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7-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set a world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- yeah. You don't do something. They're told. Felt when it's live it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. You don't want -- no no you you really don't. One and it is -- -- our way administrative thirty WB. On a Monday. Way Joker -- again -- mr. controlled John Sherman great to see you I. I was welcome back about as heartily as a case of shingles grandmother's house like gas came back you know. Anyway as a going good behavior we have so many things to get to I don't know where I could possibly. -- -- And John -- before only further the computer's doing this thing where it says a connection to the server could not be established so. Everio I'd just I have to I have to hit the acts why hitting the -- actually did you were you wanna go is absolutely beyond me but that's what happened. How we are awaiting that has not happened yet right we're not dealing with a difference between central time in eastern time. We're waiting for the official announcement from the governor of Texas Rick Perry. That he is mobilizing an easy talking now. -- well let let's go to Rick Perry. This is not Governor Perry speaking but this is somebody's making about governor Perry's decision to activate the National Guard 1000 troops being sent to the border. With that Mexico unfortunately. We came into -- so I have no idea who that once speaking of what Governor Perry is doing which by the wire support 100%. I wish President Obama was half as concerned with what's happening at -- border and she is with what's happening in the area over which he has absolutely no control. And that is that the area from which the Malaysian jetliner was shot down last week by the way shoot -- could have come at a more opportune moment for the Obama administration. Because -- wouldn't go to the Drudge Report. Last week and the week before and the week before and the week before. Probably a good quarter of the Drudge Report was filled with articles about the crisis at the of thousands of adults. Once the play got shut down suddenly. Drug became all play -- all the time. Now the guy is about this Malaysian plane crash is that nobody has said the words black hole thank god and people are at least being responsible at least as far as we know. With what happened. Now who knows what happened who knows who shot this down who knows what weapon was used always always who is -- real investigators on the crash sites -- though is who claims to have the black boxes the cockpit flight recorders -- borders and also the data recorders we know claims to have votes but really all we're gonna say is just what the plane -- line. And it stopped flying sudden and it went down sudden. Why did announce it late because castle we shot now. There is absolutely no doubt that within hours of this plane being shot down people that that CIA. And us today. Or any alphabet soup agencies you could possibly -- knew exactly where here. The missile was fired and depending on where our satellites were aimed -- may or may not. Be able to tell exactly who pulled the trigger the satellite technology is that good. But it really depends on where you're -- you know I think about the Hubble space telescope. It's really good. But it's only as good -- -- okay. You have the past dog in the universe. But if you don't know how to hit the target you don't know where the target is it will do you very very little good. So long conservatives. At least it got the illegals out of the news now is Rick Perry. Speaking again what was in it is it just dead is -- -- bad hours and some details. It's the same guy speaking but we don't know who it is all right. Yes folks because of what happened is that right before one on the year envisioned by computers aggression which is -- the the governor of Texas it was announced. Was gonna go on the year and it was going to be around 3 o'clock I usually when governors say they're going to be on the air doing a speech. Around 3 o'clock means three -- they wanna build the anticipation -- get the maximum exposure. But damn you Rick Perry you were actually time you're actually on time. You're late. So we're just waiting to see exactly who bet it is that we just heard speaking of just a few moments ago. But this is in my opinion this is great news and this is what we need. And this is an example of a state exercising its right. Out of -- where this -- PR because down in Texas there is a burgeoning independence movement. Call it a burgeoning secession movement if you want to do because our people down there. Think a lot differently about government -- people up -- And there I -- -- there's a lot of things to get into this by this afternoon there really are. First -- first. There's all this stuff is gonna tie together eventually. -- role I put up something my FaceBook page which I expected was gonna draw some pretty heavy fire. Because. I basically said a conservative filmmakers films sucked. And I'm talking about Dinesh D'Souza is American people do not waste your money. It is a piece of crap. Seriously. Obama's America 26 team was awesome. Loved that movie. And Estes as his latest movie America that the box that's at theaters right now don't waste your time don't waste your money. It takes a lot. For