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7-21 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- is -- governing and -- said these were waiting for the president and his remarks there was supposed to be what's the see about that seventeen minutes ago their running late as they always do. That's our he's not the only presidents on that lots of presidents do that and so awaiting. Rick Perry is scheduled here is the governor of Texas he's scheduled a press conference for -- 2 o'clock. His time 3 o'clock our time -- in which you'll announce -- thousands. US National Guard troops -- from the state of Texas. Texas National Guard troops will be deployed to the border. To help stem the flow of illegal immigrants across the border one could say if you like to play games. Which press conference will comforts we don't know. Repair schedule with three -- when the president is actually going to amble out for the microphones they summit my impression is. There won't be a full blown press conference that will be a statement so we'll say we'll see below have before you want it does happen. Meanwhile you can -- go to our faults and -- on on 30180616926930. Or to our FaceBook -- and a let us know your feelings on this first of all we know via national feelings are -- pretty good idea anyway. Because of the a recent Pew Research Center poll. I'll only 28%. Of those surveyed approve of Obama's response of the surge of children along the border. Twice as many 56%. Say they disapprove of the efforts. So he's not getting support among the general public. Are on this they were wrote they decided to use children because children will be more immune from criticism. If these were adults us -- stemming a streaming across the border there be more of a call for hey let's get Ahmad Al lottery here back to their home countries. But when their children. All bets -- profits and neutralizing factor the kids didn't make bad decisions kids probably to make any decisions are made by parents and whatever. But the question has debate. How. Enduring. World War II. How many parents gave up their children just handed them over. Two to get them out of harm's way he wanted to -- out of harm's way but they were usually involve themselves. These are kids that came across the border without their parents. And in the hands of vote some cases but people are called coyotes. And they were paid large sums of money the the general estimate is 101000 dollars to get their kids across the border so you have to wonder. If the parents had the children. And the parents have -- just -- over. Don't you think it's the obligation of the Paris to raise the children because if their main concern was danger. Don't you think they would of tried to come over two -- announcing that we're seeing children. Wouldn't is that he what did you think August is too dangerous for us to live here as a family we're all gonna try and cross the border. That to me is something that would make some sense. This shows me it's it's. And these kids are a diversion. It's the bigger of the larger problem of how many people are getting across the border and ending up on our welfare system and things like that and the with the kids -- that to your weight now for them to have a hearing and they have to analyze every hearing. With the each child that is not from Mexico or Canada. So it's already at two years you can imagine if they don't stop the bleeding pretty zone where it's going to be. End of the next step will be -- will be either already here let's Wednesday. And after that you maybe bring in the parents that might via an interim step -- on the step after that will be amnesty. And after amnesty will be citizenship which comes with the vote and the vote means it's the end of the Republican Party. There and of the Republican Party will never win a national election if there's amnesty for the illegals who were in here and now -- happen. Because they're going to assume rightfully wrongly but the -- the government here the ones that allowed him to stay where Democrats. And that some are gonna vote. So when you look at it as I really don't wanna be as cynical as I have to be. -- in this case it's all it's all about self preservation for politicians that's all it's about. It's about the next election and the one after baton getting their kid into was some thing. And allowing. There are -- Jews to be used for the next generation. And it's just the perpetual motion machine. It's pretty sad it really is. You know we all care about children we all love children. But I think they have an ulterior motive of the ones who just won a lot of men in masks likeness. So we've got to stop it and does does seem to be the will on part of the lawmakers. Certainly not on the part of the president will say if they try and stop the effort of Texas you know -- show their hand the game is over. Let's not pretend anymore. You didn't want somebody else to stop the of the influx of new orleans' ability so that tells me exactly what your commitments that nothing. Chris FaceBook robotic double before the an expert boys. This is from a currency says if I was repair and Obama or air Koehler told me that the call the National Guard I'd tell them both assuming. Yeah I liked that -- that which of course they well although they will also a but I love that bad attitude of assuming. We yeah I told about a cartoon that I saw in the paper political cartoon last week. I don't usually read political cartoons but it was a double panel left panel right panel of Obama. And the first panel was when he was running for president yes weekend. And then the next panel is now. Sumi so you see the difference you see that of the transformation. And -- employees this is from drew he says this is just political posturing a lot of illegals. Are turning themselves and so this Israeli border security issue whereas the National Guard going to do. Is turning themselves well first of all -- the National Guard gonna go about keeping more from coming end. You just ready to throw up your hands because there that's weird one -- -- him as a and other. The washing the windows here. But now I'm not ready to throw my hands and say well because there are anywhere from forty to 70000. Of them here now let's throw our hands. 