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7-21 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- can say about five hours from now governor Rick Perry is expected to have a press conference announcing that he is mobilizing the Texas National Guard sending a thousand troops to secure the US Mexican border. In -- that we don't we will know of them probably what the mission. A statement will be obviously it has to -- to keep illegals from coming into this country. Because once illegal children if they're not from Canada or Mexico come and they are required by law. To have a hearing and they hearings right now are scheduled about -- years on the road that's what the waiting time was last week. -- more than that now. So we don't know the mission statement will be but I think the mission statement the governor is stop the bleeding first which is the illegals crossing the border. But the secondary benefit is it will strip away all pretense. Of caring at all about border security with the president and day in Washington. If they try and stop this now they may not directly dries -- a -- may not see Eric Holder jumping in there. But -- it'll be interesting to see if there's any group that has standing. We of them with the courts they're going there and ask for a stay ask for them not to be allowed to do it. Whoever it is will be doing some of the bidding of the president I can tell you that right now. But he won't be able to pretend anymore that he cares if he tries to stop or repair is doing. Apparently going to do we hasn't announced yet but supposed to be announced at 3 o'clock our time. There's a check in with Tom and them I'm sure Tom a lot of will be giving all the information go for number carries a press conference. Meanwhile we're asking is this a good idea I think it's a great idea. I think is a great idea. It's about time somebody has to enforce the law otherwise struck all the laws off the books let's go to anarchy let's go directly to anarchy. If we're not willing to if we're not willing to enforce the laws why enforced just some of them. Obviously I'm being ridiculous as the president is being by you have pretending that he cares about illegal immigration. Let's go to stand in Rochester stander on WB -- in Pakistan. Just to protect them quickly -- the list all the all the shakedown by the immigration people listen that he's an example of America. If you don't know your -- you don't have been so what how can -- argue it got a -- okay. Well first of all if I he didn't have any credibility because he said he never reported it never sent anything. Well that's ridiculous -- program. Yeah I'm looking at Perry Governor Perry here I went through it once and I'm look I'm -- borders sort of because of the -- out. Part of what I don't know the -- I don't know how to bend or twist them to do any thing the only thing is I was tired of I'll bet you any president Eisenhower when we had immigration act integration in Little Rock. And the people down or kitten on -- not -- I can do it and did the -- and -- -- exit from the political event. Faubus that was plastic county sent in the troopers state -- and then. What he called Eisenhower. Got married ten million US marshals and then we have enough problems and in the national got tired now -- can -- -- -- that he and in the 82 -- -- And we were building compound really you know we're gonna arrest and people -- 101000. This could clear up this. It well we don't know -- gonna draw off anything they do right now with the National Guard to be more than the offense they're willing to do. So I would like to I would like to see that happen. Whether it's going to be effective or not we don't know a whether they're gonna stop by the courts we don't know what the bottom line is at least somebody is trying to do something. Which would be a step in the right direction so you think you could it could get out of hand I think it'll be very controlled. I don't know what the mission statement will be but. I'm glad I'm glad he's going to do something. I'm glad to look at I'm I've I'm looking at the possible fallout credential of many ramifications to this. That it's Tony confusion but there could be -- -- Eisenhower when he got married because that the 82 paratroopers and that took care of the that was the. Well I'll tell you I'll tell if if you have somebody authority that is willing to enforce the law. You find out it can be very effective vote when you have somebody like the president. Who -- shown no interest in and forcing many laws but especially immigration laws. I think -- I think it'll send the right message out the interview on -- we will. And even if even if the president gets involved of federal government gets involved trying to stop it. That that at least will and the pretense or hypocrisy -- they really do care. About it and it showed her shoulder hand and and they'll have to change their tactics because. I don't think anybody wants a president who. Knowingly and willingly says -- not going to enforce the law what he does now is say we can't afford to do this we're gonna send back people who have committed crimes in whatever blob -- rob rob. So I'm glad I'm glad -- repair is gonna do it thank you. Thank you very much. It all three of my -- 1806169236. And star and I third how to -- -- Tony. Little -- my son now is I can't figure out if figured out the he got exactly get a nose believe in the middle of a conversation. Not a had nothing to do with Stan. But there and as this is very attractive don't you think. Well -- portable at all. If there is -- Torre got to give me a heads up because I have with C four pounds of a toilet paper my left nostrils this is very attractive all this this is -- -- -- -- one time there was a discussion of televising the show alive. And doubt it and it went quite aways and finally it didn't happen but. Would that be nice now. Theater like this that -- to a close up like this they could cut to