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Jul 21, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with -- -- -- on news radio 930 WB EN. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought -- you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice deep ball low -- deep -- those shedding Buick Cadillac. -- assure them that this team follow umbrella and the law office of around zero re going. The team that's on your side and in your court now your host. Buffalo radio veteran AM local business advocate -- Shula. Welcome back in the news radio 930 WV he had for another edition of buffalo means business my name is what he Shula thanks for joining our local. Show featuring local businesses in Western New York every Saturday at 6 PM if you would like -- business featured. You can email me just go to my web say that. Funny Shula that count as CQ LA tech company shall of that coming you will be there. All right today were gonna start up the show with great local businesses including freedom solar we've heard a lot of -- solar energy lately. And now we're gonna talk all about it with the guise of freedom solar we have Chris watt -- who's a vice president. And also will -- who's the president of freedom solar and personal I -- what -- as the show excellent. And let let me ask you this let me ask you this solar solar power is being talked about. All over Western New York what is solar power let's just get that right out. Right away what is -- park. It's basically just in taking them taking the power that comes from the sun and harnessing and somewhere whether to -- electricity. To produce heat. And transferring that energy into your home and your business what I with the with the idea of offsetting you know other other more traditional methods of electric generation of fossil fuels. A nuclear. And exit he wears fossil fuels going I mean should they be extinct by an hour. It was really it's I mean it's it's it's it's a very you know it's it's they're very easy to use senator reserves that you removed around it can be used at the point it can be. To tapered you know higher and higher mower and that it usage by its. It's certainly isn't ranked in -- Margaret that's it -- in other than they really haven't found a lot of new. Reserves. You know since -- eighties right. What you know they then you conservation is only as a result of the trying to -- it. But I don't think -- -- we're gonna need to find alternate methods as we go along. In solar energy is one of those alternative methods. That we're hearing about more and more what kind of benefits are involved in solar technology there seems to be for some reason you would think every house. Has a solar panel you would think that rate because of someone's always there. I mean what are the big benefits of solar. To someone's house or business political its interest. It's clean and doesn't you know doesn't there's no. Fossil fuel. Burning there's no luck karma and oxide production which is because we know is a contributor to greenhouse gas or we think at least. It's a quiet technologies there's no there's no engines there's no there's not know Sandra. When Terrence. Aaron and you know another example renewal. Generations they dated may -- may or may not have some noise associated with them. It's a very it's a very safe technologies there's a lot of -- danger other than you know some of the obvious electrical. Hazards. Shock and fire. But those are all can be mitigated despite you're doing -- proper installation so why is the was in awful about solar right now. Well it's I think the players are certain sore back in 2001. And then it was it was it was a younger technology now a lot of people know about it. You know I think the first the first program there's a there's an incentive program that group through a -- -- -- energy research and development authority. They offer incentives to help people do solar. As well as the the state and federal government also -- tax credits. So that those are pretty small programs when you might think the first on the they launched from a server back in 2001 was three million dollars for. This for three years I think they had last year I think 250 million dollars in -- money. Through the state as his eagerness to does a regular person living in buffalo and know that they can get these kind of incentives I think they're learning who -- in the from the and more steam from being our comp U contacting us and sells it's it's certainly growing. And I think more and more people -- fire are. Seeing it on other houses hearing about in the news you know we know that. The big -- -- projects out arm out of Bethlehem steel is created a -- -- I think a lot of I think this year. Because in the paper that's it's as travellers and sent to learn more about. Again we're here with Chris and will from freedom solar their phone numbers 1800. 7279717. If you have any questions about how solar energy may benefit your house or your business. Again 1807279717. Or you can go to the website at freedom solar. Dot com so I think the obvious question like here in buffalo is where we you know we don't get you know. I mean people say it's -- Miami in the north but I mean there's a lot of clouds around here. How does how does the weather in buffalo the sunshine thing -- solar to people think they're solar won't work as well in buffalo for some reason. I think they do I think it's common misconception will now while. Yes we don't get as much sun is a Phoenix Arizona. We get about two thirds of the -- that they do in Phoenix. But it -- Mexico on our electricity costs about three cents because -- -- hide their a lot of power histories of hydroelectric. In buffalo probably were paying in the eleven it's Alzheimer -- so while we might only get 66% of the sun we pay four times more for electricity so. With a with a