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7-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello does Beijing coming -- I'm sandy beach. I think about what the best job and America is and that's elevator repairmen. For this building. OK it was one of those days where you know IE I reached for the elevator button thing game. Boy I'm glad the elevators here today and suddenly it wasn't and that was one of those. And all news. Does this make -- as a shock you but I I don't particularly like lots and lots of stairs I'd prefer the elevator I I know. I don't hold onto our airline -- one but rarely I don't. And every simply every week at least one day the elevators -- and so what I did is as I'm reaching for the button first -- I look for assigned names -- put a sign says. Out of order but there was no sign and I felt really there's no sign -- okay. Push the button as one of those things Tony beer reversed a button and it doesn't stay lit. Up -- and the problem Al that I do. Pushed a -- didn't they let and so I did my idea I I did my triathlon for the day. Leaping up the stairs bounding up as there is people are thinking -- What is this an Olympic athlete in training but I am I am here now exactly. Idea I think -- -- -- an extra cheeseburger tonight. Now it -- it is very strange and a couple of birthday announcements here and I find there's. Remarkably strange. Okay. Yesterday. Was relieved birthday of Alice Lewinsky okay happy birthday and Alice Lewinsky at general wonderful birthday yesterday. Today is the birthday of Bernadette Wallach. And happy birthday to Bennett Bernard apology runs that the newspaper raid -- shall let the parade. OK so yesterday -- Lewinsky today brought an apology why I find this amazing. Is because their mother and daughter. And I'm thinking this is not by accident. I'm think -- sexual activities were planned. And on talking about you know I'm talking about Alice probably got to be really -- have a daughter. Who has the same birthday I don't wish she was stopped by today. Had she held out one more day it would have been exactly the -- While nick and his grandmother Sharon berth yet and caused insurer opinions and over yesterday is amazing yes 67 now. -- that's older than that. And Alice is older than that. I'm happy birthday to everybody had a birthday yesterday but. I'm thinking that currency probably said not tonight Henry we got a little X Tuesday. In a good -- I've never note I'm off father and son her mother and daughter that had the same birthday neither and this was one day apart so I'm happy birthday. To both of them as a matter of fact you will feel like it's known. You know so we got -- -- reading is that is -- a good singer Chris is fantastic is a good thing I will take a chance that is this is maiden voyages as a singer had they don't want. Are you out I got I got very -- review as well as those guys -- front and on the Soviet practice OK here we gum. Happy birth dates. -- who happy birthday to move. Happy birthday. Dear Alice and turn able ground. Have -- burger today it's food used to have ever -- them. I'm meanwhile while they were having birthdays. We were having some low water problems. I'm Tony you -- him out fest and I saw on the meadows they had a water -- -- yeah that was pretty wild it was a amazing how did you get that repaired that quickly for the next day. How more and if they had to obviously shot down vets at section of the festival dig it up -- -- ever if they had a ready by the next day. I think they had to show off Niagara Falls behind in anybody who was here on vacation. We'll get their money back on a cold reappointment. I actually I was there or major show on marijuana diverted defaults. I've seen pictures you know I was on the air. And it was interesting because I didn't think they could do that but they did it and a so yeah and also. I sent out saying I. -- should pay more attention to what things -- I'm just telling you because you gave me a couple of examples. A food. And not cheap but every once in awhile something will ring my bell and I'll vote that's ridiculous that's too expensive okay. You were telling me about -- what do you have book. A small Sunday or Sunday. Had a -- medium French -- cost these six dollars sixty dollars for medium French rulers that was -- now fast you know and also we have done nick had a small clone a mute my mother in law and I had two small. All floats and a root beer floats cars a little truce followed -- twelve dollars wow wow. And a reports although you didn't see your reports are that it Italian festival there was selling pizza for how much like six or seven dollars a slice slice. Fried -- seven dollars Obama. It's crazy -- idea at that point I would go without it. I'm sorry if this would yeah pretty much stone with fast and -- and no one knows incendiary remarks of that group of people. To San Diego -- the starlight express up from LA to Seattle. And -- in San Diego us with a trip started beautiful right there on the water you can see the navy ships this is part one reason. And it was a small ice cream stand and it was the same thing except it was even worse. -- had a median Cologne and I had at large don't. Eighteen rule -- exactly but you see you can see the shafts and the Iran the Iran birdie on the water that's -- idea. That's when it gets you from accounts that. Meanwhile did you see that micro burst or whatever they called an inquiry is where some there was going down so there was going up. And Maria they kind of -- took shed not just that typical tool shed like a big big ones and took an upside down in this huge tree was uprooted. It's