vote to me it's one of many issues but it is also a big one because not only do you get into the Second Amendment. But you also get into New York State civil rights law which is essentially the Second Amendment but it's in New York State civil rights law. The difference in wording is quite new wants. It org it's it's it's it's very similar as what I'm trying to say only slight differences and work. So it's going to be a big part of why I don't vote for Andrew Cuomo. You don't. Here's my question -- here's my dilemma. As -- conservatory and. Can I realistically. Goal for an establishment guy. When I know that I'm right about the culture of corruption that is Albany. That's the issue. I've described many times by the way with the agreement people who actually live in and worked in Albany as your representatives. What it is really like they're not what you read the paper. Not what you read on -- but the way it really is it really is as bad as people think. Let's go to market and we're counting on a WB on mark -- There -- I don't serve us well to answer that all of my father was. You had -- a matter earlier and -- do you think that this column Ali shooting these to a school shooting from the -- shooting Rochester. I think it's possible that that there are doing it by the government bring -- agenda forward. How the government stage. City these grieving parents that are really grieving parents are people who were brought forward is like Hollywood actors that nobody's ever heard -- before to grieve the loss of kids who are really dead. Now on as saying there. Now it's not stays -- -- and saying maybe it was monstrous words and saying. Elevates their look I get email mark believe it or not. I get what email a week from somebody who tries to tell me a bit new town didn't really happen that it was an Obama staged event. Don't know aren't the -- misunderstood it totally I'm saying that it really did happen but the politicians -- were behind it so they can push their agenda. No -- really did get killed. No. I don't believe that that is a rational. Up point of view and I don't believe it's rational because there are a lot of mentally ill people out here. And her mentally ill people out there who. As we sought column -- and as we saw at Newtown. I know that they're gonna and flicked the maximum pain on society by killing society's most vulnerable children. They are not in their right minds they invariably shoot themselves the minute somebody shows up with a gun. And I do not believe that they have to be incentivized. Were led to shoot any body by anyone I think that they are genuine news events that actually. Happened and they happened because mental illness spews a huge issue that nobody except your humble host here seems to give a damn about. But the right thing to to Kuwait City and it's as soon as that happened also in the holy -- out there comes as bills already. Has bought -- ago. All I did note that no no I -- I have told you before New York safe was written what is it. For exactly such -- thing to happen. But that does not mean that there was foreknowledge -- such thing was gonna happen specifically. You had to figure that at some point there would be another Columbine style massacre or a situation were a whole bunch of people got killed at the same time and shopping mall at the Empire State Building take your pack and then you can introduce that legislation. And why safe and don't forget why say it originally. Was about confiscation. It wasn't about what it turned out to be about. And when Cuomo's reelected. I'm telling you I think confiscation is a huge real possibility I don't think that is irrational released. I agree with you about the confiscation thing and I think that's of their base should be going for it. I hear that but I I in my opinion I think they're allowed as. I think -- office. Is that not days but it's pre plan in their people are important place I mean to you just mentioned. Pearl Harbor eighties. And Ali's daughter now he says that this plane was shot down because you want to get all the whole world involved into new world order soak -- That's the best start -- -- -- it's just not been proven it's that theory but it is not been proven in court it's not been proven anywhere it's his theory. I know Michael Savage also has been -- a go ahead I'm -- I no I mean darker but I think without these. Always events happening. And you start line him up like he's added that this is really good there and that's what they're put -- far and it's a leader without somebody over Russia as the leaders has been in the European Union and and it's. I'm going deposit. I'm -- posit an idea which you do you believe. What do you think the chances are that within the next two years there will be another massacre -- school. A movie theater -- shopping mall. Or some other large public gathering what do you think the chances are of another mass murder let's say killing at least fifteen people with a gun. Okay knowing that if you hate guns what are you doing right now. You already drafting and -- safe to or whatever state in which you capital live to. Because the remember something at this is a famous Rahm Emanuel is. Never let a crisis go to waste. To me that it's a much more logical rational explanation ban it staged were set up. They know certain things are gonna happen. And they know that when they happen you can play on people's emotions. -- Cuomo's case with the so called message of necessity there was no necessity in passing a law. Right then and there are what was the crisis now a court agreed that it was a necessity I think the courts -- clap. What sort of -- but I also think of these politicians apparent that this so called Governor Perry that people that we don't know about where government. Are sadly that's not the good -- Well can CPU go back and forth on this all I've got a break because. -- obviously talked to further about this because we just got through saying 95% chance of them like this is gonna happen in the future now you're saying it's set up. I think honestly I think that's an irrational -- It is for 48 at news radio 930 WB -- I -- script -- a real original for change and usually at the receiving end of and few other forward today it'll be cloudy and humid it. Well the rest of today anyway including tonight the overnight low 65 tomorrow sunny and humid 87 right now holding at 82 at news radio 930 WB -- Very early by the way and FaceBook that there are a lot of room. -- a lot of people who claim to be one thing who turned out to be sentinels. You know. Which is really has. Nevermind. Let's get back to mark. County on that WB Ian is that read -- far anyway mark now you're talking about. Whether or not. I think the school shootings were somehow setup and I said no I believe that's irrational. But I do believe that the odds are. That these things are gonna happen again. And that the gun grabber is already have legislation written in every state of this union that they're gonna introduce like Cuomo did. The minute -- happens. Yeah and I agree with you I think can be misunderstood me -- -- not what hunter. And severe blow -- It in a Buick but and I -- -- after they are after our Second Amendment no doubt about it but. I think total possible that they are putting people on placed to cause the shooting that was maybe my point -- -- just misspoke. But OK let you see in the mug shots I have to interrupt you you see in the mug shots of the shooters right. You really think they needed any encouragement to do something insane. -- -- All right I. I know what I can't go there I mean I don't trust look I don't trust the government as far as I could throw the government. But there are enough people with serious mental issues. That you really don't need to encourage them to act in ways that are violent. Because you're gonna do it anyway. I I got to move but look I'm glad your call thank you very much. It go -- till 930 will governor -- thoughts on guns. Affect how you vote in November yes or -- 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBBM. We're revisiting this because they're Rolling Stone. Is just -- within our goal about how to beat the end our day. And featured prominently is a quote from Andrew Cuomo who has a long history of being lasted when it comes to -- his love for guns. There's an -- an analogy here where would that be a metaphor.

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