grid tied systems the systems of today. It's there's not there's not storage in the sense you don't have batteries on most systems. It's really about it in the area a credit system with degrade your view when in the summertime when your. Creating a lot of extra power here you're selling their empowerment utility and kind of thanking those credits so. Oh who when you're tired in you know creating the power for your home over the course of the year. It really does make a lot of sensitivity in New York is that so obviously people could save a lot of money. By going solar facility up you you can Putnam eliminate your entire electric bill. You don't -- there's a small service charge results pages for having the service but you can pretty much eliminate the rest of your belt. -- soar on house. And it's a servers and why more people don't don't have like I mean I'll go buy you house is now our businesses you'll see solar panels you'll see that it's starting to creep up. Put me what is the stigma that people are sold. Well some people as anchor concern -- the aesthetics they don't like the look of the of the of the panels on the home. I think there's a a lot of manufacturers there's a lot of different options for panels. Things like black frames them you know hiding those lines in the panels that make him look a little bit space GG. You know doing you know the the installation methods have come leaps and bounds since when I started an illness that started in 2001 it was. It you know Asian companies utilities they were they -- and have. What is this -- we don't really you know I don't know much about it but now it's it's much more commonplace and I think the industry has grown to the point where. You we can make it look better. And you know that's one believe is also lack the. Consumer education. On in terms of the American systems and write in and aware of us are aware of on the incentives that are out there. And you know taxpayers well. So if you call freedom solar 1807279717. You will educate people. And these incentives why they should have solar it just seems to me like it's such -- You know if if people's houses could be powered by wind if they needed a little windmill outside of the house with -- -- Or I mean it's just the aesthetics and really it's. And there's a lot of different reasons I think you -- people not knowing about it others you know that the in in recent times in on the last three years a lot of -- -- by financing options that come out there weren't previously -- that this state hasn't subsidized loan program there's tax credits as incentives. You can literally get a get a system where you're impugn your payment you you're making a payment for your system every month that's less than your old utility bill while you're paying off your system so you're saving money from day one. I'm while your lawyer you know from moving towards ownership of your systems as leases out there where this. Companies have known for an installation costs zero -- and immediately you know actress. While I mean and again for more information or are you I'm sure you guys customized for businesses and residential. Are you guys who custom program on what what. -- need for a really politics is to start is an electric -- that's the easiest way for assists aren't we can started this with a conversation. An education has always the first step and that's it that's. I cited as guidance and instruction for -- the maps out its North American -- board of it's. Certified energy practitioners that's that's kind of the kind of the go to certification for solar installer is nationwide. So I've done a lot of don't a lot of Chinese for that instructed as an instructor. And Gibson talks on my -- -- behalf -- service once again the organization that date gives that gives the cash incentives out. To help people do systems. I'm really you know their goal is you know -- Cuomo just a just released through the near some program. On the -- son initiative another billion dollars over the next I think it's twelve years. That's it says promote solar in the in here in New York State. Promoted through marketing and things -- -- or is it noticed it helps -- -- to give incentives to homes in resident residences businesses. A government agencies not for profits. In order success helped them to get solar and his as time goes on. These senate shall become lesson lesson of the goal eventually is to make solar realist and I song without government subsidy. You know we've seen you know the a panel in 2001. May have cost. You know the equivalent size of a new 2000 our panel in 2001 -- now be about 250 -- Of the so the prices are dropping so the ideas that make you more popular get production. You know places like this label planned this -- and buffalo. Can produce more and on the price of follow and then you know we -- clearance and you'll need subsidies. For a let me go at me uniform Mars. I mean I don't see how it can't be affordable for all army were there through the government. Everyone's make in his portables possibly excellent as a great time to do so early to the -- with the when you combine the tax credits the incentive money. And the fact that you can take what's left now on finance and overtime or just purchased that if you're looking at some investment standpoint just making that that purchase at the end you know that. Did the incentives in the tax credits cover about sixty to 66%. Of the cost. You know it's almost users of the costs is covered by. You know you're getting assistance from the government from. You know from the state in these are these are all taxes that are paid to the utility bill this is not. We're not taking out of the general fund an outing of the income tax cooler. In order to give these these -- these these are based on elect people who pay electric their budget bill on your bill