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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ukraine Plane Probe- CBS Aviation Analyst Mark Rosenker

Ukraine Plane Probe- CBS Aviation Analyst Mark Rosenker

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB and live line and welcome mark Rosen career former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board the NTSB. Now an aviation safety expert for CBS news mister Rosen -- thank you for joining us. Good morning we we keep hearing about official investigators trying to get control. Of the crash field and eastern Ukraine now just who are there I mean as the NTSB there are in charge. Of all these investigative agencies trying to secure the crash field. The NTSB is there the FBI has come as well. The dot -- there the British are there the Malaysians there are 12 yet. Awaiting the opportunity. To come out to the crash site and begin a forensic examination. But it is the rebels the separatist that are holding itself. Accident site it's crash like this this crime scene. Hostage and or -- there are attempting to get I do not know. But at least they moved. Forward and attempting to recover. The bodies and put them in a refrigerated area where they can at least be somewhat browser. Mark can credible investigation be conducted here. It is difficult now without so much contamination. Of the crime scene. However. With that said there's still information that is out there and it can be revealed. We know pretty much what happened based on intelligence technology. It's been presented. To the world and it is quite obvious. -- lots of circumstantial evidence it would be wonderful to get a forensic to corroborate it. Well way and that's going to happen. I'm not sure went. And the -- still open at the to the whims of the separatist rebels. It's except it now that this plane was brought on by some kind of project a missile now. What the pilot mr. Rosen car has had time to say something anything that would alert investigators. We don't know yet the F black boxes are under the the company after the rebels again they claim they're going to represent them do official investigator. -- if that happens will certainly be able to download it and have seen what kind of information is on there. That's why as if in fact it was at that sale haven't. -- you have -- to air missile. Just as the proximity used weapon. We can back that is. Guided by high radar he gets adjacent to whatever its target is and then blows up. So we don't know where in fact this missile. Actually blew up what parts of the aircraft came apart first. We will learn some -- It would have been a lot easier obviously had we had been there Crowley we're now into the fifth day. They -- have been up there are moving equipment around people traipsing around the site looters have. All kinds of horrible things going on in a place that in that needed to be preserved so that we could have a decent investigation. -- does seem to be there were conflicting reports over the weekend whether they had the black boxes or not but. You say that they the rebels have -- will turn them over we think. You know what they claim that we now know these -- People say things and then of course they they they they basically lies about them. What is so critical on those. Black boxes. Well it will in fact that that tell us. Obviously the time and the fact that this aircraft was attacked by the altitude is being. We will know that the aircraft. It was operating. Normally until this happened we don't know -- between an eight year. On the cockpit voice recorder if we hear an -- -- they -- a black. The leave the -- Flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorded a black boxes are located in the -- aircraft. -- separated. Then pretty much everything goes at the time that the tail goes off. Mr. Rosen cars and -- questioning -- -- the wisdom of flying a commercial airliner. Or -- such hostile territory. That's going to be something which in fact it is part of this investigation. How much of this intelligence was presented to the global aviation community like KO. To your control to the -- The airlines themselves do them make AF. Risk value. This vision on how -- -- an -- -- aircraft at that let people work. Saying it if you're -- at 33000 feet he should not have problems we have now in a different situation. -- this is quite similar to what we saw. In September 11 we now know that people wanting to harm. OK actually yeah. Aircraft that at very high levels we used to worry about them at critical plays of the flight which shoulder mounted missiles man pads. In that takeoff and landing now we have to worry about the the cruise altitude. This is something which is totally different than that and believe that -- -- before it is really game changer for how we fly airplanes around the world. Look at cruise altitude that would be like way above 30000 feet right. OK mark we know your busy guy thank you we're very grateful. Mark Rosen Carr former chairman of the NTS being and -- say creations safety expert course CBS news.

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