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7-18 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 18, 2014|

Darryl Parks fills in for Sandy Beach

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Any major is off today I'm Gerald. 930 WPG. And a pleasure to be here. As we get into another great summer weekend in Western New York the weather's going to be super for the festivals happening like canal Preston north Taiwan. Not. On her eleven you have the Italian heritage festival going on to it and being part Italian. But I -- that numerous times that is table last. And the food is extraordinary. So accurate not for the festival's enjoy it. Only a chance to rain along and here today so it's good 1130. Now if you may not know this but there's a running gag when it comes due to -- radio and anybody that's in broadcast news weather -- of the cable news networks. Local TV stations the main line networks or or talk radio suspicions that there is. Navy time you know at the time down in the second and then there's President Obama time. So the president is going to be making a speech supposedly. At 11:30 this morning and 930 WB yen will be carrying going to be talking about the Malaysian airline. Crash and shoot down yesterday. But remember there's -- bomb a time and then there's the time of the year or. Or we're planning on 1130 -- For the very lethal -- there. At the very least -- at. 8030930. I started off today's program explaining why am and I'm a native of Western New York Eric wrote in like -- water graduated from like one place. -- himself or mercy hospital land and no one of the things that a lot of times -- -- a lot of time to have people come into a market. And they really don't know old bull market -- the sensibilities of the market the what they'll do with bill on. What is won't get the people right. Buffalo kinda people of buffalo are. Wanna put this. People involved lol. Have a deep. Deep. Cry. And with a deep deep pride. Comes in security. When you ask someone from buffalo no matter where they're from my area run into when an airport somewhere in another Stater. -- you're running -- semi then your or throw up. Rarely. Will they say a -- -- Cheektowaga elect wanna -- who who rarely. They'll rear back and this is -- like a -- being held up you know we're your bracket today from buffalo. The US fell -- -- Aren't you. Conversely in in some other cities and I'll give you an example. On city of Cincinnati no one is from Cincinnati if you ask someone from and in comparable size cities. If you ask someone from Cincinnati were there from they'll mention all the assault -- of Cincinnati no one was insensitive. And that there's a big difference with with neighborhoods but then there's that pork pipeline of Western New York. And that corps pride is Baath law. From buffalo. For years. I'm 54 years old. For users. But Buffalo Bills have been moving her from buffalo. The Buffalo Bills were moving from buffalo in 1974. Of the of the one -- -- -- -- into that rich stadium being built. There's always been that insecurity. Tell -- the kid growing up fiery narrow world and I was like care what fifty years old girl. Or was he. And if I have been dying he was dying for decades. Well I finally sadly passed a number of months. A man that did great things for buffalo and a lot of people orders are gonna are gonna disagree with Africa time you -- the Buffalo News in the comments section. He's a carpetbagger reads this and he's that he's never done anything for buffalo you don't want either one big thing for awful. And he kept his work. He kept the team. -- ball. The Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills are like a big advertising Borchardt. For the great things. Of Western New York. Date. I'm on Google who ruled ruse and -- to a search for Buffalo -- -- I do this because I want to know about the state I want to know about the sale of the team. I'm a big NFL fans. -- Buffalo Bills -- loved the Buffalo Bills. And I hate to admit this. But I'm one of those guys that will go and and and you know go to what sports bar to watch the bill I wanna be with a group of people cheering on the trade. And then about three or four minutes left in the fourth quarter. -- -- Especially the last what fifteen years I'll leave. Because I know the inevitable. I know. We have this big insecurity complex about the Buffalo Bills -- -- going. They are not going anywhere. The mayflower moving vans are not pulling up. Not gonna have. -- -- He got Charles Schumer the senator. Is involved. You have the governor involved. You have the kind of executive involved you've got the mayor of buffalo involved they got the mayor Niagara Falls ball -- ball. They're got the commissioner of the NFL it's from Jamestown. In vault. Now of course the commissioner of the NFL is positioning the league now the car. You know for a new stadium. All the bill needed. And dated Tuesday. On our heart of hearts I guess we know that. After this current -- -- there and Ralph Wilson stadium's going to be fifty years. I went to a couple of games last year and I go each year. And last year was the first time. It dawned on me. Because I knew the other new stadium construction -- -- tail gating. Were there with my son my wife. Walking down ever world heading to the -- And it looked at my wife -- you know when I was growing up. I thought this was the weirdest. Thing to do with state and I grew up in -- -- just off of all of a veteran. In fact I would walk to games as a teenager. Walker games what my body's. And I thought. Why are they building this stadium in Orchard Park. Or a -- economy -- -- -- -- -- -- but last year. I walked and walked around and I looked at it and the people. And the celebrations. And -- nation. And thought to myself. This is so -- This is a great spot. For a stadium. It's certainly different -- going to Soldier Field in Chicago. It's different than going to the meadowlands in