there's a small charge causes the assistance benefits charged. That everybody pays their -- that money is set aside to research into and develop new and new transmission methods new production methods and sort happens -- one of them. Technologies they've picked. -- -- If our listeners calling you I mean would they be able to gift. A testament and maybe how much they could save -- -- fatality having something solar installed to their home could they do that. Do you need to see them is -- a phone call in just need like electric pillars and you usually use if. In chronological -- going to need the actual bill. You know we just we we might have you know 1015 minute conversation with a homeowner on the phone -- -- business owner. And you know get their gets in usage numbers it's an idea as they meet -- billion house amendment and not have any history so we might have to. Go throughout loads that they plan -- home and kinda. Good feel for how they're gonna use the home others to use the loads and we can come up with -- testament of of well and usage. Well what right now do you work with a lot of thought. Builders. To work at builder with some builders have. I'm so you don't see any ranges from you know there's there's builders that we work with. Others we also do somewhere where geothermal contractors who we do geothermal ourselves which is. A heating methods it doesn't use fossil fuel use electricity and heat and heat on. To produce heat -- cooling and house. So we do have we do we're if we're gonna if we're look we find homeowner -- or or business owner that's gonna do geothermal solar couples really well that because. You're producing the electric on site with your solar panels that does -- uses geothermal system to -- clear house. So you we have we have country GO GO contractors that will call us and ask hostages solar portion. Or we do both of those ourselves our you know or -- you know that there's. There's residence residential customers a cost directly on commercial customers who calls directly. So it's coming in from a lot of different places. We have about a minute left and again we're here with freedom solar 1807279717. You can call him. Talk wonder -- with these guys freedom solar dot com. And. These are all over estimates are free we don't we were not big -- high pressure sales tactics really were just we just want to give -- wanna get the information out there. And that's and it's educated and and to get as many people in with -- possible I just I think you can read and had I think people. Including myself just -- Familiar with what this can do it and I just don't couldn't can't understand that. Something that should be so simple there's five to eat your payment and -- five. Our system that's warranty for 25 years and is expected to last fifty to 75 years. And you're talking by the time the system goes out of warranty you've tripled your investment and in most cases. So it's it's a pretty it's it's a very solid it's a very -- investment in both you know both of financial investment and just. You know the environmental benefits in the environmental investment that we're making. Well thank you very much Chris and will for being on the show freedoms solar 1807279717. If you want more information or on the website at freedom solar dot com seems like a no brainer to me. The -- Serbian militia thanks for the pleasure to be back with segment number two on buffalo means business coming up an Israeli and 930 WP ENN. You're listening to buffalo means business with a -- Shula powered by -- blue rock energy stop. Think switch in sales with -- blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured call -- at 8430167. Or email being Shuler @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE. And hundreds of businesses and buffalo have made the switch to blue rock energy -- local natural gas and electric provider that puts you wind power like Darlene Strauss business manager of G and G fitness. Did she has done in business since 1980. Means that interact energy for our electric and gas for several years sunshine maintain a substantial savings jurors come that we do a yearly review and the savings and volleys then various studies carried Jeanne -- we would recommend flu -- energy for any and all of your electric and gas needs. Hi I'm Phil van -- president and CEO of blue rock energy inviting you to stop think -- -- no other provider offers a level of customization that we do from fixed rate options to renewable energy join nearly 151000 customers stop thank switch and say -- rock energy call 8668152343. Find us on FaceBook -- -- -- -- energy dot com. -- accident if you've been hit head on don't -- -- call eight. Degree rendered the don't wait to call eight Tivo. 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And their six the Better Business Bureau torch award for business ethics already the largest auto group in the state they've grown to over 15100 employees. They always need the best of the best and right now they are hiring for all physicians from sales to service so you can do what you love in a place you'll love. With great benefits and a family friendly -- to join the -- her family today go to western jobs dot com for more info and next year. I'll see you think. We're back to buffalo means this this with -- Shula on news radio 930 WBA. And the powered by blue rock energy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Okay we're back -- buffalo means business my name is what he surely you're listening news radio 930 WP. And now here with the great Marty -- now Steve who's with cynic I'm security networks. And we're gonna talk now about security your home your business and making sure that your protected by doing Marty hello buddy I'm doing well thank you for having me here is a place and it's good to be here it is good things could be here it's