4070000. Where we're gonna drain every kid from Central America eventually they are gonna send them here. I mean I don't get that attitude to me that's a defeatist attitude. That's a loser mentality. And yet now we may have I imagine that -- -- that during -- December of 1941. About that if if you really think about it think about Pearl Harbor. Would you would anybody of -- say well they attacked Pearl Harbor so what's the sense in doing anything more. All right we're gonna take a break now because in approximately thirty seconds ago on the -- years ago to a we'll be going to CBS for an update with the president's speech on Ukraine. This is a CBS news special report on Dave Barrett joined by correspondent Peter Mayer at the White House. But the president is set to speak on the situation in Ukraine. Following the downing of -- Malaysian jetliner last Thursday and from Kiev CBS's Kenny McCormick joins us with the latest from Ukraine. As of this morning Ukrainian officials said that 272 bodies and 66 fragments of bodies have been found. But 250 bodies have been placed in refrigerated train cars that train may begin moving in less than an hour. Peter -- at the White House what can we expect from the president. Well let's set the stage ship first hear the scene the president speaking Dave from the area just outside the door to the Oval Office and near the South Lawn. Disappearance which until less than an hour ago was not on the president's public schedule comes as the US is. Building its case blaming pro Russian separatists for downing the Malaysian jet liner. The administration is also speaking out about the treatment of the bodies you just mentioned. The possible movement of those a box cars the bodies of the victims and the failure to secure the crash site crime scene. Mr. Obama is also demanding a cease fire in the troubled region of Ukraine we expect that -- he'll be talking about that again. Of the world will be watching and listening for what he has to say about Russian involvement and specifically any new demands to Russian President Putin. President Obama now walking it down the yes sidewalk. To be a microphone here and now is the president of the United States. Warrior right. Wanna make a brief statement about the tragedy in Ukraine. Before I do though I wanna know that secretary Kerry has departed for the Middle East. As I've said many times. Israel has a right to defend itself against rocket and tunnel attacks from Hamas. And as a result of its operations Israel has already done significant damage to hamas'. Terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. I've also said our. That we have serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian. Civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives. And that is why it now has to be our focus and focus the international community. To bring about a cease fire that ends the fighting. And that can stop the deaths. Of innocent civilians both in Gaza and in Israel. So secretary Kerry will meet with -- allies and partners. I've instructed him to push for an immediate cessation of us hostilities. Based on -- return to November 2012 cease fire agreement. Between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The work will not be easy. Obviously. There. Are enormous. Passions involved in this and some very difficult. Strategic issues involved nevertheless. I've asked John to do everything he can to help facilitate. A cessation in hostilities. We don't wanna see anymore civilians getting killed. -- respect to Ukraine. It's now been four days sense Malaysian airlines flight seventy and was shot down. Over territory controlled by Russian backed separatists. In Ukraine. Over the last several days. Our hearts have been capsule is broken. As we learn more about. The extraordinary and and beautiful lives that were lost. Men. Women. And children. And infants. Who were killed so suddenly and so cents. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be -- their families around the world were going through. Just unimaginable grief. I've had got tentative speak to a number of leaders around the world whose citizens. Were lost on this flight and all of them. Remain in the state of shock but frankly also on the state of outrage. Our immediate focus. Is on recovering. Those who were lost. Investigating. Exactly what happened. And putting forward to the facts. We have to make sure that the truth is out. And that accountability exists. International investigators. Are on the ground they've been organized I've sent teams other countries sent teams. They are prepared they are organized to conduct what should be. The kinds of protocols and scouring. And collecting of evidence. That. Should follow any. An international incident like this and what they need right now is immediate and full access to the crash site. They need to be able to conduct a prompt and full and unimpeded. As well as transparent investigation. And recovery personnel have to do the solemn. And sacred work of recovering the remains. Of those who were lost. Ukrainian president port Genco has declared a demilitarized zone around the crash site. As I said before you have an international teams already in place prepared to conduct the investigation and recover. The remains of those who have been lost but unfortunately the Russian backed separatists who control the area continue to block the investigation. They've repeatedly prevented international investigators from