in new terms. Different than going to do -- and and T bank stadium Bar Harbor in Baltimore. Or going to the station the stadium outside of Washington DC. You don't have the atmosphere that you have. At the Georgia. Miami. Would have this kind atmosphere if people actually gave a damn about the Miami Dolphins. People in buffalo are so insecure about the game one game you're not selling out. It's a logical. -- pull the curtain back on the NFL world. -- dolphins. Don't sell out the majority of their games every year. Did you know where. Technically there are sold out. In reality. They are not. Want to Miami Dolphins game on TV it is artsy. But why is. That's because of the team buys up all the seats. So the game is always on television and in -- -- one. The Jacksonville Jaguars. They are bought big sections of the stadium. Then sold out game any errors. Paul technically they're saying they're selling out the game. Other reality they can't sell out the seats to that stadium. Oakland -- same thing. San Diego. Every year there are numerous games not sold out in San Diego. I will admit the stadium in San Diego which by the way has built down if you've never been to San Diego probably -- -- -- you know. Ralph Wilson Stadium about there about twelve miles. Outside of the city. About twelve miles north. Downtown San Diego they don't sell their games. But you never hear in the press. Well pills -- moved and sold -- in one game this year. It's commonplace in the NFL. Truly commonplace and winds up happening is the media and people there was an article in Forbes Forbes magazine Forbes dot com. It was about it was about the Buffalo Bills and their world. The top fifty this is worldwide the top. Fifty teams professional sports teams in the world including in some of those mega soccer teams and in Europe. All the NFL teams. Some NBA teams side to all believe hockey team was listed. -- or 47. And not all the teams in the NF always -- the bills -- the 47 team as far as value in the world. You mean to tell me. The NFL. Would be stupid enough. Don't move the team from Western New York. And then you got this clown John Banjul. In another backtracked. -- -- about how -- -- -- but drills and I don't want to investors to move to Toronto. -- What does the NFL what is the NFL built upon. The NFL is built upon TV revenues. The Buffalo Bills and every NFL team all 32 teams before they sell ticket number one. Are making a profit. There -- employer costs. Every air filtering the entire cost. Are paid for. By the TV reports. You mean to tell me they're gonna move a team. From upstate New York. Erie county's population Buffalo's population has it gone down yet. But still Erie county. Is one of the biggest counties. In America. Combine that with the Rochester. Combine that with -- keeps. -- -- the issue with TV ratings. Across the river and -- doesn't count. Doesn't count at all. All it is is a big scam. But get a new stadium built. Just have to be careful. As far as taxpayers. In new Yorker and taxpayers and -- I was talking to an uncle of mine who lives in lives outside. Was often awful. And he said to me now ordered older stadium it and pieces you were they gonna build an assist you order a great place to build it would be. He said -- Niagara fall. And he thought Niagara Falls. And I think about it. All of a sudden the market. The advertising of the -- -- bills combined with one of them worried its tourist attractions. In the world. People you would you talk to people outside Western Europe and realize that falls there. -- for years ago my wife and nine. We're over my mother's and my mother -- purposes. Of Orchard Park says we ended. As we're going to default -- For. Niagara Falls -- that you've seen before going over. In her total New York -- The real thing going anywhere bullied me out a bank on it. Don't be insecure about it. After eleven -- that I'm 930 WB EN 8030930. Is the number here. Barack Obama's speech speaking President Obama speaking on the Malaysian here if he's and our time if he's on Obama time. -- become an open eleventh. We'll be back in five I'm Gerald parks filling in for sandy beach news radio 930 WB yeah. We live for this is that you when you -- you make it through the winner in buffalo. And this is what it's all about. And one of the things that people don't realize is how special Summers. And summer getting out there Kotnik -- and loved gardening. What all those things. Are they don't 30930 the number here in the bunker should -- become available and that the salmon Rochester sand here on 930 WB yeah. The president will spin it right. It's and it just so it's good no. If Obama time to half -- England and Europe Russia is programs. -- -- Well no wonder understated. When he's at a news conference scheduled for around about twelve regular it is don't cover of any more your -- and has done a couple of things. Well that's that's what the other and the name of the station is news radio. That's news. Real quickly and the border situation -- Unfortunately. Some of these. -- people are -- in house or will be house. And it military and forced military base right. Port you know well that is what it's a step unfortunately the -- -- world situation as faced Alabama we've made anything. Four out of military which is what they're possibly do. -- they move and are they move in some folks up in the water Thompson's. They were thinking about it. The people aren't being put -- There's they were -- about one and really. Rounds neurologist right now. -- it doesn't. -- and I wish this was not public but. About a bank Paribas and these people from were there to -- -- what happened to be in the United States. The productivity. Yeah that the tap into that right at the beginning. It's not a -- years ago. When. Or reason for worries in the have been going on for years for one reason. -- they're not being. But it's certainly Baghdad and I think the government. The bottom of Spain American