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Aug 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB ENN presents your home improvement tip of the week with me down and equities. -- if a lot of outside your window is giving you the blues. And join the club after a brutal winter last year while upping our region. There's some things that you should be looking at. To help may be improved -- your lawn looks. Many of the most common problems have fairly straightforward fixes let's take a look around how about the lack of sunlight. Well look for alternatives. To lawn -- even so called shade tolerant varieties of turf grass. Won't do well in dark corners of your yard and pruning trees to aggressively to create some might. Can harm your tree so you're better off cutting your losses and replacing the sun -- patch of grass. With a shade tolerant ground cover such as bishops -- sweet Woodruff or how about this turn that area of your lawn. In two patio or perennial better may be a gravel section. Crabgrass. Multi pronged defense here. You're Smart to tackle these pesky weeds. Besides being an eyesore crabgrass typically dies off at the first frost promoting soil erosion -- -- corn gluten meal. A natural alternative to chemical herbicides in early spring. Can help contain the problem. -- bet with the line. Fertilizer now as the most mowing season begins. Don't cut the grass too short. Since this can open the door again for crabgrass. Set the deck on your more or tracker right around three and a half inches. Some folks most decks have Natchez now add inches to get the height just right. And that might take a little. Plane around. PF -- patchy grass. I recommend you get -- soil test -- chronic lung problems are often about the soil not having the actual grass. Having a soil tests done is the best. You can spend ten to fifteen dollars and a DIY kit working with your local -- of extension is another idea. They also prescribed the best course of treatment for example spreading -- stone if the soils acidic. Or sulfur that's -- out and it's prudent to do a soil test every few years. Though if you just moved into your house you may want to do when -- annually at least until desired result. Start happening. And lastly. You have Grubbs. Well first assess them addressed these milky white beetle larvae feed on grass -- which can lead to -- spot in your line. Grubbs also attract Molson raccoon. For a few here or there might not be a problem. Ten library per square foot is common for -- treatment and this can vary by species are very healthy lawn. Can't tolerate higher densities now if there are signs of damage stayed dead -- wilting turf. Ask your cooperative extension for the best treatment which will depend on the species abrupt. Preventative insecticides are applied in the spring and curative measures are done in the follow. In some areas chemicals are illegal or must be applied by a certified professional organic alternatives. May be the -- looking for. The -- report we'll check it out online at WB EN dot com camera time comes your way at ten. We're here till -- taking home improvement dilemmas and solving Emporia. The homer -- of the week is brought to you by value home senators who shot easy shot value.

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