good to be buffalo business it is good to -- of awful business and I gotta say I mean we view you know I'd feel about you guys you guys are great. It and our listeners were listening today. You know we're gonna focuses -- -- security and I recommend. Marty in his company to anybody who is looking for security systems cameras surveillance for your home. Or your business we're gonna talk more about why he should be doing it now to tell me. Personal let's talk about the alarm industry what does somebody need security alarm for anything well number one protection. Of people and properties. That's that's been an issue for as long as the people have owned property has some he wants to steal it you and protect yourself against that. And today the alarm industry is what it's all about. On. Where do you find yourself. Who. Having the most issues what are people saying when they when they want security what do they want for the house if they want because of children what they want security. All of the above buddy what what we have now is security. Is pretty much considered a necessity. And where it goes from there is it goes past necessity to convenience I want. I want to be able to unlock my house from the office I wanna see. Might he might cameras from the office or or wherever you happen to be have got one customer who vacations in Russia. And you can watch his loading dock here and what Taiwan while he's on vacation. So it's it's it's a matter of convenience in integration. With the rest of your daily life you're Smartphones here here tablets. Your security cameras televisions. What should people be looking for when they look for a company to handle the security. At home -- in the business while a number of things number one. A New York State license. In Western New York were were all law license. By the -- New York Department of State. And most of us are members so far of -- security organizations such as the New York State electronic security association which we are members off. I'm so companies should be fully licensed like your company is yes and also while we are -- week urea all of the the liability insurance. And pretty much everything it's required by the state. And in addition to that -- our security technicians carry photo ID cards they are fingerprinted. We run background check. You know typical background check and everybody. Drug testing we're bonded. Pretty much everything to ensure your safety. Again we're here was -- account security networks 8395011. That's 8395011. If you want information and a security system surveillance cameras off for your home or business Marty or anyone it's an account. Is great to talk to ignite your role with the company is what I am operations manager I founded the company many years ago and -- -- cynic I'm networks pick in 2007. To our president our current president -- so your hero woman owned company which is important for yes. We we are a -- a woman owned company and in addition to that we have for a female technicians out in the field as well. You can also go to anything with a wired dot com which is the -- say anything with a wire that can't tell us about your security what you do for the buffalo -- All the buffalo zoo we we have been working with the about we'll -- for about five years one of our favorite places. Mainly what we do at the buffalo zoo with regards to security has the camera systems. And every year every birth that's been. Occurring at the buffaloes who since we've been there has been recorded on our campus. Like if you go to your web -- right now. Anything with a wired I can't actually talk a little bit about about the latest. On the camera that's a rhino. Right we have via a baby right now it's both close though in what I'd like to say about the buffaloes who is I've never seen. A more dedicated bunch of people then then the staff -- buffalo so. But. The the noose is so we have a new baby rhino. And there she was -- how recently in her father. Was deceased. Ten years ago. So this is a new technology artificial insemination. And they pay very close attention to all the animals there so the keepers won't monitor. The mother 24 hours a day to make sure there -- aware point she's getting ready to give birth. Powered cameras streamlined video from the pen -- -- a -- I think we had five cameras there so they could see anything and everything. That's very interesting it is I think -- hit in the polar bears or whatever -- and you know we we were -- for -- we were their for the -- the the snow leopard. Ever everything we cover. But that's -- that's part of that the total integration. With -- what you're seeing in today's security systems. If if you have a camera let's say they camera that's watching that that the right now. He is may be watching your house you can see that live video feed on your era you know your tablet you can see on your cellphone. You can see it on your monitor at work just the way the keepers watching that video feed of the -- So what you're telling me is that your company if I have which they do an Apple iPhone right now yes I'm looking at I couldn't log on to this Apple iPhone yes. A Canadian real time and look at. Let's get a look at the security of my home that you install yes. You can you can if you have the the integration package with your home automation. He can turn on your lights you can. You can never get an email if your sump pump goes on to blinking your basement starts filling out it was a water don't know their basements are flooded and and this if if it if it gets isn't some pumpkin -- you he said by -- -- -- exactly you can text. And we have we have the same pos systems installed in commercial locations where through a national agency we monitor. What let's say you have a chain of stores across United States. And that there's a 1015100. Stores they won't have monitors