taxpayer prepping product but things. For the trip to -- there have -- people puppet prepping didn't. -- Democrat within the country. Right so how is what's the conspiracy theory here. It's illegal. But thankfully it becomes big so they can vote for Democrats -- -- that. And I mean I think it's pretty rapid. All right Sam -- hopefully they continue to what people -- military parade bases this. They don't Porter at what the -- military bases they may be coming your house to. Future of the report that. Newton is coming up. This is -- a birdie on 930 WPP. This sort of nice birdie -- barrel margin percentage beach today he's off. There were waiting for the for the President Obama almost Obama -- -- to speak at 1130 in the Malaysian air crash. Standup but I was at noon. And -- the conspiratorial call -- -- before the bottom of the hour and they always trying to cut in garage now it's they're coming any minute. As a matter of fact listening down the line. -- to CBS news it's -- -- To do check check check like when a -- of -- Jack Jack Jack Jack. Good gracious. -- and we always like what's -- but what's up at bat. Anyway. 8030930. Is our number here into the bunker and -- parks in percentage -- talk about the Buffalo Bills I think there's no way the Buffalo Bills even though we have this and insecurity complex. As has Bob Maloney and the Buffalo Bills are going to Toronto and are not going to Los Angeles. I mean there're two teams in California. That cannot sell out their games. The raiders and also the San Diego Chargers. And here's a variants -- years ago I was talking to a buffalo bills'. Coach. And. Why can't they sell out a team in Los Angeles. Why can't they sell a lot of team in San Diego. Isn't -- mean girl in the fall what else they're doing the northeast. In a -- plot out. The majority of the and a penalty or basically in the midwest in the northeast. The couple down south there's a couple on the West Coast but basically in cold weather markets. That's because. They could be the focal point about Green Bay. I agree basal legacy team I get -- it's owned by the community and I mean it's a different -- a situation. What's going through the ownership change of the Buffalo Bills but. And these are cold weather markets because football please in these Cold -- You know Toronto roll. Out there that they can. You know Toronto is that. I've often said and I'm sure mrs. this has been repeated by by many other people but the greatest thing -- -- the NFL has. Is the his Los Angeles. And not having -- If -- were in San Diego. I'd be worried about. People in San Diego do not like Los Angeles -- Folder from world where there -- different culture. In San Diego. And I'd be worried about that. Toronto. And how many years to the bills play into that one game a year. Which. By the way I refused. To watch. I would not do. And the NFL saying well you know we moved a team to Toronto. All the people in Western New York will continue. The following be bills fans that think that's not gonna happen. Not gonna happen at all. You're not gonna travel across the -- -- -- the rainbow over it's not gonna happen. That team remains. One rights. Here in Western New York or was born in 1959. When Ralph Wilson paid 25 K. For that team. Forums dot com. Yesterday -- wrote an article about the value of the Buffalo Bills depending on the team's location. And there's one -- twenties you know that. That by mail in twenty point. And the purse in the article is the other author of the article that the after depends on where the team will be instructions. Buffalo. Los Angeles. Or Toronto. And this guys says I think the bills will land up in Toronto. Now you know what your big NFL -- -- the Cleveland Browns recently sold for just shy of -- billion with a B a billion dollars nine arteries and a million dollars. Three point seven times the team's revenue. Of 2013. Therefore. They are for Campbell and are closed -- is on this and they are normally dead on. Therefore they are forecasting. The Buffalo Bills to sell not for a billion dollars or when I read yeah one point two billion. -- I've heard one point five billion dollars. That's not -- The team's gonna sell for about according to Forbes and I agree with this if you do man. 925. Million. Dollars. They're gonna continue to make money in buffalo. Now here's the other side of. Just as tech what do Rick what do rich stadium but point five million dollars. We just as taxpayers. Paid for rich stadium. Or the current renovations happening at oral wolf Wednesday which are fairly cool. By hand stored in your pocket again. Because it's not that it's not tax payers in in New York. It's the president has been said and other markets. The president has been set in places like like Cincinnati. Which if you do any research on the on the the contract. Between the county that owned the stadium in Cincinnati. And the Bengals this double blow your mind. The company pays for everything. The county if this ever comes in to pass this ever comes into popularity in the NFL it hasn't happened yet. But that Ohio count. Will pay for a halt more graphic. Replay. Scoreboard first. Temperature. Would get up. I have no idea what that is. What it's in the contract. The first number years of the contract. The team paid out very nominal rent. Through the county for use of the stadium ten times a year. Now. The county pays the team. Weren't. It is the most upside down a deal. Of any NFL team. And I have me -- doubt. The if there's a new stadium bill for a major renovation happening at whether it's this -- or a future major renovation. Happening Ralph Wilson Stadium there won't be as bad. As that team and how the taxpayers of that county who can't afford to pay the that the mortgage. Well there are being -- 8030930. Is the number here. Start I birdie on your mobile and 80616. WB yet. And Obama time this is news radio 930 WB yeah.

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