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Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB ER and present your home improvement tip of the week with me damn record tees well the mosquito. Can be lurking. At around -- yard this so August season and why can't these evil buzzards. Leave us alone are. Blaming humans encroaching on mosquito turf. Blame wetlands in salt marshes -- for second homes in suburban sprawl. And out. Also the Asian tiger mosquito a container breeder that thrives in the -- tires in yard toys mosquitoes are short armed predators. Not offering much of a meal even from bath. But few quests in unite the world like the mission to stop out those. It's inducing insect that's spread diseases like West Nile Virus now in all of the lower 48 wanna avoid him well here we go first of all. A male mosquito won't poke you whether -- pro baskets but FEMA no need blood to procreate. Yep they pick up in the -- dioxide in exhaled breath. The large at the person. The more the carbon tax -- They are also drawn to fashionable black navy and red clothing. And two quick movements like fidgeting or sliding. Scientists are still studying why mosquitoes find some people tastier than others ID chemicals like lactic acid in sweats. Are indeed factors. Now mosquitoes zigzag like sharks. Sniffing for target giveaways like the -- monoxide -- talked about. And the bacteria found in smelly socks and oddly -- -- tees yuck. Tiger mosquitoes actually prefer ankles and cabs the drumstick so to speak. For some of the 160 a -- species in the US no human will do in Florida. Tight scaring the West Nile Virus has zeroed in on the smelly. Alligators. Now while the occasional species has been known to travel tens of miles most mosquitoes. Are traffic within a radius of less than three miles. Container breeders like to stay put within -- backyard socked with Parnell inducing clutter and -- -- And lastly. You won't hear mosquitoes complain about climate change more rain means more moist areas. Where they can -- until sundown like Count Dracula the mosquitoes hateful son. Tiger mosquitoes will bite by day and critically wonderful moment. Standing water is a skeeter sanctuary. -- and -- soggy fire pit. Plant saucers are wrinkles and a TARP thrown over a log pile. So there you go a few ideas of what -- look for to help minimize this mosquito bite. A missing in this report. We'll check it out online at WB and dot com tune in at 10 AM camera time comes your way we'll take all of your home to a question here until the end. Not -- tip of the week is brought to you by value homesteaders shop easy shock value.

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