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Siena Pollster Steve Greenberg on Gov.'s Race

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next we have lots to talk about with our live line guest -- Steve Greenberg. Pulsar with a -- on a college polling institute good morning Steve thanks for joining us. Good morning -- great -- first Governor Cuomo your poll shows the governor with a big lead over his Republican challenger. That's great this is sienna poll is not a registered voters across New York but rather of likely gubernatorial prop. Voters this November and what we see is that. Andrew Cuomo has a commanding lead over his Republican challenger Westchester County executive. Rob -- right now. Cuomo has the support of 60% of likely voters. Compared to 23%. Draster Reno. Well you know we mean huge among Democrats. He's winning 21 among independent voters. And she's even getting them -- of third of Republicans right now pastor read only leaves or more among Republicans. 51 to 32 and formal not surprisingly has a huge lead in New York City. A better than 21 lead in the downstate suburbs and even had a fifteen point lead over mastery normal upstate voters. -- Cuomo's favorable or unfavorable numbers this morning in this -- Sources and right now 61% of likely voters say they view Andrew Cuomo favorably compared to. 35%. Who view him unfavorably a pretty strong favorability rating. The problem or one of the problems for -- about street you know is that right now. 61%. Of likely voters say they don't know enough about mastery -- I have an opinion and among those who do. All bolster evenly divided 20% of likely voters say they view -- past Reno favorably. 19%. View mastery no one paper. And the majority of your likely New York voters show the New York State is a better state. This past four years because of cool. Yeah I mean when CNN asked voters has and record home made New York better place to live with. In the last four years or has -- not. 59%. Of voters say yes Andrew Cuomo has made New York a better place to live. Only 15% say he's made it worse and about 20%. 21%. Say -- it's about the same as when he first took over. Steve you also talked to likely voters about when a legislator gets indicted in New York State that found this interest in many could explain that part. -- rule as we -- voters what we call forced choice question. We gave them two choices and we said. You know which one. You more green and what we could -- voters was. When thinking of how members of the New York State legislate the legislature. Which of these statements do you agree with more. -- state legislators are honest hard working and do what's best for their constituents. Or more state legislators do what's best for them and their political friends and it never surprises me when another one gets indicted. Well almost two thirds of voters 65%. Said. It never surprises me when another one gets indicted that they do what's best for themselves and their friends. A week 28%. Think most legislators are honest and hard working and doing what's best for their constituents. You also lashed a likely New York voters about the their opinion of common core learning standards. -- Mostly divided although. By a ten point margin. Orders sank that common course should be stopped. Rather than. Forward. Right now what we ask voters 49%. Say they don't wanna see the common core standards implemented. 39%. Say they do wanna see that implemented and we -- a pretty big divide here downstate voters. And New York and Democrats. Support moving forward with a common -- but upstate voters Republicans. Independents say now let's put the brakes -- As you want our question you say it likely voters were polled not registered voters. The Who were the other way around you think his poll numbers would change anyway significantly or otherwise. Not really. What we look at this month's poll compared to last month Poland last month poll was registered voters rather than likely voters. We don't see a big change that the real difference is. The modeling we use rights for example. Among all registered voters 39% of registered voters in this state live in New York City. 35%. Of registered voters live in upstate. That's not what the turnout looks like in that in a typical gubernatorial election a week we looked historically at the last three gubernatorial elections. So the model. That that the sample that we used in this poll is different only 30% of the voters are from New York City. 44%. From upstate because that's what. That the likely turnout is could not look like in November so. If anything this should have helped rob pastor Reno should have helped the other Republican candidates because. Did this sample of voters. Is more upstate less New York City are less Democrat than enrollment actually is that a little bit more Republicans and enrollment actually is. But what we find is that. Core holes sleep last month with 36 points among registered voters. It actually increased by a point to 37 points this month among likely vote. Steve thank you for all that we're grateful to god be with those thanks again happy to be. CL a college show pollster Steve Greenberg by the way function and finally entire Siena College poll all the questions all the replies I'm WBA and dot com.

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