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More on Maziarz- Brendan Lyons, Albany Times Union

Jul 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard line and news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave evo. One of the other big events this week on the political scene of course was the announcement that state senator George -- -- Is retiring it's bad enough says he's been thinking about doing this for awhile. Says there may be some health issues in the background there too. And he says it has nothing to do with a federal probe of his campaign finance nonetheless that two of them are happening at the same time. And while we certainly heard what made easier had to say about his resignation. We haven't heard a lot about this federal investigation and what there looking at. Intel Brandon mines around Brandon is a reporter for the times union in Albany. He's found out some of the things that they are looking specifically some of the things that US attorney preached by rarer and Manhattan is looking. He's following up on them mom Moreland mention that Governor Cuomo put out there to investigate corruption. The governor shot that commission down the files -- picked up by this US attorney in Manhattan and they've got some neat things in it we can talk about now. Brendon thanks for joining us. Licensing any significant. What is it that they are looking at and what's been previously reported that when it comes to. On. Qualify under unexplained. Campaign expenditures. That -- yours was toward the top of the list. You've got some fresh specific now about the kind of transaction that looking at what the -- Well they -- You know I you know -- the -- commission. When it orange date where we're fortunate to look at political corruption in the in the legislature and state government and so. Last year are what they are subpoena power. They decided to take a look at the campaign expenditure. -- legislature. They've got a bunch of documents basically. That it was abroad but it was so hard that they decided to narrow it and so they sent that look let's only let's narrow the list -- legislators. They'll have more than 101000 dollars in an itemized expenditures or credit card. And so they they got hundreds of boxes of banking records back and went through those records. And senator -- you are rose to the chopped in terms of the number on itemized expenditures. And credit card expenses. Are unexplained expenses if you world where you know instead of knowing to -- you know. Of what he may have purchased with a campaign arms. They ended up with. You know and that might be an untreated centimeter 101000 dollar credit card payments so you don't know where where that money was. And energy -- ET deeper. You could find that. Not only debate not itemize everything that they might only have our organizations that think that we're similar in that we look at. If we work and again these. They -- proper expenses but they were just. Expected that raised a red flag for the commission what you see. You know that senator -- arts -- Laurie Jacobs. You know that she worked -- side that that in addition to the hospital administrator you also worked for. A company called southern -- at all where you basically work -- outs in the home products that you might sell. Kind of like an Amway sort of thing year party in tension out. And so there was. And a lot of purchase it at that. And again because the that it was for the purpose are grappling for item that the senator was doing are putting out to reached on spurt for community groups. But they quote all those expenses and then another one. That really seemed. Interest in I get the order words. About 18100 dollars on the campaign went to a room county shot salt all -- Broom county hasn't been -- McCain as an outside the senator's district. That's right Annika and ended beat traders daughter play on that team. And the club manager or does that -- That they don't shall ever -- the world what was the money sport that was only sponsor her daughter's. You know playing on that team that's certainly a question -- edit that -- not a political stance. And arms up and and I think they need to. You know explain perhaps so. Worth the team here and wore it taking advertisement. Would it be okay for a softball team insane new thing to have senator George -- -- as written on the back of their jerseys. Well I think so yeah I think so he could he can justify that because new York state laws. You know are so loose on on what is the political power bombed. -- place. Yes it's it's a little more difficult I think in this case and then you know that just one anecdote among. -- -- I believe I don't have the numbers -- front of me but is not itemized expenses over the period of years might have been around 300000 dollars. And again that they're seeing that there's no indication right now that. Senator McCain you are mistaken camping upon them and lavishing developer putting money in at all pocket you can see that. In some of the in the investigation of the looks at some of the other senators across state borders there's indications that. They may have been you're getting quite friendly members. For questionable work on the campaign or. Aren't you don't find it in -- one answered senator ball. In not -- at Putnam county your ears. Aren't. You know he was taken money generally can't turn trips to Cancun and then it offers used over -- to answer our questions or explain. What he went to Cancun Mexico for that was a political purpose he just he would not explain that to us. To agree that senator mayor's comment that he said. Okay and I'm paraphrasing here obviously. These are all legit they might not be explained adequately but there is an explanation. Talk to me about -- talking about the process and how what he's saying -- eventually interface with what the US attorney is doing. Well. I think that ultimately what you're seeing now using the senator's staffers are are being subpoenaed. And so -- put them on notice that. They're gonna want you they're gonna watch each of them at some point because the luckiest -- step -- and chat about 94000 dollars and checked. -- -- There were written to cash. Are now told that the senator pat. Okay catch the outbreak kept them offers that they would actually. Aspects -- -- action in the offers for event might come up that they felt were political in nature. -- But you know it mean that can be when now when you're talking about cash and ATM which brought them credit cards. You know it. Preacher issues or are you couldn't. Now for the money and how much used in you know in the old days it was all -- our checks. Checks you know usually the political purpose should be noted on a -- should be. And you know in in the new error. You're seeing more chances or staff members campaign workers -- -- an elected official so to use. -- You know use that money in -- talking. In the senator's case you know over the course of years. These guys that are one -- for many years and haven't had any real opposition can end up with millions of dollars in accounts. All right we are almost out of time what happens next where do you see this going. Well I think that there's there's two -- the -- investigation one is to look at the campaign expenses he's senators. That. Wrote to the top investigation. And whether there was any criminal criminality there the second arbitrary I find it very interest and part of it is. He's looking at whether. The governor profit interfered. Where that investigation. And so you know that's that's going to be very interest to -- whether Cuomo himself. Face exposure -- for any kind of obstruction. Or administration. And what's the timeline does this eventually have to go to a grand jury and result in charges and no charges. Well this week he saw significant development in the New York Times reported that around for the first time. The a staff member. Are the morally commission secretary or. Executive director were subpoenaed to appear in August and unlike the others in which was to preserve and produced documents. This individual is being solvent for testimonial. So you know so she's being brought in to tell them watching -- possibly -- -- grand -- next month. But -- minute pre Farrar has moved in eagle on -- something there that's bringing him to the next level. All right we will keep watching and I know you'll two Brendon thanks for joining us today. That's that's Brendan -- with the Albany times union.