me to almost fall asleep during a movie I almost fell asleep during the first hour of finished this losers America here is basically. First of all based off with a revolution. If you everything about the American revolution. Our guys the Continental's as opposed to the minutemen the Continental's our army. They were dressed in corrects. The British also did not exactly have dry cleaning available 24/7. So it lost me right away. Because of the lack of realism of the uniforms. These guys were living in those uniforms night and day. They did not have changes of clothes they had one pair of pants they have one sure they had one coat. They had one at. I don't know how many pairs of underwear they had my guess is what. And you can imagine the stench. Any camp British or by colonial army camp during the revolution. So that throw me at first I said wait and wait and you wanna tell me. That you're gonna do a movie about America. And how was founded and you're gonna show me guys who looked like they just came out of a dry cleaning establishment. Fighting a war -- done. So that kind of threw me and some reviewers saying. You're just make you -- big deal out of clothes you're making a big deal out of laundry. Well you do it too it's called appeals in the sabres -- that's a jury Steinfeld line but. The first part of the movie. Folks. I don't even how to tell you how boring -- ones. Folks I almost fell asleep. He spends time talking about a black slave owner named Allison. He spends time talking about some black lady who was the first black female millionaire based on her hair products. Inspirational story. Could have been told and thirty seconds and then -- He goes on to talk with some of the critics of America I'm like ward Churchill. Who is the guy who input mostly compared people in the world trade center on September 11 20012. Little -- And basically you know he finishes by asking him questions so would you advocate bombing the United States as a criminal regime. And you can pretty much imagine what were Churchill's answer watts. Now that was roughly the first 45 minutes to one hour of the movie. The movie only was interest and again these things are subject. Was only interest think when you had a chance for those who haven't seen it before to see the real life Saul old -- -- you've heard the word -- old -- when he was a guy. Rules for radicals he's the one who. Molded Hillary Clinton he's the one who molded Barack Obama. Okay that's when the movie got terrific that's my pick up all up her solo ski area is talking about how to. Agitate. Already is talking about how to divide people in order to get what you lot. It sounds awfully familiar -- and the talking about myself. Then. Now there were only twenty minutes when the movie was interest Denny talked about this kid. Who are co founded read it dot com. Am the government. Not persecuted biscuit or 2627 years old they wanted to throw them look at them on felony charges. And the kid allegedly committed suicide. Then bay talked about people who have had dealings with the higher arrests. They talked about the -- scandal briefly with the Tea Party member testifying before congress that was good stuff. They talked about the fact that I've mentioned before every year in this country who put something like 50002. Laws on the book. And I remembered doing -- may -- several times on the bad. If you try going through a typical day without committing a crime. I guarantee you commit at least a violation. Probably an offense may be even a misdemeanor. And possibly a felony. Any given day -- alive because we have outlawed virtually everything in this country and I think you know myself like this sounds awfully well here. And the IRS scandal as I mentioned before. And the and it's very and big brother and that was the only twenty minutes of the movie worth -- The only part of the movie and to it was worth seeing because it reinforced. That point seven trying to make -- they could successfully made over the course of the past -- several -- on this program. But over in the and the movie quickly goes downhill again and descends into just cute couple -- -- Q couple smaltz. Okay well I mean by pew global -- I mean the end of the movie showing a little kid running around the American flag. Pew global smaltz like in the movie Titanic went into the dogs were -- Pew global schmaltz. And it just wasn't very got. And I'm sorry I I was really looking forward to Dinesh D'Souza and America my advice is save your money. If you're really wanna see it wait to get it on demand for a buck 99. That's my advice. A lot of people go to the bar we 21 box is is an investment right. I'm just trying to save your money. Well you must be some kind of a secret closet liberal well I'd love Obama 26 to great over this one. Dinesh D'Souza -- sorry he laid it hurt and it's all hype it's all sizzle and it's very little stick. And I went there with -- open mind I went there expecting. To be informed and entertained and inspired. And I walked away thinking. Yeah so black lady was a millionaire on hair products way back when it's. Boring as hell activists data -- anyway. That's my take on. Dinesh D'Souza is America one out of four stars and really the one star is a grudging one star I could -- -- easily happen star. Oh by the way the movie sex tapes or I'm sorry sex tape with Cameron Diaz. One star. If I say a movie called