gaining full access to the wreckage. Investigators approached they fired the weapons into the air. -- separatists are removing evidence from the crash site all of which begs the question what exactly -- trying to hide. Moreover these Russian backed separatists are removing bodies from the crash site. Oftentimes. Without the care. That we would normally expect from a tragedy like this. This is an insult of those -- loss problems. This kind of behavior that has no place. In the community of nations. Now. Russia has extraordinary influence over these separate -- no one denies that. Russia has urged urged them on Russia has trained them. We know that Russia has -- them -- military equipment and weapons including anti aircraft weapons. -- separatist leaders are Russian citizens. So given its direct influence over the separate us. Russia and president prudent in particular. Has direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate. With the investigation that is the least the vacant. President -- says. That he supports a full and fair investigation that I appreciate those words but they have to be supported by actions. The burden now is on Russia to insist that the separatist stop tampering with the evidence. Grant investigators. Were already on the ground immediate. Full and unimpeded access to the crash site. The separate us in the Russian sponsors are responsible for the safety. Of the investigators doing their work. And along with our allies and partners. We will be working this issue at the United Nations today. More broadly as I've said throughout. This crisis. And the crisis in Ukraine general. I've said this directly to President Putin as -- publicly my preference continues to be finding a diplomatic resolution. -- -- I believe that can still happen. That's my preference today and will continue to be my preference but. If Russia continues to violate Ukraine's sovereignty and back these efforts. And -- separate -- become more more dangerous and now are risks not simply to the people inside of Ukraine. But the broader international community. That Russia will only further isolate itself from the international community and the cost for Russia's behavior will only continue to increase. Now it's time for President Putin and Russia. To pivot away from the strategy that they have been taken. And get serious about trying to resolve. Hostilities within Ukraine in a way that respects Ukraine's sovereignty and respects the right of the Ukrainian people to make their own decisions about their own -- And time is of the essence. Our friends and allies need to be able to recover those who were lost that's the least we can do. That's the least that decency demands. Families deserve to be able -- loved ones to rest with dignity. The world deserves to know exactly what happened. And people of Ukraine deserve to determine their own future. Thanks. President Obama speak on -- -- house on the South Lawn. White House correspondent Peter -- again as you alluded to prior to mr. Obama's remarks he did did put the pressure on the Russians. Well he certainly did several times during this brief statement which again came from just outside the Oval Office the president said. Time is of the essence when it comes to the proper care and recovery of the bodies from the scene. And he said it is time for Russia's Putin and Russia itself to pivot away from the path that has been following a when it comes to the support. Of the separatists in fact dead -- these were the strongest remarks that the president has made since the downing of a Malaysian flights seventeen Arab Malaysian airlines flight seventeen. He asked what exactly are they meaning the separatists and the Russian supporters trying to hide. He said we have to make sure the truth is out and accountability exists. The US will now makes this case again at the United Nations today. And elsewhere around the world. You concede that from the statements made by the president and other world leaders today that intense pressure is building on the Russian President Putin. The British prime minister David Cameron also had some very very strong remarks today. About day in his words cronies and Oleg arcs in Moscow running the show in Ukraine. So again as he has almost every day since the downing of that airliner President Obama Dave has again spoken out. And now we switch to CBS is Kenny McCormick and -- have been cameo you've been following. What's been happening on the ground there with respect to getting those bodies and getting them to a place where they can be identified. Yep that's right if the president mentioned two key aspects of this that that is the recovery of the bodies getting limited by the getting them repatriated. Secondly the evidence on the ground that they did not be tampered with any more than it has bad. We -- some Dutch investigators come in today they were able to inspect some of these train cars these refrigerated train -- That -- the bodies of these victims. But they also -- it up to the crash site but every step. They were followed by armed separatists. And I think that's what the president was alluding to an impact we've heard from Dutch investigators to -- but appealing to the rebels to allow these train cars. To leave this rebel held town to date time -- obviously of the essence. These refrigerated cars these are bodies that that -- got the field for days. They need to get them to where they did what they have experts who can examine them identify them and send them home to the Catholics. CBS's Cameron McCormick in Kiev Ukraine. I'm Dave Barrett CBS news for Peter -- this has been a CBS news special report. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and starry -- journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Back Beijing's opening up sandy beach. Is this okay I've I've mentioned this reform a radio lately mansion and again. When you're going to talk radio and your engaging a caller if a caller says something. For instances sandy your -- -- to -- six. If you don't challenge them right then and there people assume that you think -- into physics. I'm and that's what happens so you've got a challenge when it's happening and I like to challenge the the thought process of these CBS reports we just heard. First of all let me just they give you my scope because I'm thinking what these guys smoking. Via the the CBS reporters who kind of summed up what a Barack Obama heads. First rob Barack Obama came on he said that that John Kerry is going to the Middle East and that's fine should be there. And that they video would though like a ceasefire. All right that's certainly Toronto. Keep in mind in the past calls for a ceasefire Israel ready to do it Hamas not rated they forget these kinds of things aren't. And also. One thing that they would -- an imminent in a report like that. But apparently on the way to the Middle East he was caught John Kerry was caught the secretary of state. I'll have a hot Mike did not know the Mike was not criticizing. The Israeli response. So before he even steps foot. In that area. People are going to know ahead a time that he criticized the Israeli response. By Hamas. To get that going on. You tell me how he goes there and pretending to -- an open mind about it. After the the report. That we got a wrap up. After the after the local news here we got the wrap up. And the wrap up said several things that I question. It said it was one of the most forceful speeches. Presidents ever given on this issue. Now he he laid out information but I didn't see anything forceful about it at all the most forceful things that is. That -- have five -- doesn't get in line basically paraphrasing here. He'll be further isolated. Lol. I've been shaking his -- about that. On and the bottom line is I don't know if they heard the same things we've heard. Because in the posts a script they also mentioned that in the latest fighting. That two children. On the and the Gaza area were killed. Two children so there always focusing on that aspect -- reporters saying to children killed despite the fact that. -- my Hamas is the one that started and continues. And they are using children as shields we all know that that's never mentioned anything I mean it's just simply not brought up. The secretary let something goal would hit would not -- it might have a hot Mike that he didn't know about criticizing. Israel Kenya sees a pattern. I don't think I don't think you have to be a conspiracy theorists the sing that. And regarding via the comment by one with CBS reporters that the president has spoken on this every day why. It. Now maybe I've been living on another planet. But the president hasn't spoken about this. Every day at all. And so that's what you're getting you're getting a kind of a jaundiced look at something that was pretty apparent pretty clear to me. Of of the media -- as cheerleader. And beat the bias of the media. If you can't see that you've got to start paying more attention. Because if you just listen to that without analyzing it you would think of the things that I just mentioned actually. Are legitimate reporting. And I don't think it is I I don't think it is I think they should be challenged. But you have to do on an individual races ago. Because we can't be here and translate everything at the CBS or any other network. -- decides to tell you. But the bottom line is I don't think they've been there all law about their reporting of the Israeli Hamas battles going on now agreement fair at all. And regarding potent. Oh where oh where -- the force analysts in a speech that just outline things that everybody said wheels that we don't know. The the bodies have to have the be examined quickly because of -- refrigeration. Issue. We know that and then not being handled in a way that we would be comfortable women in this country certainly we know that. There's also been reports which I didn't hear and any of this stuff. Edit these -- separatist. Soldiers have been going through the personal effects of the dead. Didn't hear that on there either so it's amazing what you get when you have a target in front of view that you want me. When you wanna hit that target and get a report which. And so our combined I don't buy it -- Tony you and I were both looking. It's -- -- we're looking at each other going why are they listening tool because it certainly didn't sound like the same thing we heard. It was disbelief I couldn't I couldn't figure out where they were coming from. And then we give back to the old thing that the media is in the pocket of of Obama and and you understand. We don't know are coming from a we sure as hell know whether we're going. Will be back tomorrow Beijing company and newsreader and I'm thirty WB. NA a survey released last Thursday by the pew research people. Only 28%. Of those surveyed approve of Obama's response. Of the surge of children along the border twice as many 56%. Say they disapprove. So by a total one margin they -- America disapproves of the as a of his proposals regarding the of the border and how -- what to do about it so we're asking how you feel about the expected announcement by Texas governor Rick Perry today at the 3 o'clock our time at the beginning of Tom -- show. That the Texas National Guard will be sent to the border a thousand troops. -- of a Mexican mortar. -- who's helped stem the tide of illegal immigration. What's the your thoughts let's go to Carol in Cheektowaga Cara -- on WB yen. Thank you can take in Bangkok yes. Well first I'm not border -- and I think they actually leaky ship called the -- sucker up before this but it's not at all. Technically I don't understand. How these people get 101000 dollars together. And that -- to -- their family and to a