commercial and very -- and unlike Chris Chris Bryant in action and -- men and put. He put -- a leverage -- my nose of the organized. It -- -- are there are some guys. OK not to not to say they would not have known how to not brought up now but I'm I'm a believer in the true Tony. The truth -- know sandy beach yes. Is legendary buddy. -- Even though his sister and my sister didn't know -- come back wanna hear from you you can also a FaceBook by the way. And oppose what you have to say in case you're a little shy. End and would like to still have your opinion heard it 0309301061696. As star neither will break -- -- -- -- an early on beach company. It is Beijing government and I said releases and look for me I like this. -- I have a story for everything. Have you heard my nose bleeds -- it's owning a you ever hear that on you go through a lot of -- yes. Right now I've got to go to issue that's why sound like because -- In my first job and radio WRD and Radford Virginia my -- shift was twelve hours and fifteen minutes. It was from 6 AM to 615 at night. NS six drifted up from six to six drifting it was a fifteen minute newscast. That I would prepared during the day and the liver from 6615. That we went into it produced show but the guy who worked the night would show up. Bright at the end of my newscast OK but I got fifteen minutes to read notes at the end of the ship. So I start rating noses subtle way I look down. And as a drop of blood on my company. And I know I'm getting a nose bleed and there's nothing I can do I reach an in my pocket I don't have a handkerchief let me. There's nothing I'm alive fifteen minute newscast to do. So first I tried by just pushing my nose like this that that help. I there's nothing I could do so by the time the guy came man. At about 610. It looked like a crime scene it was just remarkable. His eyes pop out like Bugs Bunny and all of those cartoon guys whether our springs just like this wall -- -- So from Iran and I always made sure that I ever handkerchief but I've had this -- horizon it's fine until now there it is so if you're walking by our tour. Don't point out that will discouragement. We're talking about first of all our President Obama is scheduled to speak on the Ukraine incident. At 10:50 AM which means. Any time. The white -- is. Not a -- overly critical and I know that when your times of crisis sometimes things change but the White House is notorious. For. I'd never starting anywhere near that time that -- supposed to but if they. If they -- start though we will have a four you're at 10:50 AM. On -- rating and a thirty Obama speaking in the Ukraine if you think about it there's a lot of balls in the air right now. You've got the Ukraine you've also got the what's happening -- the Gaza situation. And the crisis at the border. So Obama will be speaking at 1050 Rick Perry the governor of Texas will be speaking at approximately 3 o'clock our time. To announce that he's sending in the National Guard for the Texas National Guard. To help secure the border there he's going to send 2000 troops there. And we'll see what happens there it will be especially interesting if the feds try and stop him. Because it doesn't go with what they're saying now those. That they really care and if they they would. Actually you know like improve border security. Only a small percentage of the U one of the three point eight million dollars billion dollars that they asked for. Now would go to border security if it was one point 8% something like that so if they. Try and stop Governor Perry from enforcing the border laws. And borders and improving border security it'll it'll it'll display their hand that there hypocritical phonies. Which we've known all along but this will just prove. They can't work both sides of the street even people who vote for animal understand the difference between saying one thing and doing another. It -- on 301061692. Exits on I thirty Chris we have some FaceBook post why don't we -- a couple of them. Please this is from -- says I'm not quite sure why Peary would colony Garrett is at the stop people from coming over because I think it's a bit late for that latter already year. Yeah it but it's like bleeding and say oh why do wanna stop the bleeding -- already bleeding. No you have to stop the bleeding OK then you -- goto work with those who were already here. Otherwise with the with the thought about last poster why why have security at all on the border if it's like saying you know. Who actually provide security for this bank it's already been robbed now. They cross the border illegally and they'll continue and no continuance larger numbers. Unless you stop the bleeding so that's the reason why. Not to just sort your hands up and say -- I'll come on and enough of the or in here already because that's. The format of the federal government that's what they're going to do. When they finally get serious about their closing this down or or making it to less attractive to sneak into the country. They will say that we already have so many year. That it will be too costly into -- time consuming and we don't have these people we don't have the money. To do this to get him back to their home country so will let them -- -- I mean it's it's parents it's pretty easy that I earlier rounding up illegals and sending them back. That's not and there are in their playbook. So to say why stop him now is. The other bit of the dike. Is is leaking a little bit but don't try and stop just let it collapse now doesn't work and -- -- please. This one comes from penny she says I love the movement in more states should be like Texas and exercise their authority. It's about time somebody tried to do something about this problem well I agree with her and one thing people forget. This is called the United States of America. The forefathers saw this as a group of states. As one country okay but they put most of the rights in the hands of the states. For good