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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Columnist Peter Roff- How Astorino Could Win Gov. Race

Columnist Peter Roff- How Astorino Could Win Gov. Race

Jul 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One other thing I wanted to get to this morning and it involves elected politics in New York State. Peter Roth is with us he's an opinion columnist now for US news and world report. At a couple of other places he's the former director of Newt Gingrich's political action committee obviously a Republican. A political strategist who worked on various campaigns. He's also someone who. Has written as a journalist for several years before it got actively involved in politics he used to be with the United Press International. And that this is interesting in his latest column he put forth the argument. That rob asked to Reno court actually take the governor's mansion. Away from Andrew Cuomo asked -- is trying to do some of that campaigning in the buffalo area today. At the Pulaski parade later on in Cheektowaga. But Peter has a mathematical theory let's look at -- further Peter thanks her for being with us pleasure to talk to me a little bit about the theory here. You have sketched out and wrote in US news and world report. And actual scenario whereby. Rob ask Marino who would beat Governor Cuomo explained. Well first of all you have to understand that the polls which show -- ever Cuomo three point -- well extra. Reflect. My education. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they know who probably. Don't know who -- faster. What -- -- however is that while rob stalwart open up. But -- far -- as long we're all I can think back. And forward George Pataki her father. Racial law which are Apple's server while. And after labor extra clothes. Global may be upset or upset. On each possible then. And frankly. Article was much better -- out there. Competence. Much better human being personals employed -- some. So I think -- -- it it's -- -- possible if people are going to. Which I'm wondering is part of the reason why you putting this forth to perhaps -- convince people that yes they can. At the apartment right. I sure. I'd -- opinion columns. Ensemble are -- but I'm also a native new Yorker. And I'm very distressed. To see the way. Romo presiding over. Against all establishing. -- corruption tradition. For good PR and shut down -- stretched for a -- suspicious. Ops are meeting -- huge numbers. Nobody nobody wants shouldn't take advantage east -- so she's creating. Because there's no guarantee. The infrastructure. Support. Manufacturing jobs in the northern -- Cheer. Eager. -- refusal. To allow. Oil and natural gas exploration. An area where there are prudent reserves. Because they're being trapped -- -- -- Used in or street harmful to New York's. Future prospects. Jobs that are all economically. Healthy. Run through the numbers forming that conventional wisdom is that New York City is certainly very very democratic. Buffalo -- and pockets of the upstate as well. You have that big gulf in the middle but the population center isn't large enough that big gulf to make this work put forth -- mathematical argument that says. Well yeah but. Street street electoral various. State. Upstate. -- -- -- Upstate. Action cities like all the JJ street. Will. Prefer. Mastery now to. Follow as they typically prefer the Republican -- that. Let me -- Rick -- -- you're -- buffalo could go for -- them. I thought I'd I'd I'd looked up buffalo. Obviously Buffalo's city Rochester. Will prefer the urban area. Will prefer our model -- do. History our -- this shot urged EX Serbs the world Ares watched history go over well. But not enough to offset. The vote. Cuomo will kept coming out of virtually all well. I like probably extreme strong appeal working class neighborhoods in places like Brooklyn queens. Particularly. Out. It's sticking on the education establishment common -- and that people are large what they've -- elected. -- -- -- -- Good solid place for. Republicans but -- -- antiseptic -- so what does that mean for the real battle. We will battle this question out. Which -- as one artistry and one or east it is strange for. -- is. Second time. At age forty do. Against a real opponent -- -- back and report tomorrow both Hillary and they'll run. -- convincing victory because she's gonna chop it needs him. Without regard to party. Is Kristi in. Performance. Accomplishments. Metrics. -- -- on a number of important issues including. Lessening expert which situation perhaps -- well. And speech energy emanating from what used to -- -- several government ought to lead the charge zoning. In suburbs and excerpts. So that they will be a crisis. -- east. By creating low income else. She is the populations such in Westchester County are the numbers there. And that that it could become the Bellwether if festering who takes Westchester. It -- mystery -- in Westchester by convincing margin. Increasingly likely. Just short. She she won 5% of the black vote reelect for -- 130% of Democrats. If she -- 30% of Democrats. Every charity in New York State. -- so. The city. Next governor. She had very strong crossover. And -- I'll just have personal much. Andrew Cuomo. You know use use use our interest in the -- blah. She rules in her which has what are your reasons and that moderate Republican. Members of New York State Senate and yet contributed to -- Which is why that the motto. Our. Political machinery. And financial chicanery is not in our. -- restaurant where it should be. In part because they're afraid of action in part because I think that mark continued to point to the problem. -- Expect. And so they wanna be on the -- remember 1984 region are expected there animals. And. Governor Cuomo spent an immense amount of time and money in Western New York. With all sorts of programs and certainly a lot of visibility appear. If his margin up here is an immense one does that trump the kind of numbers you're talking about for the rest of the state. Yes yes she can run the numbers are really mind western or. Back probably -- Offsets. What restaurant out in Westchester. I just don't see. The people in western New York State are Smart you know what's going on a note -- it. Note that the governor has issued an indication. That if you happen to be pro life Catholic the first marriage. Home and pressure amendment welcome police state. So I don't know having empty promises that he made you all slate. Now again this this all comes out of the ability of -- Lester had to -- -- shall purchase governor problem. -- street outrage -- a million dollars Governor Cuomo raised. For -- That's. Actually disparity. -- not continue the race is also going to be competitive which is why it's important to explain to people. If you favor. Lower taxes. More personal freedom. Limited government and state level. Yeah. Wanted to looking situation because you have a clear shorts. Art history -- -- is limited government Republicans. Group Cuomo is social welfare state local Democrat there's a clear choice here. If you wash it out markers. Make an investment. In this race. Column is that that's happened and none of what I'm talking there. Should -- Haven't analyzed -- all this straight having analyzed gracious -- ears and it involved in the political process. Surgery years. On paper. Dish looks like a range which winnable. Reform while these vulnerable. Bottom line is you anything do you think it could happen. Bottom line is active bottom line products in part one know. All right very good thanks questioned whether or not people can you will -- my police make investments. Message out that this -- absolutely. Right thanks so much for your time this morning much much.

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