sex tape is one star trust me if one star. Did you should. Don't don't waste your money if you think it's going to be it's funny it's a hangover movies you're wrong. There are only three great lines in the entire movie I will happily tell you those lines during a break and I can't say -- a year. So this all takes -- two. Out. Where we are in America right now including where we are in New York State. And including Rick Perry's. What some people are calling B militarization. Of the border. Now you'll be happy and well there were gonna focus on Rick Perry we're gonna focus on the border for at least the first part of today's show before we talk about Andrew Cuomo. Who has. Remind us all. Of how much he hates gun owners. In the recent edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Now for those who don't know. Well you know Rolling Stone magazine if nothing else you've heard the song by doctor -- Cover of the road and steel and -- and strong with one okay get so all. The quotes from Andrew Cuomo from before he was governor well before it was governor on guns. Make his agenda perfectly clear. And folks. I have told you. For how long that when Andrew Cuomo is reelected and he's going to be reelected. Sorry he's gonna be reelected. You can't expect their son. They thought I was gonna end is in a different wire act you can expect their son of New York sick. You can expect with Andrew Cuomo will be reelected handily as he will be in November and I know I'm -- a lot of people off. But frankly it really doesn't matter in the long. And it doesn't matter because at the way I get -- from politicians I will not name them. Saying Tom you understand Albany better than anybody you don't spent a lot of time there. Because I have described to you Albany. As a bunch of lascivious. Prostitutes. Horror -- and tangled one with the other -- -- there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in Albany Albany is corrupt to the core the New York State Republicans are corrupt to the core of the New York State Democrats are -- to record bowl talk about Andrew Cuomo. We'll talk about Rick Perry will talk about immigration. And much much more coming up. I'm news radio 930 WB and also take your phone calls or whether Rick Perry's doing the right thing by quote unquote militarized in the border which I think is a joking expression. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB EN. -- It was singing about. If -- and about just. Obviously shown. There on the road in stopping along. Days. And all the all though a as big -- is there a better place you'll have -- Yeah and that he is featured prominently in Rolling Stone magazine. Basically they've -- an article about how to defeat the -- -- the National Rifle Association -- getting in Tibet. But the border situation and it is also. Still out there and I -- Goat to a guy that we have been waiting. To talk to now for quite some time and I think you know what this on me it's. And guard -- joins us Homeland Security US dot com he also has a podcast which he's gonna show we had a group. And -- Doug thanks very much I'm glad that that we. Able to earth to touch that some doctors think is happening with that communication between the two was way. I tell -- -- yes indeed. And I'm sure many people bought. Is hiding in mind grandmother's basement playing my action figures resistance will likely. -- expect richer or human missile silo waiting for in the world but anyway. I I totally understand that it's it's good to get chew up on the show at long last. First ball out today just moments ago our governor Rick Perry of Texas -- official 1000. National Guard troops. Will be sent to the border area and they are going to. Well basically shall I say. Do the jobs Americans won't do. Will it be you know I've got some concerns about the pom pom. There's already allowed this joint missions by the US military and National Guard. In the United States and this has been used for security missions. This -- I'm aware anyway but the border is a total responsibility. Using National Guard for securing it certainly could be done. Using a memorandum of agreement between state and federal authorities. Now the documents that I've seen and I've been researching this for the past. Well 24 hours per worker so. This suggests that -- to chain the command that are maintained using that -- commanders so. If there happens to be -- -- Suspect that there could be a disagreement between state and federal authorities the federal wins out and told the disagreement or wherever might be educated. By a federal judge and she was significant and music -- You know of what they were so. Under those circumstances. Obama could control the state. National Guard with in the homeland with the in the United States. And you know now looking at Perry's the position on. Different things. I'm concerned. Not to say that this is not a good thing. But I think a lot of people are clapping that a little bit prematurely. It. What exactly is the concern Rick Rick Perry obviously is a Republican who is reviled by the left Barack Obama is hardly a Republican. I take this is kind of an up yours. To a president who has shirk his responsibility you're not seeing it that way. Well if not I'm cautiously optimistic are just say that. He -- again. Look at look at period history is called always call for -- on. American -- is accepted things such. The