under coolers to determine. What the temperature is they will be monitoring electrical usage. And that's all reported through the sensors and that that's some of what we do and commercials site and it's good that your local. Alarm company as well you're right here in Western New York. Yes we are locally owned and operated we are not part of a national change. I I know some people like go out like the national presence but. You're not always dealing with the company you may be dealing -- one of the subcontractors. Or you may be dealing with someone who was hired to call. Homes looking for alarm contracts. Again if you want more information and a security system. For your home or business I would assume if you if you call your company Marty that. Our listeners can get a pretty good deal 8395011. Again that's 8395011. What when someone calls it number what. Is the next step. Well what we like to do is is talk with the customer and try and help them decide exactly what they need in an alarm system. We can. Entry level we can start off for about a dollar a day and that's. That's for off an alarm system that is monitored by New York State based. Five star rated him monitoring service. And it's it's going to two look Richard doors and windows and it has motion sensors it's gonna make sure nobody walks in your house without you knowing about it right and it's it's it's good I guess to catch that before it actually happened so many people. You know I know someone who at their house robbed and they can't walk and their house think that stranger was -- it. Like that it is tainted their house almost. Exactly it's it's something you have to learn to live -- at hand and that's where we get a lot of request for a four alarm systems. Is when something happens not necessarily to TTU it could be your neighbor. In that your neighbor had an alarm your thinking well could they have prevented it. A lot of times yes because. Not only does the alarm detect someone coming in that -- -- them before they trying to get in because -- walking through your yard. If you have motion detectors outside if you have cameras those cameras can also trigger an alarm. So for about a dollar a day. You're -- and and plus also -- their insurance discounts yes typically yeah depending on on who you're with your agent at -- one negotiate a good deal for you with the rates they can I think. I've heard of them discounting up to 20%. I mean racist. It just seems very very again it's a no brainer to have a security system or some kind of in the in this world that we live and we never know what's gonna go on to have the kind of peace of mind. Snow birds who may be go to Florida. For the winter people were going away for the winter for long periods of time. That they could actually piano phone -- Smartphone. And be looking at their house right. That that's the that's the best customer right there's the snow birds they wanna know when the sump pump stops working. I and I don't play him there in Florida and -- some pump stops. So they get on form to the local plumber and they say pick up the key from the neighbor graphics with some -- So soul again at somebody's away from her house. Seen intruders were walking around yes what would -- -- they get a text messaging personal typically if you're are monitored contract. Your alarm will notify you monitoring company. That company will call you usually this all happens within sixty seconds or less they will call you. And they will say. Are you aware that your alarm went off it it sends a signal. And it can be simple as simple as call the police that's your response if if there's something wrong -- called the place. If flawed if you set it off Obama accidentally by yourself. You you've set your alarm and you forgot the dog was in the house in motion sensor went off and they call you win hole yes my dogs homes are -- that one. So again we're talking about advanced features with the security systems cellular monitoring. Remote access. You know. And it apps this week to put an app on your phone but about people who aren't very tech savvy with the phones. I don't know what what happens and it's it's just basic alarm it'll just call you. -- Or it like a police try to call the police about the pepper sprays are well well well that's that's that's some technology that is in place right now. The analogy here this -- got to hear this about this peppers for some of the alarms. Are also including cameras throughout the the house and the you know the doors. So you can you can see if somebody's trying to get into your house. In those cameras when they detect. A presence out there they will trigger the alarm the alarm company can actually look at your camera and see who is there. And there is an option believe that that you can pepper spray someone outside your door. While some of. So you can just you can just put. Today over this little thing that's -- pepper spray rightly. There is yeah that's that's that's a unique situation. You know I I kind of don't recommend that for every one. Well I mean it's different that's for sure. I just wanted to let you know that it is available. You can use you know you have to do which you have to do to protect your home and yeah exactly your property against right but that the best way to protect your home -- people always have an alarm. That's her when they see the cameras are gonna look for the house without cameras and go there. Right and too -- Do these things record as a hard drive it if you have to go back and look at something that's been recorded -- there's a number of ways that that is accomplished and that I would prefer that he would give out specific details but. There is recording going on it can be based at the house or commute via cloud based. Interest and you could explain knowledge cloud options ball security options all of this to