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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Mark Evans- Buffalo Presidential Center on Frances Cleveland

Mark Evans- Buffalo Presidential Center on Frances Cleveland

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- presidential center unveils an exclusive exhibit. Today honoring Frances Folsom Cleveland former first lady of the United States and a buffalo native. The a program will be held at the Robert H Jackson US courthouse in Niagara square in buffalo. Mark. WB in -- to talk about the collection he's the board vice president of the association for buffalo presidential center. -- good morning. Our ticket for the time. Tell a little bit about Francis Folsom Cleveland I think it's mystery to a lot of people but very interest in buffalo history. Well the number one -- Your listeners need to. Oh is that she. It is the only native spoke polonium. Whoever occupies the White House. Because pretty Grover was from New Jersey. Millard Fillmore west from Arabia New York. And princess who was 250. Birthday -- today. Was born right on Edwards street number 160 Edwards street. And between the Allentown district and downtown. -- mr. Adams. She was considerably. Younger than Grover Cleveland is an outright and he took a lot of heat repeatedly took a lot of -- for -- robbing the cradle. Now that would PC I would say because. She was so extremely popular -- that the public was very. Forgive me. But that she was 21. When they were married a whole losing White House he was 49. He was a bachelor. And his sister. Rose Elizabeth. That served as White House closest during the first. Fourteen months of his presidency. -- there's a lot of hold the record as the only presidential couple married and White House. Pilots that is something. But there's a lot of intrigue about her neck in the time I mean it sounds sounds like she was the Jackie Kennedy of the late eighteen hundreds. By. More so than that. She'll -- popular in the 1980s and 1890s -- Princess Diana wore an -- you know how crazy everyone was. However when -- fell in love with her. Princess' popularity. Somehow went viral. In an age where it was mainly newspapers magazines. Washington society. And word of now. But. The Cleveland he had problems with paparazzi. With reporters. I mean treatment group that's trying to find out what they were doing what they were eating them. Trying to get a glimpse of them stand out. Her image was used more. Items. Commercial products advertised. And and the other First Lady in our country's history. Asserts that that will be featuring. There will be hundreds of items as my personal collection that I put together over fifty years. -- Francis Folsom Cleveland. She was a mom of the legendary BB roots of the popular candy I was named after or not is that really true or is that just little. Really is true we are in the expert. They. But except she was as popular as lady Diana so they'd just get intense media. The -- and they lost the 1988. Presidential election and they won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College. The sold during the four years when they were. Out of office they have a child. And of course they were still in the nose and still popular they name their child group. And the press immediately doctor they be -- and that the exhibit today you'll see dozens of items portraits. -- -- Club to bear eco labels that word name perfume that we're named for baby Ruth. And has nothing at all to do with the baseball player. There were guests and she's the only presidential child who -- bonus fund size. That's funny now this exhibit will be open. How long acting -- an that they Robert JH Jackson court now. It's in court house right in the -- bit glass pavilion. -- see there and it will be open to the public so this afternoon from three to five. We have little ceremony upstairs and so only for invited guests. And then following net starting tomorrow it will be open from nine to -- every -- true September 3. We'll sounds like -- church. And culture can you don't have to go through security. Very interesting thank you for joining us and telling us a little bit about her. Good thanks for -- -- at C. Think people Wear shirts and sounds like a great attraction that's marked.

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