reason the federal government had limited authority. They have authority over things that once they couldn't do individually certainly like a national armed forces things like that. But whenever possible they prefer the states have jurisdiction that changed a lot. The federal authorities now. They they kind of a press on every issue. Too good to be the top dogs have authority and many times they'll use once liberal blackmail. To get you to to do what they want for instance. A lot lot of things if you don't agree with the speed element for instance that the federal authorities like. -- suddenly your -- your funds for highway and bridge and things like that. Gets caught or gets cut out. So that's the way they do they do it through intimidation. And through the year expecting this from us which you'll get an issue total line and so I think that. We have to remember that with the states it's supposed to have most of that authority and I think certainly they should have the authority. If the federal government is not enforcing a law. That is crucial to have a good welfare of the state line as this would be. Certainly -- goodwill for the country as well. Then if the state steps up to enforce it. They should be allowed to. Now I'm not confident they will be allowed to assembly because of what happened in the in Arizona. Where Arizona. Joseph Arpaio the -- of America local economy were enforcing immigration law and they got slapped down by the courts. Court says that these are federal laws that men not to be in force by. State authorities. Or local authorities or county authorities they have to be addressed by federal authorities. And so I always found that shortsighted. If indeed you've got a problem. As somebody can help you whether I would assume viewed did you open your mind and let them do it but that's how the court ruled and I assume that. Somebody will come after this after announces it and make an attempt to stop it. And it'll be very important that we watch -- see who that is because whether it's Eric Holder himself. Who would be the man who represented the federal government or some -- are -- with -- would have an outstanding I don't know who would have standing in the decision to be honest with you. To be able to file a suit against or Rick Perry plans to do. But today it will be readily apparent if you're not willing to accept this help from the state of Texas you don't want any help at all you just want a mall and here. And will be interesting to see how much of a hypocrite the president. -- do you think that they'll try and stop -- -- That's a tough one league needs. No I ask I don't think they will be because they can't yet McCain that's why I think it's a master move. The semester move not crawler because it's a good -- for the right reasons. But it's like a chess game yet that feds would have to show their hand if they did this and there what -- their hand -- We don't want -- force them we don't real -- happy either coming across the border and thousands. And search and you can even criticized children -- make a bad decision. Somebody made that decision for them so why punish the children I've already heard some people on television using the approach of we can't punish the children. They totally misrepresent what's going on. These people. Who sent the children over had these children. There there -- children we do not have to be the babysitter the world we certainly are compassionate nation we trying to help what we can. What is the difference between being compassionate and being a patsy. A reminder our President Obama is going to speak on the Ukraine at 1050. That's a -- fifties and that's about twenty minutes from now if there on time. And at approximately 3 o'clock our time Governor Perry will be speaking from Texas about bringing out the National Guard. The trying to help secure the border will be back for more with beach. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine -- -- -- toll free line is 1806169236. -- back weird legitimately upset leaving each President Obama is supposed to speak at approximately 1050. About the Ukraine's ago that's about eleven and half minutes from now. And though we will carry CBS will be offering we will be carrying it see what he has to say about Ukraine. You have to laugh at some aspects though nothing funny about the Ukraine thing at all. But that the aspect on talking about is effective there was a banner headline the said that the UN Security Council. Is going to vote on a resolution. To condemn. The tape down on the plane while that's that's pretty brave of them -- the bank. Let's say who -- -- taking out a civilian plane with lots of kids involved and as a non threatening -- okay written. I I think could be embarrassing it's just human abstained from voting on that one. Well one would think it should be a unanimous vote if that comes up to a vote. Now but somebody will probably abstain. -- and and its who think that Saddam the president will come out with -- address as other members of congress. Are urging him to blow up to be more forceful weather though whether in dollar were going to use force that's. That's probably not going to happen but at least be more forceful. In in condemning it and by the way. There was also a report that a hot Mike you think that these guys. By this stage in their career would understand if there's any Mike at all around the generals say things that you don't want heard publicly. Senator Kerry Lewis secretary of state was heard allegedly on a hot Mike which is -- Mike they don't know -- done. Are criticizing the Israeli. Military response. To the Gaza situation. I don't know what Kerry -- thing. Should happen when people are raining down bombs and rockets on knew what what he's supposed to do sailed. Some more pleased. Or you have to try and stop it. So good to me that certainly doesn't help. But it I think it also adds that the ineptitude of this administration. You would think -- button -- when they know of anonymous secure place. That's not his job. At the present time to. To let things leak like that his job is to maintain. The proper read dignity gravitas. And a effectiveness of -- good secretaries. All right so we got Obama at 1050. And they have 3 o'clock our time repairing the governor of Texas will be having a press conference. And he's saying if if the feds won't do it we will. And he is asked the president to send a thousand National Guard troops to the border the president has not done. So. Remember in Phoenix. They were regard kindness I shut down by the courts when they were trying to enforce federal immigration laws. So I don't know if the same thing would happen here but I'm glad the repair is going to stand up and -- do what's best for my state. Consequently what's best for the country in the presidents and its hands. Let's go to -- an amorous failure on WB again. Perry being like Teddy Roosevelt bring them. For what they were. And I really. Couldn't. That there -- they'll compete. In. Obama to force him to -- the United States. In their immigration policy that you of the parameters. From well to Central America. They could bring in immigrants and they use children. Under the guise of acting as a refugee. And I and I think -- mentioned that we. People can't be refugee that they -- 101000 dollar tender their kids out here. -- wrong agreed to conceived plan help it's -- -- Hillary elections. In 2016. And only Obama. You know really it's like it's ever been. You know -- -- well and it could be up for you know what you'll do impeach. Yet. Well I think at that time is not on our side for impeachment weather across Hillary the election we don't know let's hope. Oh let's hope that it does. But you're right with you have 101000 dollars to give to a coyote which is some fuel smuggled your kid into the US. Then you're not destitute like I heard that report on CBS. Desperately poor people are being shaken down for 101000 dollars and it was almost like a comedy -- how can it be desperately report we got 101000 dollars especially in Mexico. So I'd I'd I'd like I like your editor Phil -- law and -- kind of guy and so alive thank you thank you remarks now they're using the kids you know. Everybody. Uses the children to think about it like this. They're using the children now. To flood our country with the illegals because they know that you're going to be really considered a hard hard case. If indeed you wanna send children back to their home countries that these are children and they didn't make the decision they're Paris made it for so they're using them there. Hamas is using children. To show off I just -- video clip. Showing children through abusing children among the armaments and among the these terrorists or whatever. So that they know there will be children casualties of this war and -- amazing for public relations. And and so everybody uses the children nobody claims they do but that's what they. And I think it's pretty pretty pathetic but let's go to Peter in buffalo Peter you're on WB yeah. I just wanted to say that you know I think that that. That they're using -- these children for a political I am -- you're just saying I think that they really care. And they would be going down and of these countries not central South America. In that trying to help them out in trying to declare warrants and the drug cartels. I think you're absolutely right if indeed we got guts of a cause of it is better than a stopping at the border if you didn't. If you help out those countries fight the problems that they're facing internally. That would be the best thing you know for the kids but they're not really talking about that they're talking about letting his many come in as possible then shutting it down and you know the rest of -- Peter thank you very much. -- you're really wanna help. You help the countries that are having the problems. Right now they've got a convenient thing going on with children coming across you think that was an accident it thinks it does somebody have put out a via a tweet. And suddenly everybody just sought and meets at the border and and they came in and mosques. I don't think so. I think this is this is long coming and long planned. It trailed Montreal 1806 -- 6926. Start I'm thirty we will return after service. Sending a message back now so we can staunch the bleeding. Those that are already here to address them to Humana terribly take care -- to make sure that they are are safe process them as quickly as you can too. Reunite them with their families that's the most. Humanitarian. Thing that we can do and the National Guard is absolutely. IE eight trained group of men and women that can address that particular function and one that they. They should. We're awaiting the president in a speech on -- on the situation in Ukraine. The presidential -- -- I don't as a full fledged press conference or he's just going to read a statement. It was scheduled for our 1050 it is and notes and fifty true. Approximately. The are not just this president but all presidents and notoriously late for these kind of things but when when it happens though we will look. We will have a report on live from CBS and right out of Washington so we'll see what his thinking is on what's going on with -- -- You know it's amazing on -- Robert good point. A regarding presidential schedules or whatever when the president came to speak at UB. And they had different aspects of it. But that the big go to the presidential. Jet landing a pretty. Airport walking down the gangway of air shaking hands getting and a car. Driving here -- work took a second I mean it was it was like a moon shot. But with -- numbers is its approximate. Could be a ten minutes of the hour -- whatever but when the when it does show up will have a -- Where meanwhile had to -- to 2 o'clock his time 3 o'clock our time. Present Rick Perry was governor of Texas will announce a prior apparently