people who call. Cynic -- network security. Again the phone number and I hi again I can't. Tell you how much I think and his company. If you're looking if you leave him and thought about having added protection for your homer business. This is the -- Collison the company's call 83950118395. Or 11 or go to anything. With a wired dot com it's basically that easier Mary. Yes it is and give his call and we will give you would discount if -- -- a WB yen listener now see that's -- -- where you'd you'd you'd treat or WP endless and as good -- right follower or member world members of the business community and we all work together here in Western New York it's. I think it's going back to the way it used to be when I grew up round here. While silicon network security again -- 395011. Just for an estimate he 395011. Or anything with a wired dot com Marty is always intervene and -- And thank you body to turn out. You're listening to buffalo means business with a -- -- powered by a blue rock energy stop. Think switch -- -- with -- blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured call -- at 8430167. Or email be Shuler @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and. Most flights -- of maybe August 2 of December. It was like how. It's a chicken man. Masters dot com. There's some advice for the -- -- casino and hotel. Hi this is what -- -- a host of buffalo means businesses you know here to talk about a great local business. Cynic -- networks in buffalo or your one stop technology source you're. I'm Paul IT department. You have a business you're moving yet. Or Gary got -- wires he got -- computers you got only security systems you don't know what to do you don't know how you're gonna get this stuff from one place to another without rewarding everything you have. In your business technology is a tricky thing. Not for silicon networks this is exactly what they do they are here to assist your company with anything. With a wider you can call limit 839. 5011. That's 8395011. Which is go to the website anything with a wired dot com cynic Tom networks is like your company's. I'm call IT department you know a lot of companies especially small companies media companies they can't afford to have a full time. IT department this is worse -- account networks comes the play the right here in Western New York they're like you're on call ID department -- to anything if you're moving from one office to another office. They will set up anything you'll miss nothing maybe you have an office right now when you think -- not maximizing and enough when it comes technology. Silicon networks can help you with this again 8395011. Let's talk about security systems. They do they have to fire an intrusion alarms axis control if you want a security system. If you need one installed a few while one moved silicon networks can do it closed circuit television for video surveillance. Thermal imaging cameras what about computer rooms Internet connectivity. Everything just go to cynic Tom networks again you can call on it 83950118395011. Or go to anything with a wider dot com they are your -- call. IT department and you have my word border from but he -- here you'll love these people call soon become networks your one stop technology source alternative. Buffalo's good couple Saturday July 26 at canal side featuring live perform. It's still keeps the L. Bleachers. Data brick and mortar Sammy. -- -- Weapons -- a special DJ set by the Crystal Method tickets are unsealed now starting at just 25 dollars and are available unlike an alternative buffalo dot com alternative buffaloes -- buffalo Saturday July 26 that -- -- -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right we're back with segment number three of buffalo means business -- body surely you're listening news radio 930 W the annual out of business featured. You can go to my website at but he sure -- dot com get bodies shall attack camp antsy everything about the show that you needed to know our third segment is a longtime friend of mine great business partner. Robert -- and Davis. And he's a branding and positioning strategist and also creative director welcome to the show Bob. Thank you money's great to be now Europe businesses helping other businesses so it's kind of confusing right. It well it's fine. It's thought he I -- my business is all about helping other businesses from the point of view what is the branding and positioning strategy and how is that messaging put together in a way that helps them distinguish themselves from all the competitive choices out there. So what do you what do you think you know people market what what is the key to marketing for anybody what you become a household name. For us that's a great question because you know we've we've -- ourselves action on helping not only work with the establishment. Household names are correct from major international corporations to. People become household names within the community or regionally awful Western New York you know here we are local review group local radio station. And that process has been not just by. Throwing commercials on the air but by thinking long term big picture of -- campaign gets put together in a way that. Establishes. Correct brand with the integrity a strong position in the marketplace. And it helps the advertisers that you have. Get their message across to the consumers and patients and clients and prospects in the marketplace. And it helps those listeners and prospects. Understand. And decide. Words good place to go to dinner who can I trust to -- mine dental work -- away -- in my car fixed menus securities whose moderate this. And hi all that together is really whoa what world about what are some of the tools we have you know Juan. We have to intense one of those messages into a series. 