common corporate curriculum. He's accepted the council of governors. You know his proclivities. A political proclivities appear although he's who is conservative. Suggest perhaps that he might be doing this as kind of a theatrical type. Well you know I'll put up output up to do here. And and play the game. It's always a -- Chris Christie. Well you know he's a slicker and end. Yeah that are crisscrossing this -- That's that's very interesting I feel now us somewhat discouraged again because I thought finally we have a governor who's gonna act with some backbone -- -- frankly expected Jan Brewer to be first to the punch endless. What -- yeah I did too as a matter fact it is not adultery does well to what happened back in the sixties -- how quickly -- the federal earth. You know the national -- federal. -- -- You know -- -- just they once again. I'm very I'm optimistic however cautiously optimistic but then again. You're looking at a thousand National Guard troops. Exactly. At a cost of what twelve million dollars per month to maintain. Okay. We have the resource. Federal resources via the Border Patrol shut down the border. It. Why why now why this I'm just. Well a healthy dose of skepticism is never a bad thing -- excuse me also tend to be somewhat skeptical almost to the point of cynicism. I've -- Hagman is -- -- Homeland Security US dot com is his website at our phone number. If you'd like to chat is 8030930. I cannot burden dug outs for his own radio show that would copyright that would be wrong. 8030930. Is the phone number start at 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB EM Doug I. Posted part of what you wrote about the Malaysian should Plame shoot down on my FaceBook page. And what are the things that I've found interesting is the -- at the Malaysian plane got shot down. I use the Drudge Report quite a bit as a news amalgamation. Site because he's got all these people basically who do show prep for us. Who to a show prep for -- because they put some very interesting articles up and frequently -- users -- articles on my program. And from a -- this plane got shut down suddenly. The daily. Quarter page on the Drudge Report dealing with the illegal civilian invasion of the United States. Got knocked down considerably. And -- page went to almost all of Malaysia all day. They did -- and that's Nowak and either you know we know right now we're playing well are comfortable with who had like that the harder rich media department. And and it's the flavor of the day in and whatever. Of course in this case whatever -- leave them and then this was. Of course. On scale and then not a not a -- don't tell certainly about the you know you've got to plane -- of 295. People. Shot them from the time that of course that is newsworthy in this the international -- of course the they have been once again we have a look at the look at this. It as well I mean. It's a viable I will submit I guess -- I contend that that the with taking place in Ukraine. That include -- plane crash. -- taking place and Syria all across the Middle East and even into our borders open and so the borders they're all related because. There is this high -- and between this. Attempt to globalize. The the attempt to do to to push the schools globalization. Agenda. And this will expedite the entire process will -- -- the eradication for -- That he orchestrated invasion and revocation or -- were. The unraveling of the Ukraine. This playing chaos over there which includes. The -- of over an airliner using the movies of dispute rather sophisticated. -- Russian. -- up weapons is so we have. But look to me anyway -- talk to go ahead good note it is have to look at everything in in in -- broader. Spectrum as opposed to each individual. Just. On connect. We're talking with Doug -- Homeland Security US dot com poll number 8030930s. -- and I'm 3180616. WB EM. So -- your opinion your educated opinion. Who shut down the jetliner and was it an accident. Will be boys that that's a great question but knew that I had you know. I don't know I I don't know certainly we know where the missiles came from news meet Russia. Mark on the on the missiles but -- who shop that don't. If I had to venture a guess I would say. Either Russian or western trained operatives. You know if things are not what they seem to be. Pomp and I think it was a up more for propaganda. Provocation. Or provocation for propaganda. He could take a look at the plane thought. It was off course. Or was let off course and compared by the way to. Kate Korean airlines flight -- seven back how many years ago. 1983 September victory sure sure. And if you look at not the shoot down that plane but the ways that that. Plane was taken down there after the play signal look at and -- -- the Soviet Union was demonize. When in fact at that time. All of the documentation. Suggest that the I have been an accident but. They did everything in their power to -- about from the Soviet Union all of that -- -- Identified and everything but shoot however the way it was present -- west was entirely different from the way it happened. It still happened -- was about the Russians -- back and making -- tree in this case. He you'll know more Ali you know in in I would really. Have to say anyone who does what we know it bishop system. -- with the satellite to -- subtly. I'm sure they know country United States -- sure