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Aug 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB ENN presents your home improvement tip of the week with -- Dominic Ortiz well you've heard about broken budgets and shady contractors. But you know there are other headaches that can catch you off guard doing a renovation. Here's a few unexpected hassles and how to cope with them. First of all anxious -- now for your pooch doesn't like strangers. He's definitely not going to enjoy heavy booted contractors. Trumping all around his turf. What you might wanna consider doing is sending him to a cattle or are even better Sam's day with a trusted family member. Got -- neighbors -- People having a proprietary. Feeling about their streets so it's worth giving everyone on your block a heads up about what you -- doing. Especially if you putting a dumpster on site. Yeah it not too pleasant to look at -- also. Construction -- being noisy the last thing you need is your neighbor who was asleep after work. Working the graveyard chip maybe about calling the police and yeah. About dot they're going to be an issue where you back plaster dust travels. On the -- current -- -- it can even get into your electronics and destroy them. Now here's what he did do. Isolate the work by putting him in construction portable plastic barrier. Another tip people wet towel or rag near the entrance so that people don't attract crime or dust into the rest of the house and lastly. Consider Europe our usual day before arranging a work schedule with your contractor. For example asked the crew to that show up before nine if you need to get the kids out the door. If the work is especially onerous in might even be worth getting out of town for a little bit but make sure make sure make sure all your selections are done. Before you leave. Missing -- support check it out on line at WBN. Dot com tune in at 10 AM hammer time comes your way. We'll take all of your home improvement questioned the tournament answers here and they'll be yen. The hope for the tip of the week is brought to you by the -- home senators shopping easy shot value.

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