62 ideas. And connect with people. And that's just with the radio there's other great student billboards that there is TV so you'd take in advertisers' message. Basically you'd you'd talk to an advertiser or someone wants to market the business. And you basically tell them how to make it work. Well we're gonna we're gonna figure out what were they all about how to express that message and waited so that's meaningful -- people -- who. Can do business with them who can -- there products are there their services in order to achieve some of the schools that they have in their lives. And again and you have you and I have done a lot of radio stuff together. For businesses local. What would do you find that people who would you think people. It wrong most of the time what our advertisers who are expecting something what are whether it what do they do wrong. We can talk about that for for ten hours. They're towards god that's. The -- -- things they get wrong most of it is as big picture you know they they they don't do or understand. Branding and positioning in the first place. Which means they'll credit -- the phone rain for example. At the expense of building their business -- or they'll have something is brilliantly executed it sounds fantastic but. There's no strategy of the -- or meeting behind it. They could do -- that hurts. Hurts what they're all about as a company in and treat people oh just going in and -- this company for sale because they really haven't put the big picture together. Or they don't what you said they've just fumble one medium whether -- for a male or whether it's -- -- the weather's billboard or whether it's radio. Whether it's TV. Or social media. Without really figure out how all that works together someone's decision process happens over a long period time it's impacted by all of those different things. And the dual -- rec league they have that big picture. A lot of things we do run but you know the they sell a category instead of the client you know they're selling non. Phone service instead through wiry their phone services policy. It's. The other talking about themselves and bragging instant talking about the customer and customer needs. So many things that that the of those movie -- so. War or some of the people you work with you know either globally what names who we recognize. A locally or globally because there is difference I -- You know buffalo is a medium market city it's that Beijing. And you know. You know people businesses have limited budgets for advertising to people don't have any budgets and they rob Peter to pay for all to -- try to get some exposure in media. You know what are some of the names we would know from you while I. I -- -- as good as that indirectly. Because. You may hear two or three names in similar category and they -- some Hewlett competitors word of this to help make sure they distinguish themselves. What do you what I think's important about that is you can turn on. Your radio station or or open the paper get direct mail order. And sometimes he or here 2345. Or more. Commercial messages and roll. Where we have help people understand. It my car here go to this restaurant prospectus for example and those have become household names. Win win. The station or -- in the readership. The magazine or the next group on FaceBook or whatever. And meaningful household names within the community and I think that's the strength. Sanctioned. Media like yours compared to something like -- FaceBook or Twitter. Anybody can get on. Socially elect him but not anybody can do all the work that it takes to really -- beyond the station like -- over a long period of time. And gets on. Automatic establish trust and automatic establish credibility. And become -- they recognized. And went into business. And that's the difference between. Search engine optimization for example and getting that branding and positioning partly. Because you wanna be searching. Not searching for who can help me what is. Buying this computer you wanna be getting in touch with. The name of the company the computer -- -- no we want to business when you wanna be looking for a name and that just category. -- decked with some before people do something wrong mainly the to a quick sell or they they sell a category and don't it. -- team across associated with the difference between them all the other competitive truths of human -- It's actually quite nice to have you here today because you have been around the world. Lately doing things were kind of speaking and speaking engagements things like that on. Branding and marketing. And creative this tell us some of the things that you've learned. You know with what I'm trying really interest in by the as we -- work with companies of all types. And also with the individuals who -- speakers authors he suite executives -- to do -- if you work. And I try to figure out for a long time what do they have in common and and really kind of boils down to me is. At some strange but -- business as walls of person. The both the living entity in the sense -- both have personalities in both have a reason for existing. Who both have a mission. They both have a mindset. And when you approach. And individual. As a business. They're able to successfully get a message on the marketplace even if they're small entrepreneur with nukes -- of business as a person living entity. You're able to really impact. Who they are part public connect -- customers public and equity community. So. That whole through line of finding a position in a brand that's an alignment with who the company really is who the person really is within the company whether it's the owner. Our net sales person who talks -- or accurate dentistry and analysts listeners exception this. And the people out there who -- trying to make those decisions. In a world where there is everybody trying to sell them something. That's