Russian knows. But the -- minus. Who does this benefit. But the -- who should know -- -- water. That was going to be my next question does it benefit potent in any way shape or form does it hurt him. Does it do nothing for or against. Well it's certainly galvanizes. Prudent in the international community. Into what is. What is best for Ukraine. Or for the United States' interest of the west's interest with respect Ukraine. And and people don't forget that the first people on the ground and in the in Ukraine. With the International Monetary Fund. And the western intelligence services starting the IMF and of course -- creed that they -- Soros who the trigger for all over the soaked. If it's not. -- simple. One answer one sentence subject that we can discuss this has got a lot of history to it. And we have been building up to this moment in time for quite long so. You know for the for those. They -- this the shootdown of the Malaysian air flight. Certainly requires a lot more investigation a lot more analysis than the simple some bite on either fox or MSNBC what are your flavor. We're talking with Doug Hagman. Homeland Security US dot com. I'm not gonna keep -- All -- obviously Pokemon work the next segment talking about the situation with the borders and the Malaysian flight. 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB Ian. And if your area -- try to cross the border into the United States you've got a three foot stepped delay just one point that I after listening on the WB and -- we elect to serve both borders actually. Partly cloudy and you tonight you're relentless 65 tomorrow sunny and humid 87 right now 82 at news radio 930 W. You would be the end. It is at 351. We're talking we're Doug had been Homeland Security US dot com. And I cannot see who is on line one it is not showing up on the computer Kenneth calling from -- The falls all right here's can -- -- calls on WB and -- There are you doing with Laura first got Colin -- you know I pay attention to news and politics. And -- almost a 100% sure to what happened with that plane. Look it really has nothing to gain by this we really feel as though it was purposely. Knew what was a commercial flight by the ukrainians because they knew at any given time to go to commandeered -- -- the employees. And they wanted international support to get on this side and what better way to do what -- shoot down a commercial. Plane in the that's my opinion. All right well thank you cannot offend a course -- -- same theory is long -- offered bet there Roosevelt knew all about Pearl Harbor allowed it to happen because he felt that if the United States did not get involved in World War II. Europe would be lost and eventually Asia which reports what are your thoughts. But 100% behind -- -- that it is well I wrote the article that compared to loosen the -- traveling of the Lusitania. Here over the weekend does the same thing I mean some -- support. What kind of lacking it has been lacking for for example for Syria and for Ukraine has been. American public support. In what better way to to garner support of a pretty popular assistant is dude down for example. A commercial aircraft or -- of the plane or boat. If you look at Syria for under this renegade in chief than Obama and -- say that because -- of courses. Secret Service code name. Renegade it's. And -- traders but the fact is looking try to get this and the old war period of four different occasions for time. And the public would not have anything to do with just. It and that's what that because it was all whether they've -- progressive Communists. A -- up there wanted to disagree with that the evidence that shows otherwise but the fact of the matter is. Same playbook -- and use. Right now with with Ukraine Ukraine -- -- it is is of extreme value to both Russia in the European Union. Gas gas lines and so on and so forth so I mean again you're looking at a situation where. The world war three is that we here at the precipice of a global on what the the global. As such Obama Soros Clinton here you name them. The those people who reside on the far left. Who have -- rabbit did. Well or something right now like rabid anti Communist old warriors now or take the opposite approach you gotta ask yourself. Why. In you know is so. This is really had to meet we're we're watching the initial stages played out there that before about Syria that were watching the initial -- -- split over global conflict. Well I I hope you're wrong it news at interstate analysis and for those who hear the word Lusitania and don't have a clue what you're talking about I won't do a brief synopsis after the news at work. Doug I -- thank you for joining us this part of the program and capital link up your web page on my FaceBook page and we shall speak so don't. Yes -- -- thank you so very much for me on and it's great -- document. Routes are great to talk to -- I'm glad that. Messages actually got through. Yes and and for those are warning that the very uninteresting. Very interesting tale -- Yeah you have no idea how interesting detail that is folks and we won't go there right now but thank you very much Doug had enough for joining us a news radio 930 WB EM. Interesting take from Doug we've got much more to get it through including governor gone hater we have here in New York State on WB yeah.

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