up to Scotland and it posted one of wallow -- that. Good misses -- so that's good. -- -- It's a mix birthday he's seven years old let's -- time flies it's crazy how time flies and how old's your mom in law. Guys nuts -- talent I tried to trick -- that was a trick question. I all important -- -- seven a multiple -- seven. Sees them in times to a fourteen. Tell me when this up seven times -- when he won ordinance that when aid. By terrorism is 35. Six as -- sort of joke several guys that 49 got eight guys and so it's. It can't keep hanging in there. Well I thought rang Friday at a about a ten minutes past nine. And it was my sister because I was off on Friday and a thanks to a -- parks forests and again. And -- -- the good job over happy about that but my my sister. Calls my house at about ten minutes past nine and says. I was also she said I had I had the -- ready. And I turn -- who listens on streaming audio from mom. From outside of Boston Massachusetts aren't she's at an annual war or not she's his bags and for us. As a lawyer you impressed with Gerald parks and I'm thinking she's you know this in the right. The guy filling it is better in -- know is what was here's what you call for. She's I'm so impressed she's that I just found out that you legendary. She's that he he said he was happy to be filling in for the legendary sandy beach she's that I just just found out that your legendary I said. -- yours you didn't know that I never mentioned that send you card from your legendary brother thing. It takes somebody to fill forming devices to realize this is under halting clip you showed up I've got a lot. I've got a lot of clippings judge I'm -- make a copy of every one of them and send them to you should get erupted exactly she should know about but thanks to Jerrold marks. Now our weekend I had does some things to do one thing -- -- a lot one thing not so much okay what he wanted the good thing burst. Yeah like okay. I went to a place called route twenty ice cream and it's on its it's an Orchard Park strangely enough and wanted. And they have. Iconic like from the fifties gas pumps. And they've got an old. Record calling it an old car. And then they have like a mini museum in the back. With stuff from the fifties the toasters. And the tables and stuff it's really cool and Uggla chemicals and I -- -- core. I'll put the ice -- was good and and it was fun to look around it's called it's called virtualized I think India they have more than one occasion but this one's on replace -- -- route one as. But check it out because it's good and the time I find a good place ago I usually. Give you -- heads up. While because next Tuesday I'm going to Alaska. I had to do something that. To say it's not my favorite thing would be an understatement. If -- if you if you said sandy here are two things you can do today what you got to do one of them OK you can have a root canal. Or you can go out -- -- some new clothes. I would say. Where is the dentist or give me the Dennis point me in the right direction. I of people going on chaotic I would rather have a root canal and Michael's. The only good part is. Where -- I go to Arafat and sort don't call the premise or courses call something else -- I I I hate being there really -- the only advantages. When you go to the feminist or you are never the biggest guy there ever which is really great and like I take it too -- I used to take a five next it goes to eight. Acts now I can't imagine what the person were resonate excellent. Book and be on the way around and find out. But I I just despise it I really do so what I do as I go and tell them exactly what I want and I say something. Really genteel like here's what I want give me the hell out of here. Okay and clothes are flying in there over the changing room under video here this fits that doesn't -- rob rob rob rob rob. And so I'm also. It's mine too close of -- is going to be in Alaska going. And I spurned its populace a hearse chasing me it's January in new shirt I mean -- and now did you remember iron your -- bikini idea. I asked if they had a replacement -- bikinis on the velcro. I'll -- that they don't they had everything else but that now but I'm I'm all set. Well you guys at the Michael's much do yeah I despise it's our it's the worst thing -- -- -- the only thing I like doing is if I'd buy like a teacher sports -- OK I don't do that happened like actual out but I had a problem got a coordinated. Usually from a female influence -- very -- doing wrong. I would Wear things and so literally the last -- gave up I have. Fifty shirts. In my closet 550. OK in column while. And I -- five. That's about it. Took him five. And I have fifty. Or fifty logs event where five -- armor and win and that's it -- a lot of people do. But I'm not one but I'm ready now ready for via the big. Oh by the way I just looked up route twenty ice cream this place looks phenomenal it's cool it's funny even have a sewing machine it's an old singer just like my -- hands. And our basement for Marat the alteration business we had I mean the fifty stuff it's remarkable. Al -- remain the old -- no car. Always machine. A ten mile march announced it was backstage at a package show we did in Hartford. And went to argue back and forth. And then he as he's about to go to a different part of a staged as I was and seeing the event -- as you might want this and he hands me my watch. That was what he did for fun he was a pickpocket. He could take -- my watch off. And my watch was the kind of watch that. You know you if it would at a metal band and you kind of fold and then you clip down he took off my wrist and I