that he is sending in a thousand members of the Texas National Guard. To try to help secure the border with Mexico. I applaud him for this idea and it'll be very interesting -- two reasons very effective for two reasons through. A one is that it will certainly help -- perfect and -- who knows but anything is better than what's happening now which is nothing. And so that will be improvements secondly it'll also be interesting to see if the federal government tries to stop him from enforcing it because of the federal law. Now you can't tell me that the president who was asked for nearly four billion dollars. For this problem very little of -- by the way it was for border enforcement like one point 8% of that number was for border enforcement. He can't play the tone that he cares about illegal immigration and wants to stop it. And then stop somebody who's willing to do something about it lawfully and legally. But that's exactly what happened in Arizona. When the sheriff Arpaio Maricopa sheriff's department was kept from enforcing immigration laws by the courts down there. Saying that the federal law and and has to be left of the federal government so they would have to show their hand. So to speak not that we don't know what's in their hand already it's just that we would have affirmation that they were there. Let's go to salmon Rochester -- on WB AM. -- them. There's been there's so many reasons why we get to put it steps in this. Inpatient. First though we cannot disappoint the people to come over legally now. We didn't have our identity. It's speculated that strictly -- -- -- and absolutely. One of the reasons -- people are getting picked over the border into our country. Because sectarian commitment and it it -- There are criminals. I think terrorists. And you out -- Don't think it's evident and and so pickup but I have my. Probably remembers Vietnam War but I apparently soldiers were killed. Play any role at the booby traps -- step and another. While there's a lot of health issues as you pointed out which are being brought up by the health professionals of our country. Add -- nose bleeding hearts who think that we have an obligation to take care of every problem in the world. I'm sorry we're not capable of taking care of every problem because their children. We have more sympathy for them. But we have to be realistic too and think of -- we have children and our own country -- it's a caravan I think charity begins at home. Definitely right to note that. There's only somewhat typical route. And that night and competent. People and it was adult. It can't take care of our problems and bad -- worked out it was not so overwhelming to an extent where it allotment a bank and -- of people will -- bigger. The parents up and ended -- the biggest joke I've heard is that CBS report. -- said desperately. Poor families from those those Central American countries. Our -- are hooking up with what they called coyotes guys who bring their children over to the United States. And they're being shaken down for 101000 dollars to tell me how you're desperately poor in Mexico with 101000 dollars that doesn't work out and how are you getting or or account for up. Are you getting at it illegally because if you are that's a crime in your own country and if you're not that means you have the money and and you're not desperately pour. And went about them over here other than Obama. -- -- reasons. Yeah I think that this is up you know there's no such thing as a good crisis going to waste I think this goes in that category. Where he he sees it as. Wow we're sending all of these children they're sending all these children across the border so there are almost immune from criticism. And so that you can he can achieve his purpose. Are we to believe that they haven't paid ten year old. Our company -- -- -- by themselves. -- crossing Mexico to get here by the way and has some of them are younger than that you tell me how toddlers get across Mexico because I'd like to see a picture of that that will be assisting -- Yes well. It's pretty independent you know our Governor Perry worked out what is play it. I -- he has a lot of support across the country he has more support I'm guessing for his plan than Obama has for his non plan. Because even with the is almost four billion dollars he wants it's not going to be any better than it is by trying to stop via the influx at the border and then work on the rest of the problem after that got to stop the bleeding first. OK. There are right. Yeah except you know I I don't think there's enough time even if everything fell on line. There's not enough time to do that so if you can get it done. If you can get it done as a sense of starting. Now but if you could put Atlanta defense. There are prevented from growing up even president -- I don't think he's capable of book. Of any shame or or even his history his legacy. I think he's got in mind when he wants to do and how -- everything else however shakes down because. If you think about it if if he manages to accomplish what he has in his mind. For this country it will trump all of these other smaller issues and that's how -- be thought of and I wouldn't be surprised if the master -- -- right along thank you see them. And that's the whole point okay where we're gonna go out and it was in about a minute and then we still have no side of the president still -- the same static shot of of the beautiful green grass and little walk with a microphone which you'll go on go amble out there. Say something maybe not too profound. Here he reacted to all of 38 seconds when he found out that the idea. Airliner have been shot Gary I know we didn't have a a lot of information but that's what it wasn't any segue right into his. Into his fund raising mode. So we will we will hit that CBS a press conference when it shows up disposal -- -- -- minutes ago. On news radio 930 we are WB.

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