kind of the most fascinating part how -- we align all this into a win though some integrity into a meaningful. What do you what do you think of you know at the the basic strategies the running means people rhyming things or you know phone numbers mean. Do this -- through this things work in advertising sure do there. But they're just techniques. And that's were talking about 44. They can work against -- to trouble advertising as it works sometimes. So you can I see people trying to solve the wrong problem time getting phone number it's recognized and remembered by. That's not as important to the person who needs to -- to make a decision when we confine phone numbers released nowadays. Here's the thing what do you think -- people wrongs do they have great production and denigrate techniques and everything looks good sounds good. But there's no -- hood and they're using rhyme and reason most -- Or the opposite is they don't care about those things on the get a good message out but it's portly Purdue's. So that the the person listening to or reading or watching this doesn't have a good feeling about the company is quality companies who pays attention to. Details and quality and such so. Yes you can do all these things getting phone number across the -- -- -- choosing great color for local or beautiful looking website and it doesn't connect. Not based -- sound. Strategy. For a WB and listener who has a business who wants to advertise has been thinking about it again that's just radio but anything how would they get a hold of you. Well there are two things we can do and I'm a buffalo guy you know he says I'm traveling around the you know different cities and countries in such -- Buffalo's home. And actually the UNI in the station had a a -- of over many years. So we're able to offer complimentary consultation to. -- business this is something we -- only in this market and a couple of other markets where somebody gets in touch with you through your station you can. You and I together you can -- in the and we can give -- a complimentary consultation. I'm also gonna put up. At Robert Merlin did this dot com slash radio. Something -- -- -- as you play but -- -- a spokesman for you do. And and and your listeners of this output of some information from the idea is we're talking about. This interviewer doing now put upon the resources or time it'll be worth oil and. So I will say this again and and debts a chance for -- need to talk a little bit about my website to which is bloody shoe attack count if you want to. Have bogged Davis here. Robert -- and Davis what I have always loved your name. But it's easier to say about -- it's. Put. You know if you -- have five to an assessment for your business. From a creative standpoint -- body -- -- -- hand again we bring him out. To you your business. At no charge you for for an assessment if he needs is -- correct. Pretty much yeah we can explain how it works but there's -- there's no charges no obligation if you hate the idea is you can company never -- -- That I don't think we've hello recently lost many times we we come up with some pretty unique stuff. You know in in in the buffalo market together. For businesses we really who -- wishers Richard. Where we're here's your latest out of town -- been -- as I know you do a lot of conference call one now and things of that nature. People and seniors seminars or speak you. Even on -- right exactly that's what's so great about the stick. I have. Some dream client colleagues who are on the beach in California and you just did some video shooting up there because we had to do life that was fun. Sometimes we just on the phone and Skype girl power do emails and we make it work out. He had a good example locally if someone you really respect in the advertising business a business who doesn't right. Whether you were involved -- who -- it's it's hard to do that without being self serving. Because. I do think most people. We are fortunate here and that. -- position but he here or you have not only the resources to get the -- -- rape and also again across. And you mentioned can Kaufman and at times with a group against your short recently -- yet so you know. You and -- sign of the resources and talent pool which we can draw from here. We combine our resource together to help advertisers figure out. What should that message which in my position in the marketplace -- of that branding the established. How does a campaign multimedia and fit together what might sound like look like it's a direct mail on the online -- all time together. And we pulled together and say it and sing it. Sound. I don't want to do commercials for which throughput. -- -- -- -- Yeah it's thinking long term is caring about your customers put your resources together form and I wish I saw them more. What I what I always like about you -- as you know we have so much passion for creativity we have just a few seconds left but. I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about advertising. Our marketing. In whatever realm -- maybe. That you definitely get a hold of me at forty surely that can't go to my website. And we'll hook you up with Robert Merlin Davis our third -- of the show. Today whose branding and positioning strategist and creative director -- website just. How would go to Robert Merlin Davis dot com slash radio I'll figure something about the record but we appreciate you being on the show. -- -- another edition of buffalo means business next week at 6 o'clock great here in new Israeli and 930 WP yen. You've been listening to buffalo means business with -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WB CN. The weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the people who make it happen brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce. 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