didn't know. Okay I yeah -- and -- I used to do for fun backstage he would do that you take your watch often and and his hand it to. I'm glad I gave it back. Up. That kind of way but this is people you know in here and seeing shows and stuff. Do you find out that they have their own personalities before they go on stage in their fun of the book -- on August. Distressed. To -- and I heard yesterday. That James -- -- I'd love James Garner. How is Jim garner is the best. And both maverick in Rockford Files he had that kind of persona. That you just liked him whether he was a rogue or hero or whatever. Andy was eighty something years old and we hadn't seen him in anything and along. Long time by tonight I don't particularly wanna see him as ago as the year ago because our government in his prime. But that they announced that yesterday on Sunday morning on the CBS television newscast. Bugs -- to hear that guys like that especially maverick is one of my type the characters. And the median net Jack Kelly who played his brother. -- -- maverick was I'd like maverick for a couple of reasons he played poker that's the big reason. But he was always weasel his way out of something this guy he was the exact opposite of economies would. Colonies would never took a back step. But a maverick would find a way around you know I've always it's wrong always good. Let's say -- giveaway I've prepared tickets to see James Taylor yes how would you like to see sweet Baby James who is not that much or baby anymore. He's playing July 29 at the first Niagara center the value as a hundred and when he -- dollars courtesy of users beaver productions. And set up -- productions okay beaver productions. General contest rules apply don't miss James Taylor and his all Starr band first Niagara center. I think it's very appropriate beaver productions are bringing a show there tickets available tickets dot com call 6449 at -- five way collar at random will win the tickets. Meanwhile we'll take a break and we will return on the -- company. Under is -- and I'm thirty UWB. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WB EN. -- backward -- governor allowances for my snow shovel and the bills on campus. I don't have a game scheduled flight Wednesday. Is the guy's got to get out of their cars and get on the bus can't it would game. I mean come on the hall of fame game is what a two weeks away one week away -- week from Sunday a week from Sunday so it's two weeks and then they'll leave. Will be in uniform flying now of course we knew where. Going to be watching. Because we're getting an induction this year but they played far too early. As far as I'm concerned and little more time meanwhile ago won't -- fail the physical weathermen are solved our when they fail us. Our conditioning test. A couple guys -- but -- -- in most of our starters because. Hey he's ourselves barriers any reserve. Pro bowler last year and it was a third overall effect and is that such. Tumultuous offseason so they have to do what sets and reps and stuff like that are run -- conditioning type. You think your comeback to shape and -- into in camp to camp in shape as ornaments -- Because in the old days when those guys. He played football part time they had other jobs. And they had to -- you know sometimes get in shape in camp but now people usually report championship. Thurman Thomas I think tweeted over the weekend you know under Marv Levy he had a simple request show walked in shape. He shot at your job absolutely. It's one like when I show up at 9 o'clock after after the stairs. And I'm still an amazing vocal shape and -- and -- -- into the regulate them -- I could say a lot of I wanted to and some -- and I'm not allowed to by the way. So -- that many people fail -- thing. People. Valid but you generally only hear about the top guys -- the big commitments you have big names at one of the biggest issues I remember was Albert Haynesworth a couple of years ago when he went. He went from Tennessee to Washington's side like a 100 million dollar deal. And if I'm not mistaken he failed -- for like a week straight as they kept giving it to him every day with words essentially didn't really want to play know all -- he kind of washed out after that he was great with Tennessee now and that may want to Washington and I think he tried to hook now with New England. But to his attitude was his biggest. I really was and when -- making that kind of money I think what when you make kind of money I don't care they pay him a thousand dollars -- season. You gotta give me your best effort needs that seem like once the once he got into a big money's it's. Didn't care. All right today. About the time Tom Barley signs on. Rick Perry governor of Texas will be having a press conference. And what is expected is this. That he will announce that he is sending. The Texas National -- to the Mexican border. To help us stop the flow of illegal immigrants. To this country and here's here's sound -- vote my applause. Good for you are buried here it's -- he asked the president. Two tool federalized the National Guard and send them to the border course the president. And neighbors and even hear about a musher at a fund raiser or something -- the president playing golf that's about all he does he's useless. I was so it was obvious the president wasn't -- it. So repair low amounts of thousand troops to the Mexican border to try and help out now this is good for a couple of really good reasons all right. I think it's. One reason is it will help stem the flow of illegals know I don't know what their mission statement will be. To turn it around right at the