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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Former FBI Agent Ed Needham

Former FBI Agent Ed Needham

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome Ed Needham former FBI agent to the WBM live line. Mr. GM I'll used to investigate cases where Americans were killed overseas including aviation attacks Edison severe joining us thank you. But this is going to -- NH seventeen investigation. What intrigued you most about this. Well you know one of the most difficult aspects of this is the the the investigation of the actual crimes and it was several areas turn. No number one that first and foremost as a singular person now. Trying to recover the bodies recovered the victims. And also try to recover potentially pick your cards in. Appeared completely trampled apartment and and -- that's really an issue because. The quicker you get crime in basically. The stronger it will be pretty -- it could locate. But also you know reconstruct that their -- -- will really -- story. That's what happened that aircraft. You know it's our understanding from reports that we've been hearing on CBS news that some. Of the people in the area mainly pro Russian rebels have actually been picking through personal belongings. Of some of the crash victims and there's been some looting going on. There is international law isn't there. The -- -- yet that are actually Europe a couple of statute on the books where the FBI has jurisdiction when Americans were killed overseas. Which applies actually to. American vehicle and aircraft as well. Similar to what the FBI and the Department of Justice whose government used to -- three. Deck of Scotland that in 1988. So there's there's a lot of precedent now therefore statutes and laws have been used. And yet the Chinese resources that -- that they're not brought the parent. A lot of these agents. Would it have a firmer and expertise. To bring her to Serbia three investigation that forensics are exposed Examiner's. -- -- my tactical expertise that help with everything from satellite imagery to intercept communications. Obviously the analysis portion. Trying to determine actually worked at -- there -- connection to the Russian coach and service. They all sort of other. Assuming a -- missile as has been reported they could certainly help identify only certain missile to determine that you -- what we utilized. And send a terrifying victims. How confident are you dad. A credible investigation can be conducted here. Well. I mean we compute resources on the ground there no question in my mind that we -- credible investigation. Like this here the most typical fortune here is actually getting that pride shall get into the debris field. You know compared oral treatment to -- a carpet square miles. So you can assume that they're used to brief it was court quite large what it -- components for total current large area. I'm assuming that we hear. A guarantee of safety and resource is there. You know the FBI as well RBC and ESP you know this wasn't following. It was manufactured in our states and you're speakers tremendous amount of expertise. And there -- resources. Will be critical and also trying to put this together quickly. Must commit themselves to pro Russian rebels are apparently in charge of this debris field right now and that's about it square miles and understand who gets to question. -- them. About what happened and one would we questioned them and do they have to comply. Well unfortunately what it's overseas. You would you have to utilize what ever school -- available. They don't have why you certainly can't compel them. Ideally. I think you're going to need their support of the Russian government. What verdict comes to beer or not you know remains to be seeing it certainly -- -- turtle that both the FB RUS government. The scores. -- the international. Governments involved here really are going to have a difficult time trying to get full cooperation. Tools with the FBI be able to offer in this probe. As I mentioned earlier our our bomb explosive units. Have a tremendous amount of experience. In collecting evidence. That major crimes and in particular. Current order aviation as -- We've been able to assistant -- reconstructing aircraft. Several years ago I was able to -- or hanger in Long Island where they reconstructed that -- 4800. They're actually able put together over to a circular aircraft to determine what happened so. We can certainly bring our evidence in our sport and there are together. Tactical expertise and try and or video and audio on satellite photos. And again you know we have a disaster squad which helps with a victim identification. Which used then and now let ministries which -- -- make their case -- over the years tries and predict -- major incident church this. Mr. need and we appreciate all your insight this morning thank you for joining us. As Ed Needham since former FBI agent.

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