better place. Yeah I've got 101001. Of all you wouldn't be destitute in in Mexico and you should get out of dodge. While battling Mexico even even -- -- -- better. And other places since South America with 101000 dollars you can look like a journal. And and I don't yeah I mean it's it's just you know what they're they're plan as. Because they Null and and that -- record high -- state senate children we're gonna stand without. Now I mean oil and we will wanna do the right thing and reunite parents with children they know that's the way that's gonna work if your -- was really in danger and you really. A -- you're trying to escape with them why would you just send them ahead news stay behind. And I think truthfully we don't know for sure but I think this is actually of course -- states that and most people bank. And I think also. Is it was a work it out. If you and your children -- out will come and get you later. The guy and -- you what -- and is -- that -- sin of omission and other words you're not you're not. A united showing that if you're trying to get in here we're gonna try -- keep you -- we're showing the door opens and the kids now you come later and it's -- good life from America meanwhile -- -- -- with us what are -- bringing -- -- sending children so we can't criticize it but they're -- bringing skills they are bringing health consider the considerations. And it's it's not a good thing Obama doesn't arguing about it. And albeit in the United States they think they're coming to a -- third story yes it went into it don't understand apparently that what they get here. What they thought was the United States is not gonna be like -- very much longer. -- when he announced that nearly four billion dollars and we found out that goes -- like one point 8% of it. Was for border security the rest of it is for. The other stuff have feeding them taking care of them is a doing all the things that their parents should be doing form that we suddenly inherited. I'm opening another country and my children I I think I'm going to Central America thank -- look at your organized by. Yeah I have you know videos they wring their hands the apologist wring their hands on to understand. -- dangerous countries. Well why is it just that children escaping dangerous. Countries. Do you think there was an email account that was it and Tweeter Twitter you know. While what was as a social media they said send the kids what you stay behind. And I want to that I wanna get in your mind as a parent. If you were if you thought you were in a country who was in deep trouble and violence was was causing real problems. Wouldn't you take your kid and and escaped with -- your kid. Why would you send your kids ahead. I don't understand that other may be some extreme. Reasons. Maybe you're not mobile enough to move or maybe you've got to extreme illness and it doesn't make sense. Because your time is limited but under most circumstances you would go with the your child. You wanna make sure your child's well taken to Europe but instead mode carelessly. You come up with 101000 dollars which is about the going rate for -- area are coyotes somebody will bring your kid across the board. You come up with that now how -- -- come up with. The majority have a if you had a why haven't you been using it for a better life for yourself and your -- you don't have are you get it. Get it legally. You -- -- illegally so let me let me make this straight now you probably committed a crime to get the money to send your kids illegally in -- in this country. Oh yeah out that's the American dream. That is the American dream you know at the American dream as for the Democratic Party. Being the only party that's the American dream for them and that's what's going to happen it is so. Easy to follow this that if it can't follow this. And this is easier on whack a -- there rarely as. It's one thing after another but -- this you can you can see that shrinks you conceivably -- lineage on this. Where it goes from here the kids are already here. And keep in mind for -- years right now -- might get longer but for now. It's two years before they get that required by law immigration hearing by the way. During those two years -- represented by attorneys being paid for by you don't have it. They don't have anything to hire attorneys. So we're hiring attorneys to represent the kids who are here illegally. We're going to be here at least two years before their hearing. Room on -- so far. And it in the two years what do you think they're gonna be so cool it's and now. Now we're gonna give them debit cards and things like that and take care of them their education food. And their clothes and -- held them everything else that record that's required for two years and raising a child. Cause we have no alternative to that is they wouldn't let him and now we got to take care of them it's like the Trojan horse. I think you'll have the same effects once we find out that the kids. Were in here because we opened the gates for them but what camera behind the parents. So I mean if you want a virus. And you think that everybody's cold hearted. I don't think that's the case at all if you wanna buy that attitude. I think that it's just. We're cynical because of things that aren't normal not normal to send your kids away except thundered their extreme duress and if you got 101000 dollars you go -- Or you make your life better where you are or you all go to another country but everybody shows up on our country at the same time with the same story and that come -- Really if you expect me to buy that I don't buy that currency and try selling and you want I'm not a customer. Are that about wraps it up. And that will see you tomorrow morning at nine -- news radio I'm thirty way RW via. Little room as we never -- to music these.

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