border because once they get in the taxes. And suddenly if -- -- children and and not Mexican or Canadian. They have to have a hearing and the hearing right now is at least a two years. So you've got to keep them from getting across the border first. And so I think that's a great mission all right it's that maybe send out a message that is not going to be of these super highway to Texas and America as a person. So I like that but here's here's the malicious part. Okay here in Washington is saying all we wanna stop the flow of illegals. All we really care about that we've got to stop it we can have illegals right. Now we'll see what happens we'll see of Washington tries to do something to head this off. Because it Washington pulls any kind of power play like they have in the past we have Arizona. Two does say that those -- federal laws and you're not allowed to. To enforce them. -- -- with state forces if they do anything to stop. Texas from enforcing the border there -- their hand is over they've turned their cards over they've shown you that nothing -- hypocritical phonies. Because there's no reason they should now they may not I thought I feel like the godfather. Michael whoever comes studio and as for the meeting he -- the trader I feel like the same thing because whoever comes now and tries to stop. The enforcement of the law. Doesn't Carol it's about our laws absolutely. And I don't care whether it's the feds are not now here's something we have to look for because this is a road may take a little zig and zag. The way it would normally be done is true a court system. That's what happened in Arizona when Arizona Joseph Arpaio of -- Maricopa County said the feds are not enforcing the laws aware going to ago. Well below ordered by the federal court system not to do because they are not allowed to enforce federal law which seems stupid to me. I mean but I'm not on the media on the bench. So we'll see they may get some kind of a puppet group were something I don't know who would have standing in as who would be allowed to bring it before court. To get a stay in order to keep them from enforcing the federal law. But whoever it is there whatever group -- is you can bet that the people pulling the strings go all the way to the White House. House I guarantee you that because this is really called Obama's hand. Obama can't say we really care about illegal immigration we have to stop -- in one breath. And I need four billion dollars in another breath while in the third breath saying no don't don't stop -- that's not your job thing he can't say keep it coming but I wanna stop it can't do that. I mean he's got enough and are being brought into anything but what I'm saying is it really -- them a good plan for the reasons I just gave you. It's certainly a thousand troops will help I don't know if that'll totally stop -- certainly -- was illegal immigration along the Rio Grande. So that's good. But whoever comes to stop it. You'll know that they could care less about illegals. They just want him flow and and you know what the game plan is as we've been over many times. A wanna hear from Rio Texas governor Rick Perry. Is expected to announce today that he sending a thousand. Troops. The Texas National Guard to the border. Do you think this is a good idea a bad idea the event or give me your general thoughts adultery on 930. 18061692. Through six and start nine there is beach and company have an article here from the Washington imposed. Suggesting that governor Rick Perry will mobilize the Texas National Guard to securing the US Mexican border the feds won't do what he's gonna do it. But it'll be interesting to see the response from the threads. If they try and stop him from doing it it'll tell you they have no interest in border security not so we should drop the pretense that they care. All they want is an open border let -- flow in here give me everything we've gotten a treasury. A make -- citizens and hope they'll vote for him I think that you won't need hope it'll be guaranteed and will be -- one party country. Reportedly plans to dispatch the Texas National Guard to the US border. I he wants to mobilize have a thousand Guardsmen to the Rio Grande Valley according to monitor that's a south Texas newspaper. A spokesperson for Governor Perry told the Washington Post -- would neither confirm nor deny the report -- at all details will be given at a news conference at 2 PM central time. In Austin that that of course would be at 3 PM here. It is unclear. What mission and the guard will have -- and that's what I was a talking about. I don't know I assume the mission will be to keep them from getting across the border. Because once they're already here as you know. They have they have children after have a hearing. Before a via a judge and that right now the waiting period is about two years. So one would assume that the mission will be to keep them on the other side of the real round. The news about the continued surge of young immigrants most of them from Central America crossing the border and scattered protests in the US. And they -- you know nobody has seemed to taking a pro active really strong stand on this. But Perry is going to step up and that's good he is. Potential 2016 Republican presidential contender he didn't do that well I didn't I was in the press room last night morale but. I I kind of like what he's doing now. He spoke elsewhere besides Iowa. In recent days promising to take matters into his own hands of the president does not act -- -- press waiting for the president to act on that. And you really seriously can't be serious signal culture. If the federal government does not do its constitutional duty to secure the southern part of the United States the state of Texas will do. -- repair it and I'm just -- for those who are thinking impeachment and I I think you're wasting your time with that but. If you are this could be a real test. Of -- though we have immigration laws we have laws about border security they are being ignored by the federal government. That failure to do assigned work is a basic principle of most contracts. At but he takes an all the president takes an oath. To faithfully execute the law of the -- uphold the constitution but he he lives so so he sang at the feds won't do what I well. Following the murder of Arizona rancher Robert crowns in 2010. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson as a Democrat. Ordered the National Guard to patrol the border to protect a New Mexico residents Republicans in congress have been urging Obama for some time to use the guard. Along the border but of course hasn't. Perry who has been asking Obama to make the call recently I told Fox News. The mobilizing the troops now is important because this lot of children is pulling away the Border Patrol from their normal duties of keeping bad people the drug cartels -- that are etc. From being detected the of the troops have the authorities are being distracted. So I would suggest is a very obvious need for the National Guard to come and employ an important role so. I think that in most times when you call -- has to be some declaration of an emergency. One would say this is an illegal immigration emergency. About -- watch. Us watch. See if the feds make a move against the state of Texas for doing. Because then that the jig is up but he bit pretense is over at that point. Don't even pretend you care. If you are not aware if you don't wanna do it and you don't want Texas to do it then you don't care about doing it let's face. I think it's demo I think it's a good move for the country and I think it's a good move politically what do you think Tony. Absolutely a good move I was hoping that it would force Obama to call -- to call off the guard himself but I think Rick Perry has. The right intention right idea let's call it out now and if Obama steps up to stop that and we yes we have ourselves -- serious. You know I probably people usually stand number Omnia outskirts of a situation pointing and analyzing whenever jumping in the pool. Would have it would usually say this is just for political purposes but they can't do that you know line. Because everybody on both sides of the -- knows that this is a crisis it's been described as a crisis it is a crisis so they can't say it's as -- posturing. Or it's just Iowa -- gamesmanship. Nothing like that he's doing it for the right reason. Let's go to Spencer in Attica. Spencer on WB again. Good morning I was down along the border in the late nineties. And truthfully. What I operated through. My own time and with no money. I was governor on helping kids in rural communities and their educations system. I had my truck so -- threatened. Border Patrol presence strip search it shouldn't -- -- for money went ahead nothing. They want to my way is. Feminine hygiene products. Head Border Patrol try to pull a gun army and -- parking outside of an education service list. I -- are you saying that they wanted money from you it was shaking you down the board of -- Did you report urged the jury well these are reported to anybody. They had -- point mountain road desert in a trailer. Whether people would across the road -- -- I ask your question did you know report you don't know why. Well as a ploy and it wouldn't go anywhere in the next person that came up I also think they commit. Well I hear you're just making undocumented accusations at least if he had something on file we might believe thank you. And he this is all -- when his argument Chris remembering India the so it's it's just somebody saying something -- anybody can say something I guessed but if you didn't report it. Then that means there's no record of it and no record of its just your you know your rambling whether it's true or not put up some proof let's -- it. So let's see in that short conversation they tried to shake him down. For money. That they went through his wife's feminine hygiene products. Monica. There -- and equipment. -- quality control where is that when the news but you guys obviously. If that happened to you if that happened to me we would report it. And then we have a record. Whether can be proven or not is up to the -- -- you at least make it complain. That they were shaking down for money it. All right we're asking do you think this is a good idea or not I think it's an excellent idea because it's -- it will serve our purpose. First of all and secondly it sends out loud message and it really shows Washington for what Washington is hypocritical. Oh look this -- we're doing this this topic book outside Seward got out their duties as a lot of us think this -- Look at that they've got one of those cherry pickers. The guys in the tree. Did you see that we haven't sorry we have a tree right outside the window that's what a cherry picker is now a tree is between me and the cherry picker. But I can see the guy and I can see the tree but I can't tell -- the guys in the tree are in the cherry picker. -- room got me I need assistance on this one and -- and good question. We'll be backward bar. Is the guy in the tree are as the image cherry picker will be back -- are under -- and I want to make college cherry picker anyway what Rebecca service.

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